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0xdata 020314

1010data, Inc. 061713

10th Magnitude 102813

11th Hour Staffing, Inc. 022017

1218 Search 121916

15 Miles Local Marketing 111615

190west 022216

1DegreeBio Inc. 012813

1DocWay 010614 042114

1st Cast Media LLC 021516

1stPoint Communications 050117

20/20 Research 070813

21st Century Education 092214

21CT Inc. 071513

2C Tech Corporation, Inc. 111212

2HB Incorporated 020314

3Bar Biologic091817

3C Consulting LLC 010818

3D Eye Solutions, Inc. (021210TDEY-OTCPK)

3esi 021714

3five, Inc. 100316

3i Diagnostics, Inc. 050718

3P Networks Inc. (112307TPNW-OTC.PK)

3PRIME LLC 082216

49 North Resources Inc. (070910FNR-TSXV)

4C Medical Technologies 073117

4D Healthware LLC 110716

4Media Advertising 22414

4Point 063014


4Sight Technologies 032414

4-Tell 051914

4ward. 120516

4Xor Corporation 062413

5N Plus Inc. (102811VNP-TSX)

60 Degrees Pharmaceuticals, LLC 092115

6D Global Technologies Inc. 111014 (Holding Company)
Six Dimensions (Subsidiary)

7AC Technologies Inc. (081312Private)

7D Surgical Inc. 102317

8bitstudio 080816

8th Light 011314

9Slides 032414

A25 Gold Producers Corp. (031210ALQ-Frankfurt)

A2 CyberSecurity LLC. 122517

a2z 022513

A3 Communications 021714

A-Aerial Service Company, Inc. 110716

AAON, Inc. (091407AAON-NASDAQ)

Abaxis, Inc. (081312ABAX-NASDAQ)

Abaxis, Inc. (080511ABAX-NASDAQ)

AB BioTechnologies, Inc. 012317

ABCI 021516

Abeona Therapeutics 032414

Abitex Resources Inc. (121109ABE-TSXV)

Ablynx NV (091809ABLX-EBR)

ABOM, INC. 112816

Abon Pharmaceuticals, LLC 123112

Absolute Life Solutions, Inc. (070811ALSO-OTC: BB)

Absorption Systems 120312

Ab Studio Inc 080618

Academic Business Advisors, LLC 103116

ACADIA Pharmaceuticals Inc. (011305ACAD-NASDAQ)

Accelerated Building Concepts Corporation (061308ABCC-OTC: BB)

Accelerated Concepts, Inc. 051616

AccelerateHER LLC 072814

Accelerate Learning 020215

AccelRate Power Systems Inc. (042105APS-TSVX)

AccelStor, Inc. 072516

Acceptd, Inc. 080717

Accera, Inc. (040612Privately Held)

Access Integrated Technologies, Inc. (103108AIXD-NASDAQ)

Access Integrated Technologies, Inc. (021204AIX-AMEX)

AccessMobility 24 081913

AccountAbilities Professional Group 092214

Accredible 082216

Accucode, Inc. 091415

Accuray Incorporated (053008ARAY-NASDAQ)

AccuSure 020215

AccuZIP, Inc. 070714

Aces Health, Inc. 111317

Acieta LLC. 100515

AchieveIt Online, LLC 100917

Achievers Inc. (100812Private)

Acies Corporation (092205ACIE-NASDAQ-OTC: BB)

Aciron Consulting, Inc. 091117

AC Kinetics 071315

Acme Manufacturing Company 102416

Acmetek Global Solutions Inc. 112717

Acorio 032017

Acorn Energy, Inc. (021909ACFN-NASDAQ)


Acquisio 012113

Acroname Inc. 120715

Across America Real Estate Corp. (011807AARD-OTC: BB)

Across Borders Management Consulting Group, LLC 092914

Acsis, Inc. 072213

Actasys Inc. 071315

ActiGraph, LLC. 102317

Actio Corporation 041513

Action Staffing Solutions 020215

Activated Research Company 121916

Activation Laboratories Ltd. 1211012

Active Health Foods, Inc. (123011AHFD-OTCBB)

ActiViews, Inc. (072312Private)

Acunu 110413

AcuteNet 050613

Adaltis Inc. (070706ADS-TSX)

Adam Hergenrother Companies 071017

Adam Milstein, Co-Founder and President - Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation 050817

Adanac Molybdenum Corporation (071709AUA-TSX)

Adaptive Clinical Systems 091916

Adaptive Medias, Inc. (OTCQB:ADTM) 022216

Adblade 071513

Addgene 050415

Additive Orthopaedics, LLC. 082216

AddressTwo 032017

ADDvantage Technologies Group, Inc. (080808AEY-NASDAQ)

ADDvantage Technologies Group Inc. (032504AEY-AMEX)

Adesis Inc. 020413

Adex Mining Inc. (022610ADE-TSX-V)

ADF Group Inc. (DRX-TSX)

Adgorithms 091916

Adherence Consulting 081715

AdhereTech 052713

Aditum 110716

AdminaHealth LLC 031317

AdSafe Media, LLC (082712Private)

ADS Biotec Inc. 121916

ADS  Biotechnology, Ltd. (030212Privately Held)

Adsero Corp. (040705ADSO-OTC:BB)

Adtile Technologies Inc. 060914

Advaita Corporation 121514

Advanced Aerospace Solutions, LLC 041315

Advanced Bifurcation Systems 102317

Advanced Cancer Therapeutics 121514

Advanced Cancer Therapeutics 121012

Advanced Circulatory 062613

Advanced Concepts and Technologies International LLC (ACT I) 082718

Advanced Prenatal Therapeutics 090913

Advanced Proteome Therapeutics Corp 041513

Advanced Warning Systems, LLC 012516

Advantage Media Group 072814

Advantexe Learning Solutions 052013

Advaxis, Inc. (061112ADXS-OTCBB)

Advaxis, Inc. (082809OTCBB: ADXS)

ADVENTRX Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (061810ANX-NYSE AMEX)

Advice Interactive Group 021113

AdviceIQ 110314

Advicent Solutions 080315

Advisional, LLC 081213

Advisor Clarity 012218

Advitech, Inc. (051806AVI-TSXV)

Advize Health LLC 022717

Advonex International 101518

Adwerx 021516

AEgis Technologies Group Inc 121514

Aeolus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (
121604AOLS-OTC: BB)

AEP Industries Inc. (052507AEPI-NASDAQ)

Aeponyx Inc. 011518

Aequor, Inc. 020816

Aerius International, Inc. (042211AERS-OTCPK)

AeroCine 072015

Aero Glass 080717

AeroGrow International, Inc. (030107AGWI-OTC: BB)

Aeroquest International Limited (092806AQL-TSXV)

Aeroquest International Limited (090805AQL-TSXV)

AeroMechanical Services Ltd. (110907AMA-TSXV)

Aesynt 090814

AEterna Zentaris Inc. (082710AEZS-NASDAQ, AEZ-TSX)

AET Group Inc. 091514

AetherPal 030716

Afcan Mining Corporation (042105AFK-TSX)

Afecta Pharmaceuticals 121916

AffinityLive 081715

Affinium Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. (082012Private)

Affygility Solutions 051914

Afraxis, Inc. 070113

AFS BioOil Co. (082712President)

AFS Technologies 032017

AF Technical Resources, LLC 100217

Aftersoft Group, Inc. (030708ASFG.OB-OTC: BB)

AGB Investigative Services 101518

Agdia 041717

AgeCheq 101314

Agency 451 052917

Agere Pharmaceuticals 111813

AggData 122214

Agile Software Corporation (070607AGIL-NASDAQ)

Agilis Consulting Group, LLC 071017

Agragen, LLC 082117

Agribody Technologies, Inc. 101617

AgriCapital Corporation 111912

Agrisoft Development Group 020915

AgriSolar Solutions Inc. (070811AGSO-OTC: BB)

Agrisoma Biosciences Inc. (052112Private)

AI Foundry 111317

Kodak Alaris business unit

Airbiotics 011816

Air Interactive Media 121514

AirIQ Inc. (060304S IQ-Toronto)

Airnest, Ltd. 020816

AirSage 071513

Airspan Networks Inc. (101206AIRN-NASDAQ)

AirTest Technologies Inc. (112510AAT-TSXV)

AirTouch Communications, Inc. (102811ATCH:OTCQB)

AirVault 070615

AirVend 030314

AiVita Biomedical, Inc. 071816

AKESOgen 040714

AKHAN Technologies, Inc. (092412private)

Akorbi 080717

Alabama Credit Union 052217

Alakai Defense Systems 111014

Alamos Gold Inc. (111309AGI-TSX)

Alaska Communications Systems Group, Inc. (051806ALSK-NASDAQ)

Alaska Pacific Energy Corp. (021811ASKEE-OTC: BB)

Alavida Health 092418

Alba-Technic, LLC 080315

Albina Community Bancorp (101708ACBC-OTC: BB)

Albuquerque Clinical Trials, Inc. 020816

Alconox Inc. 112816

ALDA Pharmaceuticals Corp. (112709APH-TSXV, APCSF-OTC: BB)

ALDA Pharmaceuticals Corp. (102104APH-TSXV)

Aldata (101512Private)

Alego Health 011314

ALFTEL Systems Ltd. 010217

Algae Dynamics Corp. (OTCQB: ADYNF) 041717

Algenetix Inc 061713

AlgEternal Technologies LLC. 060418

Algo-Logic Systems, Inc. 090814

Algoma Central Corporation (012210ALC-TSX)

Alhambra Resources Ltd. (041312ALH-TSXV, AHBRF-Pink Sheets) (A4Y-Frankfort)

Aliant Payment Systems, Inc. 081318

AlignMed 060313

Alion Pharmaceuticals 122412

Alithya 072516

AliveCor, Inc. 011413

Alkahest Inc. 050817

Alkemy X 102615

All American Pet Company Inc. (061308AAPT-OTC: BB)

Allana Resources Inc. (121208AAA-TSXV)

AllCell Technologies LLC 012615

AllDigital Holdings, Inc. (071612ADGL-OTCBB)

Allegiance Bank of North America (020808ABPA-OTC: BB)

Allegiance Equity Corp. (091611ANQ-TSXV)

Allele Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 010614

Allevi 041618

Alliance Bancshares California (032907ABNS-OTC: BB)

Alliance Fiber Optic Products, Inc. (082109AFOP-NASDAQ)

Alliance Semiconductor Corp. (070706ALSC-NASDAQ)

AllianceStaff LLC 091718

Allied Defense Group, Inc. (070104ADG-AMEX)

Allied Universal 031317

Allis-Chalmers Energy Inc. (103108ALY-NYSE)

Allon Therapeutics Inc. (060205NPC-TSXV)

Alloy Bellows & Precision Welding, Inc. 031014

AllSector Technology Group, Inc. (082012Private)

Almena State Bank 090516

Almeria Analytics 020816

ALOM 081913

AlphaPoint Corporation 012615

Alpheus Communications 052013

Alphinat Inc. (061011NPA-TSXV)

Alphinat Inc. (022208NPA-TSXV)

ALR Technologies, Inc. (051608ALRT-OTC: BB)

ALR Technologies Inc. (030906ALRT-OTC: BB)

ALS Biopharma, LLC 021813

Alseres Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (072508ALSE-NASDAQ)

Altaire Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 050216

Altai Resources Inc. (041610ATI-TSXV)

Altamira Technologies Corporation 010515

Alta Vista Technology 122214

Alterra Capital Holdings Limited (111111ALTE-NASDAQ)

Alternative Construction Technologies, Inc. (091407ACCY.OB)
(AMEX Application made, proposed symbol: SIP)

Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. (120310AEHI.PK)

Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. (052507AEHI-OTC.PK)

Alternate Health Corp. (CSE: AHG, OTC: AHGIF) 112717

ALTESO 081114

Altor BioScience Corporation 102813

Altra Holdings, Inc. (072911AIMC-NASDAQ)

AltSchool 061515

Alturas Minerals Corp. (052011ALT-TSXV)

AmberLeaf 070416

Ambio Health 062413

AM Biotechnologies, LLC 080315

Ambry Genetics 052013

Ambyint Inc 061917

AMDL Inc. (082809ADL-AMEX Alternext US)

America First Apartment Investors, Inc.   (072006APRO-NASDAQ)

America First Tax Exempt Investors LP (070212ATAX-NASDAQ)

American Boronite Corporation 052217

American Business Bank 121712 (AMBZ-OTCBB)

American Business Bank (112511AMBZ-OTCBB)

American Business Bank (110510AMBZ-OTC: BB)

American Business Bank (111309AMBZ-OTC: BB)

American Business Bank (112808AMBZ-OTC: BB)

American Capital Partners Ltd., Inc. (051608APRJ-OTCPK)

American CareSource Holdings, Inc. (062209ANCI-NASDAQ)

American CareSource Holdings, Inc. (041808XSI-AMEX)

American Colors Inc. 032717

American Defense Systems, Inc. (080808EAG-AMEX)

American Deposit Management, LLC. 032017

American DG Energy, Inc. (071612ADGE-MKT)

American DG Energy Inc. (032108ADGE-OTC: BB)

American Equity Investment Life Holding Company (100810AEL-NYSE)

American International Industries, Inc. (012508AMIN-NasdaqCM)

American Manganese Inc. (TSX.V: AMY; FRANK: 2AM; PINKS: 120417

American Messaging 063014

American Mold Guard, Inc. (091407AMGI-NASDAQ)

American National Bankshares Inc. (092509AMNB-NASDAQ)

American National Bankshares  Inc. (122107AMNB-NASDAQ)

American National Bankshares Inc. (092806AMNB-NASDAQ)

American Pacific Corporation (AMPAC) (062708APFC-NASDAQ)

American Pacific Corp. (062207APFC-NASDAQ)

American Principle Bank (062609APBA-OTC:  BB)

American Public Education, Inc. (011108APEI-NASDAQ)

American Realty Investors, Inc. (091908ARL-NYSE)

American Riviera Bank (082012ARBV-OTCBB)

American Screening Corporation 021113

American Solar Direct Inc. (082712Private)

American TonerServ Corp (062708ASVP-OTC: BB)

American TonerServ Corporation (031507ASVP-OTC: BB)

American Uranium Corp. (080307AUUM.OB-OTC: BB)

American Water Works Company, Inc. (111309AWK-NYSE)

AmericasBank Corp. (AMAB-NASDAQ)

America Service Group Inc. (062209ASGR-NASDAQ)

Americas United Bank (062411AUNB-OTC: BB)

Americas United Bank (072007AUNB-OTC: BB)

AmeriChip International Inc. (060304S ACHI.OB)

AmeriSouth Realty - Ruel Hamilton 042417

Amilia Corporation Inc. 022315

AMIS Holdings Inc. (082604AMIS-NASDAQ)

Ammo, Incorporated 090417

Amorfix Life Sciences Ltd. (022412AMF-TSX)

Amorfix Life Sciences Ltd. (011807AMF-TSXV)

Amotec Inc. 102113

Amros Corporation 100515

Am-Tec Total Security Inc. 080618

AMTIS, Inc. 012317

Amunix, Inc. 032513

Analogic Corporation (033012ALOG-NASDAQ)

Analytics-Based Performance Management, LLC 042715

Anatolia Minerals Development Limited (042310ANO-TSX)

Anatolia Minerals Development Ltd. (072403 ANOU-TSX)

Anchor Funding Services, Inc. (122410AFNG-OTC: BB)

ANCON Medical Inc. 092418

Andante Medical Devices, Inc. (090312Private)

Anderson Energy Ltd. (121109AXL-TSX)

Andesa Services, Inc. (101512Private)

Andover Energy Holdings, Inc. (061308RLLC-OTC: BB)

Andrea Electronics Corp. (030411ANDR-OTC: BB)

Andrew Tropeano - NewsWatch TV 100818

Angiocrine Bioscience, Inc. 021714

Anguleris Technologies LLC 090516

Anixis Biomedical Consulting 063014

Annese & Associates 092214

Annex Consulting Group Inc. 100713

Ansoft Corp. - Analyst (091407Nasdaq-ANST)
Bradley L. Mook, CFA, Boenning & Scattergood, Inc.

Answers Corporation (040309ANSW-NASDAQ)

Anteco Pharma 040317

AnthroTronix 122214

Antibe Therapeutics Inc 100713

Antioquia Gold Inc. (022610AGD-TSXV)

Antisoma PLC (ASM-LSE)

AntriaBio 042213

Anutra Medical 032717

Anuva Manufacturing Services, Inc 011215

Anybill, Inc. 120312

AnywhereCommerce 032513

AnythingIT, inc. (033012ANYI-OTCBB)

AOptix (100812Private)

Aotea Global Services 071717

Apakau, Inc. 071414

Apellis Pharmaceuticals 060115

Aperiomics, Inc. 012615

Apexigen Inc. (042012Privately Held)

APG Technologies, LLC 060214

Aphios Corporation 060914

Aphria Inc. (TSXV: APH) 050117

APImetrics Inc. 060914

Apnea Sciences Corporation 122616

Apollo PACS, Inc. 041513

Appcara Inc. 070615

Appcelerator (100812Private)

Appcore 012813

AppDome 051616

appendTo 072213

Appistry, Inc. (090312Private)

Appleton Exploration Inc. (070210AEX-TSXV)

Applico 081814

AppliedApps, Inc. 080717

Applied BioMath, LLC. 090318

Applied BioMath, LLC 081417

Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (110907APDN-OTC: BB)

Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (122106APDN-OTC: BB)

Applied Immune Technologies (AIT), Ltd. (061812Private)

Applied LifeSciences & Systems 052217

Applied Medical Technology, Inc. 122115

Applied Network Solutions Inc. 060214

Applied Visions060115

AppNeta 090913

Appnovation Technologies 063014

Appstem Media LLC 073018

Appstem Media LLC 060115

AppTier 101915

Apptricity 120417

Appulse Corporation (100605APL-TSX)

Appuous Inc. 090814

Apricus Biosciences, Inc. (030912APRI-NASDAQ)

Apricus Biosciences, Inc. (040811APRI-NASDAQ)

Apruve 022017

Apse, Inc. 081516

Aptaria Inc 032414

A-P-T Research, Inc. 102813

Aqua-Pure Ventures Incorporated (040111AQE-TSXV)

Aquarius Biotechnologies Inc. 122313

Aqua-Yield 121817

Aquila Diagnostics Systems Inc. 102912

Aquila Solutions, LLC 081213

AquiNovo 072318

AQYR International, Inc. 102317

Aradial Technologies 081913

Aradigm Corporation (021712ARDM-OTCBB)

Aradigm Corporation (092807ARDM-OTC: BB)

Aragon Research 111714

Araxid 120814

Arbor Realty Trust, Inc. (072312ABR-NYSE)

ARCA biopharma, Inc. 110413

Archimedes, Inc. 041513

Archimedia Technology 010515

Archive360, Inc. 022216

Arcitura Education 081913

ARDX 041717

Argentex Mining Corporation (070104AGXM-OTC)

Argonaut Group Inc. (092806AGII-NASDAQ Global Select)

Argos Risk 083115

Argosy Group International 092914

Arius3D Corp. (100711LZR-TSXV)

ARIUS Research Inc. (011108ARI-TSX)

ARKAY Therapeutics, LLC 100316

ArkNet Media 032414

ArmaGen 051517

Armor5 061313

ArmorSource LLC 111416

Armune BioScience, Inc. 010416

Arno Therapeutics, Inc. (121208ARNI-OTC: BB)

Aroga Technologies Ltd. 041315

Aromyx Corporation 010217

Arora Engineers, Inc. 100614

Arotech Corporation (072409ARTX-NASDAQ)

Arotech Corporation (030107ARTX-NASDAQ)

Aroway Energy Inc. (081211ARW-TSXV)

Arradiance, LLC 010118

Arraya Solutions 042213

Arria NLG 051418

Arrow Engineering 011518

Arrowhead Research Corporation
(102104ARWR & ARWRW) 

Arrowstar Resources Ltd. (082012TSX-V: AWS)

Arsenal Energy Inc. (102005AEI-TSX)

ArTack Medical 112116

ARTÉMIA Communications Inc. 031014

Arteris 102714

Artes Medical, Inc. (041207ARTE-NASDAQ)

Artha Resources Corp. (031910AHC-TSXV)

Artia Solutions LLC 052118

Artivest 061614

Artoss, Inc. 010818

Arynga 122913

ASA Gold and Precious Metals Limited (042012ASA-NYSE)

Asana BioSciences 102918

Asana Medical, Inc. 031615

Ascendo Resources 093013

Asentinel 042814

ASE Optics 011413

AsherXino Corporation (041511AXNO-OTC: BB)

AshmarIP 071414

Ashton Mining of Canada Inc. (061605ACA-TSX)

ASI DATAMYTE, Inc. 081715

Asierus Carefree Technology 022618

Asigra 080513

Aspen Exploration Corporation (031607ASPN-OTC:BB)

Aspen Exploration Corporation (081706ASPN-OTC:BB)

Aspen Exploration Corporation (021506ASPN.OB-OTC:BB)

Aspen Exploration Corporation (021506ASPN.OB-OTC:BB)

Aspen Exploration Corporation
(051905ASPN-OTC: BB)

Aspen Exploration Corporation (022405ASPN-OTC: BB)

Aspen Exploration Corporation (081204ASPN-OTC: BB)

Aspen Exploration Corporation (011504ASPN-OTC)

ASPire Financial Services LLC (062512Private)

Assessments 24x7 040918

Asset-Map, LLC. 122517

Asset Performance Technologies, Inc. 040317

Asset Performance Technologies, Inc. 111714

Asset Performance Technologies, Inc. 091613

Asset Plus Corp. 120312

Assets International 012014

Asset Vue, LLC 042114

Assisted Living Concepts Inc. (090904ASLC-OTC: BB)

AssistRx, Inc. 011617

Associated Estates Realty Corporation (032907AEC-NYSE)

Associated Estates Realty Corp. (032405AEC-NYSE)

Assurex Health 082613

Astea International Inc. (081707ATEA-NASDAQ)

AsTech Consulting 022414

Astec Industries, Inc. (052507ASTE-NASDAQ)

Asterion Multimedia 030915

Asthmapolis 031813

Astral Mining Corporation (031811AA-TSXV)

Astrata Group Incorporated Inc. (
021005ATTG-OTC: BB)

Astrobotic Technology 051115

Astronomer, Inc. 121916

Asymmetrex 100316

ATC Technology Corporation (071108ATAC-NASDAQ)

Analyst Interview Covering:
ATC Technology Corporation (071108ATAC-NASDAQ)
Craig R. Kennisonm, Senior Research Analyst
Robert W. Baird

ATech Training, Inc. 022618

ATEK Access Technologies 061614

A-TEK, Inc. (091012Private)

Aterlo Networks Inc. 071116

Athabasca Oil Corporation (TSX: ATH)

Athabasca Oil Sands Corp. (010711ATH-TSX)

Athena GTX Inc. 041816

AtHoc 022513

ATIV Software 020116

Atlantic Metro Communications 040714

Atlantic Power Corporation (022511AT-NYSE, ATP.TO-TSX)

Atlantic Tel-Network, Inc. (100308ATNI-NASDAQ)

Atlas API Training, LLC. 121817

Atlas Carbon, LLC. 032116

Atlas Mining Company (090805ALMI.OB)

Atlas Mining Company (060304S ALMI-OTC)

Atlas Therapeutics Corporation (090911ATTH-OTCBB)

Atna Resources Ltd. (071405ATN-TSX)

AtomOrbit 102813

Atosho ApS 060115

Atossa Genetics, Inc. 122412

Atrion Networking 111714

Atrium Innovations Inc. (112808ATB-TSX)

ATS Corporation (122107ATCT-OTC: BB)

A-T Solutions Inc. (082712Private)

AttackIQ, Inc. 022916

Attend LLC 012113

Attensity 081913

Attivo Networks 032816

Attune RTD 062413 (AURT-OTC: BB)

Attune RTD (021012AURT-OTCBB)

Attune RTD (100110AURT-OTC: BB)

AtWork Systems 091018

ATW Tech (TSXV:ATW) 030518

AudienceXpress 090814

Audigy Group 122214

Audiofly 032513

Audiotech Healthcare Corporation (040612AUD-TSXV)

