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March 16, 2012 Issue

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Being the Only Publicly Traded Limousine Service in the United States and Having Tripled Revenues During the Recession, Shows the Strength of the Dynasty Limousine Inc. Management Team

Company Profile:



Dynasty Limousine Inc. is a full service Limousine and Transportation firm with offices in Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida. The Company was founded in 1998 and currently operates a fleet of 17 Limousines, Luxury Sedans, and Limousine Buses with service areas primarily in the Southeast United States. The Company is a member of the National Limousine Association, and has a nationwide affiliate network to handle all domestic service requests. Dynasty currently has 17 employees, and is actively seeking acquisitions and expansion into additional markets.

Dynasty maintains an A+ accredited BBB rating, and was named a National top three finalist for "Limousine Operator of the Year" by LCT Magazine for 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. Additional company information may be accessed via Dun and Bradstreet, OTCmarkets.com, or by visiting the Investor Relations area located on our corporate websites. At the time of this release, the total number of shares issued and outstanding is 4,836,425 with an estimated float of 737,175 shares.


Dynasty Limousine is currently the only publicly traded Limousine Service in the United States.

Pierce Celon Fleming
Chief Financial Officer

Pierce Fleming has been the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Dynasty Limousine since 2008. Mr. Fleming attended both Old Dominion University and the University of North Florida, and received Finance and Insurance certification from the Zieglar Institute in 1992.


Mr. Fleming has an extensive background in marketing and sales after spending over 18 years in the automotive industry. Prior to joining Dynasty in 1998, his last position held was General Sales Manager with an Acura franchise in North Florida. He has received numerous awards for outstanding business performance in both the automotive industry and while operating Dynasty Limousine. Mr. Fleming has been named a National top thee finalist for “Limousine Operator of the Year” each year since 2009.


Mr. Fleming spearheaded the process of taking Dynasty public beginning in 2007, and DNYS began trading as a brand new symbol in August of 2010.

Limousine Service

Dynasty Limousine Inc.
11857 San Jose Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL 32223
Phone: 904-268-7171


Interview conducted by: Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – March 16, 2012

CEOCFO: Mr. Fleming, would you tell us about Dynasty?

Mr. Fleming: Dynasty Limousine is a full-service luxury limousine company that started operations in 1998. We provide service for retail and corporate clients, and offer other luxury services such as event planning and concierge services. Typical charters include weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, special events and graduations to name a few. We are entering the prom and graduation season now, which is a great time of the year for the company and is a period of increased business. We also provide airport transportation and Dynasty has received two separate contracts with the Military to provide transportation for their specific needs. Dynasty has a fleet of 17 vehicles and those include limousine busses, stretch limos, and luxury cars. The company has access to additional vehicles through affiliates and these are chartered when necessary to accommodate our clients. The business has been growing and we just reported our 2011 financials and information disclosure. The company generated $718,000 in revenues last year, which was our best year since inception. Dynasty is family owned and operated, and has a staff of 12 chauffeurs at this time.

CEOCFO: Your website proclaims, “Dynasty is Florida’s premiere limousine service”. What makes you the best?

Mr. Fleming: We were voted the best, so it is not just a slogan for us. Over the past four years, Limousine Charter, and Tour Magazine has named us the national top-three finalist for Limousine Operator of The Year. Although Dynasty placed second four years in a row, but we have not lost to anyone in our market. One year the winner was a company in California. This year for 2012, the winner was an operator in Iowa. When the livery industry’s premiere publication, LCT Magazine, votes Dynasty as top three in the country four years in a row, we can back up our claims to be the premier service in Florida. We have a very exotic fleet, and one of the newest fleets in the US. We added five brand-new 2011 vehicles last year and we are adding additional new vehicles to our fleet in the coming months. We pride ourselves on having the best vehicles and people, and we know how to make each client’s event a success. Dynasty maintains a perfect A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau. We have received other awards as well, the knot.com voted us 2010 best wedding limousine service provider and we have many great reviews online from our clients. We really enjoy taking care of our clients and we have a great staff that interacts with them at all levels. Our chauffeurs really are the best in the business and they are the face of Dynasty in our daily operations.

CEOCFO: Would you tell us about your exotic vehicles?

