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June 29, 2015 Issue

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Scott Fischer



Envision Management, Inc.



Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – June 29, 2015


CEOCFO: Mr. Fischer, what is the concept behind Envision Management?

Mr. Fischer: We use a direct face-to-face approach in order gain new customers for our service-based clients. In doing so, we help customers resolve any issues they have with their current cable or satellite television provider by working with them to decide if our client may be able to provide them with a service better suited for them. We build trust and value for the customer to always come back to and have peace of mind even after we have addressed their needs. When it comes to my employees, we build goals together and build careers for their future. I used to teach high school. I would always encourage my students to find rare opportunities and never settle in life. The contracts with my clients provide me with an opportunity to teach and train people, duplicating my drive and business model within each of them.


CEOCFO: Can most everyone be trained?

Mr. Fischer: Most everyone can be trained to run a business. It is unique for each individual, of course, and it comes down to how hard you are willing to work. It takes being a good student, keeping your attitude focused, and having strong structured goals. As long as an individual is driven enough to turn negatives into positives, look at obstacles as opportunities to gain strength, and turn mistakes into learning experiences, then that individual can be trained and develop the set of skills to run their own business successfully.


CEOCFO: When you are meeting with a prospective client (can you change to applicant? The rest of this questions ties to applicants not clients.), can you tell if they are good material? Do you know who is going to pay attention enough and who might just not really want to learn?

Mr. Fischer: That is a yes and no answer. While it is natural to make first impressions the best a person can, it is important for us to feel a candidate out over a few different interviews and give them a chance to relax and get to know us too. If the potential is there they are hired. Those are the people we hope will become great additions to the company, after the proper time and training of course. Then there are those rare diamonds hidden just below, that with a little support and guidance, reveal themselves and really take our expansion goals to the next level. Throughout the interview process, I see a person sitting in front of me and try to feel out who they can turn out to be along with who they want to turn out to be. If I feel someone is a potential future asset to the company, I take that chance with them. There are no rewards in life without some risks.


CEOCFO: What types of companies are looking to Envision Management for help?

Mr. Fischer: The companies looking to us are the Fortune 100-500 companies across America. We currently work with the leaders in the satellite television, consumer electronics, and retail industries. Being able to use their services and/or locations as launching pads to provide employment and training to people from the ground up is what makes us unique. We develop a better customer experience locally, while we continuing to grow as a program on a national level.


CEOCFO: What do you understand about the training process and working with people that others do not realize is as important?

Mr. Fischer: Find out what my employees care about. Find out what their goals are and help them achieve them. Their strengths should not be the only thing that allows me to notice them, but at the same time, neither should it be only their weaknesses. I grow and build with my people. My personal goal is for them to see a manager that cares for them individually and not treat them as another number in a company.


CEOCFO: How do you develop a program and plan for clients and how do you help implement?

Mr. Fischer: We start with a very simple approach of customer experience first over sales. From there, if there is anything I struggle to implement, I network with other people that have succeeded before me and use what fits me personally. I have many mentors and business partners that I communicate with on almost a daily basis. We problem solve and share success stories and, all around, build each other into better people.


CEOCFO: What do you do day to day with your customers?

Mr. Fischer: Once in our stores we provide outstanding customer experience. We present a solution-oriented approach to their service needs by trying to customize everything to fit their actual usage. With this approach we save customers hundreds of dollars annually as well.


CEOCFO: What is the key to a good sales presentation?

Mr. Fischer: Our key is that customer experience comes first. We educate our customers and allow them to make educated decisions on what service options fit them the best. We do that by diagnosing their wants and needs, along with any issues at the current time and present a simple solution. If they don’t seem to have an issue or problem we let them go and tell them to come back should anything ever change? We are not afraid to turn a person away early if we discover there are no benefits for the customer. With our approach to sales there is no high pressure and twisting of arms. It is fun, interactive and pleasant to both the representative and customer.


CEOCFO: Is there a trend today in corporate America to look outside their own walls for salespeople or people who can come in from the outside rather them come in through the ranks to help move things along?

Mr. Fischer: I think that depends on the industry. In my experience, I have seen many people transfer, moving from one chair to the next between companies and losing touch with the foundations of the entry-level employee. I could even see myself facilitating a training program for a much bigger business to make them better, but I would only advise. Though it does happen, I would like to see people rewarded for their loyalties and ideas by advancements from within a company more often. I am a strong believer in promoting from within your own walls. It gives a sense of pride and ownership to those that have been working hard and growing with a company.


CEOCFO: What do you miss most about teaching?

Mr. Fischer: I loved my students. I loved those aha moments and looks on their faces when it all clicks! Also, the vacation time was amazing. What I love now is I am still teaching every day. The people I choose to teach, coach, and mentor are my employees, as they are trying to learn what I know to implement it in their future businesses. I took a lot of what I loved in teaching and implemented it into my business. I am truly passionate about helping people build a better future for themselves directly.


CEOCFO: What might be different a year from now for Envision Management?

Mr. Fischer: Within a year from now, our goal is to double in size again and have three to five additional clients. That would mean I would need to grow the size of our team by about 15-20 people. That is our main goal. I want to teach and train someone through my own program to, one day, take my place at Envision Management.


CEOCFO: Why pay attention to Envision Management today?

Mr. Fischer: Pay attention to Envision Management for setting the bar high and achieving success where others had given up. We want to blaze a trail for Rapid City and the surrounding areas by providing opportunities that other companies overlooked or were not willing to offer. We are building a genuine care for our employees and clients. Should they ever want answers, they need only to sit down with me and ask!


“I grow and build with my people. My personal goal is for them to see a manager that cares for them individually and not treat them as another number in a company… We start with a very simple approach of customer experience first over sales.”
- Scott Fischer


Scott Fischer



Envision Management, Inc.



Scott Fischer


Envision Management, Inc.
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