Augen Gold Corp. (040210GLD-TSXV)

Augury, Inc. 011518

August Research 081213

AUM Cardiovascular, Inc. 090114

Auramex Resource Corp. (072312AUX-TSXV)

AuraPlayer 052515

AuraSense Therapeutics LLC 051115

Aura Silver Resources Inc. (040210AUU-TSXV)

AuraSource, Inc. (111910ARAO-OTC: BB)

Aura Systems, Inc. (012705 AURA-OTC:BB)

Aurizon Ultrasonics, LLC 113015

AuthenticID 081213

Authenware 090913

AutoCrib 050514

Automated Insights, Inc. 120318

Autriv 071315

AUXILIO Inc 082613

AUXILIO, Inc. (100110AUXO-OTC: BB)

AUXILIO, Inc. (092410AUXO-OTC: BB)

Auxis LLC 112315

Avaap Inc. 100515

AvaCare Medical 071116

AVACEN Medical 111014

Avancen MOD Corporation 040317

Avanti Polar Lipids, Inc. 092313

Avatech Solutions, Inc. (020808AVSO-OTC: BB)

Avatier Corp. 112612

Aveksa 071513

Avenza Systems, Inc. 040714

Aver Inc. 081715

Avery Biomedical Devices, Inc. 081814

AVF Consulting, Inc. 100515

Avicanna Inc. 100217

AVIO Consulting, LLC 062613

Avior Computing Corp. 042715

Avision Robotics 110915

Avistar Communications Corporation (100209AVSR-OTCPK)

Avitar, Inc. (011305AVR-AMEX)

Dr. Avi Weisfogel - Dental Sleep Masters 060517

Avocent Corporation (072006AVCT-NASDAQ)

Avodigy 020314

AVOXI 102014

AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour, Inc. (072006AVPI-OTC: BB)

Avrygen Corporation 101215

Avvasi Inc. 090213

Awecomm Technologies 0525150

Awnix Inc. 022017


Axiam, Inc. 061713

Axia Net Media Corporation (071003 AXX - TSX)

Axim Biotechnologies Inc. (OTC_DLY: AXIM) 111616

Axim Fringe Solutions Group, LLC 092214

Axiogenics, LLC 071816

Axion International Holdings, Inc. (052909AXIH-OTC: BB)

Axion International Inc. (082208AXIH-OTC: BB)

AxoGen (NASDAQ: AXGN) 111616

AxoGen, Inc. (111111AXGN-OTCBB)

Axolotl Biologix, Inc. 121718

Axon Global 041017

Axonify Inc. 121113

Axosoft, LLC. 092815

AXT, Inc. (071108AXTI-NASDAQ)

Azavea 22414

Azteca Gold Corporation (050109AZG-TSXV)

Azure Biosystems 052614

Azure Dynamics Corporation (042911AZD-TSX, AZDDF-OTC)

AzurRx BioPharma, Inc. (Nasdaq:AZRX) 100917

AZZLY 041513

BabelBark 110518

BacTech Mining Corporation (061209BM-TSXV)

Commercial Solutions
BAE Systems Applied Intelligence US Corporation 051115

Bails & Associates, LLC 101016

Baldwin Technology Company, Inc. (061308BLD-AMEX)

Balefire Labs, Inc 041414

BambooHR 060115

Bancroft Architects + Engineers 100614

Bandgap Engineering, Inc. 093013

Bankers Petroleum Ltd. (101708BNK-TSX)

The Banker’s Store, Inc. (091407OTC: BSTR.OB)

Bank of Marin Bancorp (051608BMRC-NASDAQ)

Bank of Santa Clarita (121208BSCA-OTC: BB)

Bank of South Carolina Corporation (012712BKSC-NASDAQ)
and its subsidiary, The Bank of South Carolina

Bank of Virginia (013009BOVA-NASDAQ)

Banner Corporation (030912BANR-NASDAQ) (parent company)
Banner Bank (the bank), Islanders Bank (the bank)

Jeff Rulis, Senior Vice President, Senior Research Analyst

Institutional Research
D.A. Davidson & Co.

Covering: Banner Corporation (030912BANR-NASDAQ) (parent company)
Banner Bank (the bank), Islanders Bank (the bank)

Banyan Biomarkers, Inc.

Basati LLC 050117

Base Pair Biotechnologies 090913

Basic6 060214

Barcoding, Inc. 072814

Bart & Associates, Inc. 011617

Basta Holdings Corp. (BSTA) 050514

Bat Blue Networks 011816

Batu Biologics 071414s

BAXL Holdings, Inc. (032108BXLH-OTC: BB)

Baytex Energy Trust (060205BTE.UN-TSX)

BCB Bancorp (032108BCBP-NASDAQ)

BCGold Corp. (020808TSX-V: BCG)

BCS, Incorporated 041513

BCS Website Services LLC. 020816

BCT Consulting Inc. 060914

BDI Pharma, Inc. 033114

Beacon Enterprise Solutions Group, Inc. (050109BEAC-OTC: BB)

Bear Fox Marketing 092517

Beartooth Platinum Corporation (112406BTP-TSXV)

BeckerSmith Medical, Inc. 063014

Beepi 072114

BehaviorMatrix, LLC 012615

Bella Technologia, LLC 032315

Belong 040317

Beloteca, Inc. 012516

Belvedere Resources Limited (082710BEL-TSXV)

Benchmark Bank 112116

BenchmarkPortal, LLC 060815

BenchmarkPortal 062314

Bengal Energy Ltd. (030912BNG-TSX)

Benz Communications 020314

BEO Bancorp (052909BEOB-OTC: BB)

Be Power Tech, Inc. 041816

Berkeley Payment Solutions 011915

Berlin Heart Inc. (082712Private)

Betalin Therapeutics Ltd. 072417

BetaStem Therapeutics Inc 042814

Bettrlife 071414

Beyond Lucid Technologies, Inc. 011413

BeyondSpring Inc. (Nasdaq:BYSI) 041017

Beyond the Rack Enterprises Inc. 091613

Beyond Verbal 082216

BH Tech Connection 012317

Big Bang ERP Inc. 041816

Big Cloud Analytics, Inc 071414

Big Delta Systems, Inc. 112315

Analyst Interview covering: Big Lots, Inc. (040408BIG)
Joan Storms, CFA, Wedbush Morgan Securities

BigRentz 112315

BigString Corporation (031507BSGC-OTC: BB) (100112Private)

Billeo 050613

BillingTree 090913

Bill the Butcher, Inc. (062411BILB-OTC: BB)

Bing Innovations, LLC (080612Private)

BioAesthetics Corporation 091718

bioAffinity Technologies, Inc. 113015

Bioanalytical Systems, Inc. (082604BASI: NASDAQ)

Bioanalytical Systems Inc. (030603BASSI - NASDAQ)

Bioanalitical Systems, Inc.  (1001BASI – NASDAQ)

Bioarray Genetics 092418

The BioBalance Corporation (050505BBAL.PK)

BioBehavioral Diagnostics (BioBDx) (032312Privately Held)

BioBright Tools 061217

Biocatch Inc 011414

BioClinica, Inc. (081409BIOC-NASDAQ)

Biocoat, Inc. 100818

BioConversion Solutions 032414

BioCorRx Inc. 033114

Biocroi Limited 121012

BioCurrent Technologies 071017

BioDirection, Inc. 062617

BioForce Nanosciences, Inc. (072006BFNH-OTC: BB)

Bio Green Clean 071717

BioHealth Innovation, Inc. 072814

BioIT Solutions 012615

BIO-key International, Inc. (082712BKYI-OTCBB)

BIO-Key International, Inc. (061605BKYI.OB-OTC:BB)

BioLargo, Inc. (OTCQB: BLGO) 062617

Biolife LLC 081015

BioLife Cell Bank, Inc 123112

Biolinq 012218

Biological Dynamics Inc. 051914

BiologicsMD (101512Private)

Bio-Logic Systems Corp. (102104ALSC: NASDAQ)

Bio-Logic Systems Corp. (040303BLSC - NASDAQ)

BioLok International Inc. (042006BLLI-OTC: BB)

Biomatrica, Inc. 072213

BioMedical Technology Solutions Holdings, Inc. (021398BMTL-OTC: BB)

BioMed Intelligence, Inc. (042712Privately Held)


Biomoda, Inc. (082809BMOD-OTC: BB)

Bionik Laboratories Inc. (OTCBB: BNK) 052515

Bionovo, Inc. (052909BNVI-NASDAQ)

Bionure 042015

Bionym 102813

Bio-Path Holdings, Inc. (021811BPTH-OTC: BB)

BioPontis Alliance LLC 111212

BioProcess Technology Consultants 051214

Bioptigen, Inc 060914

Bioquark Inc. 123112

Biorem Inc. (082710BRM-TSXV)

BIOREM Technologies Inc. (042006BRM-TSX)

Bio-Response Solutions, Inc. 121817

BioSante Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. (031111BPAX-NASDAQ)

BioSante Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (060807BPA-AMEX)

BioSeek, a division of DiscoveRx 111813

Bio-Solutions Corp. (032610BISU-OTC: BB)

Bio-Solutions Manufacturing, Inc. (
111705BSLM-OTC: BB)

BioSpecifics Technologies Corp. (101609BSTC-NASDAQ)

BioSpecifics Technologies Corp. (032108BSTC-OTC: BB)

Biota Holdings Limited (082809BTA-ASX)

bioTheranostics 021113

BioTime Inc. (NYSE MKT and TASE: BTX) 020518

BioTime, Inc. (100308BTIM-OTC: BB)

Biotonix Inc. (071610BTX-TSX-V)

Biova LLC 102317

BioView Inc. 081213

Biovitrum (082109BVT-STO)

BioViva USA, Inc. 110215

Bio-Warm Corporation (032405BOWC.OB)

Bioxiness Pharmaceuticals (092412Private)

BirchBioMed Inc. 040918

BirdDogHR 051815

BI-SAM 071315

BitGym 090814

BIT Solutions, LLC 112017

Biz2Credit 020215

BizEquity 102113

BizMark, CT LLC 100118

BizMerlin 011518

BiznusSoft 063014

BizSlate Inc. 072913

BizX 101215

BizXcel Inc. 032315

Bizzuka 031813

BlackbookHR, LLC 110314

Blackhawk Bancorp, Inc. (112808BHWB-OTC: BB)

Black Iron Inc. (050611BKI-TSX)

Blackline GPS, Corp. (062510BLN-TSXV)

BlackMesh Inc. 080315

Blacksteel Energy Inc. (070910BEY-TSXV)

Blackstone & Cullen 080414

BlastGard International, Inc. (082505BLGA-OTC: BB)

Blaze Mobile 062413

Bleep, LLC. 030518

Blinded Diagnostics 011413

Blockade Medical (091712Private)

Bloggerwave Inc. (051410BLGW-OTC: BB)

BLOXR 022414

BluArc 062215

Blue Bridge Financial, LLC 112116

blueC 802 Inc. 112116

BlueCamroo 052614

BlueCat 032414

Bluedrop Performance Learning Inc. (100112TSXV: BPL)

Blue Guard Technologies 112116

BlueHat Marketing 032315

BlueHat Marketing guides Gamedayr Media Network through Google Panda Update

Gamedayr Media Network, LLC. 040615

Blue Hills Bancorp, Inc. (Nasdaq:BHBK) 101716

Blue Jeans Network 042913

BlueKite 02413

Blueprint Consulting Services -12516

Blue Ridge Bankshares, Inc. 030314

Blue River Technology (100812Private)

Blue Robotics Inc. 032717

BlueRush Media Group Corp. (050710BTV-TSXV)

Bluescape 062215

BlueSnap 043018

BlueSnap 051914

Bluestar Silicones 080414

Bluestone Enterprise Partners 042015

Blue Stream Laboratories 031813

Bluetick Inc. 011617

BlueTreeDigital 071816

Blue Triangle Technologies 080315

Blue Valley Ban Corp. (072007BVBC-OTC: BB)

BlueVineCapital Inc. 121415

BluFlux 083115

Bluleadz 030716

BMI Elite 051115

BNH Expert Software Inc. 112717

BNK Petroleum Inc. (021012BKX-TSX)

BoardSuite 012014

BoardVantage 090913

Bob Reina - Talk Fusion 091817

Body Central Corp. (061112BODY-NASDAQ)

Bofi Holding, Inc. (111705BOFI-NASDAQ)

BOLDER Designs Inc. 103116

Bold Ventures Inc. (071612BOL-TSXV)

Bonanza Oil & Gas, Inc. (010209BGOI-OTC: BB)


Boomerang Systems, Inc. (081312BMER-OTCPK)

Boostability Inc. 101915

Boston Biomedical Associates 021714

Boston BioProducts, Inc. 121916

Boston Immune Technologies and Therapeutics, Inc. 103017

BostonSight 101716

Botkeeper 030518

Bottom Line Results, LLC 111714

Boundary Systems 012014

BountyJobs 011215

Boursorama (112709BSR-PA)

Boxwood 012813

BP International Inc. (050505BPIL-OTC: BB)

Brainreader ApS 111615

Brains II 061515

Brain Sentry 052713

BrainStem Biometrics 080414

BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics Inc. (092807OTC BB: BCLI)

Brainwave Science 101314

Branded Group 041116

Brandwidth Solutions LLC 052118

Brandwidth Solutions LLC 013017

Brandwidth Solutions LLC 082415

Brandywine Realty Trust (010110BDN-NYSE)

BraveNewTalent 081213

Breeze Design Studio 061614

Bri-Chem Corporation (103108BRY-TSXV)

Brick, Inc. 020518

Brickstream 121712 050117

Bridge Bancorp, Inc. (051608BDGE-NASDAQ®/OTC: BB)

Bridgefarmer & Associates, Inc. 091514

Brighter Minds Media, Inc. (100308BRI-TSXV)

Brightpoint, Inc. (110906CELL-NASDAQ)

BrightVolt Inc. 052217

BrightWhistle Inc. (100112Private)

Brillian Corporation (040705BRLC-NASDAQ)

Bristol West Holdings, Inc. (112406BRW-NYSE)

Brite-Strike Tactical Illumination Products, Inc. 062215 (BSTK-PK)

Brixton Metals Corporation 120312 (TSXV: BBB)

Brixton Metals Corporation (020411BBB-TSXV)

Broadcast International Inc. (102607BCST-OTC: BB)

Broadway Financial Corporation (050309BYFC-NASDAQ)

Broadway Federal Bank (the bank)

Brooktrout, Inc. (062603 BRKT – NASDAQ)

Broward Bank of Commerce 041414

Bruce Bent II  - DoubleRock Corporation 061917

Bruin Biometrics LLC 012714

Bruker Corporation (011312BRKR-NASDAQ)

Bryley Systems Inc. 042814

Brytlyt 052614

B-TEMIA Inc. 020116

Buckle, Inc. (062209BKE-NYSE)

Budget Waste Inc. (020107BDGW-OTCPK)

BuilderMT, Inc. 072715

Bulldog-Lighting© (080612Private)

Bulldog Solutions 061713

Bullen Ultrasonics, Inc. 051517

Bullion Monarch Mining, Inc. (013009BULM-OTC: BB)

Bullion River Gold Corp. (061605BLRV-OTC:BB)

Buncee LLC 091514

Burke Bioventures LLC 101215

Burrow Global, LLC 122313

BusinessCreator, Inc. 021317

Business Improvement Architects 091216

Business Management Associates, Inc. 110915

BusyLife Software 041513

BWI Holdings, Inc. (052909OTCBB: BWIH)

By Light Professional IT Services, Inc. 070813

Byte Foods 040317

c2b solutions 101314

C2 Solutions Group, Inc. 122412

C3 Contamination Control Corp. 120814

C-4 Analytics 122313

C5 Insight 102912

CAaNES 020215

Cabo Drilling Corp. (051806CBE-TSX-V)

CadActive Technologies, LLC 090417

Cadeon Inc. 080116

CadmiumCD 080414

Caladrius Biosciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:CLBS) 111416

Caleris Inc. 051214

CALIENT Technologies, Inc. 011314

California Bank of Commerce (CA) (030510CABC-OTC: BB)

California News Tech (092205CNTE-OTC: BB)

California Oaks State Bank Corporation (Thousand Oaks) (COSB-OTC: BB)

California United Bank (030510CUNB-OTC: BB)

California United Bank (091407CUNB-OTC: BB)

Calise Partners, LLC 060116

CallerReady 080618

Callis Communications, Inc. 030413

Callision (070212Private)

CallWave Inc. (031005CALL-NASDAQ)

Cambridge Heart Inc. (110305CAMH-OTCBB)

Cambridge Heart Inc. (081204CAMH-NASDAQ)

Cambridge Heart, Inc. (052903 CAMH - OTC: BB)

Cambridge Polymer Group 060517

Cambridge Security Seals LLC. 112315

Cambrooke Therapeutics Inc. 052515

CAMCAD Technologies, Inc. 121514

Camden Property Trust (071405CPT-NYSE)

Camellia Labs Inc. 080816

CamHatch 040218

Campus Crest Communities, Inc. (032312NYSE: CCG)

Campus Media Group, Inc. 051616

Canadian Energy Exploration Inc. (090310XPL-TSXV)

Canadian Shield Resources Ltd. (021910EXP-TSXV)

Canadian Tactical Training Academy, Inc. (041511CTTG-OTCPK)

CanaDream Corporation (082611CDN-TSXV)

CanaGel 071618

Canarc Resource Corp. (CRCUF.OB - OTC: BB) (040804CCM – Toronto)

Canatu Ltd. (081312Private)

Candente Resource Corp. (071405DNT-TSX)

Candorado Operating Company Ltd. (040111CDO-TSXV)

CanElson Drilling Inc. (061112CDI-TSX)

Canlan Ice Sports Corp. (120211ICE-TSX)

CannaRoyalty 043018

CannaScore, LLC 122115

Canopy Labs 071513

Canopy Partners 112315

Cantronic Systems Inc. (030107CTS-TSXV)

Canyon Resources Corporation (011807CAU-AMEX)

Canyon Resources Corp. (071504CAU-AMEX)

CapGain Properties Inc. 060313

Capital Bank, NA. 071717

Capital Bank Corporation (North Carolina) (072904CBKN-NSDQ)

Capital Banking Solutions 070113

Capital City Energy Group, Inc. (031109CETG-OTC: BB)

Capital Confirmation, Inc. 050613

Capital Recovery Systems, Inc. 011617

Capitol Concierge, Inc. 030413

Capricor, Inc. (100112Private)

Capriza 120913

Capsalus Corp. (012111WELL-OTC: BB)

Capsim Management Simulations 021014

Capstone Consulting 111416

The Capsule Consulting Group (TCCG) 022916

Capterra, Inc. 040813

Carbiz Inc. (CBZFF-OTC: BB)

CarbonCure Technologies Inc. 101215

Carbon Sciences, Inc. (071009CABN-OTC: BB)

Cardea Associates Inc 050613


CardiacSense 041618

Cardica Inc. (030708CRDC-NASDAQ)

CardioDynamics International Corporation (090508CDIC-NASDAQ)

Cardium Therapeutics Inc. (071612NYSE MKT: CXM)

CareATC, Inc. 081516

CareCycle Management 070615


CarefreeIT Ltd. 051815

CareGuide (072006PATY-OTC: BB)

Carena 080414

CareTech Solutions 121113

CareView Communications, Inc. (102111CRVW-OTCBB) 081213

Carmen Energy Inc. (093011CEI-TSXV)

Caroba Plastics, Inc. 081715

Carolina Bank Holdings, Inc. (071704CLBH-NASDAQ)

Carrington Laboratories, Inc.  (072007CARN-NASDAQ)

Carrollton Enterprise Services 020816

Cartera Commerce 093013

Cartier Resources Inc. (040408ECR-TSXV)

Cascade Botanical Sciences, LLC. 030716

Cascadero Copper Corporation (040811CCD-TSXV)

Cascade Technologies Corp. (012111CSDT-OTC: BB)

Casey’s General Stores Inc. (080709STAN-NASDAQ)

Cashpundit, Inc. 030716

Castel Communications, LLC 112612

Castelle (070104CSTL-NASDAQ)

Castle Creek Pharma 041710

Catalyst International, Inc. (080703CLYS.OB- OTC)

Catalyst Repository Systems 080513

Catheter Research, Inc. 102813

CATTAN Services Group 033114

Causometrix, Inc. 030915

Cavitation Technologies, Inc. (020411CVAT- OTC: BB) (WTC – Stuttgart/Berlin/Frankfurt, Germany)

CAVU Resources, Inc. (103009CAVR-OTCPK)

Caxy Interactive 111714

Caza Gold Corp. (061711CZY:TSX.V, CZ6:FSE)

C-B4 Analytics 022216

CBM Technology 112816

CCA Global Partners 042114

C-COM Satellite Systems (TSXV: CMI) 091718

C-COM Satellite Systems Inc. (TSXV: CMI) 091415

C-COM Satellite Systems Inc. 042913

C-COM Satellite Systems Inc. (072911CMI-TSXV)

C-COM Satellite Systems Inc. (072910CMI-TSXV)

C-COM Satellite Systems, Inc. (073109CMI-TSXV)

C-COM Satellite Systems, Inc. (090904CMI-TSXV)

CCS Construction Staffing 032315

CD2 Learning 112315

CDK Services Ltd. (102104CDK-TSX: Venture)

Cedar Fair, L.P. (042712FUN-NYSE)

Celadon Group Inc. (042712CGI-NYSE)

Cellceutix Corp. (052810CTIX-OTC: BB)

Cellular Specialties, Inc. 021813

Celsus Therapeutics 070813

Celtaxsys Inc. 072715

Celtic Exploration Ltd. (031104CLT-Toronto Stock Exchange)

CEM-Tek, Inc. 100515

CENDYN 071816

Cenit Corporation (093011CNT-TSXV)

Cenna Biosciences, Inc. 121216

Centage Corporation 041816

Centage Corporation 102714

Centage Corporation 072913

Center for Constitutional Transitions - Sujit Choudhry 042417

CenterPointe Community Bank (092412OTCPK: CENP)

CenterState Bank of Florida (091712CSFL-NASDAQ)

CenterState Banks of Florida, Inc. (052507CSFL-NASDAQ)

CentraComm 030617

Central Parking Corporation (080703CPC-NYSE)

Central Petroleum Limited (021712CTP-ASX)

Central Valley Community Bancorp (080709CVCY-NASDAQ)

Centre Technologies 010813

Centric Bank (OTC Pink:CFCX) 121216

Centric Energy Corp. (091010CTE-TSX-V)

Centripetal Networks 100614

Centuric 060214

Century Iron Mines Corporation (073012FER-TSX)

Century Mining Corporation (122106CMM-TSXV)

Cepheid (072007CPHD-NASDAQ)

Ceragenix Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (072006CGXP-OTC: BB)

Cerahelix, Inc. (081312Private)

CeraTech Inc 072814

Cereplast, Inc. (070309CERP-OTC: BB)

Ceres Partners LLC (100112Private)

Certified, Inc. 011816

Certify My Company 052614

Certspring 022916

Cervel Neurotech, Inc. 071513

Cetechs 122418

CFC International, Inc. (120204CFCI - NASDAQ)

C-Forward, Inc. 050718

CFO Systems, LLC 041315

CGI Holding Corporation (081204CGIH-OB)

ChainSequence, Inc. 082216

Channelinsight 012714

ChannelNet 022414

Chanticleer Holdings, Inc. (050710CCLR-OTC: BB)

Charet & Associates 120114

Chargebacks911 071513

ChargePoint 112613

CHAR Technologies Ltd (CVE:YES) 020617

Chatsworth Data Solutions, Inc. (parent) (101708CHWD-OTC: BB)

Chatsworth Data Corporation (subsidiary)

Check-6, Inc. 072913

Checkpoint Surgical, LLC 061614

ChemGenex Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (102005CXSP-NASDAQ) and (102005ASX-CXS)

CherryCircle Software, Inc. Product: QbDVision 032618

CHF Solutions, Inc., (NASDAQ:CHFS) 042318

Childtime Learning Centers Inc. (032504CTIM-NASD

Chime Solutions 082117

China Bilingual Technology & Education Group Inc. (070811CBLY-OTC: BB)

