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June 24, 2013 Issue

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Bringing to market an Affordable Worldwide eMobile Solution, My911, Inc. is providing Lifesaving Communications Technology that allows Users to Get Help from All Smart Phones

Larry Hurwitz

Mr. Hurwitz is a proven technology executive with more than 25 years of P&L responsibility in start up, multi - million, and billion dollar companies. Prior to joining My911, Mr. Hurwitz served as CIO/CTO for HealthEquity. In this capacity he managed all Technology and Security, taking the company through a complete change of management.  Mr. Hurwitz was also co- founder and CEO of Inimage Software Inc where he led efforts to develop and publish the award winning product TABs. Additionally, Mr. Hurwitz brings vast business experience, having served as a consultant to NASA, ATK, Blue HealthCare Bank, MarketStar, Sorensen Communication, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Walt Disney Corp., and Martin Marietta.

My911, Inc.

The My911 Mission is to provide worldwide pre and post GPS enabled services. My911 brings superior cost effective personal safety, security and incident services directly to your cell phone. The My911 platform is hardware agnostic supporting almost ALL SMART PHONES (BlackBerry, Android, and iPhone platforms) and a large percentage of Non Smartphones. My911 provides lifesaving communications technology that allows users to get help from just about all locations around the globe. Using cutting edge technology, My911 is able to offer people unmatched peace of mind that they, as well as their loved ones, have immediate help, risk or danger notifications and emergency services no matter their location. With the My911 patented processes, My911 can comfortably say it is the "eMobile" solution supporting your well-being in any situation.

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 My911, Inc.
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Interview conducted by: Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published –  June 24, 2013

What is the concept at My911?

Mr. Hurwitz: My911 is a pre and post emergency communications platform, bringing both public and private emergency response communication automatically and seamlessly direct from your phone. Our initial process started as a result of Hurricane Katrina where it was identified that the telecommunications industry in our opinion could have done a far better job in helping prevent the loss of life as well as loss of assets. We felt with current notification technology available on the market at that time, would have raised the awareness of the pending devastation that was to follow, giving the community a chance to clearly understand and grasp what was to come, allowing for evacuation in a timely fashion. That was the basis of where My911 came from and in fact that is where the name came from where the word’s “Well Being” in My Well Being are replaced with “911”. Thus the name “My911”. We have since enhanced our product and services then, elaborating on some key features directly relating to pre and post emergency communications, one being the impact whereby we take advantage of the accelerometer inherent to the telephone itself, giving our solution the ability to monitor for impacts in four different types of emergencies. Automobile impact, Motorcycle impact, Bicycle or Outdoor impact, and then an individual falling down. We extended those services even further to incorporate onboard diagnostics of a motor car. This allowing our solution to also monitor for airbag deployment. Thus in the event an individual is in an accident or an impact, our services automatically tie into emergency services, both private and public, no matter where you are around the world ensuring the key information is conveyed to the operator. Including the individuals name, location, type of event, and now in the world of health even more data, assuming the consumer has allowed to share this information.


CEOCFO: How does it work and what is the backend that allows you to do all of this?

Mr. Hurwitz: There are a few key factors that come into play. Primarily understanding the primary components of incident communication: What caused the incident, or based upon the data coming in will this cause an incident, where is the incident, who and how should I communicate the incident based upon the location of the incident, who else should be notified of the incident. The natural high priority note is that we are completely location centric, so everything we do is associated with the GPS coordinate. When it comes to an impact we are monitoring for a specific trend in acceleration on the device itself. That in turn triggers a new event within the application which posts that event to our cloud and calls emergency services whether it is public, i.e. 911 here in the United States or 112, or to private emergency response centers. So depending upon what country you are in it will look to reach out to those public emergency services specific to that country you are in. That is the impact component. Very similarly we monitor for the airbag to deploy in a vehicle, and thus when identified like the impact triggers the whole emergency process and communication process. Other features like our one button SOS, again initiates the whole emergency communication and notification process. And more recently the My911_Health, allowing for external monitoring devices, like blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, pedometers and many other devices, can now not only be read and the data stored in My911, but if specific personal thresholds are broken, the My911 solution will trigger off the emergency process and communication process. Perfect for folks who are bed ridden, or need to be consistently monitored, caregiver patients or for general health management.