Mr. Fleming: We have a 200-inch stretch Pink Cadillac Escalade. The interior on that limousine has pink and black ostrich seating surfaces. The floor has disco lights, like the dance floor in the movie Saturday Night Fever. There are lights in the ceiling and lights in the bar, so that is a vehicle that most would consider exotic. We also have a twin to that vehicle, except that it is a black 200” stretch Cadillac Escalade. It has hardwood floors with three flat-screen plasma TVs inside. We have 200-inch stretch Hummers with lasers, strobe lights, and nightclub quality sound and lighting inside. We have limousine busses that look like a regular bus from the outside, but when you get inside it is a full-blown limousine with all the amenities. In addition, we have a fleet of non-stretched luxury sedans and SUV’s that are chartered for smaller groups and airport transportation. The fleet is very diverse and can appeal to any client wanting chauffeured transportation. Everything is custom, top of the line, and beautiful. If you have seen the websites, you have seen some of the vehicles that we offer and they are the cutting-edge of what is available right now.

CEOCFO: Do people typically look for something different in a limo or is it something they are excited about when they find out you have them?

Mr. Fleming: We have been in business since 1998, so we have chartered thousands of different clients over the years. Many of our previous clients know the upscale vehicles that we offer, so they come to us for those specific types of options. Many times when clients charter a limousine, it is for a very special occasion such as a Wedding, Birthday celebration or an anniversary. These are big events in people’s lives and they want a special vehicle and a great experience when they celebrate. We have decided to have these unique vehicles and the best team of professional chauffeurs to make each experience with Dynasty positive and fun. It has worked out really well, because there is not a whole lot of competition for the exact type of vehicles that we do have. So yes, customers do know that we offer and it gives us a bit of an edge.

CEOCFO: Would you tell us about your chauffeurs?

Mr. Fleming: Our team of chauffeurs is fantastic and we are very fortunate to have them. I have never advertised employment for a chauffeur in our company. The way we find these people is through referrals from current employees or referrals from people that we know. Chauffeurs must have a clean driving history and pass a background check before we start the training and certification process. We go through a DOT process where they have to get a physical from a doctor to get a clean bill of health in order to drive passengers. Obtaining a CDL license is also required; however, most that come to Dynasty already have this type of license. A passenger endorsement is also required in order to drive our vehicles and we assist our people with getting this requirement met. There is a driving test involved and we provide a limousine for them to take the DOT test. This is the general process they go through to become a licensed chauffer with the city and state, and then after completion we have internal training as well. Chauffeurs go on two charters with a senior chauffer before they are allowed to drive a client on their own. The main thing these chauffeurs are taught is safety and how to provide excellent service for the client. They make sure the vehicle is spotlessly clean and they are always there fifteen minutes early. The client is given the chauffeur’s name and cell phone number before the charter even starts. There is a certain way that a professional chauffer should drive and it is key to a successful charter.

CEOCFO: What is your current geographic reach for Dynasty Limousine and what would you like it to be?

Mr. Fleming: We are based in north Florida in the Jacksonville area and we also have offices in Orange Park Florida. Most of our business is from Savannah Georgia, south to Orlando. However, we do routinely charter well outside that area from the panhandle of Florida to Hilton Head South Carolina down to Miami. We service these areas on a regular basis. Anything outside of that we typically would call in an affiliate and they would handle the charter, but we will travel almost anywhere at the client’s request. The manner for handling out of town travel is to charge a travel fee to get the vehicle to and from the pickup location. For example, if a customer calls from Georgia, all we do is charge a travel fee to get the vehicle there and back. When they charter the vehicle it is the same as if they were here in town; there is just an added travel fee. I am comfortable with our current service footprint and this will likely expand as we add more vehicles.

CEOCFO: How do you expand the range of customers?

Mr. Fleming: Our current marketing strategy is concentrated in the North Florida market, however we are routinely found by clients well outside this area. As our fleet changes and more specialized vehicles are added, we will likely see clients from other areas that cannot find these options where they live. We have great frontage at both our locations, and we are able to display vehicles at these properties resulting in additional business. We are in the process of upgrading Dynasty’s websites and will expand the ad campaigns to surrounding markets once complete. Dynasty has excellent market share and a great reputation in our current areas, and I feel there is room for significant growth right where we are.

CEOCFO: Would you tell us about the limousine industry in general?

Mr. Fleming: There are generally two different types of providers in our industry. There are provides like us, which is the luxury limousine service that is primarily in the business of longer-term charters, big stretch limousines and exotic fleet. Then you have the other type, which is primarily people movers from point to point, which includes a lot of airport transportation etc. Those are shuttle busses moving people from one location to the other location. That is something that we are looking at doing here in the future. We may do an acquisition of a company that has a fleet like that, because there is a lot of volume involved. That can increase revenues, but the margins are smaller so we have been approaching this carefully.

CEOCFO: Why did Dynasty become a public company?

