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September 25, 2017 Issue



Q&A with Keith Barthold, President and CEO of DKBinnovative LLC providing Managed IT Services, Cloud and VoIP Phone Solutions to Hospitals, Medical and Oil & Gas Companies Requiring High Security



Keith Barthold

President and Chief Executive Officer


DKBinnovative LLC


Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – September 25, 2017


CEOCFO: Mr. Barthold, would you tell us the vision for DKBinnovative?

Mr. Barthold: The overall vision is that we are providing managed IT services for industries with a high reliance on security and reliability. We do that in a fashion that links success back to the productivity of the firms we serve.


CEOCFO: Would you explain that please?

Mr. Barthold: What it means is that, traditionally, success in IT has not tied back to productivity. It is based on response times or quality of people. Our difference: we take productivity to the next level for our clients by being awesomely proactive.


CEOCFO: In which ways can you be proactive?

Mr. Barthold: In the use of tools that we provide to automate and create self-healing systems, but primarily through continuous assessment against best practices and then aligning technology standards in a way that typically produces a reduction in IT service tickets, with often 200% or 300% of reactive IT issues eliminated.


CEOCFO: Are clients turning to you because they understand your approach or are they just pleased with what they are getting at the end?

Mr. Barthold: The industry is recognizing that there is a lot of competition in IT and there are a lot of good people out there. But is technology impacting the productivity of their firm and moving the balance sheet forward? Where there is a direct correlation between technology and team productivity, we can move that productivity forward with IT. Most firms are not able to connect that and show the tangible, measurable results that we are able to produce for our clients.


CEOCFO: Do you see a trend towards people wanting something more measurable with IT?

Mr. Barthold: I see a trend. I think if you want to achieve goals--and that is ultimately what success is about--you must make those goals measurable. To ensure you are successful, you should be able to measure your progress. We are big on using KPIs (key performance indicators) and we encourage our clients to use KPIs, and to measure everything they can. Measuring is how we can gauge client satisfaction and how we can know the impact of technology decisions.


CEOCFO: Would you give us an example of how you move the needle for different industries?

Mr. Barthold: Healthcare, for example, is one of our major focus areas and we not only maintain HIPAA/HITECH compliance needs, but we dig into how healthcare-specific technology impacts patient care. There is an environment today where healthcare providers are spending as much time wrestling with technology as they are providing patient care. We understand patient flow within a practice, and we understand how technology can slow or accelerate patient care. We can look at the issues in a practice and track back to what the best practices are, and to what the alignment needs are. When we can reduce technology ‘noise’, then we can ultimately help providers service their patients better.


CEOCFO: Are you able to help a provider with the challenges of their electronic record systems?

Mr. Barthold: Absolutely! We provide guidance on technology selection and how to use it, like whether it should be cloud-based or on-premise. We serve as a liaison with many vendors, including EHR (electronic health record) vendors, and we hold them accountable to their agreements and we help measure their performance.


CEOCFO: Oil and gas is another big focus for DKB. When oil prices are down, do companies look at change differently?

Mr. Barthold: You have some companies that will find ways to cut back across the board, and others see technology as a strategic investment to get more done with less. They are looking for ways to automate and secure.


CEOCFO: What other industries do you work with?

Mr. Barthold: We offer professional services to a wide range of businesses, and I’d say especially to those with high security needs. One of our clients is an anti-counterfeiting agency. We have private equity and construction companies. We have an interesting range of companies and industries, but I think we best serve the clients who value security, and who value using technology to move productivity ahead.


CEOCFO: How do you reach out for prospective clients and how do people find you?

Mr. Barthold: There are a lot of referrals within healthcare because healthcare is a tight-knit community. We reach out a lot to provide business level consultations. I meet individually with about 150 business leaders each year to just sit down and see where there may be a fit to help them or provide guidance with their technology needs.


CEOCFO: What has changed in your approach over time?  What have you learned as the business has grown and evolved?

Mr. Barthold: It goes back to understanding how we can measurably impact your clients. The biggest thing is understanding that, for the clients we serve, technology is not what pays the bills. It is not their core business, but we can show how to use technology to meet their strategic goals.


CEOCFO: What do you look for in the people who represent DKB?

Mr. Barthold: We are strong on culture. You have to really want to help your clients. We have a vision of being the Chick-fil-A of IT services, meaning that we want to create a client experience that is surprising and exceptional. We also hold our core values and our faith as very important.


CEOCFO: How is business?

Mr. Barthold: Business is great. Healthcare, for example, is growing as our population ages and as rapid, preventative care becomes the standard. Technology needs are becoming more demanding. Reliable security is now key to all types of businesses, and we are finding more and more companies intentional about implementing the right security levels.


CEOCFO: How do you assess what is right for any given organization?

Mr. Barthold: You must have people who are in tune with what is going on in the industry, and with what the current threats are. You should be able to define best practices in detail. It is not thinking what is right, it is having systems documented and knowing what the standards are with process that drives alignment.


CEOCFO: What is next for DKBinnovative?

Mr. Barthold: We will continue our growth in the security and compliance sectors, especially with HIPAA compliance. We will be going further into mid-market, and provide more of a national presence by leading with security and compliance solutions with the right mix of tools and process to propel productivity further for our clients


CEOCFO: Why is now the time?

Mr. Barthold: Business today is extremely competitive and the efficient use of technology, now more than ever, determines how successful and how profitable an organization will be. While technology can accelerate or delay outcomes, it’s also heavily threatened by growing cybersecurity threats. As that reliance on technology and security grows, DKB gets to provide an increasingly impactful influence on the success of our clients.


CEOCFO: Why choose DKBinnovative?

Mr. Barthold: We have a core methodology that focuses on measurably reducing interruptions and risk for our clients, and on enhancing the way their technology works. In addition, we have a team of people who really care.


“Our difference: we take productivity to the next level for our clients by being awesomely proactive.”- Keith Barthold


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