China Green Star Agricultural Corp. (080612GRE-TSXV)

China Kangtai Cactus Bio-Tech, Inc. (081707CKGT-OTC: BB)

Chindex International, Inc. (022208CHDX-NASDAQ)

Chipworks 082514, LLC 040813

Chordiant Software, Inc. (102005CHRD-NASDAQ)

Chordiant Software, Inc. (120204CHRD-NASDAQ)

Chordiant Software, Inc. (050103NASDAQ: CHRD)

Choozle, Inc. 071816

Chris Burch - Burch Creative Capital 052917

ChristianSteven Software 090516

ChromaDex Corp. (082208CDXC-OTC: BB)

Chroma Technology Corp. 112612

Chromatic 3D Materials 092517

Chromatic Industries, LLC 071017

Chrysalis BioTherapeutics, Inc. 110413

The Churchill Corporation (010209CUQ-TSX)

Churchill Downs Incorporated (081211CHDN-NASDAQ)

Cianna Medical, Inc. 032315

Cicada Security Technology 121916

Cicero, Inc. (052110CICN-OTC: BB)

Ciclofilin Pharmaceuticals Inc. 092115

Cine Learning Productions, LLC 062215

Cipherhealth, LLC 041315

Circadiance 071513

CIRCADIAN® Light 032717

CircleBack Inc. 042715

Circle Technology 090715

Cirro 122313

CirrusMD Inc. 093013

Citadel Defense Company 062518

Citizens, Inc. (052004CIA-NYSE)

CityTwist 102813

CiVentiChem 062915

Civic Resource Group International 041315

Civitas Therapeutics 110512

C-Labs 012615

C-Labs 123112 inc. (082809CLAI-OTC: BB) Inc. (040705CLAI-OTC: BB) Inc. (091103CLAI.OB-OTC BB)


Claremont Technologies Corp. (121604CTTG-OTC: BB)

Clarity Solution Group 030314

Clarkston Financial Corporation (the corporation) (090911CKFC-OTC: BB)
Clarkston State Bank (the bank)

Clarus Therapeutics 121012

ClassDojo 110512

Clean Energy Collective 092115

Cleanfield Alternative Energy Inc. (050309TSXV – AIR)

Clean Power Technologies Inc. (CPTI) (011807CPWE-OTC: BB)

Cleankeys Inc. 120312

Clearbridge Mobile 021516

Clear Demand 041414

ClearEdge Power 100713

Clearfield, Inc. (022208CLFD-NASDAQ)

ClearForce LLC. 041618

ClearGov Inc. 012918

Clear Payment Solutions 072814

Clear Protection Technologies 100515

ClearServe 071816

Clear Skies Solar Inc. (111210CSKH-OTC: BB)

ClearStory Systems Inc. (120105CSYS.OB)

ClearView Audit 102317

ClearVoice 121216

Cleobrothers & Company, Inc092616

Cleveland BioLabs, Inc. (062609CBLI-NASDAQ)

Cleveland BioLabs, Inc. (CBLI-NASDAQ)

Cleveland BioLabs, Inc. (011807CBLI-NASDAQ)

Cleveland Medical Devices Inc. (CleveMed) 071414

C-leveled 110915

CleverCap 123112

Clever Cloud 082117

CleverIS Technologies 010917

CleverTap 072516

Clickatell 040113

Clickky 032414

Clicktools 081814

Clientvine LLC 071717

Clifton Savings Bancorp, Inc. (040910CSBK-NASDAQ)

Clinacuity, Inc. 121117

ClinDatrix, Inc 012813

Clinical List America 050613

Clinical SCORE 120516

CliniOps, Inc. 071414

CLM Matrix 013017

Cloud9b2b, LLC 011314

Cloudbilt 102813

Cloudbyz Inc. 122815

CloudConnect, LLC 100713

Cloud Elements 122214

CloudFactory 031615

CloudFirst Technology Solutions, Inc. 103116

CloudGenera, Inc. 070317

CloudHealth Technologies 110413

Cloudleaf 032618

Cloud Optik 110518

CloudPlugs Inc. 072715

CloudQuant LLC 052118

CloudSight Inc. 072417

CloudTech1, LLC. 010217

Cloudvue Technologies Corp. 072913

Cloudwords 081213

CloviTek Inc. 071618

CMIT Solutions of Monroe 061217

CMQ Resources Inc. (030510NV-TSXV)

CMS Bancorp, Inc., parent of Community Mutual Savings Bank (041709CMSB-NASDAQ)

Coalspur Mines Limited (051412CPT-TSX)

Cobalt 27 Capital Corp. (TSXV:KBLT) (US:CBLLF) 031218

Cobalt Coal Corp. (041511CBT-TSXV)

Cobaltix, LL091415

Cobalt Speech & Language, Inc. 112315

Cobriza Metals Corp. (091012CZA-TSX)

Codeproof Technologies Inc. 051214

Cogitore Resources Inc. (040408WOO-TSXV)

CogMaze Diagnostics 013017

Cognate 080717

Cognician 111416

Cognionics, Inc. 112816

Cognition Medical Corp. 042516

Cognoptix, Inc. 011413

Cohealo, Inc. 021918

Cold Genesys, Inc. 121712

Collectors Universe, Inc. (112307CLCT-NASDAQ)

Collectors Universe Inc. (

Collokia LLC 092815

Colmaric Analyticals 101617

Colo5 121113

Colombian Mines Corporation 0211113

Colorado Mills LLC. 022216

ColossusEPC Inc. 060815

Columbia Yukon Explorations Inc. (091407CYU-TSXV)

Colusa Biomass Energy Corp. (CLME-OTC: BB)

CombiMatrix Corporation (072409CBMX-NASDAQ)

CombineNet, Inc. 021113

Comfort Systems USA Inc. (041511FIX-NYSE)

Comfort Systems USA, Inc. (022610FIX-NYSE)

Comfort Systems USA, Inc. (031309FIX-NYSE)

Comfort Systems USA, Inc. (022208FIX-NYSE)

Com-Guard, Inc. (032405CGUD-OTC: BB)

Command Center, Inc. (080709CCNI-OTC: BB)

Commerce Energy Group, Inc. (EGR-AMEX)

Commercial Vehicle Group Inc. (082505CVGI-NASDAQ)

Commexis 101915

Commodore Applied Technologies, Inc. (091407CXIA-OTC: BB)

Commonwealth Business Bank (081706CWBB-OTC: BB)

Commonwealth National Bank

CommPartners 022513

Community Bancorp (CBON-NASDAQ)

Community Bancorp (110906CBON-NASDAQ)

Community Bankers Trust Corporation (050611BTC: AMEX)

Community Bank of the Bay (073010CBYAA-OTC: BB)

Community Bank of the Bay (070210CBYAA-OTC: BB)

Community Bankshares Inc. (060304SCB-AMEX)

Community Business Bank (West Sacramento, CA) (061209CBBC-OTC: BB)

Community Financial Services Bank 030617

Community First Bank of Indiana 061917

Community National Bank (080610CBNY-OTC: BB)

Community National Bank (012508CBNY-OTC: BB)

Community National Bank of the Lakeway Area (CNLA-NASDAQ)

Community Trust Bank 090114

Community Valley Bank (112307CVB)

Compaction Technologies, Inc. 060517

CompareNetworks 031714

Compass Diversified Holdings (062708CODI-NASDAQ)

Compass Learning 091514

Competition Composites Inc. 100713

Competitive Insights 072814

Competitive Technologies, Inc. (121611CTTC-OTCQX)

Competitive Technologies, Inc. (031609NYSE Alternext US: CTT)

Compli 092313

Compliance Energy Corporation (022405TSXV-CEC)

Compliance Implementation Services 102912

Compliagent Healthcare Solutions 111014

CompuMed Inc. (110404CMPD-OTC: BB)

CompuTech City 111416

Computer Generated Solutions 021714 042814

ComSci (091712Private)

ConceptDrop 012317

Concept Plus 111714

Concert Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (021909Private)

Concurix Corporation 120814

Concurrent Computer Corporation (110404NASDAQ: CCUR)

Concurrent, Inc. 060313

Conexlink 091216 120417 041816

Conforce International, Inc. (120105CFRI-OTCPK)

Conformance Technologies 111014

Conga 072715

ConnectMe, LLC 122616

Connectyx Technologies Holdings Group, Inc. (121611CTYX-OTCPK)

Connectyx Technologies Holdings Group, Inc. (082109CTYX-OTCPK)

Conn’s, Inc. (080511CONN-NASDAQ)

ConnXus 062613

Cono Italiano, Inc. (092410CNOZ-OTC: BB)

Consensus Orthopedics, Inc. 040113

Consolidated Energy Inc. (082604CEIW-OTC)


Consolidated Spire Ventures Ltd. (031507CZS-TSXV)

Constance Pure Botanical Extracts 052515

Constantine Metal Resources Inc. (122107CEM-TSXV)

Constant Therapy 102714

Constitution Mining Corp. (072508CMIN-OTC: BB)

Consultants 2 Go 032414

ConsumerDNA, LLC 070714

Contact Exploration Inc. (082012CEX-TSXV)

Contego Medical 112414

Context Matters, Inc. 051313

Continental Nickel Limited (021910CNI-TSXV)

Contingent Resource Solutions, LLC 090417

ContinUse Biometrics Ltd. 022717

Convaid 011215

Convergent Dental, Inc. 082514

ConverterTechnology, Inc. 040813

Converus Inc. 080717

Conx2share Inc. 031615

coolblueweb 052917

CoolSavings, Inc. (040303CSAV – NASDAQ)

Cool Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: WARM) 021918

Cooperative Bankshares, Inc. (022405COOP-NASDAQ)

The Cooper Companies, Inc. (041511COO-NYSE)

Cooper Holding Corp. (062512COHO-OTCPK)

CO-OP Financial Services 052917

Copart Inc. (071108CPRT-NASDAQ)

Copharix LLC 101617

CoPilot Systems 072516

Copper Creek Gold Corp. (122410CPV-TSXV)

Copper Mountain Mining Corp. (102607CUM-TSXV)

Corazon Gold Corp. (110411CGW-TSX-V, RMZFF-OTCBB)

Cord Blood America, Inc. (080306CBAI-OTC: BB)

Cordia Partners 052614

Core Business Services, LLC 051914

Core Creative, Inc. 101915

COREducational 020215

Corent Technology 112612

Coretelligent 112513

Corestack 080618

Cork Exploration Inc. (080306CRK-TSX)

Corgentech Inc. (110404CGTK – Nasdaq)

Cornell Companies, Inc. (092807CRN-NYSE)

Cornerstone Capital Resources Inc. (012705CGP-TSXV)

Cornerstone Community Bank (042310CRSB-OTC: BB)

CornerWorld Corporation (091407CWRL-OTC: BB)

Coronado Biosciences, Inc. (010612CNDO-NASDAQ)

Coronado First Bank (091406CDFB-OTC: BB)

Coronet 100118

CoroWare, Inc. (121109COWI-OTC: BB)

Corporate Advisory Solutions 090417

Corporate Dynamics Inc. 011414

Corporate Technologies Group, Inc 050514

Correlata Solutions Ltd.

Correlsense Inc. 061515

Corridor Company 112613

Cortera (091712Private)

Cortice Biosciences 011215

CorvisaCloud 120213

Corvus Energy Ltd. 012014

Coseer 120516

Cosmique Global, Inc. 031218

Couchbase 061413

CounterPath Solutions, Inc. (021507CTPS - OTC.BB)

CounterTack 042913

Coupa Software 082613

Cousins Properties Incorporated (032609CUZ-NYSE)

Covr Financial Technologies 111918

CPR Tools, Inc. 100614

CPS Biofuels (082712Private)

CPS Technologies Corporation (061711CPSH.OB-OTC: BB)

CPXi 112613

C R & A Custom 111513

CradlePoint 033114

Cream Minerals Ltd. (020510CMA-TSXV)

Crea7ive 081516

Creative Alignments 111918

Creative Eateries Corporation (082505CEAT.OB)

Credo Petroleum Corp. (090310“CRED”-NASDAQ)

Crescent Financial Corp. (

Crescerance 120814

Critical Diagnostics (050412Privately Held)

CRIXlabs 120213

CRO Analytics 041315

CrossFire Group LLC 112116

Crosshair Exploration & Mining Corp. (010810CXX-TSX, CXZ-AMEX)

Crossroads Systems, Inc. (012811CRDS-OTCPK)

Cross X Platform 021113

Crownbutte Wind Power, Inc. (021910CBWP-OTC: BB)

Crown Equity Holdings Inc. (012111CRWE-OTC: BB)

Crown Point Ventures Ltd. (051608CWV-TSXV)

CryptoniteNXT 120417

CSMG Technologies, Inc. (040606CTUM-OTC: BB)

CSM Practice 121916

CSM Systems Corp. (102104CKX-TSXV)

CSP, Inc. (062510CSPI-NASDAQ)

CSP, Inc. (102607CSPI-NASDAQ)

CSP Inc. (012705CSPI-NASDAQ)

cSubs 111813

CTECH Consulting Group Inc. 112816

CTI Resource Management Services Inc. 112513

CTSIT 102714

CubeSmart (010612CUBE-NYSE)

Cubicall, Inc. 092517

CUI Global, Inc. (070811CUGI-OTC: BB)

Culture Amp Pty Ltd 060115

CuOro Resources Corporation (052011CUA-TSX-V)

Curantis Solutions, LLC 062617

CÜR Media, Inc. 081114

Current Technology Corporation (

Current Technology Corp. (091103CRTCF:OTC)

Curzon Staffing 022216

Customer Portfolios 070416

Cutting Edge Superconductors, Inc. 031714

CVF Technologies Corp. (070104CNVT-OTC: BB)

CW Analytical Laboratories Inc. 060418

CX2 Technologies, Inc. (050208CXTO-OTC: BB)

CyberDefender Corporation (112808CYDE-OTC: BB)

Cyberian Technologies 071717

Cyberplex Inc. (071709CX-TSX)

Cyber Risk Opportunities, LLC 030617

CyberSN 121916

CYBRA Corporation (102210CYRP-OTC: BB)

CyByte Inc 041816

Cycle Country Accessories Corp. (091103ATC - AMEX)

CycleniumPharma Inc. 051914

Cyclone Power Technologies, Inc. (061308CYPW-OTCPK)

Cygam Energy Inc. (110907CYG-TSXV)

Cylance Inc. 012615

Cylene Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (073012Private)

CymaBay Therapeutics 042114

Cymat Corp. (051503 CYM - TSX)

Cynapsus Therapeutics Inc. (050412CTH-TSXV)

CynergisTek 060313

Cynosure, Inc. (040612CYNO-NASDAQ)

Cyplasin Biomedical Ltd. (011108CYPL-OTC: BB)

Cypress Bioscience, Inc. (061203 CYPB - NASDAQ)

CytoGenix, Inc. (100903CYGX-OTC)

CytoVas, LLC 100515

Cyware 092616e

Czero 070615

DaBrian Marketing Group, LLC. 010217

dacadoo 072318

Dais Analytic Corporation (121710DLYT-OTC: BB)

Dallen Medical 042213

Dalmac Energy Inc. (052812DAL-TSXV)

Dance BioPharm Inc. 040615

Daniel Micic - Medical Shipment 080717

Daou Systems, Inc. (022003OTC - DAOU)

Dasheroo, Inc. 052515

Datablink Inc. 011915

Data Call Technologies, Inc. (DCLT-OTC: BB)

Datacert 031113

Datalink Corp. (040705DTLK-NASDAQ)

Data Locker 051914

Dataloop Software, Inc. 090516

DataMade, LLC 031416

Datasite Atmosphere 111317

Datastream Connexion 081417

DataXu 072913

Datumate Ltd. 122616

DAVA Oncology, LP. 021113

David McDonald - OSI Group, LLC 061217

Davidson Therapy Products, LLC (081312Private)

Davos Pharm 040615

DAVO Technologies 101215

DayBlink Consulting LLC 122616

Daybreak Oil and Gas, Inc. (052110DBRM-OTC: BB)

DB Labs 102317

D-BOX Technologies Inc. (012508DBO.A-TSXV)

DB Services 082514

DC Brands International, Inc. (091407DCBI-OTCPK)

DC Devices, Inc. 082514

DDS Technologies USA Inc. (050505DDSU-OTC: OB)

Dealstruck, Inc 042814

Debt Resolve, Inc. (122107DRV-AMEX)

Decisions on Demand 122913

Decision Toolbox 102014

Decisive Communications, Inc. 081715

DeckRobot 121018

Decode Digital 071717

Deep Down, Inc. (091012DPDW-OTC QB)

Deep Instinct Ltd. 012516

Deer Creek Energy Limited (

Deer Valley Corporation (053008DVLY-OTC: BB)

Deer Valley Corporation (021507DVLY-OTC: BB)

Defense Solutions Holding, Inc. (011510DFSH-OTC: BB)

Defiance Silver Corp. (080612DEF-TSXV)

Definitive Data Security 042715

Dejour Enterprises Ltd. (071108DEJ-AMEX)

Dejour Enterprises Ltd. (062207Amex: DEJ & TSX-V:DEJ)

Dejour Enterprises Ltd. (061506DJE-TSX.V)

Dejour Enterprises Ltd. (063005DJE-TSX.V)

DEL BioPharma LLC 021317

Delivra 022513

Delsys Inc. 092214

Delta Disaster Services 011314

deltathree, Inc. (070706DDDC-NASDAQ)

Deltek, Inc. (100308PROJ-NASDAQ)

Demand Solutions Group 021413

Demartek 111513

Democrasoft™ (043010BRST-OTCPK)

Dependable Global Solutions 050216

Depomed, Inc. (070210DEPO-NASDAQ)

DeRisk IT Inc. 120715

DERMAdoctor, Inc. (092412Private)


The Descartes Systems Group Inc. (072007DSG-TSX, DSGX-NASDAQ)

Designatronics Inc. 092115

Designing Digitally, Inc. 011314

Deskera 110716

Deskgod, Inc. 100614

DeStefano Architects 110915

Deuteria Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (062512Private)

DevFacto Technologies Inc. (082712Private)

Device42 LLC 111813

Devonian Health Group, Inc. (TSXV: GSD) 110518

Dexit Inc. (0042006DXT-TSX)

DfR Solutions 121712

Dfuse Technologies, Inc. 012615

D.H. Lloyd & Associates 010917

Diadem Resources Limited (030212DRL-TSXV)

Diadem Resources Ltd. (042209DRL-TSXV)

DiagnoCure Inc. (071108CUR-TSX)

DialogTech 111416

Dialogue Marketing 03183

DialSource 081715

DiamiR LLC 052614

DiamondCluster International (100903DTPI-NASD

Diamond Discoveries International Corporation (042304DMDD-OTC)

Diamond Orthopedic, LLC 010118

Diamond Powersports Inc. (020906DPWS.OTCBB)

Diapin Therapeutics 051815

DICOM Grid (091712Private)

Didgebridge 041116

Diedrichs & Associates 040714

Digilant 102813

Digineer (073012Private)

DigiSight Technologies, Inc. 030314

Digital Angel Corporation (042409DIGA-NASDAQ)

Digital Dispatch Systems Inc. (040705DD-TSX)

Digital Financial Group 031014

DigitalFX International, Inc. (070607DFXN-OTC: BB)

DigitalGlobe, Inc. (073010DGI-NYSE)

Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC. 012113

Digital Lifestyles Group, Inc. (040705DLFG-OTC: BB)

Digital Mark Company, LLC 021317

Digital Operative Inc. 112315

Digital Pi 122418

Digital Power Corporation (031811DPW-NYSE-Amex)

Digital Shield, Inc 081114

DigitalTown, Inc. (OTC PINK:DGTW) 102317

Digitell, Inc. 032315

Digitell, Inc. 010713

Digitus Biometrics 041414

Dimagi, Inc. 040113

Dina Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 010818

Dinast 121012

DioGenix 031113

Diomics, Inc 081114

DIOS Exploration Inc. (080808DOS-TSXV)

Direct Innovations 120213

Direct Insite Corp. (120911DIRI-OTCBB)

Directional Dynamics 022513

Direct Mail 2.0 041717

Direct Recruiters 020314

DiscoverOrg 051214

Dispersive Solutions, Inc. 031813

DisperSol Technologies, LLC 060418


Diverse Concepts, Inc 050817

Diverse Technology Solutions, Inc. 101215

Diversified Global Holdings Group Inc. (021012DGHG-OTCBB)

Diversified Industrial Staffing 032414

Diversified Restaurant Holdings, Inc. (040811DFRH-OTC: BB)

Divurgent 061413

Dixie Cullen Interests Inc. 092115

Dizzion, Inc. (091712Private)

DJM Sales & Marketing 093013

dj Orthopedics, Inc. (121505DJO-NYSE)

dj Orthopedics, Inc. (062603 DJO - NYSE)

DKBinnovative LLC 092517

DMA Corporation 042715

DNASTAR, Inc. (062512Private)

DNAtrix Inc. 090913

DNotes Global, Inc. 061917

DOBI Medical International, Inc. (060205DBMI.OB)

DocDox, LLC 090114

DocsInk 122214

DoctorCom 021813

DoctorLogic 060914

DocuSign 012113

Doejo 072516

Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. (072403 DLTR-NASDAQ)

Domega, Inc. 121117

Dominion Systems 072114

Door Number 3 092616

Double Check Consulting Services 010217

Double Robotics Inc. 032116

Dover Petroleum Corp. (012303DVPC - Pink Sheets)

Dovetail Genomics 121415

Doxim 082613

D-Pharm Ltd. (031910DPRM-TASE)

DragonWave Inc. (022009DWI-TSX)

Draxis Health Inc. (032405DRAX-NASDAQ)

Drinks Americas Holdings, Ltd. (082505DKAM-OTC: BB)

Dr. Mark Holterman - The Mariam Life 021918

Dr. Mark Mofid – Plastic Surgeon 012918

DroneDek 090318

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar – Plastic Surgeon 012218

Dr. S.  Mark McKenna- OVME 111317

Drug Free Therapeutix 051115

Drupal Connect (091712Private)

DSTRUX 092914

Ducerus, Your Total College Solution 061515

Ductmate Industries, Inc. 092214

DURECT Corporation (030510DRRX-NASDAQ)

DURECT Corporation (071709DRRX-NASDAQ)

DURECT Corporation (061308DRRX-NASDAQ)

DURECT Corporation (120707DRRX-NASDAQ)

DVS Sciences, Inc. 080513

DxTerity Diagnostics Inc. 012714

Dyadic International, Inc. (O042012TC Pink: DYAI)

DyAnsys Inc. 062915

Dyn 110512

Dynacor Gold Mines Inc. (102811DNG-TSX)

Dynamex Inc. (050103DDN - Amex)

Dynamic Blending Specialists, Inc. 081417

Dynamic Fuel Systems Inc. (052810DYA-TSXV)

Dynamic Health Strategies 063014

Dynamic Manufacturing Solutions Inc. 121012

Dynamic Pro, Inc 010118

Dynamic Solutions Worldwide, LLC 070317

Dynasty Limousine Inc. (031612DNYS-OTCPK)

Dynatronics Corporation (022511DYNT-NASDAQ)

Dynatronics Corp. (091407DYNT-NASDAQ)

Dynatronics Corporation  (0502DYNT – NASDAQ)

Dynatronics Corporation (042304DYNT – NASDAQ)

Dynetek Industries Ltd. (091103DNK - TSX)

Dynex Capital, Inc. (073109DX-NYSE)

DynoSense 120814

e2e Materials (060412Private)

E-9 Enterprises, Inc. 120318

Eagle Oil Holding Company, Inc. (082809EGOH-OTC: BB)

Eagle Ray Inc 050514

Eaglewood Energy Inc. (031910EWD-TSXV)

eaHELP 052614

Eargo Inc. 081417

Earley & Associates 042814

EarlySense 050613

Earthling Security, LLC 050817

EarthNetMedia, Inc. (041703ENTM – OTC)

EasilyDo 122914

East Coast Diversified Corp. (052810ECDC-OTC: BB)

Eastern Insurance Holdings, Inc. (041207EIHI-NASDAQ)

Eastern Virginia Bankshares Inc. (082604EVBS-NASDAQ)

Eastmain Resources Inc. (112808ER-TSX)

Eastmain Resources Inc. (072805ER-TSX)

EastPay 100515
EasyPay Advisors

Easy Insight, LLC. 020116

eatSafe, LLC 071816

EBA Engineering Inc. 121216

EBBEX 032116

Ebix, Inc. (112307EBIX-NASDAQ)

eBusiness Strategies, LLC. 021615


eCaring 041816

ECB Bancorp, Inc. (111111ECBE-NASDAQ)

ECB Bancorp, Inc. (081310ECBE-NASDAQ)

Echo Pixel Inc. 042715

EcoAnalysts, Inc. 031813

Ecochlor, Inc. 072318

Eco-Fusion 080116

Ecomdash 032315

ECOM Medical, Inc. 121117

Ecotech Institute 112612

Echo Therapeutics, Inc. (122311ECTE-NASDAQ)

ECI Biotech 102912

ecoATM (060412Private)

eCobalt Solutions (TSX: ECS, OTCQB: ECSIF, Frankfurt Exchange: ECO) 062617

EcoloCap Solutions, Inc. (Parent) (111309OTCBB:  ECOS)
Micro Bubble Technology Inc. (Subsidiary)

Eco-Safe Systems USA, Inc. (040309ESFS-OTCPK) 032414

ECOtality, Inc. (030708OTCBB: ETLY)

Eco Wave Power (061812Private)

eCredable 031714

ECSI International, Inc. (022003EKCS - OTC)

ECU Silver Mining Inc. (101510ECU-TSX)

Ed & Ed Business Technology, Inc. 022315

EDAP TECHNOMED, INC. (Nasdaq: EDAP) 030518

EdBooks, LLC 010818

Eden Labs LLC. 082817

eDevTECH 050514

Edge Therapeutics, Inc. (100112Private)

Edgeware Computers 021014

Edgewater Construction Services 102813

eDiscoverySquad, LLC 110915

Edmission, Inc. 041017

EDP Biotech Corporation 092517

Education Realty Trust, Inc. (091908EDR-NYSE)

EduServe 121514

EFE Laboratories, Inc. 061713

eFulfillment 020617

EGEN, Inc.

