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January 25, 2016 Issue

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New Cybersecurity Solution that applies Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence to Protect Endpoints, Servers, and Mobile Devices from Zero-Day and APT Attacks



Guy Caspi

Chief Executive Officer


Deep Instinct Ltd.


Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – January 25, 2016


CEOCFO: Mr. Caspi, can you tell us the idea behind Deep InstinctTM?

Mr. Caspi: The idea behind Deep InstinctTM is to solve very problematic challenges in the cybersecurity world: the zero-day and Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attacks, which have grown dramatically over the past two years. A zero-day attack refers to a vulnerability in software that is yet unknown to the security vendors and which hackers can exploit. APT attacks are sophisticated threats that unfortunately most of the technologies on the market cannot block. We established Deep InstinctTM in order to provide a new generation of solutions that block these threats and not just detect them.


CEOCFO: What is the Deep InstinctTM approach?

Mr. Caspi: Our approach is unique: we bring tomorrow’s innovative solutions to solve today’s cybersecurity problems. Security companies rely on a signature-based and behavioral analysis approach, which at the end of the day, is based on the handcrafted, manual process of analyzing different malware. This creates a long cycle between the attack and its detection. At Deep InstinctTM, we take a proactive and predictive approach: our solution is based on artificial intelligence’s deep learning, which is a sophisticated neural network that enables us to understand every attack without having to encounter and analyze it beforehand. As a result, our solution exhibits unmatched accuracy in detecting even the most evasive zero-day threats and APT attacks in real-time from the instant it is created, surpassing the capabilities of newer sandboxing and even machine-based solutions.


CEOCFO: Is Deep InstinctTM available today?

Mr. Caspi: Deep InstinctTM launched its commercially available solution this past November (2015) and it is already in the field, mainly in the US and several European countries.


CEOCFO: What is involved with implementation?

Mr. Caspi: Implementation is “plug and play,” fast, straightforward, and does not require any modification to the existing infrastructure.


CEOCFO: When you talk with a prospective client what do you believe is the “hook” that gets them to understand that you can actually deliver what you are offering?

Mr. Caspi: We take a different approach here too by offering a free of charge proof-of-concept (PoC). In my opinion, this is the best way to demonstrate our capabilities and proceed quickly from presentation to reality. The sales process is quite fast: after one or two meetings, we move to the PoC on the customer’s side. This is what we did with several Fortune 500 companies and it was easy to reach this point after two sessions. This way, the prospective customer can easily see for themselves how our solution performs compared to other solutions.


CEOCFO: How do you reach out to potential clients?

Mr. Caspi: We have a great footprint in the US market. We know most of the Fortune 500 CIOs from past experience. Additionally, one of our investors is UST Global®, which is one of the largest integrators in the US market, and provides us with access to Fortune 500 customers. Moreover, the marketing activities over the past three months, including articles in major publications, brought us quite impressive opportunities from leading organizations around the globe and with some of them we are already in the process of running PoCs. Additionally, we participate in the major industry conferences and trade shows, such as RSA USA, InfoSec Europe, and BlackHat.


CEOCFO: If people do an Internet search, what words would they use to come up with Deep InstinctTM?

Mr. Caspi: Artificial intelligence would be the first words. I believe that deep learning, artificial intelligence, and mathematics, are something that have a strong correlation with our brand. Even before being a cybersecurity company, we are a deep learning research group. Our deep learning capabilities are perceived today as top notch in the industry. We were mentioned first in Venture Beat’s “­­5 deep learning startups to follow in 2016”.


CEOCFO: How did you know that your deep learning technology would work in cybersecurity?

Mr. Caspi: We did not know! When we started the company we developed a very sophisticated neural network. We tested it and it worked perfectly, even beyond our expectations! The extensive experience of our CTO, Dr. Eli David, and myself in implementing machine learning and deep learning capabilities in different environments and in different projects in the intelligence community in Israel, enabled us to devise and implement our theories.


CEOCFO: Where do you see the cybersecurity market five years from now?

Mr. Caspi: I believe that in three-to-five years, we are going to see a completely different security architecture in financial, insurance, healthcare, oil and gas, and governmental organizations.  Endpoints, mobile devices, and traffic will require protection from new threats that do not exist today. I am confident that Deep InstinctTM will be among the vendors that will protect these organizations.


CEOCFO: What might be different a year from now for Deep InstinctTM?

Mr. Caspi: This year we are going to establish our footprint mainly in the US market. We are already in the midst of impressive processes to achieve this goal with Fortune 500 companies. Moreover, we are planning on launching a deep learning-based solution to protect traffic, which is going to address another big pain point for organizations. It is going to be an exciting year!


CEOCFO: Are you funded for what you would like to do?
Mr. Caspi:
We are funded by excellent venture capital firms and investors.

However, I assume that like with any company, private or public we will need to have more and more funding in order to grow, when time comes we will have an additional fundraising round.


CEOCFO: What challenges do you see ahead?

Mr. Caspi: The main challenges can be categorized into commercial and technology aspects. On the commercial side: how do you convince CIOs of a huge bank or insurance company to run a PoC while they see at least one hundred different security companies every year? The big challenge is to make our message stand out: we have a unique and innovative solution that is different from any other existing solution on the market. The second challenge is to overcome even more sophisticated attacks, staying one step ahead of the hackers. This is an important challenge, which I believe we will meet by leveraging our deep learning capabilities.


CEOCFO: What might people miss when they look at Deep InstinctTM?

Mr. Caspi: If you look at Deep InstinctTM and do not dive into the details, you might see just another cybersecurity company. We are spearheading cybersecurity by being the first company to apply deep learning. This is a huge entry barrier because there are very few deep learning experts, and many of them work in other fields, such as visual or voice recognition. If you look at Deep InstinctTM in detail, you will understand that the intellectual property and patents we have developed and submitted are unique and that we are paving the way to the next generation of cybersecurity.


“Our approach is unique: we bring tomorrow’s innovative solutions to solve today’s cybersecurity problems." Guy Caspi, CEO Deep InstinctTM


Deep Instinct Ltd.



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Deep Instinct Ltd.
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