Mr. Fleming: I came to Dynasty fulltime in 2008. The company was already fully operational, had been for about ten years. Then I decided it might be a good idea to take the company public so that we could have access to capital at some point in the future in order to expand the company. This was in 2007 when I made that decision. It was a very difficult and lengthy process to take this company public, with about 15,000 pages in documentation. We had to get FINRA, the SEC, and DTC involved with the process before we were actually able to start trading. We acquired the 50 shareholders required as a private company, and then after a holding period of one year we were able to apply for a trading symbol. After we got our stock symbol, we applied for DTC eligibility, which allowed our shares to trade electronically through the discount brokers. Since then we are a fully reporting company for the OTC markets. We issue annual reports, and we regularly issue press releases. That is basically the process for going public for a small company like us. We did not do a reverse merger and we did not purchase a shell; we went from scratch. DNYS is a brand new symbol that began trading in August of 2010.

CEOCFO: Are you looking for investors?

Mr. Fleming: We want to increase investor awareness for our company. There has been increased volume in our stock recently, which is a good sign. It has taken a little bit longer than we originally anticipated for that to start happening. We are looking to do an awareness campaign here in the new future. There is a company that we contacted that comes highly recommended and they are going to do an investor awareness and brand imaging campaign for us, so that should help with getting DNYS found by the investing public. The company is profitable so we do not need investors for Dynasty to function. We may seek investors as part of our future expansion plans however.

CEOCFO: Why should investors be paying attention to Dynasty Limousine today?

Mr. Fleming: Dynasty Limousine has been growing by a large percentage each year. In 2007, our revenues were $230 thousand that is right before the financial downturn in the US economy, which lasted to 2010, and some say it is still ongoing. However, from 2007-2011 our revenues have tripled. The revenues last year were $718 thousand. Our share structure is extremely small. We have 4.8 million shares outstanding and of that, company officers hold 4 million shares. Our float is only 736,000, so we do not have a large number of shares out there. The company is growing at a very rapid pace and we have a stock split that we are executing now, which is a three for one forward split ratio. This action should reduce the volatility in DNYS and make the daily price swings a bit less drastic. We are a fully reporting company, we are a real business, and we are profitable. Many companies on the OTC are developmental and have no revenues or have extremely high share counts. We feel that Dynasty represents a marked contrast to the typical OTC profile.

CEOCFO: Is there anything from the investment perspective that people might not understand?

Mr. Fleming: There are a couple things that should be pointed out for the investors. Number-one is that we have not changed our share structure in over two years. Some companies on the OTC market are constantly adding shares to their float in order to fund their business. Dynasty funds its business by generating revenues and providing our services, not by selling shares into the open market. When we do increase the amount of shares in the market it will be achieved through forward splits, and that allows our shareholders to participate. We have expansion plans in the works for Dynasty and there are a few different projects that we are currently looking at. We are in the process of building an online search engine for Limousine services, and the website for the service is LimoBug.com. We own this site and will begin BETA testing over the next couple of months. The website will generate bookings for the top Limo providers in the country, and we will get a commission for each booking that is received. In addition, we are looking at purchasing a larger property in order to sell and service Limousines all under one roof. Essentially, we may expand into a dealership type entity in addition to our rental business. There are other projects that we are looking at but the two aforementioned are the most likely at this time. 2012 is going to be the best year in the company’s history, because our fleet is the best in the company’s history. The next two quarters will be a good indicator as this is when the bulk of our business happens. So far year to date we are up 28% over the best start in Dynasty’s history.

CEOCFO: Final thoughts, what is it about the company and the management that should give people confidence that you are able to handle growth and that you are able to run a company that is more than a family business?

Mr. Fleming: All three directors of Dynasty Limousine are also family members.  Each has a successful background in managing companies that are larger than Dynasty is at this time. If anyone reading this has ever personally taken a company public, they would agree that this is the most difficult process that they have achieved in their professional career. After going through that process, everything else in business seems relatively easy. We are the only publicly traded Limousine service in the United States and we have tripled revenues during the recession. The fact that Dynasty’s management was able to achieve these milestones should give potential investors confidence in our abilities going forward. My personal commitment is to comply with all the reporting requirements set forth by the OTC markets, remain transparent in all securities and business matters, and to continue to grow the business. Dynasty will soon be celebrating its 15th anniversary as a company and the future prospects for the entire organization are positive in all respects.


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If anyone reading this has ever personally taken a company public, they would agree that this is the most difficult process that they have achieved in their professional career. After going through that process, everything else in business seems relatively easy. We are the only publicly traded Limousine service in the United States and we have tripled revenues during the recession. The fact that Dynasty’s management was able to achieve these milestones should give potential investors confidence in our abilities going forward. - Pierce Celon Fleming



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