CEOCFO: You have a comprehensive offering!

Mr. Hurwitz: Yes we do, it is has been five years in the making. The objective to make services like ours available to everyone, no matter who you are, where you are, nor your financial standing. No one life is more important than the next, thus our solution must be affordable and available to all. We started primarily to notify people in the pre emergency which is what we call cyber alerting, so you are able to set up an alert based upon something that may be taking place in your geographic area, hypothetically tornadoes or earthquakes or a storm coming in. They are able to be advised ahead of time and notify their loved ones. In an emergency what we look to do is try to inform emergency responders where and who you are as quick and with the most accurate up to date information possible.


CEOCFO: What are the demographics of your users?

Mr. Hurwitz: Currently we find that it is predominantly female in the twenties and early thirties which is our largest user based. However with huge endorsement from Intrado, and pre-installation on cell phones going to BP, Exxon and Chevron, I see our demographics changing overnight. As I said earlier, No one life is more important than the next, thus it must be affordable and available to all.


CEOCFO: On the GPS side, we all know of instances where GPS does not get you to where you want to go. What ensures accuracy at My911?

Mr. Hurwitz: Many people do not quite understand the whole process with GPS. There are essentially two ways realistically how one gets a GPS. It depends on where the network or cell phone carrier comes between the towers. All depending upon what type of interference the signal has influencing it at the time could very well change the accuracy of the GPS signal itself. The satellite is the most accurate; however you need to have an actual GPS chipset, and most firms today have a GPS chipset. If you have chosen not to use your chipset what will happen is your phone will default to triangulation or network mode. The difference with what we do is that for the standard tracking we will use the default of how the user has set their telephone up. In the event of an emergency we will force the phone to go into satellite mode. In satellite mode if you are using the chipset it goes through three phases which is what we call cold, warm and hot. In order to go from a cold all the way to hot, keeping in the mind the chipset itself has to find the satellite and ideally you want to find as many satellites as possible, increasing the accuracy of the geo location. Assuming the phone has a chipset, we force the phone to go into a hot state and continuously look to find as many satellites as the phone can. As a result they are continuously updating the emergency response call centers with the latest up-to-date GPS signals of that particular device during the course of the event.


CEOCFO: What is the competitive landscape for you?

Mr. Hurwitz: We have seen a few folks playing in the market. We have not found anything like us. The closest that we have found is Onstar which is affixed to the vehicle. Since we have broken into the health market as well, we do not see anybody coming to the level of the market as we are.


CEOCFO: What is the growth strategy for the next year or two?

Mr. Hurwitz: There are some large players in the market that have expressed a definite interest in what we are doing and how we are doing it. Part of the design of My911 was to ensure that we made the application and services very affordable to everybody. We do not want to be an expensive product on the market. By design, as an organization, we wanted to keep our overhead down and that has allowed us to be able to keep our products and service prices down as well. As a result there are some large organizations that have taken some definite interest in My911 products and services. I believe it has come as a result of how we have designed and managed the company, platform and the services, making us very adept to different market needs. We are looking to position ourselves prospectively for acquisitions with one of these companies we have been working with.


CEOCFO: You have considerable personal history with technology and startups. What have you learned in past ventures that have been most helpful for you at My911?

Mr. Hurwitz: Since 1982 I have been in software one way or another. I have had the privilege of working with large companies like of Walt Disney, Martin Marietta, Solaglas, NASA, and HealthEquity, key to my future success. How I benefited from these larger organizations was the organizational style was way too stringent, not as dynamic as what we have today. Dynamic technology design is key, don’t work long work smart, resulting in what I call smart tool. That says if anything is used more than a few times, learn how to run an administration tool that allows the job to be done and keeping your price down for future development and making you very adaptable to market change.


CEOCFO: Why should the business and investment community pay attention to My911?

Mr. Hurwitz: It is all about being a market leader in the space that we have chosen to be in. We do consider ourselves as a leading-edge technology company. We have attracted some very large corporations like West Health, Intrado, BP, IHC, Chevron and dozens of others. I think given how long we have been in the market and that we have their attention and what we are now doing in the health space, our technology is going to be in the market for a long time to come. In my opinion, we are a fantastic investment and we have the goods to prove it.


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“Our solution must be affordable and available to all.”- Larry Hurwitz


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