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March 9, 2015 Issue

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Sep Seyedi



Plastic Mobile


Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – March 9, 2015


CEOCFO: Mr. Seyedi, your website indicates technology inspired by design. Would you tell us what that means day to day for Plastic Mobile?

Mr. Seyedi: Everything that we do when it comes to mobile on smartphones or tablets and apps are all technology and software driven. Understanding the technology currency and how it works and how people interact with that technology is crucial when designing user experiences for these devices. When we say the tagline of “technology is inspired by design”, it means that design is an integral part of our process and built into everything that we do. For the most part, any clients that we work with, we work with from the beginning where we are conceptualizing all the way to delivery where we are launching the actual application. As a part of that entire process we go through the whole user experience, design and the build; it is important for all those pieces to be all in one to deliver best in class applications.


CEOCFO: Who is typically coming to you for services?

Mr. Seyedi: Our focus for the last few years have been what we call transactional experiences, which are typically ones that are more complex and the apps serve as an integral part of their business. What that means is typically retail is a huge focus. They are using the apps to either bring people into stores or do online purchases through smartphones and tablets. There are also financial institutions and travel and hospitality are predominant in a few areas. Ultimately, it is all about delivering best in class apps that meets their goals and helps their business move forward.


CEOCFO: When is a company likely to engage with Plastic Mobile?

Mr. Seyedi: There are typically two scenarios. On one end they have not done anything in mobile or tablets or app space at all, so they come to us and ask how they compete in such a saturated market and what do they need to exactly do and what platforms do they start with and how do they map their business. Secondly, is what we call the B-2s so the client had been out there for several years and experimented and tested the waters and in most cases, achieved a good download base, but it is lacking the engagements or getting slaughtered on the user reviews on the different app stores. They are seeing that mobile and tablets are becoming a crucial part of their business and their revenues yet they are failing on that consumer experience promise that maybe their brand is delivering. They come to us with that which is kind of working but needing help to take it to the next step. We help them understand how to reposition and envision how to do it properly.


CEOCFO: Is it very different company by company?

Mr. Seyedi: There are a lot of similarities when there are similar types of businesses. At the end of the day, every client is unique and has a different brand proposition and a different set of products they are selling in many different ways. With those differences are things that we take into consideration right upfront when our strategy team is involved in understanding their businesses doing a deep thought on how they are different and then pulling out gems and insights that we can later use to differentiate them in the very saturated app market. This makes them stand out from their competition and their competition may be their typical competition that they are experiencing day-to-day basis. We need to look at what the landscape looks like and be ready from all the different angles.


CEOCFO: When a company is coming to you is it that they know you are going to do it right or are they surprised when they realize the level that you go to, to get them the best product?

Mr. Seyedi: It is our existing clients that do most of the speaking for us. In most cases, they want to bring that same level of quality, detail and craftsmanship that we put into the other apps; they want that brought to their specific applications. In most cases, they have used our apps in one way or another so they are familiar with it and sometimes in an intimate way where they have used it quite a bit. If people have not used our apps then that is something that we need to showcase and show what goes into every single app.


CEOCFO: How do you design using the best tools and technology today, knowing that three to six months down the road that there could be a new trend?

Mr. Seyedi: The designers and design team needs to be first class and we believe we have that. It is important that they are willing to grade it into our engineering team. It is important to really understand the technology of where we are today, where we are going, and be able to understand and work closely with our strategy team to see the roadmap of where we are going, not in the next few months, but in the next year and even to a couple years to see where we are going to be. That roadmap of the apps is crucial so that we know what we need to do today and what we are preparing the end users for in the long run.


CEOCFO: Plastic Mobile has been recognized from various sources. What stands out? What is most meaningful?

Mr. Seyedi: It is the level of quality that we put behind every piece of work. We work with our clients to come up with a tailored solution that is the right fit for them to solve their business problems. It is not just about building an app and checking off the check box that it is done, but it is about putting something out that achieves your business goals and part of that is getting people to come into the store and become more loyal with your brand. That is how the app will help them and not just showcase their brand. We are a true partner with them helping them succeed in the mobile channel and not just a vendor that is there to build. We help guide them down the app world.


CEOCFO: How is business these days?

Mr. Seyedi: We have been growing and adding new clients adding people to our roster to continue to deliver.


CEOCFO: What is the mobile innovation lab?

Mr. Seyedi: Mobile innovation lab is something that we started several years back wanting to make sure that we are on top of all the trends in the technology survey. Mobile apps in general are very software heavy app space. It is no longer about just building it on that one device or that one browser but it is now this complicated mix of devices and sensors and inputs and this and that. We set up the lab as a way to make sure that our engineers that are designers and strategy folks are playing around with all these technologies and not just understanding them but putting together future-ready prototypes. We are preparing ourselves as a firm to be ready for that next step rather than being stale. About a year ago, we opened it up to our clients and let them know this is something great that we have been doing internally and it would be great to incubate some of their ideas on things that are out there. It has been successful to date and we are going to continue.


CEOCFO: Why choose Plastic Mobile?

Mr. Seyedi: If you are a client that is looking to put out a best-in-class set of apps such as smartphones, tablets, wearables and watches and want to take full advantage of it and be able to execute on your business goals, then we are a partner to consider. We would love to chat about how we could help with that.


"It is the level of quality that we put behind every piece of work. We work with our clients to come up with a tailored solution that is the right fit for them to solve their business problems."- Sep Seyedi


Plastic Mobile

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