EggZack 041315

eGlobalTech 123112

eHealth, Inc. (070607EHTH-Nasdaq)

eHealth Technologies 012615

eHopper Services LLC. 100217

EHR Concepts 022216

EKC, Inc. 061413

Ekotrope 111513

eIQnetworks 021813

El Capitan Precious Metals, Inc. (102005ECPN-OTC: BB)

Elder Research, Inc. 030617

Electronic Sensor Technology, Inc. (030411ESNR-OTCPK)

Element 21 Sports Company (021309ETGF-OTC: BB)

Element Orthopedics, Inc. 010515

Electra Gold Ltd. (032405ELT-TSXV)

Electroglas, Inc. (061308EGLS-NASDAQ)

Electronic Commerce, Inc. (ECI) 040113

Elemeno Health 073018

Element5 Digital 032017

Elephant Talk Communications, Inc. (030411ETAK-OTC:BB)

Elevate, Inc. (021012ELEV.OB)

ELI Eco Logic Inc. (030603ELI - TSX)

eLinear, Inc. (031005ELU-AMEX)

Eller Industries, Inc. (042105ELRI-OTC: PK)

Ellman International, Inc. 102813

Elmes Packaging 081015

Eloquentix 060914

Elsius Biomedical Corporation 121718

El Tigre Silver Corp. (070811ELS-TSXV)

Emageon Inc. (101206EMAG-NASDAQ)

EmailOversight 052118

Emanate Wireless 050415

Embera NeuroTherapeutics, Inc. 010317

Emberlight Inc. 111416

Embroker 092418

Emerald Data Solutions 030314

Emerald Health Therapeutics, Inc. (TSXV: EMH; OTCQX: EMHTF) 031918

Emerge Capital Corp. (060106EMGC-OTC: BB)

Emergenetics International 120715

Emergent BioSolutions Inc. (022610EBS-NYSE)

EmerGeo Solutions Worldwide Inc. (011609EMG-TSXV)

Emmaus Medical Inc 030413

Emotuit Inc. 080116

Empire Genomics LLC 060313

Empire National Bank (051311EMPK-OTC: BB)

Empire Post Media, Inc. (111111EMPM-OTCBB)

The Empire Sports & Entertainment Company (052711EXCX-OTC: BB)

Empiriko 051115

EnableSoft, Inc. 091514

Enboarder 021317

Encellin, Inc. 112017

Encell Technology 091613

Encima Group 052614

Encompass Holdings, Inc. (070706ECMH-OTC: BB)

Encompass Medical Partners 011617

Encore Capital Group, Inc. (033012ECPG-NASDAQ)

Encrosoft LLC 110915

Endeavour Silver Corp. (EXK-NYSE, EDR-TSX)

Endexx Corporation 092313

Endpoint Systems 101617

Endurance Specialty Holdings Ltd. (101609ENH-NYSE)

EnerBrite Technologies Group, Inc. (081707ETGP-OTC.PK)

Enerchem International Inc. (092304ECH-TSX)

Ener-Core Inc. 030314

Energold Mining Ltd. (

EnergyConnect Group, Inc. (030510ECNG-OTC: BB)

Energy Focus, Inc. (Nasdaq:EFOI) 030518

Energy Toolbase LLC 010917

EnerJex Resources, Inc. (030411ENRJ-OTC: BB)

EnerJex Resources, Inc. (102607EJXR-OTC: BB)

EnerLume Energy Management Corp. (030708OTC BB: ENLU.OB)

EnerNOC, Inc. (071108ENOC-NASDAQ)

Enerpulse, Inc. (051412Private)

Ener Systems, LLC 012014

EngageClick 041315 Incorporated (062512EGN-TSXV)

Engtal Inc. 070218

Eniware, LLC 121113

enkompas Technology Solutions 061614

ENPAR Technologies Inc. (042304ENP – Toronto Venture)

Enpath Medical, Inc. (041207NPTH-NASDAQ)

Enservio 122412

EnsoData, Inc. 070317

Entelechy, Inc. 042913

Entera Health, Inc. 051313

enter:marketing 011414

Enterprise Bancorp, Inc. (070607EBTC-NASDAQ)

Enterprise Integration 050916

Enterprise Risk Management 102014

Entech 062215

Entrec Transportation Services Ltd. (122311ENT-TSXV)

Entrée Gold Inc. (071612ETG-TSX)

EntreQuest 102714

Entropy Solutions, Inc.

Enumeral Biomedical Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB:ENUM) 120516

Environmental Management Solutions 080315

Environmental Service Professionals, Inc. (092807EVSP.OB)

Environmental Solutions Worldwide, Inc. (041703ESWW - OTC)

Environmental Waste International Inc. (032511EWS-TSXV)

EnviroScience Inc. 032315

Enviro Voraxial Technology Inc. (092412EVTN-OTCBB)

Envision Management, Inc. 062915

Envision Solar International, Inc. (101411EVSI-OTCBB)

Envy Medical 111014

Envy Medical Inc. 050613

EnWave Corporation (101708ENW-TSXV)

Enymity 032513

EO2 Concepts 042913 091613

Epazz, Inc. (081409EPAZ-OTC: BB)

EP Global Communications, Inc. (121710EPGL-OTCPK)

EP Global Communications, Inc. (022405EPGL.OB)

ePharmaSolutions 040813

Ephesoft, Inc. 042715

EPIC Corporation (061812EPOR-OTCPK)

EpicentRx Inc. 091718

Epicosity 012516

Epinex Diagnostics, Inc 112612

Epistem Ltd. (061308EHP-LSE)

EPMedSystems, Inc. (020503EPMD - NASDAQ)

EPMedSystems, Inc. (020503EPMD - NASDAQ)
Reference Interview with: Dr. Sanjeev Saksena

EPM Intelligence 082514

Epner Technology Inc. 081516

Epsilon Energy Ltd. (103009EPS-TSX)

E-Push 020116

Eqalix, Inc. (091712Private)

EQ Labs, Inc. (070309EQLB-OTCPK)

Equal Experts 102014

Equicare Health Inc. 072114

Equiinet 042814

Equilar 021113

Equinix, Inc. (080703EQIX-NASDAQ)

EquipNet Inc. 081715

EquipNet, Inc. 060313

Equity Inns, Inc. (020906ENN-NYSE)

ERF Wireless Inc. (120707ERFW-OTC: BB)

Eric​ ​Marcotulli - Elysium​ ​Health 121117

ESAC Inc. 060214

ES Bancshares, Inc. (110907ESBS-OTC: BB)

Escend Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 071116

eSchoolView 020915

eSentire 060313

eSkill Corporation 081114

Eskridge & Associates 111615

eSoft 010713

Espee Group 091817

Esperanza Silver Corporation (102005EPZ-TSXV)

Espey Manufacturing & Electronics Corp. (052711ESP-NYSE)

ESSA Bancorp, Inc. (100308NASDAQ: "ESSA")

Estech Systems, Inc. 090814

Estrela Direct Inc 091514

Etelesolv 072913

Etelos, Inc. (090508ETLO-OTC: BB)

Etheric Networks 071513

Ethos Distributed Solutions 082514

Etratech Inc. 042715

etrials Worldwide, Inc. (031309ETWC-NASDAQ)

ETS 061515

ettain group (100812Private)

ETView Medical Ltd. 070113

Euclid Systems Corporation 102113

Eurasian Minerals Inc. (022208Toronto Venture Exchange - EMX)
(The Pink Sheets – ESMNF)

Eureka Therapeutics, Inc. 102615

Money Manager Interview Covering:
Eurocontrol Technics Inc. (051608EUO-TSX: V)
James Guiang, Senior Portfolio Manager, Managing Director
Millennium Global Natural Resources Fund

Eurocontrol Technics Inc. (050208EUO-TSX:V)

Eutropics Pharmaceuticals 102912

Eventbase 032414

Even Technologies Inc. (030107ETI-TSXV)

EventSphere, LLC 081015

Evergaze LLC 112017

Evergreen Medical Technologies, Inc. 072213

Evidera 052614

Evidon, Inc. 110512

Evid Science 040918

Evofem LLC 092313

Evolphin Software Inc. 012014

Evolution Petroleum Corporation (080511EPM-AMEX)

Evolution Petroleum Corporation (070607EPM-AMEX)

Evolven Software 062613

Evolving Gold Corp. (020411EVG-TSXV)

Evolving Systems, Inc. (091809EVOLD-NASDAQ)

EVOQ Medical, Inc. 051517

Exact Sciences Corporation (072904EXAS-NASDAQ)

eXalt Solutions, Inc. 110716

Exara, Inc. 110215

Excedis 081814

Excel Impact, LLC 080717

Excellence Engineering, Inc. 041315

Excelocity 030314

Excelsior Energy Ltd. (071009ELE-TSXV)

Excel Trust, Inc. (012012EXL-NYSE)

ExelTech Aerospace Inc. (040408XLT-TSXV)

Exlterra 090417

Expand Interactive 071315

Expect Payment Solutions 090114

Expensify, Inc. 071315

expex, Inc. 111513

Exploration Aurtois Inc. (121010EXA-TSXV)

Explorys, Inc. 072913

EXPO Communications 041414

Expo, Inc. 072417

Expo Logic 010713

Express-1 Expedited Solutions, Inc. (032907XPO-AMEX)

Express Diagnostics Int'l 110413

ExThera Medical Corporation 031918

Extra Space Storage Inc. 100316

Extremity Medical, LLC 052515

eXude, Inc. 111513

Eye Care International, Inc. (040804EYCI-OTC)

eZCom Software, Inc. 052614

eZuce Inc. 070615

Fabrisonic LLC 070317

FaceFirst 022414

FaceKey Corporation (070607FEKY-OTC.PK)

Factor4 100217

Factor Bioscience 090213

Fair and Impartial Policing, LLC 073018

Falck Medical, Inc 032116

Falcon Genomics, Inc. 112612

Fallcall Solutions, LLC. 103017

Famteck 100917

Fasetto LLC 020816

FATHOM Water Management 112315

Faulhaber Communications 072015

Faustson Tool Corp. 060115

FAVI Entertainment 032513

Faztek, LLC 091216

F Cubed®, LLC 020915

FDA Quality & Regulatory Consultants LLC 060418

FedFirst Financial Corp. 021113

Feedvisor Ltd 062314

Feel Golf Company, Inc. (111610FEEL-OTC: BB)

Female Health Company (100704FHCO-OTC-BB)

FemCap, Incorporated 032513

Reference Interview with Erica Ventrella and Nicole Eckman

FemCap, Incorporated 031813

Fiber Optic Systems Technology, Inc. (102607FOX-TSX Venture)

Fibrestick Manufacturing, Ltd. 102918

Fidus Investment Corporation (051412FDUS-NASDAQ)

Field & Main Bank 051517

Field Fastener 100614

Fierce, Inc. 040813

Analyst Interview Covering: Fifth Street Finance Corp. (011609FSC-NYSE)

Fifth Street Finance Corp.  (010110FSC-NYSE)

Fifth Street Finance Corp. (010209FSC-NYSE)

FIMA, Inc. (061308FIMA-OTCPK)

Fina BioSolutions LLC (101512Private)

FINCAD / FinancialCAD Corporation 072213 (020503FWHT - NASDAQ)

Fingerpaint Marketing 030915

Finlistics Solutions 102918

Finovera 072114

FinSoft, LLC 020518

Fintech Select Ltd. (TSX-V: FTEC) 012918

Firefly LED Lighting 110512

Fireman’s Contractors, Inc. (021712FRCN-OTCBB)

First Bancorp of Indiana Inc. (031507FBEI-NASDAQ)

The First Bancshares, Inc. (092806FBMS-NASDAQ)

First Bank (082012FRBA-OTCBB)

First Capital Bancorp, Inc. (092807FCVA-NASDAQ)

First Capital International, Inc. (060205FCAI-OTC: BB)

First Charter Corp. (NC) (083106FCTR-NASDAQ)

First Citizens National Ban, 111416

First Citrus Bancorporation, Inc. (OTCPink: FCIT) 041017

First Commerce Bancorp (CA) (FCCC-OTC: BB)

First Commonwealth Financial Corporation (040111FCF-NYSE)

First Community Corporation (030603FCCO - NASDAQ)

Specialist interview covering:
1st Enterprise Bank (Los Angeles, CA) (081409FENB-OTC: BB)
Michael R. Natzic, Senior Vice President/Branch Manager
Community Bank Group, Stone & Youngberg LLC

1st Enterprise Bank (Los Angeles, CA) (073109FENB-OTC: BB)

1st Enterprise Bank (Los Angeles, CA) (062708FENB-OTC: BB)

1st Enterprise Bank (052507FENB.OB-OTC: BB)

First Global Data 090417

1st Global Financial Corp. (081707FGBF-OTC.PK)

Firsthand Technology 010515

First Internet Bancorp (022412FIBP-OTCBB)

First Interstate BancSystem, Inc. 070813

First Interstate BancSystem, Inc. (042211FIBK-NASDAQ)

First Keystone Corporation (121710FKYS-OTC: BB)

First Lithium Resources Inc. (121710MCI-TSXV)

First Metals Inc. (020808RMA-TSX)

The First National Bank of Long Island (100112Nasdaq:FLIC)

First PacTrust Bancorp, Inc. (the holding company) (030411FPTB-NASDAQ)
Pacific Trust Bank (the bank)

First PacTrust Bancorp, Inc. (022003FPTB - NASDAQ)

First Point Minerals Corp. (052711FPX-TSXV)

First Potash Corporation 040113

First Resource Bank (OTCQX: FRSB) 070416

FirstService Corporation (091103FSV - TSX) (091103FSRV – NASDAQ)

First Sound Bank (Seattle WA) (090508FSWA-OTC: BB)

First Sound Bank (081707FSWA-OTC: BB)

First State Bancorporation (082208FSNM-NASDAQ)

First State Bancorporation (052507FSNM-NASDAQ)

Analyst Interview Covering: First State Bancorporation (082208FSNM-NASDAQ)
Peyton N. Green, Senior Analyst, Financial Institutions Group, FTN Midwest Securities Corp.

First State Bancorporation (Analyst Interview) (052507FSNM-NASDAQ)

First State Bancorporation

First State Bancorporation (061506FSNM-NASDAQ-Analyst)

First State Bancorporation (021005FSNM-NASDAQ)

First State Bancorporation (021005FSNM-Nasdaq) – Analyst Interview

First State Bancorporation (Analyst Interview) (021204FSNM-NASDAQ)

First State Bancorporation (021204FSNM-NASDAQ)

First State Bancorporation (122702FSNM - NASDAQ)

First State Financial Corporation (

Firstwave Technologies, Inc. (041703FSTW - NASDAQ)

Fiscal Advantage, LLC 121415

Fishtree Inc. 070416

Fission Energy Corp. (030912FIS.V-TSXV, FSSIF.PK-OTCQX)

FiTeq 050514

FitLinxx (092412Private)

Five Star Quality Care, Inc. (070811FVE-NYSE)

Flat World Education, Inc. 090516

Flexbby 072516

Flex Fuels Energy, Inc. (011510FXFL-OTC: BB)

Flexible Solutions International Inc. (060309FSI-NYSE)

FlexiInternational Software, Inc. (030603FLXI - OTC)

FlexJobs 020215

FlexPAC 101915

FlexScore 090213

FlightPartner 032414

Float Money LLC 100713

Floridian Community Bank 03113

Flow International (112406FLOW-NASDAQ)

Flowmed 112116

F & M Bank Corp. (093011FMBM-OTC: BB)

F.N.B. Corporation (081409FNB-NYSE)

Focus Graphite Inc. (081312FMS-TSX-V; FCSMF-OTCQX; FSE-FKCF)

FogBusters, Inc. 020116

Folium Biosciences 020518

Folsom Lake Bank (CA) (FOLB-OTC: BB)

Fonolo 063014

Forbes Consulting 011215

Forbes Medi-Tech Inc. (091406FMTI-NASDAQ & FMI-TSX)

Force by Design 042913

Force Therapeutics 121712

Forent Energy Ltd. (121710FEN-TSXV)

Forest Gate Resources Inc. (050103FGT – TSX Venture)

Forest Giant 081417

Forma Life Science Marketinf 032816

Formstack, LLC 020617

For-Robin, Inc. 040813

Forsys Metals Corp (072508FSY-TSX)

Fortem Technologies, Inc. 051418

Fortress Paper Limited (070912FTP-TSX)

Fortuna Gaming Corporation (

Fortunoff Fine Jewelry 112816


Foundation Supportworks, Inc. 062314

Foundation Venture Capital Group (091712Private)

Foundation Resources Inc. (122410FDN-TSXV)

Founders Community Bank 121012

Founders Science Group, LLC 040918

FPRT Bio 093013 080513

Framework Communications 070317

Framework Communications 100614

Franchise Bancorp Inc. (022208FBI-TSXV)

Franklin American Mortgage Company (031005Privately Held)

Franklin American Mortgage Company (032504FMAC-Privately-Held)

Franklin Bank Corp. (013004FBTX-NASDAQ) 031615

Fredon Corporation 021714

FreedomVoice 052515

FreePoint Technologies, Inc. 090417

FRESH Farm Aquaponics 092214

Fresh Intelligence 110915

Friendemic 022916

Friendly Hills Bank 032017

Friendly Hills Bank (122107FHLB-OTC: BB)

Front Door Software Corporation 120213

Front Desk, Inc. 031714

Frontier Financial Corporation (070607FTBK-NASDAQ)

Frontline Technologies Inc. (121611FLC-TSX)

Frozen Mountain Software 081114

Frutarom Ltd. (Headquarters) (080709FRUT-LSE, FRUTF-OTC: BB)

FSL3D 040714

F-star GmbH (073012Private)

FTR Ltd. (091103FTR: AX – Australian Exchange)

FTS International, LLC 122115

FuelCell Energy, Inc. (102607FCEL-NASDAQ)

Fulcrum Labs 102918

Full Circle CRM, Inc. 080513

FunctionFox Systems Inc. 090616

FundsTech Corp. (
102607FNDS-OTC: BB)

Furniture Brands International Inc. (042211FBN-NYSE)

Furniture Brands International, Inc. (082208FBN-NYSE)

Fuse Science, Inc. 111912

FusionHealth 050613

Fusion Hill, LLC 070416

Fusion Learning Inc. 061614

Fusion Risk Management, Inc. 033015

FusionStorm, Inc. 083115

Fuzion Analytics 020314

FXCM Inc. (081211FXCM-NYSE)

G1 Therapeutics, Inc. 112612

g2 revolution 112513

g8wave Holdings, Inc. (030708GEWV-OTC: BB)

Gabriel Technologies Corp. (032405GWLK-OTC: BB)

Gaeltek, LLC 051214

GAEMRIC, INC. 010713

GAIN Fitness 081913

Galaxy Gaming Inc. (103009OTC BB: GLXZ)

Galen Robotics, Inc. 100818

Gallant Background Checks, LLC 090814

Gallic Energy Ltd. (012712GLC-TSXV)

Game On! Learning 040813

GameZnFlix, Inc. (071704GZFX – OTC: BB)

Gamma Two, Inc. (092412Private)

Garner IT Consulting, Inc. 082817

Garrison International (051107GAU-TSXV)

Gatekeeper Systems Inc. 031714

Gateway Financial Holdings Inc. (071504GBTS-NASD)

Gather Digital 031317

Gazelle 122913

GB Sciences, Inc. (OTCQB: GBLX) (parent company) 021918
Growblox Life Sciences, LLC (wholly-owned subsidiary 021918

Gecko Health Innovations 120814

GeekTek IT Services Inc. 051815

GelTech Solutions, Inc. (062411STAN-NASDAQ)

Gemalto (051608-Euronext NL0000400653)

GeneCentric Diagnostics, Inc. (101512Private)

Geneia 101314

General Metals Corporation 120213 (GNMT-OTC.QB) (GMQ-Berlin)

General Metals Corporation (012712GNMT-OTC.QB) (GMQ-Berlin)

Generex Biotechnology Corporation (051905GNBT-NASDAQ)

Genervon Biopharmaceuticals LLC 051214

Genervon Biopharmaceuticals LLC 012813

Genesis Systems Group 070615

GeNeuro 111212

GenieMD 021014

Genlyte Group Inc. (092205GLYT-NASD)

Genmed Holding Corp. (051311GENM-OTC: BB)

Genoil Inc. (013009GNO-TSXV)

Genoil Inc. (111804GNO - TSXV)

Genomeon 083115

Genome Prairie 060313

Genomind 071414

GenoSpace (092412Private)

GenSpera, Inc. (092410GNSZ-OTC: BB)

GenWay Biotech 052713

GeoDecisions 040714

Geologix Explorations Inc. (103108GIX-TSXV)

GeoMegA Resources Inc. (042911GMA-TSXV)

GeoResources Inc. (102104GEOI-NASDAQ)

George Risk Industries, Inc. (122410RSKIA-OTC: BB)

Georgia Carolina Bancshares (032108GECR.OB-OTC: BB)

Geothentic 112414

Gesture 100917

getAbstract, Inc. 042213

GetHRSmart, LLC 022315

GFI Group Inc. (043010GFIG-NASDAQ)

Gila Therapeutics Inc. 100217

gingerCube, Inc. 022315

Glass Agency 090114

gIcare Pharma Inc. 082613

GigaBeam Corporation (062708GGBM-OTCPK)

Gitennes Exploration Inc. (071108GIT-TSX)

GL Group 111714

Global Axcess Corp. (010209GAXC-OTC: BB)

Global Axcess Corp. (090805GAXC.OB)

Global Capacity 080513

GlobalCare Clinical Trials, LLC 061118

GlobalCare Clinical Trials, LTD 061413

Global Clean Energy Holdings, Inc. (052110GCEH-OTC: BB)

Global Data Solutions Inc. 011816

Global Energy Services Ltd. (091908GLK-TSXV)

Global ETS, LLC. 111317

Global Health Ventures, Inc. (072310GHLV-OTC: BB)

Global Health Voyager, Inc. (111811GLHV-OTCBB)

Global IDs, Inc. 013017

Global Med Technologies, Inc. (080808GLOB-OTC: BB)

