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August 21, 2009 Issue

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With Their MedFlash Product, Connectyx Technologies Has Given Consumers Exactly What They Need – Easy And Secure Online Access To Their Electronic Personal Health Record

Company Profile:

Connectyx Technologies (OTCPK: CTYX) Connectyx provides products in the health care market which includes its Electronic Personal Health Record, ePHR, MedFlash. The MedFlash product is an easy to use Personal Health and Lifestyle Record & Portal that is USB flash drive enabled. MedFlash contains an emergency flash drive with a web portal and 24/7 emergency call center access that can contain the owner's complete medical and key information. Stored MedFlash information can be accessed on any computer securely with complete privacy for the members.

Ronn Schuman
President, CEO & Board Member

Mr. Schuman, CEO for CTC, has an extensive background in healthcare business administration and executive strategic planning. He has served as Vice President of Business Development/Operations for Liberty Medical from 1997 to 1999, a $100M medical supply company, (PLMD) and was their Compliance Officer for two years. Mr. Schuman has owned and operated numerous medical equipment companies over the last 25+years. He is a registered and licensed respiratory clinician and has a bachelor's degree in business from the University of Phoenix, AZ.

In 1987 Mr. Schuman created ACT, Accessible Care Together and ACT Software, which were the beginning models for one call seamless healthcare networks. The companies had over 50 subscribers throughout the NY - TRI State area. Some of Mr. Schuman's other areas of expertise are, team facilitation, medical billing, call center development, mail order fulfillment and management - process consulting. Mr. Schuman is also an accreditation healthcare surveyor for the Accreditation Commission for HealthCare, ACHC.


Connectyx Technologies Holdings Group, Inc.
3565 SW Corporate Parkway
Palm City, FL 34990
Phone: 772-221-8240

Interview conducted by: Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor,, Published – August 21, 2009

Mr. Schuman, what is the vision at Connectyx today?
Mr. Schuman: “Connectyx Technologies is a healthcare technologies company and our vision was to create healthcare technology software that would be advantageous to the consumers. Our current product and lead product is called MedFlash, it is an electronic Personal Health Record that holds personal information, medical and lifestyle history also offering additional accessibility through a secure web portal. Our website is With that, we include a 24-hour hotline, and we give them a flash drive to store personal information. The exciting part over the last two years is we have moved the product from concept to prototype. We are now in production, we can build manufacturing and we are actually now in distribution.”


CEOCFO: How do the medical records get in there?

Mr. Schuman: “What we have done is created and established ourselves as a market leader in giving consumers something that has been very easy to use. So when you go on the internet and register for your MedFlash ePHR, web portal, it opens up and allows an average person to build a health and lifestyle portal in under thirty minutes. We looked at a lot of other products that have been there for a while and what they seem to forget is that with consumer buying, they do not want a full-blown or comprehensive electronic medical record. What they want is something that is easy for them to understand and use and that is what MedFlash is all about.”


CEOCFO: What type of information would this hold?
Mr. Schuman: “We allow them to put in personal information, allergies, lifestyle information, medications, physicians, injuries; anything that you want to create about yourself for two areas. One is if you become incapacitated and you are unable to speak, for quick accessibility you can allow limited ability for somebody else to get information. You can limit that to whatever you want it to be. For example, just say on ‘my emergency record’ that my name is Ron Schuman and my wife’s name is Amanda and here is her cell phone and by the way I am allergic to penicillin, or I can have more information in an unsecured manner so that it is available. Within the secure health portal where your information for you health and lifestyle is, you can put as much information in there as you choose. You could store important documents, maybe for instance I want to put in key documents for my mortgage, life insurance, even maybe personal information like photos; it is all secured in case of some unforeseen event, though I would not wish that upon anyone. With MedFlash, you now have a storage place for all of your health and lifestyle information that is secure and you can retrieve anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the internet, and of course if you place it on your USB Flash drive you also have access via any computer.”


CEOCFO: So MedFlash is a lot more than just your medical records!

Mr. Schuman: “Oh absolutely! They can store their medical records, they can enter in information that is relevant to their electronic medical record, they can enter in information that is relative to their lifestyle records. We give them versatility and flexibility but it is also important to understand that we make it a very easy thing to do all of this. They can make it easier or as comprehensive as they choose and that is what is important about MedFlash.”


CEOCFO: Who is using your product now and what is your distribution, sales and marketing strategy?

Mr. Schuman: “We have established ourselves and plan to continue to be a market leader. It is our goal to have at least a million subscribers by the end of 2011. The way we are going to do this is through a wide range of distribution channels. Some of the areas that we want and have already started selling are selected affinity groups, drug stores, and retail locations. We are also pursuing mail-order sales now, and non-profits, as you can use MedFlash as a fundraising tool. We have also started contacting benefit risk mitigation groups, hospital systems and even physicians. What makes us more exciting is that all these groups can make MedFlash products available for their patients, their customers, their employees, and friends and family. There is no limit to what we can do with this product. Especially since the current administration is pushing for the whole ideology of electronic medical records, so timing couldn’t be better.”


