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May 25, 2015 Issue

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Mia Urman

Founder & CEO




Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – May 25, 2015


CEOCFO: Ms. Urman, what is the vision for AuraPlayer and the focus today?

Ms. Urman: When we started the company, our vision stemmed from the many years that I had been working with Oracle customers. As technologies began to evolve, companies who had significant investments in Oracle Forms / EBS technologies were having increased difficulty enabling these systems in the new world of service orientation and mobility. These customers, who had been working with Oracle systems for years, were forced to push million-dollar investments to the side. Some companies re-developed from scratch using a next generation technology. This process presents a huge cost and risk to the organization. I do not believe that with today’s technology, we should ever be obliged to throw away millions of dollars, so I had to find a solution to enable these enterprise customers to leverage their existing investments on new platforms and devices without redevelopment. That is how AuraPlayer was born.


CEOCFO: Your website indicates you provide unique solutions to integrate, modernize and mobile-enable systems. How are you systems unique?

Ms. Urman: Embodying the age of “reduce, reuse, recycle,” we are able to take existing systems and wrap them as a webservice, allowing us to integrate, mobilize, and modernize the user interface and service-enable back-office applications. It is unique in the sense that we do not require any type of redevelopment of the existing system. We allow customers to run their systems side by side, in both the back and front office, from a second more modern interface on a new platform. AuraPlayer is offering a novel solution that no one else in the industry offers today. Many companies claim they are doing legacy modernization; however, what they actually do is redevelop the existing systems over the course of many years, costing millions of dollars. Alternatively, Auraplayer actually minimizes the risks and costs by leveraging the existing systems and presenting them using modernized user interfaces on any device.”


CEOCFO: Are customers or potential clients coming to you because they understand the difference or are they pleasantly surprised?

Ms. Urman: Many customers are reaching us due to our strong relationship with Oracle. Oracle understands that our solution is providing great value to their legacy customers by allowing them to leverage existing investments and not face the prohibitive cost and risk of redeveloping the existing system. Using AuraPlayer, Oracle’s loyal customers can develop cutting-edge user interfaces on existing use cases with Oracle's next generation mobile and java development tools. We have only recently begun marketing our solution in North America and have already amassed an impressive customer base. As more and more people understand our unique differentiator, they are very pleasantly surprised. This is why we have been experiencing an increase in sales recently.


CEOCFO: Given trends change so often, how are you able to create a system that will accommodate anything?

Ms. Urman: We have built our solutions with an open flexible architecture, allowing it to accommodate future technologies as they arise. We wrap the Oracle Forms in what is called a “REST service", the industry standard for connectivity. If you consider some of today’s latest technology, like the Apple Watch, NEST or mobile based applications, each of these new user interfaces connects to the data layer using REST services. Any software deployed on any device today and probably in the near future will be based on this standard of connectivity. That is why we used REST services by design; we knew that if we chose a specific front-end technology and decided "let’s convert the forms UI," two years later, when the next big thing came along, we would need to redevelop the forms in this new technology. Instead, we chose an open standard, which is accepted across the marketplace by the likes of Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, and SalesForce. To account for the innovative, perpetually changing market, we wrap the Oracle Forms to enable companies to connect to any development tool using this industry standard.

CEOCFO: Your concept makes sense. How are you able to be so far ahead of the game?

Mr. Urman: People tend to write off old technologies as obsolete and focus on finding the next new thing. We have a different perspective. Auraplayer considers how to simultaneously preserve the old and develop the new. Originally, when we started developing the solution, people were quite sure that these legacy systems were going to go by the wayside. Oracle was redeveloping these legacy systems into more modern Java systems, and people were convinced it would be a simple process. Companies thought by investing a few million dollars, in a few years, they would achieve a new, modernized system. In fact, Oracle started redeveloping their ERP system in this manner. Now, we are many years down the road of modernization, and not done yet. This method is not only incredibly complex; it came with the realization that there are certain types applications, such as order entry, procurement, and general ledger, that are mainly back-office applications, running primarily on desktop machines, that may not be worth the time, effort and risk to redevelop. Currently, there is only one way technologically to run the Forms on the server side only, from new user interfaces, and we have written 2 patents on the solution. It was our approach to "not throw the baby out with the bathwater" that helped us get ahead of the game.


CEOCFO: What are some of the different services you are offering?

Ms. Urman: All of the services we offer are born from the same basic concept, which is the ability to capture a business process running in Oracle Forms and then automate it to replay as a simulation. The main solution we offer is to mobilize the Oracle Form systems. We take an Oracle Form use-case and wrap it as a webservice to display it on any browser or mobile device without a Java applet. Using this webservice the developer can connect to any mobile development tool such as Oracle Mobile Framework or other rapid mobile development tools such as Capriza. This same method of capturing the business process and wrapping it in a webservice enables Forms to be integrated with any application that can run a webservice, such as portals, dashboards. For instance, a Microsoft system could run your back-office general ledger application via a webservice. In this same way, simulations can be run to do functional or load testing, to monitor usage statistics and performance, or even to connect modern user interfaces to the existing legacy business processes. Each of our various modules can all run from the same core technology.


CEOCFO: What might be different a year from now?

Ms. Urman: A year from now, we hope to fine-tune our usability and delivery process. Our goal is that any enterprise, with only a download and a few clicks, will be able to get their back-office use cases to mobile in a matter of hours. They will be able to say "I want to have an inventory item look-up functionality on my mobile app," and have it completed in 20 minutes, whereas today it would take about 5 hours. We are also moving more into the mobile backend / cloud space; we have been working closely with the Oracle development teams on the Oracle Mobile Cloud Service to have our technology work seamlessly as an integrated Forms service. Soon, people will be able to automatically create an Oracle Forms API from their back-office to their Oracle mobile cloud environment in a matter of minutes. Our goal is to bring new life and agility into these back-office applications that were developed years ago and get them to the world of integration and mobility in a matter of minutes, with just a few simple clicks.


CEOCFO: Why choose AuraPlayer?

Ms. Urman: Companies should choose AuraPlayer because we are able to give you an incredible ROI on a decade old investment. We can leverage customers’ existing investments from next generation mobile / cloud landscapes to open back-office applications and gain new connectivity between existing systems. We modernize legacy applications without redevelopment, without the cost and risk that typically accompanies modernization, and we can complete this transformation in a matter of days.


“AuraPlayer is offering a novel solution that no one else in the industry offers today. Many companies claim they are doing legacy modernization; however, what they actually do is redevelop the existing systems over the course of many years, costing millions of dollars. Alternatively, Auraplayer actually minimizes the risks and costs by leveraging the existing systems and presenting them using modernized user interfaces on any device.” – Mia Urman




Mia Urman


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