Global Minerals Ltd. (110411CTG-TSXV)

GlobalOptions Group, Inc. (091407GOPG-OTC: BB)

Global Payment Technologies, Inc. (

Global Payout, Inc. 040615 (OTCPK: GOHE)

GlobalSCAPE, Inc. (051412GSB-AMEX)

Global Sources Ltd. (GSOL-NASDAQ)

Global Technology Systems, Inc. 092418

Global Technology Systems, Inc. 080717

Global Telecom & Technology, Inc. (053008GTLT-OTC: BB)

Global Traffic Network, Inc. (121710GNET-NASDAQ)

Globecomm Systems, Inc. (112808GCOM-NASDAQ) (031005TGLO-OTC: BB)-Voiceglo

Globix Corporation (021507GEX-AMEX)

GloTech Industries, Inc. (092503GTHI-OTC)

GLOWBL 112414

GLS Global Assets Ltd. (052903GLO – TSX venture)

Glucovation 081114

Glu Mobile Inc. (031811GLUU-NASDAQ)

GnomeDX 010416

goBRANDgo!! 091514

GoHealth Insurance (082012Private)

GoKart Labs 113015

Gold Coast Ban, 011413

Goldcorp Inc. (100704GG-NYSE, G-TSX)

Gold Eagle® Co. (100812Private)

Golden Chalice Resources, Inc. (052507GCR-TSXV)

Golden Dragon Holdings, Inc. (020510GDHI-OTCPK)

Golden Hope Mines Limited (051410GNH-TSXV)

Golden Leaf Holdings Ltd. (CSE: GLH) (OTCQB: GLDF) 070218

Goldeye Explorations Limited (050309GGY-TSXV)

Golden Environmental Mat Services Inc. 050916

Golden Goliath Resources Ltd. (101708GNG-TSXV)

Golden West Brewing Company, Inc. (030708GWBC-OTC: BB)

Gold Ore Resources Ltd. (021210GOZ-TSXV)

Goldrich Mining Company (012111GRMC-OTC: BB)

Goldrush Resources Ltd. (012508GOD-TSXV)

GoldSpring, Inc. (041808GSPG-OTC: BB)

Gold Star Resources Corp. (112009TSX-V; GXX; OTC BB: GXXFF.PK)

GolfGear International, Inc. (022003GEAR - OTC)

Golub Capital BDC, Inc. (031612GBDC-NASDAQ)

GoodApril 071513

GoodLux Technology, LLC 032414

Goodwin Biotechnology, Inc. 082817

GPS Dome, Ltd. 041717

GPS Insight 082613

Graematter 110413

Graeme Holm - Infinity Group Australia / Infinity Group Finance 092418

Graham Corporation (032306GHM-AMEX)

Grand Petroleum Inc. (123004GPP-TSXV)

Grant Life Sciences, Inc. (032405GLIF – OTC: BB)

Graphite Software 051815

Gravity Software 030716

Graybug Vision, Inc. 013017

Graymark Healthcare, Inc. (032108GRMK-OTC: BB)

GreatHorn, Inc. 012516

Great Little Box Company Ltd. 032116

Great Western Minerals Group Ltd. (GWG-TSXV)

Green4U Technologies, Inc. 012218

GreenAngel Energy Corp. (020411GAE-TSXV)

Analyst Interview Covering: Green Bankshares, Inc. (051608GRNB-NASDAQ)
P. Carter Bundy, CFA, Vice President
Stifel, Nicolaus & Company

Green Earth Technologies, Inc. (040910GETG-OTCPK)

greeNEWit 081814

Greenfields Petroleum Corporation (091611GNF-TSXV) 121415

GreenPages Technology Solutions 042213

Greenroom Communications 101016

Greg Secker - Learn To Trade 061917

Genisphere LLC 071816

Grenova, LLC 091415

Grenville Gold Corporation (030708GVG-TSXV, GVLGF-OTC: BB, F91-Frankfurt)

Grenville Gold Corporation (110907GVG-TSXV, GVLGF-OTCBB, F9I-Frankfurt)

Grenville Gold Corporation (020107GVG-TSXV) (GVLGF-OTCBB)
(F9I – Berlin)

Greystone Logistics Inc. (012508GLGI-OTC: BB)

Grid32 Security 070416

GridGain 112613

GroGenesis, Inc. (OTCQB-GROG) 102317

Grolltex, Inc. 091117

Ground Zero Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 010713

Groupe Athena, Inc. (032312GATA-OTCPK)

Group Delphi 102014

Group FiO 092115

Groupworks Financial Corp. (050611GWC-TSXV)

growth[period] 072417

Grove Instruments Inc. 021813

GroveWare Technologies, Ltd. 010713 (OTCBB: GROVD)

gShiftt 020915

GSI Group, Inc. (050412GSIG-NASDAQ)

GTSI Corp. (050208GTSI-NASDAQ)

GTX Corp (021309GTXO-OTC: BB)

Guaranty Federal Bancshares, Inc. (111804GFED-NASDAQ)

Guardhat Inc. 111218

Guardian 8 Holdings (012012GRDH-OTCBB)

Gulf Ethanol Corporation (112307GFET-OTC: Pink)

Guyana Goldfields Inc. (121611GUY-TSX)

GVI Security Solutions Inc. (020107GVSS-OTC: BB)

Gyros Protein Technologies 080816

H2O Innovation (2000) Inc. (022208HEO-TSXV)

H4 Technology, LLC 031615


Haley Marketing Group. 072715

HALOCK Security Labs 111615

Halo Companies, Inc. (060410HALN-OTC: BB)

Halogen Software 122412

Hammer Fiber Optics Holdings Corp. (OTC: HMMR) 092616

Hampden Bancorp (071610HBNK-NASDAQ)

Hana Biosciences Inc. (060205HNAB-OTC: BB)

Hana Mining Ltd. (020808HMG-TSXV)

Hanold Associates 113015

Haplomics Inc. 120715

Happy State Bank 031014

Hapten Sciences, Inc. 022216

Harbor BioSciences, Inc. (031111HRBR-OTC: BB)

Harbor MedTech 030413

HarborOne Bank (Nasdaq:HONE) 060517

Harbortouch 112612

HarkerBio, L.L.C. 010217

Harleysville Savings Financial Corporation (071009HARL-NASDAQ)

Harmonia Holdings Group 042114

Harmonyx 030915

Harper International 031416

Harpoon Medical, Inc. 121415

HarQen 090516

Harrington West Financial Group, Inc. (041703HWFG - NASD)

Harris & Harris Group, Inc. (032312TINY-NASDAQ)

Hartville Group, Inc. (051503 HTVL - OTC)

Harvard Bioscience Inc. (061810HBIO-NASDAQ)

Harvard Bioscience, Inc. (022003HBIO - NASD)

Harvest Automation Inc. 011413

Harvest Power 120312

Harvey Agency 071414

Haynes International, Inc. (103108HAYN-NASDAQ)

Haystax Technology 050415

HAZON Solutions, LLC 050817

HB Fuller Company (082611FUL-NYSE)

HCR Software 070918

Headwaters Incorporated (062603 HDWR - NASD)

HealthCarePoint 091415

HealthCelerate 041717

Health Decisions, Inc. 072114

Health Helm, Inc. 040918

Health Mirror 110413

Healthscreen Solutions Inc. (012508MDU-TSXV)

Health Sciences Group Inc. (091406HESG- OTC:BB)

HealthSpot 031113

HealthSpring, Inc. (082208HS-NYSE)

Healthy Coffee International, Inc. (052112HCEI-OTCPK)

HeartGLO Inc. 100614

Heartland Payment Systems, Inc. (060412HPY-NYSE)

HearUSA, Inc. (011807EAR-AMEX)

HearUSA, Inc. (121505EAR-AMEX)

HearUSA, Inc. (092304EAR: AMEX)

Hear USA, Inc   (1102EAR – AMEX)

Hecla Mining Company (032312NYSE-HL)

Helinet Aviation 081913

Helius Medical Technologies, Inc. (TSX: HSM) (OTC: HSDT) 120417

Helius Medical Technologies, Inc. (CSE:HSM) 021516

Helius Medical Technologies, Inc. 011215 (CSE:HSM)

Helix BioPharma Corp. (HBP-TSX) (Frankfurt WKN 918864)

Hemis Corporation (083107HMSO-OTC: BB)

Hemisphere GPS Inc. (102607HEM-TSX)

Hemp Americana 102615

Hemp Shield 100614

Hennessy Advisors Inc. (031507HNNA-OTC: BB)

Herald National Bank (031811HNB-NYSE AMEX)

Herborium Group, Inc. (041207HBRM-OB)

Heritage Bank of Nevada 082117

Heritage-Crystal Clean, Inc. (061308HCCI-NASDAQ)

Heritage Financial Group, Inc. (the corporation) (123011HBOS-NASDAQ)
HeritageBank of the South (the bank)

Heritage Financial Group (071709HBOS-NASDAQ)

Hersha Hospitality Trust (121710HT-NYSE)

Heska Corporation (012303HSKA  - NASD)

HEVO Power 012714

Highland Solutions 051914

Highland Solutions 052013

Highlight Technologies, LLC 122412

High Liner Foods Incorporated (080703HLF - Toronto)

Highline Technical Innovations LLC (100812HLNT-OTCPK)
Alternative Hydrogen Solutions, LLC

Analyst Interview Featuring: Highpine Oil & Gas Limited (080808HPX-TSX)
Kim Page, Director – Energy Research, Wellington West Capital Markets, Inc.

Highpine Oil & Gas Limited (071108HPX-TSX)

HighPoint Global 081814

Hightowers Petroleum Company 021014

Hi Ho Silver Resources Inc. (102606HIHO-CNQ)

Hiko Bell Mining & Oil Co. (070706HIKO.PK)

Hillstream BioPharma Inc. 073018

HireStrategy 030314

Hive Technologies 111416

HMS Software 121718

Hoku Scientific, Inc. (112406HOKU-NASDAQ)

Holaira Inc. 110314

Home Bancorp, Inc. (100209HBCP-NASDAQ)

Homeland Security Capital Corporation (062708HOMS-OTC: BB)

HomeZada 022513

Honey-Can-Do International LLC 110215

Hoodia Products International, Inc. (030906HDIA-OTCPK)

HopFed Bancorp, Inc. (100209HFBC-NASDAQ)

HopFed Bancorp, Inc. (021507HFBC-NASDAQ)

Horizon Organic Holding Corp. (071003 HCOW - NASD)

Horizon Pharma, Inc. (061812HZNP-NASDAQ)

Horne International, Inc. (012712HNIN-OTCBB)

HouseRaising, Inc. (031005HRAI-OTC:BB)

Houston Lake Mining Inc. (091908HLM-TSXV)

Houston Lake Mining Inc. (080307HLM-TSXV)

Howard Bancorp, Inc. (120707HBMD-OTC: BB)

Howler, Inc. 041315

HQ Sustainable Maritime Industries, Inc. (120105HQSM-OTC: BB)

HRS Consulting, Inc. 113015

HTG Molecular Diagnostics, Inc. 040813

HubStor Inc. 120516

Human Biomed, Inc. 071618

Human Technologies 091817

HuMurine Technologies, Inc. 051616

Hy9 123112

Hy-Drive Technologies LTD (081706HGS-TSXV)

Hydro Biotechnology 070317

HydroCision Inc. 032513

Hydrogen Engine Center, Inc. (112406HYEG-OTC: BB)

Hydrogenics Corporation 040714

Hygieia, Inc. (062512Private)

HylaPharm 051815

Hypatia Technologies 082117

Hyperfish 103116

Hyperglance Ltd. 110716

Hyperice 031714

Hypertension Diagnostics, Inc. (043010HDII-OTC: BB)

Hypertension Diagnostics, Inc. (120105HDII-OTC: BB)

Hysitron, Inc. 092616

HY-TEK Bio LLC 061217

I-9 Advantage 060914

IA Global, Inc. (072904IAO-AMEX)

IAHL Corp. 121712

iAreaNet Global Inc 031615

iAssay, Inc. 052917

Iaterion Pharmaceutical, Inc. 121817

IBC Advanced Alloys Corp. (111309IB-TSXV)

IBCnet 022017

Ibeza, LLC 021516

i-Blades, Inc. 012317

iBwave Solutions 011413

IC2 070918


Icagen, Inc. (022208ICGN-NASDAQ)

IceWEB, Inc. (012705ICEW – OTC: BB)

ICF International Inc. (111408ICFI-NASDAQ)

Iciniti Corporation 092115

ICO Global Communications (Holdings) LTD. (110907ICOG-NASDAQ)

Icron Technologies Corporation (070309IT-TSXV)

Icron Technologies Corporation (062207IT-TSXV)

ICS Copper Systems Ltd. (100110ICX-TSXV)

iCohere 030915

ICx Technologies, Inc. (011108ICXT-NASDAQ)

ide 081114

Ideal Integrations, Inc. 033015

Idea Sports Entertainment Group Inc. (123004ISPO.OB)

Identification Systems Group 011617

Identification Technology Partners, Inc. 072814

Identified Technologies 042318

IdentiMetrics, Inc. 020915

Identity Mind, Inc. 102813

ID Experts 111615

ID Global Solutions Corporation (OTCBB: IDGS) 092815


IDology 070113 092914

IDSolutions 081814

ID Watchdog, Inc. (062510IDW-TSXV, IDWAF-OTC)

IDx, LLC 052118

iGenApps Inc. 070416

IGF Oncology LLC 122418

IGI Laboratories, Inc. (080612IG-AMEX)

iGlass Technology, Inc. 012218

Ignite Sales Inc. 102212

Ignite Technologies 061413

Ignite Visibility 032116

IGNYTA, Inc. 112612

Ignyte Lab LLC 011816

IHRC 110518

IKINDI Inc. 110716

Ikonics Corporation (022003IKNX - NASD)

iLEVEL Solutions 082613

Iliad Neurosciences, Inc. 021317

iLumen 122412

image32 102912

Imagenetix Inc. (052004IAGX.OB)

Image Sensing Systems Incorporated (

Image Sensing Systems Incorporated (021204ISNS-NASD)

Imaginatik (032610IMTK-AIM)

IMAXIO (090312Private)

iMedicor (082109VMCI-OTC: BB)

iMetabolic Biopharma Corporation 111918

ImmersiveTouch 042015

Immix Biopharma, Inc. 032717

ImmuCell Corporation (071511ICCC-NASDAQ)

ImmuCell Corporation (040705ICCC- NASDAQ)

ImmuCell Corporation  (0102ICCC – NASD)

Immune Design Corp (101512Private)

Immunome, Inc. (022412Privately Held)

ImmunoReagents, Inc. 042516

Immunosyn Corporation (012508IMYN-OTC: BB)

Immunotech Laboratories, Inc. (070309IMMB-OTCPK)

Immunovaccine, Inc. (030212TSX-V: IMV)

Immunovaccine Inc. (040910IMV-TSXV)

ImmunXperts SA 021918

ImmusanT, Inc. 111212

IMPAC Medical Systems, Inc. (051503 IMPC - NASD)

Impact Advisors LLC 092214

Impactly 050916

Impact Makers, Inc. 081015

Impact Recruitment 012317

iMPak Health 052713

Imperial Sugar Company (052903IPSU - NASD)

Implandata Ophthalmic Products GmbH (072312Private)

Impossible Objects LLC 080315

ImQuest BioSciences (082712Private)

IMSI / Design (100812Private)

I-M Technology, LLC 080116

ImThera Medical 102212

Inbox Marketer 062314

Inbox Pros 100316

InControl Medical 120213

Independent Bank Corporation (051806IBCP-NASDAQ)

Index Oil and Gas, Inc. (080707IXOG-OTC: BB)

Indexus Biomed LLC 040218

Indiana Business Bancorp (092806IBBI-OTC: BB), Inc. 101314

Indus OS 080116

INDUSTRIOS Software, Inc. 092616

IneoQuest Technologies 042913

Inergetics, Inc. (011411NRTI-OTC: BB)

InfiniDB 081814

Infinite Enzymes, LLC (101512Private)

Infinitely Virtual 021813

Infiniti HR 112513

Infinity Contact Inc. 040714

Infinium Labs, Inc. (123004IFLB – OTC: BB)

Infiswift Inc 061217

Infodata Systems Inc. (040303INFD - OTC)

InfoGPS Networks, Inc. 090715

Infogressive, Inc. 061515

InForce Group LLC 020116

Information Management Resources 041513

Information Systems Intelligence LLC 102113

InforMedix Holdings Inc. (112808IFMX-OTC: BB)

Infonaut, Inc. (033012Privately Held)

Infrascale 072814

InfraSign 042814

InfuSystem Holdings, Inc. (092509INHI-OTC: BB)

Ingate Systems 012714 042213

Ingen Technologies Inc. (051004CRTZ.PK)

InGo LLC 101314

InGridDesign LLC 022414

Injured Gadgets 080618

IN Media Corporation (011411IMDC-OTC: BB)

Inmedix Inc 022618

Inner Spirit Holdings 082718

innoBright Technologies Inc. 061515

Innotas 102912

Innotrac Corporation (052507INOC-NASDAQ)

Innovaro, Inc. (102111INV-AMEX)

Innova Robotics & Automation, Inc. (INRA -OTC: BB)

Innovate Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. 022017

Innovate International Intelligence & Integration, LLC. 120516

Innovation Agency 121113

Innovative Composites International Inc. (052711IC-TSXV)

Innovative Food Holdings, Inc. (070210IVFH-OTC:BB)

Innovative Integration, Inc. 052614

Innovative Rx Strategies, LLC 082817

Innoventé Inc. (011312IGE-TSXV)

Innovus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OTCQB Venture Market: INNV) 121216

Innovus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 031813

InnSuites Hospitality Trust (082604IHT-AMEX)

Inofile 033114

Inogen Inc (NASDAQ: INGN) 01018

Inpernum Pharma Solutions 041717

Input/Output, Inc. (071003 IO - NYSE)

Inrad Optics, Inc. (052812OTCBB: INRD)

inSegment 010515

Insight Ecosystems 092914

InsightSquared 062314

InsITe Business Solutions, LLC 071017

InSite Vision Incorporated (082208ISV-AMEX)

Insituform Technologies, Inc. (031507INSU-NASDAQ)

InSpirAVE, LLC. 121216

Inspire Commerce 102212

InspiRx, Inc. 082613

Instabill 061614

Instant Alliance 051418

Instant Housecall Inc. 093013

InstaPay Systems Inc. (051004IPYS-OTC: BB)

Insticator Inc. 010118

InsWeb Corp. (072007INSW-NasdaqCM)

Intacct 121012

Intact Vascular, Inc. (100112Private)

Intec Pharma Inc. (NASDAQ: NTEC) 101518

Integral Ad Science 090213

Integral BioSystems LLC 040813

Integral Molecular 090814

Integral Technologies, Inc. (090310ITKG-OTC: BB)

IntegraMed America , Inc. (INMD-NASDAQ)

Integran Technologies, Inc. 012813

Integrated Endoscopy, Inc. 061515

Integrated Magnetic Systems Ltd. (030212Privately Held)

IntegrateIT 101915

Integrity Ballistics 010416

IntelGenx Technologies Corp. (072508IGXT-OTC: BB)

IntelGenx Technologies Corp.
(010407IGXT-OTC: BB)

Intellatek 073018 

Intellect Neurosciences Inc. (040612ILNS OTCQX)

Intellect Neurosciences, Inc. (050208ILNS-OTC: BB)

IntelliBoard, Inc 122815

Intelli-Check – Mobilisa, Inc. (082208IDN-AMEX)

IntelliCyt Corporation 012014

Intelligent Contacts 020518

Intelligent Dots, Inc 110215

Intelligent Waves LLC 091018

Intellinote 012014

Intellirod Spine 083115

Intema Solutions, Inc. (TSX VENTURE:ITM) 112017

Intensity Analytics Corporation 022618 

InterAmerican Gaming Inc. (IAG) (071612IAGM-OTCPK)

Intercast Staffing Ltd. 010217

Interchange Financial Services Corporation (060304S IFCJ-NASD)

Interleukin Genetics, Inc. (073012ILIU-OTCPK)

Interlinx Associates, LLC 032116

Interlogic Outsourcing Inc. 030617

Intermap Technologies Corporation (020503IMP.a - TSX Venture)

Internal Fixation Systems, Inc. (062512IFIX-OTCBB)

International Absorbents Inc. (090904IAX-AMEX)

International Barrier Technology Inc. (120310IBTGF-OTC: BB, IBH-TSXV)

International Battery Metals, Inc. (CSE: IBAT) 050718

International Fuel Technology, Inc. (100711IFUE-OTC: BB)

International Institute of Software Testing 102416

International Monetary Systems Ltd. (042006INLM-OTC: BB)

International Royalty Corporation (020906IRC-TSX)

International Silver, Inc. (040811ISLV-OTC: BB)

International Stem Cell Corporation (090310ISCO-OTC: BB)

International Water-Guard Industries Inc. 111918

Internet & Telephone, LLC 060815

Internet Creations 041315

Internet Security Systems, Inc. (ISS) (030603ISSX - NASD)

InterOil Corporation (071009IOC-AMEX)

Interpore Cross International (041703BONZ - NASD) 101215

Intertainment Media Inc. (INT-TSXV)

InterWorks, Inc. 112613

Intivix 100917

InTouch Health 081114

Intouch Insight Inc. (TSXV: INX) 080717

Intrommune Therapeutics 060618

IntraLinks Holdings, Inc. (011411IL-NYSE)

IntraLogic Solutions Inc. 112513

Intrepid Orthopedics 051214

Introspex, Inc. 092914

Intuitive TEK LLC 080513

Intuor Technologies, LLC 070918

Inuvo™, Inc. (050710INUV: NYSE Amex)

Invaron Pharmaceuticals 042913

Invenio IT 021918

Inventi, Inc. 041017

Inventive Talent Consulting, LLC 061515

Investors Bancorp, Inc. (091109ISBC-NASDAQ)

Investors Community Bank, County Bancorp, Inc (NASDAQ: ICBK) 052217

Invicta Group Inc. (050208IVIT-OTC: BB)

Invidasys, Inc. 020116

Invincea 122214

Invisible Sentinel 022513

Invivoscribe Technologies, Inc. 060815

InVivo Therapeutics Holdings Corp. 110512

Invixium Inc. 041315

inVNT 040615

INVO Bioscience, Inc. (062609INVOB.OB – OTC: BB)

Invoiceware International 050514

iPierian, Inc. 102813

IP Pathways, LLC 031615

iPractice Group 112612

IPS-Integrated Project Services 060214

IPv4 Market Group 072114

IPWatch Systems Corporation 021317

iQagent, Inc. 040317

iQ media 111714

iQ NetSolutions 110314

IQStrategix, Inc. 040317

IRIS International, Inc. (062512IRIS-NASDAQ)

Iris BioTechnologies Inc. (072310IRSB-OTC: BB)

IRN Payment Systems 042913

Iron Door Inc. 081417

Ironside Human Resources 062617

iRxReminder LLC 060517

iRxReminder 122913

IRX Therapeutics, Inc. 031218


iSALUS Healthcare 040113

ISARA Corporation 121117

Ischemix, Inc. 041513

ISCO International Inc. (031005ISO-AMEX)

iSend Inc.

