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September 5, 2016 Issue



Managed Services Provider and Consultants for IT Services, Support and Infrastructure Management



David Betancourt

President & CEO


Netcom Solutions


Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published - September 5, 2016


CEOCFO: Mr. Betancourt, would you tell us about Netcom Solutions?

Mr. Betancourt: We are a managed service provider for IT services. We also handle infrastructure management and we are the one-stop-shop for IT needs. For companies that do not have a need for an IT staff, we are there for them. We also support IT people as well.


CEOCFO: What do you understand about technology and services that makes Netcom unique?

Mr. Betancourt: We like to leverage technology to maximize productivity and efficiency. Most businesses do not care about bells and whistles; they just care about what it is going to do for them. We take that approach where we look at workflow, efficiencies. Where we can put a piece of technology in that will reduce the time needed to do something manually or currently how they are doing with the current system, that is what we do for a lot of our medical offices, CPA, law firms, to be able to make them more efficient. Time is money so if they can save time by having a piece of technology to do something, that is what they would prefer to do than having people do the work. We look at it that way more so than just throwing in a bunch of bells and whistles where a lot of IT companies will do that just because of the technology.


CEOCFO: Would you give us a couple of examples of how you were able to help a company make a change?

Mr. Betancourt: We have a case study on our website that has a medical office high-volume Urology office that was seeing about 60 patients a day and they were using laptops to walk around every exam room and there was just lack of efficiency. I sat there for a day and just watched. We implemented about $130k project. We digitized the intakes so when people came in they had a digital pad and they fill it out instead of paper. When they hand that in they get a coaster pager like at a restaurant and when the coaster goes-off, you get up and walk towards a person that is already waiting for you. We implemented that same paging system with small pagers for the doctors to pop in and out of exam rooms without having to figure out where they needed to be. They increased their volume with the same amount of doctors and same amount of staff to be able to see between 75 to 85 patients a day. Their workflow increased dramatically where they saw a return on investment in four and a half months based on their billing. I get hugs when I go there and they refer us to a lot of other doctors. Another example is we took people to this location and we could not implement everything at once because it is a lot to change but we have implemented probably about 50% of what we did at those other locations so far. Now they have been a client for about seven years. They were so far behind and there was no efficiency there.


CEOCFO: Are you surprised at the inefficiency when there are ways to be better?

Mr. Betancourt: Yes it surprises me. Even the ones that have internal IT staff, they may not know better and they are not exposed to all the other clients. We will go to locations and see something that a law firm is doing for instance, with tracking billable time through an application and we will talk to our other law firms and ask if they are willing to do something like that because it works for another law firm that we have. A lot of times they do not have everything in place but they will have that application that they think is the greatest but they are not doing other things that they could be. By us being exposed to a lot of different environments, we are able to take the best out of every one and consult the others on it.


CEOCFO: How do you stay ahead of the regulatory game?

Mr. Betancourt: It is not easy because everything is changing every day. I am subscribed to many industry publications. A lot of my free time is spent reading up on new technologies. I go to industry events once or twice a year and there are always topics of new technology that are coming out. All the vendors are there to present their stuff. The rest of it is when we get a challenge then we start doing the research so if we get a place that needs a tracking software or tracking their fleet of trucks, we will review the pros and cons of all the different vendors and we will do the research. We leverage a lot of our distributors as well because they have product specialists on staff, Ingram Micro being one of them.


CEOCFO: I see on your site about office moves and wiring. Do you do much in that area?

Mr. Betancourt: When I first started the company I was a one-man shop. I was doing telecom as well as regular technology service support. I am a low-voltage contractor in the state of Florida; I got that license years ago and kept it up just because we do build out IT rooms. We do structured cabling and manage those projects. We are meticulous in how we do things. Clients are wanting a turnkey move. We will manage the IT room, we will manage the providers that are providing them phone service and we will make sure everything is done like if one person is doing it. We do a lot of cabling only because of our client base that is moving or we have clients that are opening up new offices. I just got a call about a new office this morning and we have to go cable it. We outsource the technician that does the cabling but we manage the project so we have to know what needs to be done.


CEOCFO: Are companies turning to you because they understand the depth of your offering?

Mr. Betancourt: For us we are all inclusive. A lot of companies have an A,B, C plan where C is the all inclusive for them. Many times people sign up for their B plan where they have to go on site and it is an additional charge. We do not believe in that so we try to align ourselves with our clients. They just want to pay one monthly fee and if we need to be there we go, if we do not need to be there they do not care if we do it remotely. If there is an issue that is better suited to be done onsite, then we will definitely send out a technician with no hesitation. For us it is one fixed fee per month.


CEOCFO: When you started out, did you understand the customer service aspect and the need to focus on the clients’ business?

Mr. Betancourt: I came from a customer service industry where prior to doing this I worked for Car Dealership Group, which is very customer focused centric. I have had a lot of training in customer service prior to opening my company even though I was doing IT as well for the group. My growth is attributed to the customer service. Other companies are performing similar service, but are not communicating to the client properly. We believe in a lot of communication and being proactive in communication. I preach that to our team and I believe that is attributed to our growth. Many of the prospect appointments we go on want to fire their current IT guy because he never returns calls.


CEOCFO: Do you know when you are hiring somebody if they have the right personality?

Mr. Betancourt: We are tight on our talent hiring process. Even if they do great technically, they have to fit our culture to get in. There are key questions that we ask to let us know if this person is going to be a fit for our culture from an internal staff culture and also from our client culture on how we communicate with a client and how we treat our clients. We have not hired candidates that we thought were great technically because they were not going to fit from a social or culture standpoint.


CEOCFO: Would you tell us about giving back at Netcom?

Mr. Betancourt: We donate to a couple of different foundations, one of them being the Broward Outreach; especially around the holidays. We let a company use our vacant office space when they needed it for a presence in South Florida. They are a Tablet company that provides tablets to schools for kid to use and learn in the classroom. They are focused on a mission to get a tablet in the hands of every child in school. I was touched by their passion and mission.


CEOCFO: What is ahead for the company?

Mr. Betancourt: We are growing and are looking to build a sales team. We have a salesperson currently that also heads our customer experience. He is focused more on the relationship and how we can help a prospect than the actual sale. We need some support staff from an implementation standpoint. Most IT companies when they are smaller wear multiple hats by multiple people. We departmentalize to be efficient for our clients and production. A part of that is holding departments accountable. That is hard to do when you wear multiple hats so departmentalizing and giving responsibilities for certain tasks and people without overlapping from a standpoint of daily duties, is the next step for us to be able to build the foundation for continuous growth.


CEOCFO: Why choose Netcom solutions?

Mr. Betancourt: We bring a holistic approach to IT. Not everybody is a fit for what we do. For us it is making sure that our goals are aligned with our clients’ goals. They want to be more efficient and we think we are the company for that. They have to be open to technology.


“We bring a holistic approach to IT.”- David Betancourt


Netcom Solutions



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