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March 12, 2018 Issue



Q&A with Anjali Chugh, President of Cosmique Global, Inc. helping Startups develop Websites, Mobile Apps, eCommerce Platforms, Create Distribution Channels and achieve Brand Recognition with Online and Offline Business Promotion Campaigns



Anjali Chugh



Cosmique Global, Inc.


Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published Ė March 12, 2018


CEOCFO: Ms. Chugh, would you tell us the concept behind Cosmique Global?

Ms. Chugh: Cosmique Global is a Business solutions provider. We work with small businesses, essentially startups, that are still struggling to achieve the most coveted milestones in the business world - growth, sustenance and expansion. We provide them with the resources they need to achieve their targets. Eighty percent of our clients have no clue about the type of services that can catapult their business to the next level. For instance, most of the small business owners that I meet with, have very little knowledge about the digital world. They come to us, totally oblivious of the fact that theyíre losing a big chunk of business in absence of an effective online presence. We help them with online, as well as offline business promotion campaigns. Whether itís developing a Website or a Mobile App, building an ecommerce platform like an Amazon or eBay store, trademarking their brand, or creating distribution channels for their products and services, we use all possible resources for their brand promotion, and increasing customer base for them.


CEOCFO: How do you assess what a company needs?

Ms. Chugh: It starts with a preliminary discussion with the owner, or designated representative of the company. During this discussion, we try to get as much information as possible, about their business, vision, and future goals. Generally, they all have the same goals - generating more revenue, getting more clients, popularizing their brand. Besides, all of them want the services to be cost effective. Most of the times, we are the ones who help them in narrowing down the target audience for their products. In most cases, we do need to explain to them that the advertising campaign needs to be built to appeal a certain audience, and not the general public. Based on that initial conversation we come up with a business building strategy for them.


CEOCFO: Are you providing many of the services or are you pointing them in the direction of a good web developer or a good system to implement. Where does the advice roll over into action?

Ms. Chugh: Itís both. Although we provide a complete business development package under Cosmique banner, we donít let our clients feel obligated to purchase any of those services from us. If they like what we offer, they hire us. For anything that we donít feel well equipped to handle, we recommend other service providers to them. Aside from having the necessary expertise to deal with even the most complicated business scenarios, our service fee is very competitive and can be compared to the best in the industry. We intend to keep the pricing affordable for small businesses.


CEOCFO: How do people find Cosmique Global?

Ms. Chugh: We have a robust online presence. Most of our traffic comes from social media pages like Facebook and LinkedIn. Intermittent advertising on Google helps. Although online traffic is important for business growth, yet I feel, most of the revenue is generated the old school way - from personal networking, speaking opportunities and referrals. We like to use a mix of both online and offline resources for reaching out to business owners who can benefit from our services.


CEOCFO: Are most of your clients in the New York area?

Ms. Chugh: Not really. Our clients are spread across the country. Since most of our services are provided remotely, the clients donít need to be in New York as such. Itís only in the case of those clients who need setting up ecommerce sites, and expect us to upload products as well, where we might need to visit their premises to work onsite. In all other cases, the entire process of business development, starting from strategizing, to designing and implementing, everything can be handled remotely.


CEOCFO: How do you help with a trademark and a company protecting what they have developed?

Ms. Chugh: If a business already owns a brand, we register that brand with the US Patent & Trademark Office, after taking necessary input from the owner. If itís a new business, then the process starts with designing a logo that truly reflects the essence of the business. That logo eventually becomes the brand for the company.


The trademark application usually runs into a few pages, and the information needed from the client covers all aspects of the business, ranging from date of using the brand in ecommerce, to submitting a logo and a specimen, along with details of the incorporated entity, and the owner. The person filing the trademark application needs to be well conversant with Trademark law. The filing process starts with a thorough search of the brand-name availability in TM database and identifying the Class under which the products or services need to be filed. Even a slightest mistake, in any of the stages of filing process, can lead to the denial of the application. As such itís always advisable to hire a consultant or an Attorney who has sufficient experience in handling Trademark registration. It usually takes about twelve to eighteen months to get the final certificate of registration.