ISHPI 021014

iSIGHT Partners 093013

iSIGN Media Solutions Inc. (072312ISDSF-OTCQX, ISD-TSXV)

iSIGN Media Solutions Inc. (042310ISD-TSXV)

Island Pacific (110404IPI-AMEX)

Isom Global Strategies 031615

IsoRay, Inc. (091611ISR-AMEX)

Isotrak, Inc. 012516

iSpring Solutions, Inc. 022916

ISTO Technologies, Inc. 021714

IT Direct, LLC 010118

ITEX Corp. (022511ITEX-OTC: BB)

IT Horizons 032816

iTP Biomedica 012918

iTraq, Inc. 033015

IT-ROI Solutions 052614

itRobotics, Inc. 030413

IT Secure Services 082216

IT Solutions of South Florida, Inc. 042318

IVDiagnostics 012813

Iveda Solutions, Inc. (071511IVDA-OTC: BB)

iViu Technologies 112717

Ivrnet Inc. (IVI-TSXV)

iVOW, Inc. (032306IVOW-NASDAQ)

IVY Services, LLC 033015



Iyka Enterprises Inc. 010917

IZEA Holdings, Inc. (010612IZEA-OTCBB)

Jackson River 011215

Jacob Gottlieb - Altium Capital 073018

Jahnel Group Inc. 082117

Jane Technologies, Inc. 123118

Janz Corporation 012516

Jasper Mining Corporation (011609JSP-TSXV)

JayMac Pharmaceuticals, LLC 082415

Jedi Mind, Inc. (092509JEDM-OTCPK)

Jefferson Security Bank 081417

Jennova Inc. 092115

JER Envirotech International Corporation (101708JER-TSXV)

Jesse Garant Metrology Center 043018

Jetson AI, Inc. 100818

JG&A Metrology Center 090114

Jiminex Inc. (040210JIM-TSXV)

JK Environmental Services LLC 013017

JLM Energy Inc. 111912

JMAC Partners 052713

JMARK Business Solutions 120814

JMARK Business Solutions 090913

jobFig, Inc 120814

JobFindah Network 022017

JobFLEX 041315

Jobscience 022916

Jobscience 042913

JobzMall Inc. 032618

Joggle Research 090213

John B. Sanfilippo & Son Inc. (071612JBSS-NASDAQ)

JOLT Advantage Group 082613

Jovian Concepts, Inc. 040317

J-Pacific Gold Inc. (072409JPN-TSXV)

J-Pac Medical 041116

JPR Communications, Inc 090814

Juhl Wind, Inc. (071511JUHL-OTC: BB)

Juno Search Partners 120814

JustRight Surgical 051214

Justworks, Inc. 101915

Juventas Therapeutics 121712

juwi Wind LLC (100812Private)

K2M, Inc. (081312Private)

K&P Scientific LLC 060517

KA Imaging 080816

Kaizen InfoSource, LLC. 082415

Kalion, Inc. 101518

Kalkaska Screw Products 061917

Kamedis Inc 042318

Kanopy Streaming 010515

Karbone 040714 012317

Karmin Exploration Inc. (071504KAR-TSXV)

Karnalyte Resources Inc. (052011KRN-TSX)

Karpel Solutions 020116

Karsun Solutions LLC 121216

Karyopharm Therapeutics Inc. 031813

Kashoo Cloud Accounting Inc. 022315

Kasten Chase (060205KCA-TSXV)

KAT Exploration Inc. (071709KATX-OTCPK)

Kavaliro (101512Private)

Kavi Global 062915

Kavi Software 092313

KBW Financial Staffing and Recruiting 011414

KeepUp 083115

KEH Communications, Inc. 010217

KEMP Technologies 081913

Kenall Manufacturing 113015

Kentucky First Federal Bancorp. (061605KFFB-NASDAQ)

Kerberos International 102218


KetoMCT™ 080816

Key Lime Interactive LLC 022916

K-Fed Bancorp (111408KFED-NASDAQ)

KFG Resources Ltd. (110910KFG-TSXV)

Kickboard 100217

Kilpatrick IT Solutions, LLC 111513

Kimber Resources Inc. (040811KBX-AMEX, KBR-TSX)

Kimber Resources, Inc. (091103KBR-TSX Venture)

KIMBO Design Inc. 072715

Kimetric 031218

Kincora Copper Limited (032312KCC-TSXV)

Kinexus Bioinformatics Corporation 122412

Kingsway Financial Services Inc. (061308KFS-NYSE, KFS-TSX)

Kingsway Financial Services Inc. (120706KFS-NYSE & KFS-TSX)

Kinnos, Inc. 112717

Kionix, Inc. 071513

Kirrin Resources Inc. (101609KYM-TSXV)

Kit Check, Inc. 021615

KIT digital, Inc. (092410KITD-NASDAQ)

Kite Realty Group Trust (
021005KRG - NYSE)

KJT Group, Inc. 100713

Klever Marketing, Inc. (012811KLMK-OTC: BB)

KLF Group Inc. 111918

Klick Health 052614

Klocwork® Inc. 102813

Klondike Silver Corp. (052507KS-TSXV)

Klugo 061614

KNBT Bancorp, Inc. (071504KNBT-NASD)

Knight Federal Solutions 100818

Knightsbridge Fine Wines, Inc. (040804KFWI-OTC)

Knology Inc. (012111KNOL-NASDAQ)

Knova Software, Inc. (110305KNVS-OTC: KNVS)

KnowBe4, Inc. 080717

KnowBe4, Inc. 032116

KnowledgeHound 021516

Kochava 062314

Analyst interview covering: Komag Inc. (083106KOMG-NASDAQ)
Mark S. Miller, Senior Vice President
Brean Murray, Carret & Co. LLC.

Komea 060116

Aquadis (Parent Company) (040109AQD-TSXV)
Komet Manufacturers Inc.

Koya Leadership Partners 030617

KPInterface, Inc. 090213

KPS3 122815

Kreditech 060214

Kreido Biofuels, Inc. (062207OTC BB: KRBF)

Krixi Corporation 112315

Krystal Biotech Inc. (Nasdaq: KRYS) 091018

K-Sea Transportation Partners LP (030107KSP-NYSE)

KTL Solutions, Inc. 020215

ktMINE 122214

kWantera 101915

Kymeta Corporation 082613

KynderMed, Inc. 120715

Kyyba Inc. 111912

L4 Digital 091216

L&L International Holdings, Inc. (103108LLFH-OTC: BB)

Labcon North America 072417

Labcyte Inc. 072213

LABUR 012615

LAD Solutions 011816

Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc. 071315

Lakeside Steel Inc. (050710LS-TSXV)

Lakewood-Amedex, Inc. 031416

Lakota Resources Inc. (040303YLA - TSX Venture)

Lampin Corporation 051815

Lancope, Inc. 120312

Landdrill International Inc. (071709LDI-TSX)

Landec Corporation (Nasdaq - LNDC)

Landen Capital Corp. (051410LAN-TSXV)

Landmark Bancorp, Inc. (LARK-NASDAQ) 111912

Language Access Network Inc. (083106LANW-OTC: PK)

Lapetus Solutions Inc. 090417

Lara Exploration Ltd. (022208LRA-TSXV)

LaSalle Hotel Properties (070212LHO-NYSE)

Laser Options 022513

Lassy Project 081015

Latin American Minerals Inc. 080513

Latin American Minerals Inc. (051412LAT-TSXV) (LATNF-OTCQX)

Latin American Minerals Incorporated (030411LAT-TSXV)

Lattice Incorporated (100711LTTC-OTC: BB)

Launcher.Solutions 122517

Laureate Biopharma 061413

Lauren Innovations, LLC 061515

Lazarus Alliance 060517

Leadbolt 030915

LeadCrunch 082216

Leader Networks 111014

Leadership Explorations 021014

Leading EDJE 093013

Leading Path Consulting 102714

LeadMD 022513

Lead To Conversion 062915

Leap Payments, Inc. 051815

LEAPS Consulting 101314

Learnaboutgmp LLC 031416

Learning ZoneXpress 120213

LearnSomething, Inc. 021113

LEARNstyle Ltd. 112816

LeddarTech 021615

LED Technologies, Inc. 081318

Left of the Dot Media Inc. 083115

Legacy Bancorp, Inc. (032907LEGC-NASDAQ)

Legacy Bank (020503LBOH.OB - OTC-BB)

Legacy Bank – Reference Interview (020503LBOH - OTC)
Scott Schwartz of Swartz Supply Company

Legistek 012516

Lehman Trikes, Inc. (061203 LHT – TSX Venture)

Leisure Canada Inc. (031910LCN-TSXV)

LeMaitre Vascular, Inc. (010209LMAT-NASDAQ)

LenCred 011915

Lendvo 041816

LeoNovus Inc. (111811LTV-TSXV)

Less Annoying CRM 100515

Lessonly, Inc. 020215

Level 3 Inspection, LLC 092214

LevelEleven 100515

Levelwing 090516

Leventhal Productions, Inc. 042516

Leviathan Cannabis Group Inc. (CSE: EPIC) 102918

Levon Resources Ltd. (121208LVN-TSXV)

Lev Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (110907LEVP-OTC: BB)

Lexaria Corp. (030212LXRP-OTCPK)

Lextant 020617

LFORM 083115

LGC Skyrota Wind Energy Corp. (112709LGS-TSXV)

The LGL Group, Inc.  (010711LGL-AMEX)

Liberator Medical Holdings, Inc. (110907LBMH-OTC: BB)

Liberty Mines Inc. (110305LBE-TSX)

Libertyville Savings Bank 120516

LICUOS 070113

Life in Mobile 071816

LifeLabs Medical Laboratory Services 062314

LifeLearn, Inc. 070416

Life Line Screening - Andrew J. Manganaro, MD, FACS, FACC 050117

Life Magnetics 081417

LifeSpan Technology 030413

Lifestream Technologies, Inc. (040303KFL - AMEX)

LifeVantage Corporation (061011LFVN-OTC: BB)

LifeVantage Corporation (050208LFVN-OTCBB)

Lifeway Foods Inc. (112406LWAY-NASDAQ)

Lighthouse Bank Santa Cruz California (012012LGHT-OTCBB)

Lighting Science Group Corporation (112009LSCG-OTCPK)

LightIntegra Technology 101617

Lightlake Therapeutics Inc. (021111LLTP-OTC: BB)

LightManufacturing LLC (100812Private)

Lightwave Logic, Inc. 031714

Lilien Systems 082514

Lima Consulting Group 062613

Limeade 020915

Lime Energy Co. (031612LIME-NASDAQ)

Limelight Health, Inc. 110215

LimFlow SA 091817

LIM Innovations 042015

Limitless Computing Inc. 0504015

Lineagen, Inc. (100812Private)

Linkage 022916

LinkAmerica 040714

LinkeDrive, Inc. 121415

Link-Systems International, Inc. 092914

Lion Energy Corp. (020510LEO-TSXV)

Lions Gate Metals Inc.  (011609LGM-TSXV)

LiquidCool Solutions, Inc. 032414

Liquid Grids 062314

Liquid Nutrition Group Inc. (081211LQD-TSXV)

LiquidVPN Inc. 032116

Liquipel 030518

Liquor Group Wholesale, Inc. (103009LIQR-OTC: BB)

Litéra 061515

Litéra 061614

Liteye Systems, Inc. 092418

Lithera 031113

Lithium Americas Corp. (111810TSX: LAC)

Lithium Power, Inc. 100515

Live Current Media Inc. (010209LIVC - OTC: BB)

Live Person, Inc. (041703LPSN - OTC)

LiveQoS 092914

LJ International Inc. (101510JADE-NASDAQ)

LME Service091415

LMK Clinical Research Consulting, LLC 051115

LoadSpring Solutions 100713

LoanBeam 121916, Inc. 051313

Locaid 061713

LocalGrid Technologies 121113

Location Based Technologies, Inc. (040408LBAS-OTC: BB)

Logan Stout - IDLife 071017

Logic20/20, Inc. 111615

Logicbroker 072114

LogiCoy 072913

Logic Speak Inc. 052515

LoginRadius Inc. 032116

LogiStar Solutions 080513

Logistical Labs 111317


Lomiko Metals Inc. (082611LMR-TSXV, OTC: LMRMF)

Lomiko Metals Inc. (051410LMR-TSXV)

Longevity Biotech, Inc. 032513

Long Island Financial Corp. (123004LICB-NASDAQ)

Looker 060914

Louisiana Bancorp, Inc. (091109LABC-NASDAQ)

Loyyal 082817

LTG Exam Prep Platform 102714

Lucas Energy, Inc. (121208LEI-AMEX)

Lucena Research 112315

Lumark Technologies, Inc. 090715

LumaStream 051914

Luminent Mortgage Capital, Inc. (110305LUM-NYSE)

LumiSolair 070113

Lumos Learning 101016

Lumos Networks (042012LMOS-NASDAQ)

Luna Innovations Incorporated (030510LUNA-NASDAQ)

Lunarline, Inc. 050117

Lunarline 112613

Luxell Technologies Inc. (081105LUX-TSX)

Lyophilization Technology, Inc. 102212

Lyrtech Inc. (031005LYT-TSXV)

M&L Supply, Fire and Safety 051214

M&S Biotics 110617

MabCure Inc. (102910MBCI.OB)

Macatawa Bank Corporation (041703MCBC - NASD)

MacroMicro 091514

MacroSolve, Inc. (010612MCVE-OTCPK, MCVE-OTCQB)

MacroSolve, Inc. (120409MCVE-OTC: BB)

MacStadium 030915


Madison National Bank (Merrick NY) (111408MNBX-OTC: BB)

Madrivo 051418

Magency Digital 031615

Magenta Medical Inc. (090312Private)

MagicLogix 121113

Magicweb, Inc. (121505MGWB-OTC: BB)

MagIndustries Corp. (091908MAA-TSXV)

Magma Energy Corp. (072211MXY-TSX)
Alterra Power Corp.

Magma Energy Corp. (020510MXY-TSX)

Magnasphere Corp. 050916

MagneGas Corporation 060214

Magnum d’Or Resources Inc. (022208MDOR-OTC: BB)

Magstar, Inc. 060214

MailPrism LLC 110915

Mail-Well Inc. (112003MWL-NYSE)

Mainstay Technologies 010614

MainStreet Technologies, Inc. 012317

Majesco Entertainment Company (111309COOL-NASDAQ)

Majescor Resources Inc. (051412MJX-TSXV)

Majestic Gold Corp. (092410MJS-TSXV)

MakeITDeals Solutions Inc. 101314

Makiska Media Corp 101215

Mako Hydrocarbons Ltd. (051412MAEEY-OTCPK, MKE-AX)

Malaga Inc. (012811MLG-TSX)

Manakoa Services Corporation (063005MKOS.OB)

Manas Petroleum Corp. (021012MNAP-OTCBB/MNP-TSX-V)

Manas Petroleum Corp. (012210MNAP-OTC: BB)

Mandalay Resources Corporation (040210MND-TSXV)

Manhattan Bancorp (071610MNHN-OTC: BB)

Manhattan Bancorp (032108MNHN-OTC: BB)

Manitex International, Inc. (041610MNTX-NASDAQ)

Manitex International, Inc. (041009MNTX-NASDAQ)

The Manitowoc Company, Inc. (033206MTW-NYSE)

Manna Molecular Science LLC 121916

Mannatech, Incorporated (032610MTEX-NASDAQ)

Mantix4 060418

Mantra Venture Group Ltd. (040910MVTG-OTC: BB)

Manufacturing with Heart Inc. 022916

MapInfo Corp. (102303MAPS-NASD)

Maple Leaf Green World 022017

Marani Brands, Inc. (092509MRIB-OTC: BB)

Marine Resources Development Foundation 090417

Mariner Innovation072114

Marken 011816

Marker Test Diagnostics 010515

Marketing Essentials, LLC 092616

MarketingProfs LLC 031615

Marketing Zen Group 050216

Market Prophit 060214

Market Technologies, LLC 030716

Mark Soberman-Netpicks 073117

Marstel-Day 021714

MAR Systems Inc. (061812Private)

Marucci BodiTrak 041315

Marvel Medtech 081417

Marvel Technologies Inc. 081913

Mary’s Medicinals 021516

Masa Tool Inc. 102317

Mass Hysteria Entertainment Company, Inc. (051412MHYS-OTCBB)

Mass Relevance 090213

Matchbook, Inc. 012615

Math Resolutions, LLC 011617

Mati Therapeutics, Inc. 010917

Matrix Design, Inc./DermaPlus, Inc. (070607Matrix-Privately Held)

The Matzen Group 071513

Maudore Minerals Limited (022712MAO-TSXV)

Maudore Minerals Limited (020411MAO-TSXV)

Maudore Minerals Limited (112709MAO-TSXV)

MAX BioPharma Inc. 111014

MAX BioPharma 010713

MaxBotix Inc 072015

MAXBURST, Inc. 020915

Maxil Technology Solutions, Inc. 011617

Max Media Group, Inc. (032610MXMI-OTCPK)


Maxthon 042213

Maxwell Technologies, Inc. (072403 MXWL-NASD)

Maxwell Technologies  (0502MXWL – NASD)

MaxxVault LLC 040813

Mazorro Resources, Inc. (070912MZO-TSXV)

mBlox 071513

MBT Financial Corporation (030603MBTF - NASD)

McGinley Orthopaedic Innovations 041315

McNeal Graphics Group 121514

mCordis 030915

MD On-Line, Inc 041414

MDOps 021317

MDoutlook, LLC 050817

MDsave Incorporated 060815

Meadowbrook Insurance Group, Inc. (021811MIG-NYSE)

Meadowbrook Insurance Group, Inc. (013004MIG-NYSE)

Measurabl 111014

Medalogix 032513

MedaSorb Technologies Corporation (071009MSBT.OB)

Medbox, Inc. (Parent) (070912MDBX.PK)
Prescription Vending Machines, Inc. (PVM)
DBA: Medicine Dispensing Systems (Subsidiary)

MedeStat, Inc. 090516

med fusion  LLC. 012113

MedGenome Inc. 022916

MediaShift, Inc. 091613

Medical Acoustics, LLC 031014

Medical Facilities Corporation (072312DR-TSX)

Medical Guardian LLC 022916

Medical Makeover Corporation of America (052004MMAM-OTC: BB)

Medical Nutrition USA, Inc. (110907MDNU-NASDAQ)

Medical Protection Technologies 052013

Medical Tracking Solutions, Inc. 030314

MedicFP, LLC 040218

Medigus Ltd. 031014

Medina Plating Corporation 021615

Medipacs, Inc. 060815

MediPx 050613

MediSafe 102014

Mediscience Technology Corporation (060205MDSC-OTC: BB)

MEDL Mobile Holdings, Inc. (012712MEDL-OTCBB)

Medocity 031014

Medrobotics Corp 052713

MedSource 070714

MedStack 101518

Medtel 100316

MedXT 081814

Mega Precious Metals Inc. (080511MGP-TSXV)

Mega Precious Metals Inc. (121109MGP-TSXV)

Megatrax Production Music, Inc. 052013

MegaWest Energy Corp. (010810MGWSF-OTC: BB)

Megola Inc. (123004MGOA-OTC)

Melcor Developments Ltd. (042707MRD-TSX)

Melior Discover Inc. (081312Private)

Mellanox Technologies, Ltd. (070607MLNX-Nasdaq)

Memcine Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 111513

Menlo Innovations LLC 102714

MenoGeniX, Inc. 011915

meQuilibrium 061515

Mercantile Bancorp, Inc. (081707MBR-AMEX)

Mercator Transport Group Corporation (021111GMT.V-CDNX)

Mercatus Technologies Inc. 121712

Merchants Preferred Lease-Purchase Services 082817

Merit Resource Group 042417

Merix Corp. (042304MERX-NASD)

Meros Polymers Inc. 050613

Merriman Holdings, Inc. (052812MERR-OTCOX)

MerueloMaddux Properties Inc. (103108MMPI-NASDAQ)

Mesa Laboratories, Inc. (050109MLAB-NASDAQ)

Mesa Rx Innovations 112717

MESH | Integrated Marketing & Advertising 011215

Message Blocks 090814

Metadata Inc. 101518

Meta Financial Group, Inc. (100308CASH-NASDAQ)

Metaforic 010713

Metal Storm Limited (051503 MTSX - NASD)

MetaPower International, Inc. (012712MTPR-OTCPK)

MetaStat 081913

MethylGene Inc. (050505MYG-TSX)

MetiStream, Inc. 050216

Met-Pro Corporation (111804MPR-NYSE)

Metrendalytics LLC 120417

Metria Innovation, Inc. 061713

MetroCorp Bancshares, Inc. (040705MCBI-NASDAQ)

MetroPacific Bank (050208MPBK-OTC: BB)

MevoLife Inc. 122616

Mexia Interactive 111615

MFIC Corporation (083106MFIC-OTC)

MFIC Corporation (111804MFIC-OTC)

MFIC Corporation (112003MFIC-OTC)

MFIC Corporation (100202MFIC - OTC)

MGE: Management Experts, Inc. 121113

MHI Global 110314

Mi3 Security, Inc. 121415

Michael Harney and Paul Harney - Harney & Sons 101617

Michigan Heritage Bancorp Inc. (022604MHBC.OB)

Microbiologics Inc. 050514

Micro Identification Technologies, Inc. (040910MMTC-OTC: BB)

Microline Surgical, Inc. 051313

Microlog Corporation (080612MLOG-OTCPK)

MicroMedicine, Inc. 052818

Micromet, Inc. (040809MITI-NASDAQ)

MicroOptx 043018

MicroPlanet Technology Corp. (122107MCTYF-OTC: BB, MP-TSXV)

MicroPlanet Technology Corp. (110305MP-TSXV)

MicroProtein Technologies Inc. 012113

Micro Quality Labs Inc. 052818

Microspace Communications Corporation 112414

MidSouth Bancorp Inc. (100110MSL-NYSE Amex)

MidSouth Bancorp Inc. (051503MSL - AMEX)

Midtown Consulting Group 090814

Midway Gold Corp. (012811MDW-AMEX, MDW-TSXV)

Midwest Energy Emissions Corporation (061112MEEC-OTCBB)


Milepost Consulting 070714

Militus Inc. 021317

Millicom International Cellular SA (021204MICC-NASD)

Mimetics 050117

Mimosa Networks, Inc. 050415

Minaean International Corporation (052810MIB-TSXV)

Mindgrub 052713

MindLeaf Technologies 092517

MindLight, LLC 030518

MindStream Analytics 081114

Mine Clearing Corp. (121208MCCO-OTC: BB)

Minerco Resources, Inc. (012811MINE-OTC: BB)

Minerva Biotechnologies 042913

Minimally Invasive Devices, Inc. 081114

MiniVax 022513

Miocene Metals Limited (110411MII-TSXV)

Mirna Therapeutics, Inc. (012012Privately Held)

Mission Microwave Technologies, Inc. 060517

Mississippi River Bank 060517

MIS Solutions, Inc. 061614

Mistral Mobile 072015

Mitek Systems, Inc. (080610MIT-OTC: BB)

Mitek Systems, Inc. (050309MITK-OTC: BB)

Mity Enterprises Inc. (080703MITY-NASD)

Mixed Staffing & Recruiting 062617

MJA & Associates 121216

MJ Boyd Consulting 113015

Mobelux 022315

Mobidox Health Technologies 112414

Mobiform Software Inc. (101512Private)

Mobile1st 112116

MobileAware 051115

MobileBits Holdings Corp. (012712MBIT-OTCBB)

Mobile Commons 021813

Mobileistic 012014

Mobile Solutions, LLC 111918

Mobile Star Corp. (100909MBST-OTC: BB)

MobilityWare 091916

Modelo 070317

Modernizing Medicine 071513

Modern Thought Management 080315

ModiFace 020314

ModSolar 081114

Module Resources Incorporated (052110MLE-TSXV)

Mogul Energy International, Inc. (MGUY-OTC: BB)

Moldflow Corporation (010903MFLO - NASD)

Moleculin Biotech, Inc. (Nasdaq-MBRX) 123118

Moller International Inc. (022003MLER - Pink Sheets)

Moly Mines Limited (101510MOL-TSX, MOL-ASX)

Monarch Bank (121103MNRK-NASD)

Moncur 032116

Money4Gold Holdings, Inc. (041009MFGD-OTC: BB)

Monitor Backlinks Ltd. 052515

Monroe Capital LLC 032513

Monster Motors, Inc. (062207MRMT-OTC.PK)

MooresCloud 040714

Moor Instruments Inc. 070113

More4apps 070113

Morgan Beaumont, Inc. (091406MBEU-OTC: BB)

Moro Corporation (032610MRCR-OTC: BB)

Morris Technologies, Inc. (070212Private)

Mortara Instrument 060115

Morton’s Restaurant Group, Inc. (050309MRT-NYSE)

Motivate Design 021615

Motive, Inc. (122107MOTV-OTCPK)

Mountain 1st Bank and Trust Company (NC) (021005MOBT-OTC: BB)

Mountainview Energy Ltd. (102111MVW-TSXV)

Mountz Inc. 072814

Mozenda Inc. 011314

mPhase Technologies, Inc. (Parent) (101708XDSL-OTC: BB)
AlwaysReady, Inc. (Subsidiary)