CEOCFO: What is the cost involved for your members?
Mr. Schuman: “That is another important cornerstone of our vision. We examined the market and noticed that the price to the consumer was anywhere between $30 and $300. Our suggested MSRP, Manufacturer suggested retail price for the MedFLash products are $34.95, and typically you will see it online or in stores for anywhere between $25 and $30, and that is the initial package that includes a one-year membership to the portal and the flash drive. Thereafter the renewal price is $19.95 per year and again with that our members get a whole host of additional services. Some of the other services we offer are a result of companies that we have collaborated with that offer other health and lifestyle opportunities, so we will continually engage our memberships with exciting products. For instance, if you are a MedFlash member right now you can get a thirty-day free trial with Life Lock, which is an identity-theft product and with that they give an additional 10% discount to MedFlash members. We are trying to continually pass on health and lifestyle savings to our members as part of the MedFlash vision.”


CEOCFO: Do you have some other services as well?

Mr. Schuman: “Yes we do. We are preparing to launch our synchronization tool MedSync™, which is a tool that will be one of the first synchronization tools for ePHR’s. It is important to understand that hospitals, doctors, labs, pharmacies and all the others right now are at a disconnect, so we plan to help consolidate that and of course allow people to connect through our MedSync tool, by the way which we will offer as a free software utility. That is what we are building, so for instance once we launch our MedSync Auto Sync software, you will be able to of course connect to your MedFlash, but at some point you will be able to connect to other ePHR’s like Google Health and Healthvault. You would also be able to connect to a hospital system and we will slowly allow other integrations to occur with leading EMR’s, so information can pass seamlessly through these channels. So as you can see, we are very excited about this technology.”


CEOCFO: What about the security feature, as people are always concerned about others getting access to their information?

Mr. Schuman: “We don’t get a lot of questions online security, as people understand more and more about the security of the internet. We have a very secure platform; we use all the current technology. We do not have any MedFlash software computers or servers hosted locally; they are hosted in a tier-3 facility. With regard to the online portal we have two levels of log-in, a username and password, so everything is protected and that is part of our infrastructure process.”


CEOCFO: What is the financial picture of the company?

Mr. Schuman: “We are just coming out of early-stage, so we are raising capital now to secure the next phase of growth for the company. We plan to use some of proceeds and take the company to the next level with regards to updating our status to “fully reporting, which will include completing financial audits and filing the necessary SEC documents and moving to the bulletin boards. And lastly we will add more exciting sales and marketing programs to increase consumer awareness about our ePHR and MedFlash. So we are excited about that right now and  are in discussion with potential investors as we prepare to take the company to the next stage.”


CEOCFO: Developing a product is one thing, getting it in-use is another, what in your background would let people know you are the right person to lead this effort?
Mr. Schuman: “I have been in healthcare and management specializing in this business for over thirty years. I started as a licensed respiratory therapist, I opened a few home medical supply companies, I worked in the mail-order and distribution business for years. I was part of the Liberty Medical Team in the mid 1990’s, where we literally went from $20-$80 million in a year and a half. I was their vice president of new business and worked in operations and compliance, so I am familiar with both the private and public markets. I and my team have had a long history of operating in this space as well as being an entrepreneur. It is also important to mention that by having thirty years of experience in this industry, I am well-connected and that is one of the reasons we have had some early successes as well as surrounding myself with a good team of professionals with similar and diverse experiences, much like myself. So with that said, that is what I attribute to our early success and expect continued success with this product.”


CEOCFO: What do you see as some potential challenges ahead and how are you ready?

Mr. Schuman: “The biggest challenge that I see is the way the current economy is and how we are working through this recession by keeping our operating burn very low. As you know, it is a difficult time to secure capital. We have been very conservative about our operating processes, so we actually have done quite well with the proceeds that we have secured and will continue too. Other challenges will be to continually engage our members, and as I said earlier we have engaged some exciting strategic partners to help us with and believe that with their help and MedFLash we will continue to grow.”


CEOCFO: In closing, what should potential investors be looking for in the next couple of years, and why should they be looking to invest in Connectyx?

Mr. Schuman: “Potential investors now should look at what we have done so far. They should visit our website, listen to our national teleconference, they should listen to what you and I were talking about today. They should take a look at the projections that we have and look at the current financials and the growth that we are continuing to forecast and achieve. We will continually build revenue and value for our shareholders. We could not be in a better place as this is a  new growth market. It is going to succeed, because there is no doubt about it, everybody needs to understand that electronic health records are here to stay. What we have done is created a personal electronic health record that will allow you and I,  the average consumer to control, edit and manage our own information which is key. It even at some point could help save your life by having that information accessible. So these are all important benefits and last, we are in the right place at the right time as we all know our healthcare system in going to change.”


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“Connectyx Technologies is a healthcare technologies company and our vision was to create healthcare technology software that would be advantageous to the consumers. Our current product and lead product is called MedFlash, it is an electronic Personal Health Record that holds personal information, medical and lifestyle history also offering additional accessibility through a secure web portal. Our website is With that, we include a 24-hour hotline, and we give them a flash drive to store personal information. The exciting part over the last two years is we have moved the product from concept to prototype. We are now in production, we can build manufacturing and we are actually now in distribution.” - Ronn Schuman does not purchase or make
recommendation on stocks based on the interviews published.