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August 13, 2012 Issue

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With No Other Product on the Market that Provides Passive Range of Motion that is Portable and Inexpensive, Davidson Therapy Products, LLC is Well Positioned for Growth Bringing to Market their SLINGPROM™ Product for Shoulder Rehabilitation in Frozen Shoulder, Rotator Cuff Injuries and Shoulder Replacement

Dr. John Davidson, PT, DPT, CKTP

Company Profile:

Davidson Therapy Products, LLC, was established to bring innovative rehabilitation products to market. Our first product, The SLINGPROM™ was developed to fill a gap in the shoulder rehabilitation process, namely, Passive Range of Motion (PROM).


I've been a Physical Therapist 15 years, and I've seen thousands of patient's with shoulder injuries. I developed the SLINGPROM™ because I was frustrated with the slow progress of patients who required manual PROM. If we progressed the patient slowly, the progress was incremental. If we progressed more aggressively, PROM improved but so did the risk for injury and increased pain.


We are committed to providing quality products and great customer service, through patient direct retail marketing and wholesale distributing to medical professionals.

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Davidson Therapy Products, LLC
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Bonney Lake, WA 98391
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Davidson Therapy
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Interview conducted by: Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – August 13, 2012

Dr. Davidson, what is the focus of Davidson Therapy Products?

Dr. Davidson: The focus is to bring products that enhance people’s lives. I am a physical therapist. I develop new products to help rehab people coming back from injuries.

CEOCFO: What are you working on now?

Dr. Davidson: The newest product we have is called a SLINGPROM™, which is a patented device that for shoulder rehabilitation that allows passive range of motion to be performed. There is no other product on the market provide passive range of motion that is portable, and inexpensive.

CEOCFO: What are the typical injuries or conditions and how does this help?

Dr. Davidson: There are many shoulder conditions that would benefit from the SLINGPROM(tm):

Frozen shoulder- Two to three percent of the population in the US will develop frozen shoulder over the next year.

Rotator Cuff injuries- There are over two million people with rotator cuff injuries annually in the US  and about fifty percent of them will require surgical intervention to restore their function.

Total Shoulder Replacement secondary to Osteoarthritis- One the fastest growing surgical procedures in the USA.

The SLINGPROM ™ provides Passive Range of Motion (PROM). PROM is when you do not use your muscles to move your joint.

PROM is typically the 1st stage in rehabilitation because it allows the joint, in this case the shoulder, to be moved without activating the muscles that are injured or surgically repaired. This is typically performed by the physical therapist.

The problem therapists' have had is that when patients are injured, they tend to guard the injury. When providing manual PROM, the therapist main battle is to try and get the patient to relax. Since this is an automatic response to pain or fear of pain, it is often hard for the patient to control.

The SLINGPROM tm allows the patient to be in control of their PROM, without guarding. A simple analogy is that when someone that is ticklish. They can be tickled by someone else but physiologically, can not tickle themselves.

CEOCFO: What is frozen shoulder?

Dr. Davidson: Frozen shoulder is a condition where the internal capsule, which produces fluid that allows the shoulder joint to move (like motor oil for the joints), for some unknown reason the capsule starts to stick to itself.

When that occurs, it is called frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitus. Two to three percent of the population throughout the country and about ten to twenty percent of diabetics in the country develop this, with women more than men, but we do not really have a cause.

It can also be caused by somebody after shoulder surgery or trauma. It can take up to two years to recover without intervention.

CEOCFO: Where are you in the total development on the SLINGPROM?

Dr. Davidson: We launched, the SLINGPROM™ about five months ago. We have a website www.slingprom.com. It is fully patented and we just received our trademark designation, so there will be a registered trademark soon.

CEOCFO: Have the medical community and chiropractors been responding?

Dr. Davidson: Yes, they are a conservative bunch to begin with but we are starting to really make inroads with it. Anybody that tries it pretty much ends up buying it.

CEOCFO: How do you get people to try your device?

Dr. Davidson: I have been at the local physical therapy conference in Washington State and I have been to the national conference two times, once in Chicago in February. I was just in Florida in June and I will be going to the private practice physical therapy association meeting in October in Las Vegas.


In addition, our website has video's that show the benefits and how simple it is to use- so we are selling directly to people without them actually trying it.

CEOCFO: Is it a one-time purchase?

Dr. Davidson: For individual patients- yes. Many clinics are now buying them and making them available for the patients locally instead of having the patients go to the website.

CEOCFO: Is SLINGPROM reimbursable or will it be in the future?

Dr. Davidson: For Medicare and major insurance, the answer is no. This is because any DME under $100.00 has been determined non- reimbursable by Medicare and most major medical insurance carriers follow Medicare regulations. It should be reimbursable for automobile accident medical insurance and possibly workers compensation insurance.

The SLINGPROM's MSRP is $59.95, so not very expensive.

CEOCFO: How do you convince people that it is not going to do any harm?

Dr. Davidson: Most people I am talking to have used a standard pulley, The SLINGPROM is actually safer because the affected arm is secured in it so you cannot drop it. It is very well protected. Not much convincing needs to be done, the more people try it and the more it is out there, the more sales we have.

CEOCFO: When did you get that ‘aha’ moment?

Dr. Davidson: I was in Bradenton, Florida for many years and we were working with a big group called Coastal Orthopedics who they used to send us a great deal of patients. In the winter months you deal with the snowbird phenomenon.


Snowbirds live in the Northern states come South for the winter. Many of these snowbirds have had injuries get their surgeries in Florida.


At the clinic I managed we were seeing four or five new rotator cuff surgeries a week and approximately 2 shoulder replacements a month. 


Seeing this many shoulder patients really focused my attention on the guarding issue.  The ‘aha’ moment said there has got to be a better way of doing this. Therefore, I tinkered around for many months and found a simple solution. 


After speaking with Coastal Orthopedic 's Dr Arthur Valadie and Dr Stephen Schafer we tried it on a few patients. The initial intent was to try it on a few patients but it worked so well, it became part of our standard treatment. Since nothing like this was available, I decided to patent and commercialize it. To get where we are now took six years.

CEOCFO: Are you working with partners or distributors?

Dr. Davidson: Not yet but that's the plan. And once we do, we expect sales to tip. I really believe the SLINGPROM will become the standard for PROM in rehabilitation.

CEOCFO: Do you have other things on the drawing board?

Dr. Davidson: Sure, I have many of ideas and things I am working on but I am focused on the SLINGPROM currently, and believe you have to put the time in to be successful. Once that happens, I will be able to put more work into new projects.

CEOCFO: Why should investors pay attention and why should they have confidence that you and your company can actually get it done on the business side in addition to the medical side?

Dr. Davidson: I may be a physical therapist but I also have a business degree. In Florida, I was running profitable clinics for over a decade, so I know numbers. I have good sense of what people will pay for something, what is valuable and what is not. As we grow, I will affiliate myself with the right people. I try to have smarter people around me at all times. Just ask my wife.


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The newest product we have is called a SLINGPROM™, which is a patented device that for shoulder rehabilitation that allows passive range of motion to be performed. There is no other product on the market provide passive range of motion that is portable, and inexpensive. - Dr. John Davidson, PT, DPT, CKTP



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