MRU Holdings, Inc. (070706MHOI.OB)

Ms Mary Staffing 030716

MT-C 112116

MTC Technologies Inc. (051004MTCT-NASD)

Mudd Inc. 021014

MultiCell Technologies, Inc. (060807MCET-OTC: BB)

Multicoreware 120715

Mumford Associates LLC 081015

Mursion, Inc. 103116

Muscle Flex Inc. (082809MFLI-OTCPK)

Muses Labs, Inc. 051115

Musicrypt Inc. (062603 MCT – TSX Venture)

Mutare, Inc 040714

MUV Interactive 081814

m-Wise, Inc. (100209MWIS-OTCPK)

MxBiodevices, LLC 102912

MXOtech, Inc. 121415

My911, Inc. 062413

MyCorporation 120213

MycoTechnology Inc. 100917

MycoTechnology, Inc. 042015

Mycroft Inc. 121712

My Digital Shield 092815

MykeyO 091514

myLAB Box 100818

Mynosys Cellular Devices, Inc. 122815

Myoscience, Inc. 020413

Myo Technologies, LLC (101512Private) 081015

Myrtle Group 031416

Mystic Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 041513

N12 Technologies 012516

N5 Sensors, Inc. 042417

Nabi Biopharmaceuticals (042310NABI-NASDAQ)

NaiKun Wind Development Inc. (012508NKW-TSX-V)

Naked Biome 071116

Nano3D Biosciences, Inc. 103116

Nanofiber Solutions, LLC 121012

Nano One Materials Corp. (TSX-V: NNO; OTCMKTS: NNOMF) 010118

Nanosphere, Inc. (021012NSPH-NASDAQ)

The NanoSteel Company, Inc. (100112Private)

NanoStruck Technologies Inc. 041414

Nanotech Security Corp. 041315 (TSXV-NTS; OTCQX: NTSF)

NanoVircides, Inc. (120707NNVC-OTC: BB)

Napersoft 041414

Napo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (100112Private)

Narang Medical Limited (070212Private)

Nascent Surgical, LLC 111218

Nascent Surgical, LLC 100217

Nascent Wine Company, Inc. (010407NCTW-OTC: BB)

Nastel Technologies 070813

Natcore Technology Inc. (031210NXT-TSXV)

National Bancshares Corporation (080612NBOH-OTCBB)

National Energy Services Company, Inc. (062510NEGS-OTC: BB)

National Lampoon, Inc. (072006NLN-AMEX)

National Retail Properties, Inc. (032312NNN-NYSE)

National Retail Properties, Inc. (022208NNN-NYSE)

National Scientific Corporation (050103NSCT - OTC BB)

Nationwide IT Services Inc. 111218

Native American Energy Group (121505NAEG) (SYMBOL: NVMG-OTCPK)

Native Traits Corporation 032816

Natoma Technologies, Inc. 070813

Natural Gas Services Group 121712 (NYSE: NGS)

Natural Gas Systems, Inc. (061605NGSY-OTC)

Naturally Advanced Technologies, Inc. (112307NADVF-OTC: BB)

NaturalNano, Inc. (071108NNAN-OTC: BB)

Nature Coast Financial Advisors, Inc. 081913

Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc. (061112NATR-NASDAQ)

Naugatuck Valley Financial Corp. (030609NVSL-NASDAQ)

Naugatuck Valley Financial Corp. (022208NVSL-NASDAQ)

Nautilus Medical 110716

Navidea Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. (030912NYSE Amex: NAVB)

Navigo Energy Inc. (051503 NVG - TSX)

Navitus Health Solutions, LLC 010217

NavStar Technologies, Inc. (NVSR-OTCPK)

Nayarit Gold Inc. (011108NYG-TSXV)

Nayarit Gold Inc. (022306NYG-TSXV & OTC: BB)

NC4 090213

NCI 062915

nCoat, Inc. (030708NCOA-OTC: BB)

NCT Group, Inc. (090904NCTI-OTC)

Neah Power Systems, Inc. (032108NPWS-OTC: BB)

needls 082817

Nelson Enterprise Technology Service010614

Nemaska Exploration Inc. (032610NMX:TSX-V)

Nemus Bioscience 022618

NEMUS Bioscience, Inc. 011915

Neogen Corporation (021309NEOG-NASDAQ)

Neo Group 051313

NeoMedigen, Ltd. 072213

Neonet AB (111309NEO-STO)

NeoNova® Network Services 031813


NeoStem, Inc. (061810NBS-AMEX)

NeoSync Inc 100917

Neota Logic Inc072114

Neo Technology 111212

Neovasc Inc. (072211NVC-TSXV)

Nepsu Inc. 061515

Neptec Technologies Corp. 110413

Neptune Industries, Inc. (110906NPDI-OTC: BB)

Nerds Support, Inc. 082117

Nero Consulting Inc. 073117

NES Financial 032513

NesterSoft 092517

NetBank, Inc. (052903NTBK - NASD)

NetCom Learning 041513

Netcom Solutions 090516

Net Conversion 091216

Netgraphe, Inc. (062603 WWW - TSX)

Net Health 120814

Netskope 112613

Netwin Solutions, Inc. 080414

Network-1 Security Solutions, Inc. (012811NSSI.OB-OTB: BB)

Network Alliance 012813

Network Equipment Technologies, Inc. (020503NWK - NYSE)

Network It Easy, Inc. 080618

Network Management Group Inc. 102813

Netwrix 042814

Neural ID 042114

Neura Therapeutik, LLC 112612

Neuren Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (092412ASX: NEU)

Neurobiological Technologies, Inc. (062708NTII-NASDAQ)

NeuroInDx, Inc. 031813

Neuro Kinetics, Inc. 022916

NeuroMetrix Inc. (091012NURO-NASDAQ)

NeuroMetrix Inc. (042712NURO-NASDAQ)

Neuromics 042715

Neuronetics, Inc. 070813

Neuronetrix 040714

NeuroPn Therapeutics 120417

NeuroSky 050613

NeuroStructures Inc. 030716

Neurovation Labs, Inc. 112816

Nevada Gold & Casinos, Inc. (081706UWN-AMEX)

Nevada Star Resource CP (111705NEV-TSX & NVSRF-OTC: BB)

Nevatech 082514

Nevion 072114

New Century Bancorp (112003NCBN.OB)

New Course 051313

New England Realty Associates Limited Partnership (123011NEN-NYSE: AMEX)

NewFoundry 092517

New Global Ventures International Ltd. (070910NNG-TSXV)

New Horizon Uranium Corporation (112307NHU-TSXV)

New Mexico Software (101512OTCBB:NMXC)

d/b/a Net Medical Xpress

New Mountain Finance Corporation (050412NMFC-NYSE)

New Nadina Explorations Limited (102811NNA-TSXV)

New Net Technologies Ltd. 070416

New Resources Consulting 061413

New Ridge Technologies 100217

NewsHedge 061917

Newsight Imaging 112816

New Visual Corporation (012303NVEI - OTCBB)

Nexia Holdings Inc. (NEXA-OTC: BB)

Nexicon, Inc. (010110NXCO-OTCPK)

NexPrise, Inc. (051503 NXPS - NASD)

NexQloud 040714

NextCrew 020116

Nextek Power Systems, Inc. 031813

Next Green Wave (CSE: NGW) 121018

NextInput, Inc. 051313

Next Marketing 092115

nextScan 051214

NexusTek 112116

Nexxt Spine LLC 093013

NFANT Labs LLC 072715

nFlate 030716

nfrastructure 032513

NG1 Technologies 121514

nGageIT Digital Medicine 040918

NGP Capital Resources Company (060412NGPC-NASDAQ)

Nightingale Informatix Corporation (052011NGH-TSXV)

Nile Therapeutics, Inc. (112307SPDU-OTC: BB)

NimbleHeart, Inc. 101617

NiMin Energy, Corp. (041610NNN-TSX)

Nine9 - Anthony Toma 050117

NineSigma, Inc. 100713

Nintex 092815

NioCorp Developments Ltd 042213

NIRvana Sciences 051815

Nitel 032414

Nitiloop Ltd. 072015

Nobel Learning Communities, Inc. (121604NLCI-NASDAQ)

Noble International, Ltd. (121208NOBL-NASDAQ)

Nokero International LTD 072814

Nolina Consulting Inc. 071717

Nordic Consulting Partners, Inc. 042814

Nordic Oil and Gas Ltd. (NOG-TSXV)

Norgen Biotek Corp. 062314

Norse Energy Corp. ASA (100812OTCQX: NSEEY)

North49 Business Solutions 122616

North American Palladium (102303TSX: PDL) (AMEX: PAL)

North Atlantic Resources Ltd. (082710NAC-TSXV)

North Atlantic Resources Ltd. (060807NAC’: TSX)

NorthEast Community Bancorp, Inc. (062209NECB-NASDAQ)

Northeast Bancorp (061209NBN-NASDAQ)

Northeast Bancorp/ME (100903NBN-AMEX)

Northeast Indiana Bancorp, Inc. (060412NIDB-OTCQB)

Northeast Scientific, Inc. 070218

Northern Abitibi Mining Corporation (112808NAI-TSXV)

Northern Oil and Gas, Inc. (091407OTCBB: NOGS)

Northern States Financial Corp. (092503NSFC-NASD)

Northern Superior Resources Inc. (071709SUP-TSXV)

Northern Tiger Resources Inc. (121208NTR-TSXV)

North Salem State Bank 061217

North Star Diamonds, Inc. (010204NSDM-Pink Sheets)

Northstrat Incorporated 061917

Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc. (110111NWBO-OTCBB)

Northwest Pipe Company (041609NWPX-NASDAQ)

Notal Vision, Inc. 021918

NovaBay Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NYSE/MKT: NBY) 013017

NovaBay Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 110413

NovaCast Technologies AB (101609NCASB-STO)

Nova Consulting Group 120814

Novae Corp. 042913

Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd. (073012NVMI-NASDAQ)

NovaProbe Inc. 031813

Novasyte LLC 030413

NovaTarg Therapeutics 062215

Noveko International Inc. (032610EKO-TSX)

Novelos Therapeutics, Inc. (072006NVLT-OTCBB)

Novelos Therapeutics, Inc. (063005NVLT-OTC: BB)

Novelution Corp. 022916

Noveto Systems Ltd 032717

Novia Marketing 051616

NoviFlow, Inc. 040615

Novimedicine (061812Private)

Novo Energies Corporation (091710OTCBB: NVNC )

NovoMedix, LLC 013017

Novoteris, LLC. 111813

Nowspeed, Inc. 042516

NRG Dynamix (061112Private)

Ntiva 022513

Nuclea Biotechnologies 072114

NudgeRx 090913

NuggMD 051517

nuPSYS 061217

Nurep 051313

Nuro Secure Messaging 041116

NuStar Energy L.P. (022412NS-NYSE)

Nutonian, Inc. 012014

Nutra Pharma Corporation (102309NPHC-OTC: BB)

NuVascular Technologies 042715

Nuvilex, Inc. (103009NVLX-OTC: BB)

NuVim Inc. (032108NUVM-OTC: BB)

NuVim, Inc. (092205NUVM.BB)

nuVizz, Inc. 010515

NuVolta Technologies Inc. 011617

Nuvolt Corporation inc.(021910NCO-TSXV)

NUVO Network Management Inc. (112307NVO-TSXV)

NuvOx Pharma 120814

NWM Mining Corporation (022610NWM-TSXV)

NXTKey Corporation 061217

NYTEX Energy Holdings, Inc. (120911NYTE-OTCBB)

Nyxio Technologies Corporation (090312NYXO-OTCBB)

01 Communique Laboratory Inc. (120706ONE-TSX)

Oasis Diagnostics® Corporation 050514

Oasis Diagnostics® Corporation 022513

Obalon Therapeutics, Inc. 042715

Obero Inc. 100614

Objectivity, Inc. 122913

ObjectWave Corporation 081015

OBN Holdings, Inc.

ObservePoint 042913

Obsidian 122214

Obzerv Technologies Inc. 021813

OccuLogix, Inc. (111309TEAR-NASDAQ)
dba TearLab Corporation

octoScope 112315

Ocular Dynamics, LLC (073012Private)

Ocular Therapeutix, Inc. (100812Private)

Ocuscience 051914

OfferBoard 063014

OffLA 041816

OgenX Therapeutics 012714

Ohio Legacy Corp. (021005OLCB-NASDAQ)

Ohio Valley Banc Corp 061413

Ohr Pharmaceutical Inc. (021012OHRP-OTCBB)

Ohr Pharmaceutical Inc. (021111OHRP-OTC: BB)

Olapic 061614

Analyst interview covering: Old National Bancorp (IN) (081706ONB)
Fred A. Cummings, Equity Research Analyst, Managing Director
KeyBanc Capital Markets

Olympia Financial Group Inc. (021811OLY-TSXV)

Olympic Resources Ltd (041703OLYR - OTC)

Omni2Max Inc. 123118

Omnia Molecular (061112Private)

Omnitek Engineering Corp. (101708OMTK-OTCPK)

OMNOVA Solutions Inc. (081911OMN: NYSE)

OMNOVA Solutions Inc. (081707OMN-NYSE)

OMNOVA Solutions Inc. (110305OMN-NYSE)

Omtool™, Ltd. (040606OMTL-NASDAQ: CM)

OnAsset Intelligence, Inc. 010713

Onata, Inc. 012918

Preserve Technologies, Inc. 042814
DBA OnBoard Oil Tech 042814

OnBoard Security, Inc. 012918

Oncobiologics, Inc. 021813

Oncolix, Inc. (022412Privately Held)

Oncolytics Biotech® Inc. (TSX:ONC) (OTCQX:ONCYF) 121817

Oncoscope, Inc. (040612Privately Held)

On2 Technologies, Inc. (ONT-AMEX)

On2 Technologies, Inc. (102303ONT-AMEX)

OncBioMune Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OTCBB:OBMP) 022717

Onconova 102918

Onconova Therapeutics (Nasdaq: ONTX) 102317

Onconova Therapeutics (Nasdaq: ONTX) 091916

OnContracting 070714

OncoTAb, Inc. 041717

OnDefend 100217

On-Demand Services Group 030314

Ondot Systems 080414

OneAccord LLC 030716

One Call Now 061413

One Federal Solution 101215

OneOme, LLC. 112116

OnePageCRM 112315

OneRecord 081318

One Stop Environmental 031014

One World Lab, Inc 071414

Ongage 020413

OnGrid Solar 040813

Onix Networking 060313

OnPrem Solution Partners, LLC 111416

OnProcess Technology, Inc. 080315

ON Search Partners 120213

Onset Technology Inc 070615

onShore Security 050718

Onstream Media Corporation (070607ONSM-NASDAQ)

Ontegrity, Inc. 062215

On Track Innovations Ltd. (110404OTIV - Nasdaq)-OTI America (Subsidiary)

Open Bank (Los Angeles CA) (052812OPBK-OTCBB)

OppSource 101617

OpsVeda, Inc. 051517

Optasia Medical 070813

OpTech 040113

Optellios, Inc. 070113

Opternative, Inc. 111416

OptfinITy 012714

Optical Communications Products, Inc. (051503 OCPI - NASD)

OptiEnz Sensors 031014

Optima Healthcare Solutions 122214

Optimal Medicine Ltd. 102912

Optim LLC 012113

OptiMed Specialty Pharmacy 103017

Optimer Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (041207OPTR-NASDAQ)

OPTIS 073117

OPTIZMO Technologies, LLC 120213

opvizor Inc. 033015

Oragenics, Inc. (NYSE MKT: OGEN.BC) 121916

Oragenics, Inc. (070104ONI-NASD)

Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc. - (NASDAQ: ORMP) 121018

Oramed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (102210ORMP-OTC: BB)

Orbit Media Studios 112613

OrcaEyes 040813

The Orchard Enterprises Inc. (061308ORCD-NASDAQ)

OrecX 052013

Oregon Pacific Bancorp (031104OPBP-OTC)

OrganiCare 101617

OrganiGram Holdings Inc. TSXV:OGI 081015

Organix, Inc 110512

OrgHarvest Inc. (OTC PINK: ORGH) 100118

OrgVitality 050415

Oricula Therapeutics, LLC 060914

OriGen Biomedical 012714

Orion Associates 112613

Orion Digital Integration Inc. 122616

Oroco Resource Corp. (022409OCO-TSXV)

Orthman 090913

OrthoBanc 022414

Orthofix International N.V. (010407OFIX-NASDAQ)

Orthopeutics, L.P. 111212

Oscient Pharmaceuticals Corporation (051004GENE-NASDAQ)

OSF Global Services 121012

OSI Geospatial Inc. (120707OSI-TSX, OSIF-OTC: BB)

Ossia, Inc. 122913

Ostendio 032017

OurPet’s Company (052810OPCO-OTC: BB)

OuterBox 112717

outsourceIT 050613

Oventus Medical USA 090417

Oversight Systems 120114 042213

Owlstone Inc. 081114

Oxitone Medical Ltd. 123013

OxySure® Systems, Inc. (101512OTCBB:OXYS)

P97 Networks 012615

P&L Technology, Inc. 111513

Pacer Health Corporation (061605OTCBB: PHLH)

PACE Technical Services Inc. 110413

Pacifica Resources Ltd. (070607PAX-TSXV)

Pacific Asia Petroleum, Inc. (102309PFAP-OTC: BB)

Pacific Booker Minerals Inc. (102309PBM-NYSE:AMEX, BKM-TSX.V)

Pacific Premier Bancorp Inc. (051107PPBI-NASDAQ)

Pacific Ridge Exploration Ltd. (103108PEX-TSXV)

Pacific Safety Products Inc. (032306PSP-TSX Venture)

Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc. (052112PSHR-OTCBB)

Packeteer, Inc. (102104PKTR: NASD)

Packeteer, Inc. (092503PKTR - NASD)


Packeteer Inc.   (0402PKTR – NASD)

PacketZoom 121817

Packrite 030413

Paladin Labs Inc. (012508PLB-TSXV)

Paladin Labs Inc.  (011807PLB-TSX)

Palmetto Engineering & Consulting, LLC. 083115

Palmetto Partners, LLC 011617

PAML, LLC. 031615

Pan American Lithium Corp. (071511PALTF.QB-OTC: BB, ; TSX-V: PL)

Pan American Lithium Corp. (050710PL-TSXV, PALTF-Pink Sheets)

Pan American Silver Corporation (111705PAAS-NASDAQ)

PanAridus 081015

Panoro Minerals Ltd. (081707PML-TSXV)

Panoro Minerals Ltd. (032405PML-TSXV)

Papa Bello Enterprises, Inc. (010209PAPA-OTCPK)

Paradigm Oil and Gas, Inc. (060205POGI.OTC: BB)

Paragus Strategic IT 091514

Parallel HR Solutions 021014

Paramount Software Solutions 011915

Parcus Medical, LLC. 022916

Pareteum Corporation (NYSE American: TEUM) 122517

Parjana Distribution 022414

Park City Group Inc. (070309PCYG-OTC: BB)

Park City Group, Inc. (121505PKCY-OTC: BB)

Park City Group Inc. (071405PKCY-OTC: BB)

ParkeBank (110603PKBK-NASD)

ParqEx 010818

Partner Rx, LLC 041816

Patchnride 081814

Pathfinder Therapeutics 010713

PathogenDx Corp. 070218

PathoGene LLC 111212

PathPartner Technology, Inc. 082117

PathSource 051517

PatientBond 052217

Patient Infosystems Inc. (092205PATY-OTC: BB)

PatientPing 012317

Paulson Training Programs 100614

PayChoice 030413

Paydiant, Inc. 052013

PayKey 062617

PaymentVision 072114

PCI Pharma 040113

PCI Synthesis, Inc. 012113

Peak Gold Ltd. (081707PIK-TSXV)

Pacific Energy Development Corp. 012714

PediatRx, Inc. (070811PEDX-OTC: BB)

PeerFly, Inc. 092115

Pelican Products, Inc. (101512Private)

Pelindaba Group, LLC 062915

Pellucid Analytics 061614

Penns Woods Bancorp, Inc. (012111PWOD-NASDAQ)

Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust (091908PREIT) (PEI-NYSE)

Pentec Health, Inc. 032618

PeopleFirm LLC 122913

Peoples Bancorp Inc. (032312PEBO-NASDAQ)

People’s Bank of Commerce (090310PBCO-OTC: BB)

Peoples Federal Bancshares, Inc. (040612PEOP-NASDAQ)

Peoples Financial Corporation (032504PFBX-NASD)

Peoples Financial Corporation (020503PFBX - NASD)

Perception Research Services 080414

PERCH Interactive 042114

Perfect Commerce 092313

Performance Health Technologies, Inc. (111408PFMH-OTC: BB)

Perla Group International, Inc. (052112PERL-OTCPK)

Perry Ellis International Inc. (010204PERY-NASD)

Persokey Inc. 061217

PerspecSys Inc. 060313

Pervasip Corp. (080612PVSP-OTCQB)

Pervasip Corp. (062609PVSP-OTCBB)

Pet Ecology Brands, Inc. (083106PECB-OTC.PK)

Pethealth Inc. (102309PTZ-TSX)

Pethealth Inc. (040705TSXV: PTZ)

Petro America Corproation (010110PTRZ-OTCPK)

Petro Andina Resources Inc. (PAR-TSX)

PetroFrontier Corp. (021811PFC-TSXV)

Petroleum & Resources Corporation (070912PEO-NYSE)

Petrolia Inc. (091908PEA-TSXV)

PetVivo Holdings, Inc. 051914 (OTCQB: PETV)

Pfenex 041513

Pharmaco-Kinesis Corp. 052713

PharmaCyte (OTCQU:PMCB) 090516

PharmaJet 032017

PharmaLogics Recruiting 011915

Analyst Covering PharmaNet Development Group, Inc.(110907Nasdaq-PDGI)
David Windley, Managing Director, Jefferies & Company, Inc.