CEOCFO: Do you find that one of the biggest attractions to Cosmique Global is that you are a one-stop solution?

Ms. Chugh: Definitely. That was the idea while setting up this company. It was supposed to be, and is, a one-stop-shop for all business solutions. When a client comes to us, he expects everything in one place. He doesnít want to shop around. He does not have time, resources, and sometimes the means to tap into those resources. Our endeavor is to do the best we can, to help our clients grow their businesses, even if it means providing them with a referral for a service that we do not offer.


CEOCFO: Do you find that people are recognizing more and more that is the best way to go?

Ms. Chugh: Of course, they are recognizing the need to hire a branding consultant. In most cases, people come to us after having delved into all aspects of business promotion themselves. There comes a time in every business ownerís life when he realizes that the only way to succeeding in business, is to focus on running it effectively, rather than spending too many useful hours of the day on advertising and promotional campaigns. When that realization hits, they start looking for someone who can take care of the business promotion part. Thatís where we come into picture.


We totally understand the core problem that a new business faces, is the lack of financial resources. Small business owners do not feel comfortable with spending money on business branding, which is why they try to do everything themselves, but eventually realize that itís not going to work that way. Delegating work is important because thereís only so much you can accomplish during the day, when you run a business. Running a business, and promoting it, are essentially two different things. For any business to succeed, itís important that they have two separate teams taking care of these significantly different areas.


CEOCFO: How do you strike the right balance with a client of wanting to provide all of the services but not seeming like a pushy salesperson?

Ms. Chugh: Our top priority is customer satisfaction. We put the needs of our clients before anything else. Itís not about what we offer. Itís about what they need. So many times, our clients want us to set up every social media page thatís out there, for them. We can easily do that, and bill them for all our services, but we donít. We help them understand that they might not need to be on every social media platform. It all depends on the type of products & services they sell, and the target audience. Similarly, startups usually do not need Quickbooks for accounting, and as such we donít suggest it to them. Everything is based on what they need. Being pushy doesnít work, and thatís not how we operate.


CEOCFO: How do you stay on top of the different areas where you provide services, so much changes so quickly?
Ms. Chugh:
Yes, the technology is changing rapidly, but we have people on board, who are experts in their respective fields, be it creative arts, document review, or Information technology. They know well enough to keep themselves updated about any changes in their areas of specialization. Even if it entails a periodic training session, thatís what they go through. Itís imperative for any service provider to be well equipped, and knowledgeable enough to understand any business scenario, and be able to offer viable solutions to customers in todayís fast paced world.


CEOCFO: I see on your website that giving back is important. Where do you focus your efforts and why is it important?

Ms. Chugh: We donate to SOS Childrenís Villages, and St. Judeís. Both organizations have one thing in common and that is Ďchildrení. SOS looks after abandoned and orphaned children, and St. Judeís, as everyone knows, is a cancer research center for children. We try to contribute whatever little we can. Every drop in the ocean counts!


CEOCFO: What might be different a year from now at Cosmique Global?

Ms. Chugh: Weíre constantly adding new services to our existing business model. In about 3 -4 months from now, weíll have a real estate, and tours & travel division fully operational. Currently, weíre working on infrastructural components of these two newly introduced segments. Itís an add-on service for the community we work in. From now on, we want to be able to help individuals and families, in addition to providing solutions to businesses.


CEOCFO: Why choose Cosmique Global?

Ms. Chugh: If I say weíre competent, skilled and resourceful enough to make things happen for our clients, that wouldnít sound anything out of the ordinary. There are many other service providers who have the expertise like we do, but itís the personal touch that sets us apart from everyone else. Our clients come back to us with referrals, primarily, because they love the way we treat them, and the way we make the entire process of business development seamless for them. My clients are free to call me on my cell # any time of the day. They like us because weíre easily approachable and accessible, whenever they have an issue to resolve. Thatís what makes us different.


ďItís imperative for any service provider to be well equipped, and knowledgeable enough to understand any business scenario, and be able to offer viable solutions to customers in todayís fast paced world.Ē- Anjali Chugh


Cosmique Global, Inc.



Anjali Chugh







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