PharmaSeek 040113

PharmaSys, Inc. 042213

PharmAthene, Inc. (010110PIP-AMEX)

PharmaVigilant 021813

Phazar Corp. (082803ANTP - NASD)

PhenixP2P Inc. 062617

Phil Davies-Psi-Pay 070918

PHIND, Inc. 083115

Phivida Holdings Inc. (VIDA:CNX) 071618

Phoenix Energy Technologies 121012

Phonetime Inc. (041207PHD-TSXV)

PhosImmune 091514

Phosplatin Therapeutics LLC 011915

Photizo Group 122313

Photon8, Inc. 051115

PhotoSquared 041618

Phronetik 070918

Phynd Technologies, Inc. 090913

PhysioSonics 012813

Picomole Instruments Inc. (100812Private)

PICR Inc. 080816

Pierbridge, Inc. 062617

Pilgrim’s Corp. (040612PPC-NYSE)

Pindrop Securit 102813

Pinnacle Bank (120707PBNK.OB)

Pinnacle Data Systems, Inc. (100903AMEX: PNS)

Pinnacle Financial Partners Inc. (021204021204PNFP-NASD)

Pinnacle Spine Group 092313

Pinpoint Software Inc. 052118

Pioneer Drilling Company (020906PDC-AMEX)

Pioneering Technology Inc. (072508TSX:V-PIO)

Pipeliner 090114

Pipe Wrap 031014

Pivotal Safety Ltd 042015

Pixability 070113

PixarBio Corporation 111416

Pizza Inn, Inc. (PZZI-NASDAQ)

Place Global 062215

Plandai Biotechnology, Inc. (031612PLPL-OTCBB)

Planetary Systems Corporation 082514

PlantForm Corp 012113

PlantForm Corp 042814

Plant Life Company 082018

Plasco Energy Group Inc 102014

Plasmatreat 040813

Plastic Mobile 030915

Plastics Design & Manufacturing, Inc. 101915

Plastinum Polymer Technologies Corp. (091407PLNU-OTC: BB)

Plastyc 072213

Platinum Communications Corporation (121109PCS-TSXV)

PLATO Learning, Inc. (030603TUTR - OTC)

Plaza Bank (011108PZBW-OTC: BB) SAS 062915

Pluralsight 062613

Pluritas, LLC 031813

Plutora Inc. 090114

PMFG, Inc. (030909PMFG-NASDAQ)

PMG Research 081015

PNEO, LLC 121817

PNI Digital Media Inc. (100909PN-TSX-V, PNDMF-OTC: BB)

POC Medical Systems Inc. 020215

PodcastOne - Norman Pattiz 042417

PointClear Solutions 122616

PointDrive 050514

Point To Point 072715

Polaris Geothermal Inc. (041309GEO-TSX)

Polar Systems, Inc. 063014

Polar Wireless Corp. (030411BCDI-OTC: BB)

Polycom, Inc. (091908PLCM-Nasdaq)

Polydex Pharmaceuticals Limited (070811POLXF-Pink Sheets)

Polydex Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (011807POLXF-NASDAQ)

Polydex Pharmaceuticals Limited (120105POLXF-NASDAQ)

PolyDrop, LLC 090417

PolyMedix, Inc. (041207PYMX-OTC: BB)

Polymer Dynamix 052217

PolyMet Mining Corp. (082208POM-TSX, PLM-AMEX)

PolyMet Mining Corp. (081707PLM-AMEX, POM-TSX)

Pope Resources L.P. (061203 POPEZ - NASD)

Popular Ink, LLC 111416

Poriferous, LLC 040416

Portal Resources Ltd. (062207PDO-TSX-V)

Portec Rail Products, Inc. (060205PRPX-NASDAQ)

Porto Energy Corp. (070811PEC-TSXV)

Poseidon Concepts Corp. (061812PSN-TSX)

Posh Technologies 032315

Analyst Interview Covering; Possis Medical, Inc. (122107POSS-Nasdaq)
Robert Cvengros, Director, Senior Research Analyst
Next Generation Equity Research

Possis Medical, Inc. Analyst Interview (072805POSS-Nasdaq)

Possis Medical, Inc. (122107POSS-NASDAQ)

Possis Medical, Inc. (071405POSS: Nasdaq)

Possis Medical, Inc. (112003POSS-NASD)

Possis Medical, Inc. (Analyst Interview) (0602POSS-NASD)

Possis Medical, Inc.  (0502POSS – NASD)

PostNet 020413

PostProcess Technologies 091916

Potentia Analytics, Inc. 121018

Potentia Analytics, Inc. 120417

Potlatch Corp. (032405PCH-NYSE)

POW! Entertainment, Inc. (051412POWN-OTCQB)

Power3 Medical Products, Inc. (072310PWRM-OTC: BB)

Power Consulting Associates, LLC 040416

Power Efficiency Corp. (082803PREF-OTC)

Powerhouse Dynamics 021317

Powerhouse Dynamics 110413

PowerHub 020617

Power-Save Energy Corporation (051806PWVG.PK)

Power Technology, Inc. (060106PWTC-OTC: BB)

Powertech Uranium Corp. (011519PWE-TSX)

PowerVerde, Inc. (031612PWVI-OTCBB)

Powin Corporation (042911PWON-OTC: BB)

PPI Technologies Group 031615

Practice Flow Solutions 060914

Practice Ignition 071315

Pragmatic Works 020915

PRC Clinical 022017

PRC Clinical™ 112612

Preceptis Medical, Inc. 010713

Precise Biometrics (102309OMX-NASDAQ, PREC-Stockholm)

Precision Assessment Technology Corporation (102607PDT-TSX)

Precision Auto Care, Inc. (080306PACI-NASDAQ)

Precision Dialogue 012113

Precision for Medicine 060115

Precision Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: AIPT) 071618

PreClinOmics, Inc. 090715

Precogs 051914

PreCyte, Inc. 012317

Prediction Analytics World 092815

Predilytics 092313

Preferred Bank (082712PFBC-NASDAQ)

Preferred Solutions 040113

PremiceSoft 011617

Premier Alliance Group, Inc. (PIMO-OTCBB)

Premier Biomedical, Inc. 021714

Premier Biomedical, Inc. 111212

Preo Software Inc. (021012PKM-CVE)

Presbia 040113

PreScience Labs 090913

Presenso 032618

Pressure BioSciences, Inc. (031612PBIO-NASDAQ)

Prevare LLC 081814

Preventice 010713

Prevedere, Inc. 012516

PRGX Global, Inc. (060410PRGX-NASDAQ)

Prifender 120516

Prima-Temp, Inc. 100515

Primate Products Inc. 030716

Prime Meridian Bank 120516
Prime Meridian Holding Company (OTCQX: PMHG) 120516

Prime Technological Services, LLC 111615

Primo Water Corporation (072911PRMW-NASDAQ)

Primus Telecommunications Group, Incorporated 112612

Princeton National Bancorp, Inc. (100308PNBC-NASDAQ)

Princeton Power Systems 032717

Princeton Security Technologies, Inc. (111811PSGY-OTC: BB)

Principal Marketing 032017

Principal Solar, Inc. (073012PSWW-OTCPK)

Principle Power Inc. 112513

Prineville Bancorporation (052507PNVL-OTC: BB)

Prism Analytical Technologies, Inc. 062314

Priva Inc. (

Privakey, Inc. 081417

The Private Bank of California (091406PBCA-OTC: BB)

The Private Bank of the Peninsula (121208PBKH-OTC: BB)

Privia LLC 121012

Privo Technologies Inc. 102416

Prizm Health 122616

Probe Manufacturing, Inc. (090310PMFI-OTC: BB)

Probe Mines Limited (041808PRB-TSXV)

Procera Networks, Inc. (121208PKT-AMEX)

ProclaRx 110716

ProConversions Corporation 020915

Procurri 070615

Product Savvy Consulting LLC 120715

Professional Employment Group 042015

Profit Builders 122214

Profit Planners Management, Inc. (PPMT:OTC US) 122616

Profit Recovery Partners, LLC 071816

ProFromGo Internet Marketing, LLC. 031416

Profound Medical Inc 062413

Progen Pharmaceuticals Limited (062708PGLA-NASDAQ, PGL-ASX)

Proginet Corporation (032405PRGF-OTCBB)

Programmer’s Paradise, Inc. (040606PROG-NASDAQ)

ProGreen Properties, Inc. (121710OTCBB-PGEI)

Project Hosts, Inc. 101314

Project Insight 042213

Prolifiq Software 010614

PROLIM 060313

ProLungDXdx 110512

Promérica Bank (Los Angeles, CA) (113010PMRA-OTC: BB)

Promet Source 022414

Pro-Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (062609PRWP-OTC: BB)

Pro-Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (112307PRW-AMEX)

ProPhase Labs, Inc. (080511PRPH-NASDAQ)

Prophecy Resource (091710PCY-TSXV)

Prophix Software 102113

PropLogix 091117

PRO Scientific Inc. 051914

ProServeIT Corp. 102113

Prositions, Inc. 062314

ProStar Software, Inc. 110215

Protagen AG 081015

PROTECS 020617

PROTECS 083115

Protege Biomedical 111218

Protein Sciences Corporation 122412

Protera Technologies 070813

Protocall Technologies Incorporated (051107PCLI.OB-OTC: BB)

Proto Labs, Inc. (041312PRLB-NYSE)

ProTom International, Inc. 042114

Protonics Cleaning Solutions Corp 090814

ProTrak International, Inc.050117

Provade, Inc 110413

Provectus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (031210PVCT-OTC: BB)

Provectus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (022405PVCT-OTC: BB)

Provenir 072213

ProVerde Laboratories, Inc. 010515

PRR, INC. 072417

PSM Holdings, Inc. (091611PSMH-OTCBB)

Puget Sound Bank (030411PUGB-OTC: BB)

Puget Sound Bank (061308PUGB.OB     OTC: BB)

Puget Ventures Inc. (012910PVS-TSXV)

Pulmatrix 073117

Pulmatrix, Inc. (NASDAQ: PULM) 121916

Pulmotect, Inc. 062915

PulseCX 091514

Pulzze Systems, Inc. 012317

Puration, Inc. (070912OTC Pink: PURA)

Purchasing Power (092412Private)

Pure Cycle Corp. (042211PCYO-NASDAQ)

Pure Cycle Corporation (050406PCYO-NASDAQ)

Pure Cycle Corporation (022405PCYO-NASDAQ)

PureDepth, Inc. (112307PDEP-OTC: BB)

Pure Earth, Inc. (100209PREA-OTC: BB)

PureHoney Technologies 022017

PurePredictive, Inc. 042715

PureSpectrum, Inc. (061308PSPM-OTCPK)

Purfresh 110512

Purview 032816

Push Interactions, Inc. 122815

pymetrics 112414

Pyng Medical Corp. (021507PYT-TSX.V, PYNGF-OTC: BB)

PyroGenesis Canada Inc. (012712PYR-TSXV)

Q Comm International Inc. (092304QMM - AMEX)

QCR Holdings, Inc. (052812QCRH-NASDAQ)

Qmedic 122913

QR Energy, LP (081211QRE-NYSE)

QuadW International Inc. 111912

QuadWrangle 022717

Quaker Chemical Corporation (071612KWR-NYSE)

Quaker Chemical Corporation (091109KWR-NYSE)

Qualia 011215

QalibreMD 021918

Qualifacts Systems Inc. 122412

Quality IT Partners 122913

QualMetrix 052713

Qualtek Manufacturing, Inc. 091415

Quant5 060914

Quantenna Communications, Inc. 052515

Quanterix (091012Private)

Quantiacs LLC 061217

QuantiSense (100112Private)

The Quantum Group, Inc. (091908QGP-AMEX)

The Quantum Group, Inc. (042304QTUM-OTC: BB)

Quantum Rare Earth Developments Corp. (011213QREDF.PK-OTC, QRE – TSX Venture)

Quantum Rare Earth Development Corp. (010711QREDF.PK-OTC, QRE – TSX Venture)

Quarri Technologies 111912

Quartet Service Inc. 062215

Quepasa Corporation (013009QPSA-NASDAQ)

Questionmine, LLC 012014

Queue-it 051616

Quicksilver Gas Services LP (101609KGS-NYSE)

Quikly, LLC 042015

Quincy Bioscience (100812Private)

Quintek Technologies Inc. (121505QTEK.OB)

Quizam® Media Corporation (080307QQ-TSXV)

Quore 071017

Quorum Information Technologies Inc. (022511QIS-TSXV)

Quorum Information Technologies Inc. (020906TSX V: QIS)

Quorum Information Technologies Inc. (111705QIS-TSX V)

Quorum Information Technologies Inc. (
042105TSX V: QIS)

Quorum Information Technologies Inc. (011305 QIS-TSX: V)

Quovim C3 082216

R2integrated 091514

R3D Conseil 110413

RadianGEN Generation, LLC 081015

Radiant Energy Corporation (061812RDT-TSXV)

Radiant Systems, Inc. (100308RADS-NASDAQ)

Radient Technologies Inc. (RTI:TSX.V) 040218

Radisson Mining Resources Inc. (072007RDS-TSX)

Rae Wallace Mining Company (081310RAEW-OTCPK)

RAID Inc 021113

RailPower Technologies Corp. (092807P-TSX)

Rainforest Automation, Inc. 020314

RAIN Group 061118

Rainy River Resources 111912

Rainy River Resources Ltd. (022208RR-TSXV)

Ram Power, Corp. (012910RPG-TSX)

RAMTelcom Inc. (110907RTC-TSXV)

R&K Cyber Solutions LLC 091817

Rand Logistics, Inc. (042310RLOG-NASDAQ)

randrr 071116

RankAbove 102813

RapidDecision 092313

Rapid Novor Inc 082117

Rapid Security Solutions, LLC 072715

Rapier Solutions Inc. 061614

Raptor Networks Technology, Inc. (042105RPTN.OB-OTC BB)

Raptor Pharmaceutical Inc. (031507RPTP-OTC: BB)

Raptor Technology Group, Inc. (022511RAPT-OTC: BB)

Rare Element Resources Ltd. (091809RES-TSXV)

Raser Technologies Inc. (082208RZ-NYSE Arca)

Rational Surgical Solutions 112017

Raven Bay Services 110413

RavenQuest BioMed Inc. (CSE:RQB) (OTCQB:RVVQF) 070218

Rayonier Inc. (032309RYN-NYSE)

Ray Products Company Inc. 071116

RazorX2 062915

R&D Medical Products -22216

RDI/A 081715

ReachBio Research Labs 042417

Reach | Influence 122115

Read Naturally 081814

ReadyPulse 051313

Real Logic, Inc. (061308RLLC-OTC: BB)

RealPatientRatings® 071315

Real Time Medical 012813

Realty Mogul 061413

Reference Interview Covering: ReBuilder Medical Technologies, Inc. (RBRM-OTCPK)
Dr. John Hayes Jr., Chiropractic Physician

ReBuilder Medical Technologies, Inc. (100909RBRM-OTCPK)

Recovery Networks 041414

Recursive Labs 081715

Red Canary 100515

REDCON Solutions Group 120417

Red Crescent Resources Limited (070912RCB-TSX)

Red Door Interactive 011414

Red Eagle Mining Corporation (073012RD-TSXV, RDEMF-OTCQX)

Red e App 072516

Redhook Ale Brewery, Inc. (110906HOOK-NASDAQ)

Redis Labs, Inc. 091415

Redknee Solutions Inc. (072310RKN-TSX)

Redline Communications Group Inc. (070912RDL-TSX)

Red Lion Hotels Corporation (062708RLH-NYSE)

Red Metal Resources Ltd. (050611RMES-OTC: BB)

RedRick Technologies 122815

RedSeal Inc 051815

Reduce Data 082514

Reece Energy Exploration Corp. (080808RXR-TSXV)

ReEmployAbility, Inc. 011215

RefactorU 020617

Refill Energy (041610REFG-OTCPK)

ReFlow Medical, Inc. 052515

Regal Software 041315

RegDOX Solutions Inc. 021317

RegeneRx Biopharmaceuticals (072403 RGRX - OTCBB)

RegenoCELL Therapeutics, Inc. (120911RCLL-OTCBB)

RegQuest 041816

RegScan, Inc. 030413

RehabCare Group Inc. (112808RHB-NYSE)

ReinCloud Corporation 040813

Reinventing Geospatial®, Inc. (RGi) 061917

Related Matters 012615

Relecura 060115

Relevium Technologies – (TSX Venture: RLV) (OTCQB: RLLV) 081318

ReliAscent LLC 011816

Remedium Technologies Inc. 061413

Remote Backup Systems 052013

RemoteMDx, Inc. (021309RMDX.OB-OTC: BB)

Remote Medical International 070113

REMTCS, INC. 070317

Renegade Venture Corporation (100903RDVN-OTC)

Renesan Software 020116

Renovco Inc. 090114

Renovion, Inc. 051616

Renovo Corporation 100713

Renovo Neural, Inc. 122517

Rentech, Inc. (070309RTK-NYSE AMEX)

Rentech, Inc. (011108RTK-AMEX)

Rentricity 112612

RenWeb 021516

RepliCel 050117

Repro-Med Systems Inc. (081105REPR.OB)

Reputation Rhino 102014

reQuire, LLC 022414

Rescue 7 Inc. 092313

Rescue One Financial 021413

Research Dynamics Consulting Group Ltd. 082613

Research Frontiers Inc. (102309NASDAQ: REFR)

Research Into Action Inc. 060214

Re-Sec Technologies Ltd 031416

Reservoir Capital Corp. (120310REO-TSXV)

ReShape Medical, ® Inc. 122913

ResilientGrid, Inc. 052917

Resources Global Professionals (051107RECN-NASDAQ)

RespireRX Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OTCQB: RSPI) 021317

Restore Medical, Incorporated (012508REST-NASDAQ)

RESULTS Technology 101716

Resverlogix Corporation (042105RVX-TSX)

RetailCapital 081213

Retire-IT, LLC 012516

Rêve Consulting 012615

Revett Minerals Inc. (040606RVM-TSX)

ReviewTrackers 091216

Revionics, Inc. (072312Private)

ReVision Optics®, Inc. (RVO) 051815

Revolution Retail Systems LLC 051214

Revonergy Inc. (073010RNRG-OTC: BB)

RevTrax 041513

Rewired Solutions, Inc. 051815

Rexahn Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (060106RXHN.OB)

Rex Medical, L.P. 051313

Rezoud Corporation 051214

RF IDeas 042213


RF Industries Ltd. (082208RFIL-NASDAQ)

RF Monolithics, Inc. (092205RFMI-NASDAQ)

RF Monolithics, Inc. (071704RFMI-NASD)

RF Monolithics, Inc.  (1002RFMI – NASD)

RFP365 - 120417

Rheonix Inc. 082216

RhinoDox 072516

Rhiza, Inc. 070615

Rhythm 101215

Richter10.2 Media Group 042715

Rick’s Cabaret International, Inc. (061506RICK-NASDAQ)

Rideau Recognition Solutions Inc. 103116

RideScout 061515

Ridge Diagnostics 102813

RightCare Solutions, Inc 071414

RightNow Technologies Inc. (030906RNOW-NASDAQ)

Rightscorp, Inc. 072814

Riipen Inc. 020116

Riklan Resources, LLC 021516

Rinovum Women's Health, LLC. 110915

Rio Cristal Resources Corporation (102910RCZ-TSXV, RCZ-BVL)

Ripcord Solutions 042015

Rippleshot 060214

Riptide Worldwide, Inc. (032108RTWW-OTCBB)

Rise Interactive 051313

RiseSmart 102912

Rising Medical Solutions (092412Private)

Rising Sun Farms, Inc. 031813

Risk Based Security 060115

RiskMatch, LLC 091415

Rite-Solutions, Inc. 080618

Rivada Networks 051214

Riverdale Oil and Gas Corporation (RVDO-OTCPK)

River Logic Inc. 070615

RizePoint 081516

RJ Wronski Associates, Inc. 062215

RMON Networks, Inc. 050514

RNR Consulting 112513

Robert Thikoll - Ingersoll Rand 112717

Robix Environmental Technologies, Inc. (CSE:RZX)(FRANKFURT:R0X)(US:ROBXF) 012317

ROBOLINK Inc. 040416

RobotLAB 071116

RockCyber, LLC 062518

Rock Energy Resources, Inc. (080808RCKE-OTC: BB)

Rocket Farm Studios 020816

Rockex Mining Corporation (090312RXM-TSX)

Rockland Technimed Ltd. 060313

Rockville Financial, Inc. 041513

Rocky Mountain Liquor Inc. (091710RUM-TSXV)

Roctest Ltd. (050505RTT-TSX)

Rodinia Minerals Inc. (042310RM-TSXV)

Rod J. Rohrich, MD - Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute 050117

Rodman & Renshaw Capital Group, Inc. (082208RODM-NASDAQ)

Rokk3r Labs 120814

Roma Financial Corporation (081707ROMA-NasdaqGSM)

Roomlinx, Inc. (010810RMLX-OTC: BB)

Roost 032315

Root Inc. 020215 

Root Sciences 091117

Rosetta Genomics, Ltd. (080511ROSG-NASDAQ)


Rotoblock Corp. (041808ROTB-OTC: BB)

Route1 Inc. (091406ROI-TSXV)

Routezilla 051313

Royal Energy Resources, Inc. (040910ROYE-OTC: BB)

Royale Energy, Inc. (052903ROYL - NASD)

Royal Mines and Minerals Corp. (021111RYMM-OTC: BB)

Royal Nickel Corporation (072211RNX-TSX)

Royal Pet Meals, Inc. (
072805RYPM-Pink Sheets)

Royal Roads Corp.  (072508RRO – TSX-V)
and Buchans River Ltd.  (072508BUV – TSX-V)

RPost 090913

RPRD Diagnostics LLC 050817

RPX Corporation (110411RPXC-NASDAQ)

RSC Holdings, Inc. (102607RRR-NYSE)

RtTech Software Inc. 071315

Ruby Mining Company (031104RUBM.OB)

Running Fox Resource CP (041207RUN-TSXV)

Run of River Power Inc. (113010ROR-TSXV)

Rural Sourcing, Inc. 032315

Russ Berrie and Company, Inc. (071504RUS-NASD)

Russ Berrie and Company, Inc. (071003 RUS-NYSE)

Russel Metals Inc. (040408RUS-TSX)

Rutter Technologies Inc. (041703RUT - TSX Venture)

RxDataScience Inc. 072417

RXi Pharmaceuticals Corporation (032610RXII-NASDAQ)

Ryan Emmons - Waiakea Inc 091117

Rye Patch Gold Corp. (022208RPM-TSXV)

S1 Corporation (091109SONE-NASDAQ)

S1 Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (050412Privately Held)

S90 Technology, LLC. 091817

Saanvi Technologies LLC 101716

Sabretooth Energy Ltd. (040408SAB-TSX)

Sabtech 111813

Saebo, Inc. 121117

Safe Banking Systems, LLC 122412

SafeBeyond Ltd. 110915

Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. (102606SFE-NYSE)

SafeITData, LLC 020816

SafeStitch Medical, Inc./ SafeStitch, LLC (072310SFES-OTC: BB)

Safety Net, Inc. 080116

Safety Plus Inc. 070416

Sage Clarity 122214

Sage Communications 051214

Sage Gold Inc. (080306SVG-TSXV)

SAGE Labs, Inc. 120213

Sagentia Inc.  (103108SGA-LSE)

SageTea Software 110215

Saladax Biomedical, Inc. 012113

Sales Excellence International 122914

Sales Focus Inc. 021813

SalesGenomix LLC 020518

Saltworks Enthusiast Branding, Inc. 020518

Salzinger & Company 030413

SampleServe 090318

Sam Schwartz Engineering 030314

SAMSys Technologies Inc. (022003SMY - TSX Venture)

Samuel Strauch, Principal and Founder - Metrik Holdings 050817

Sandstorm Resources Ltd. (121109SSL-TSXV)

SAND Technology Inc. (011504SNDT-NASDAQ)

Sangart (070212Private)

San Gold Corporation (122106SGR-TSXV)

Sangoma Technologies Corporation (122107STC-TSXV)

San Joaquin Bancorp (051107SJQU-OTC: BB)

Sanovas, Inc. 122412

Santa Fe Gold Corporation (110409SFEG-OTC: BB)

Santa Fe Gold Corp. (032108SFEG-OTC: BB)

Santa Fe Metals Corp. (051608SFM-TSX-V)

Santeon Group, Inc. (070912SANT-OTCPK)

Sapience Analytics 070714

Saranas, Inc. 090417

Sarepta Therapeutics, Inc. (100112SRPT-NASDAQ)

Sarfez Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 010614

SARS Corp. (020808SARO-OTC: BB)

Saskatchewan Wheat Pool (

Satuit Technologies, Inc. 121916

Saturn Infotech 122913

Sauer Energy, Inc. (102210SENY-OTC: BB) (BCOZ -Previous Ticker Symbol)

Savage IO 071513

SaviBank (OTCPink:SVVB) 032717

SaviCorp (070912SVMI-OTCPK)

Savi Technology 030915

The SAVO Group 110413

SAVVIS Communications Corporation (123004SVVS-NASDAQ)

SavvyCard® 112414

SavWatt USA, Incorporated (031111SAVW-OTC: BB)

SayPay Technologies Inc. 062915

ScaleFactor, Inc. 012218

ScaleFT Inc. 072516

ScaleIO 022513

Scalr 090114

Scanmarket North America, Inc. 082514

ScanSource, Inc. (SCSC-NASDAQ)

ScarX Therapeutics Inc. 031416

Scherago International 113015

Schiff Nutrition International, Inc. (052209WNI-NYSE)

School of Thought 102714

School Specialty, Inc. (072403 SCHS - NASD)

Schupan & Sons Inc. 031014

SCI Engineered Materials, Inc. (090310SCIA-OTC: BB)

Scientel Information Technology, Inc. 061614

Scientific Search 052713

Sciessent 111212

Scio Diamond Technology Corporation (050412SCIO-OTCBB)

Sci-Tek Consultants, Inc. 120715

SCMO2 072114

ScopiaRx LLC 011314

Scout Technology Guides 091916

SCP Pool Corporation (063005POOL-NASDAQ)

Scribble Technologies Inc. 082613 122616

ScripsAmerica, Inc. (091012OTBB: SCRC)

Scrybersecurity LLC 091916

SDL 120312 (LSE: SDL)

SeaComm Federal Credit Union 052917

Seacomm Federal Credit Union 020915