May 2008 Money Manager Interview with: Millennium Global Natural Resources Fund, Senior Portfolio Manager, Managing Director, James Guiang, covering Eurocontrol Technics Inc. (EUO-TSX: B), - featuring: their molecular marking systems for the oil industry, through their proprietary Petromark(TM) integral system.

Eurocontrol Technics Inc. (EUO-TSX: V) - Money Manager

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Offering What Could Be An Industry Standard Hydrocarbon Marking Technology For National And International Companies Identifying Their Products Is Giving Eurocontrol Exceptional High-Growth Potential


Money Manager Interview Covering:
Eurocontrol Technics Inc. (EUO-TSX: V)
Suite 825, 65 Queen Street West
Toronto ON Canada M5H 2M5
Phone: 416-861-5883

James Guiang
Senior Portfolio Manager, Managing Director
Millennium Global Natural Resources Fund

Interview conducted by:
Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor
Published – May 16, 2008

James Guiang

Senior Portfolio Manager, Managing Director
Millennium Global Natural Resources Fund

Primary responsibility for individual company investment analysis, investment structuring and monitoring.

Jim has more than 25 years' experience in the international oil and gas exploration and production industry, and has been an energy industry specialist in M&A, merchant banking and corporate finance since 1988. He trained in the USA as a petroleum geophysicist and geologist and began his career in the energy industry in 1979 with Exxon in New Orleans and Houston, and subsequently Amerada Hess in Denver and Conoco International in London and Stavanger. At Conoco (London) he was a senior geophysicist and was credited with drilling 13 successful wells in the North Sea between 1982 and 1988. These successes were valued at USD 920 million and used risk capital of USD 65 million. Since leaving Conoco in 1988, he has advised on oil and gas investments, working closely with Lion Resource Management and Lake Asset Management, specialist resource investment management companies registered with the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in the UK.

Jim is a graduate of Boston College (Bachelor of Science in Geophysics and Geology 1979), Boston University (London Metropolitan College branch - Master of Science in Business Administration 1987), the London Business School (Corporate Finance Evening Programme 1987), and was a visiting student at the Colorado School of Mines (Geology 1976). He is registered with the Financial Services Authority (FSA).


Mr. Guiang, please tell us a little about the funds you manage and what the objectives are.

Mr. Guiang: “I am Managing Director- Natural Resources here at Millennium Global Investments Ltd. and I co-manage the Natural Resources fund itself which has about $130,000,000 US in assets under management. I also advise on natural resource investments particularly related to oil and gas on Millennium Global’s High Yield fund, which has more than US$ 750,000,000 in assets undermanagement, and also advise two of our private equity funds, the Millennium Global Special Situations funds and a new fund that we are launching, the Millennium Global Africa Opportunities fund that we are launching with the support of the the Unites States Treasury Department’s Overseas Private Investment Corp. Therefore, it is a multiplicity of funds in which I am involved and I look after investments in oil and gas companies and other related industries that service the oil and gas industry.”


CEOCFO: What do you look for when you look for a potential company; what is your criteria?

Mr. Guiang: “It is principally value-driven and certainly in the case of Eurocontrol, it is a combination of value-added and it is exceptional high-growth potential.”


CEOCFO: What do you like about Eurocontrol?

Mr. Guiang: “I actually like the possibility of it becoming an industry standard for the marking technology that Eurocontrol has developed for the entire hydrocarbon chain from crude oil through to including refined products. It has the potential to be the industry standard by which both companies and indeed national companies can identify their products.”


CEOCFO: What is the competitive landscape for them?

Mr. Guiang: “My own view is that because the Eurocontrol technology is so superior, they will probably overtake existing technologies that are very simple technologies related to die casting and marking hydrocarbons because Eurocontrol has a DNA approach.”


CEOCFO: Where do you see Eurocontrol in the process of achieving recognition?

Mr. Guiang: “They are probably in the first half of the first of nine innings. Although they have completed all of the research and development, they are just now getting out into the market to deploy the technology.”


CEOCFO: Over and above the technology,what is it about the company and the management that you feel will enable them to have the right stuff to succeed?

Mr. Guiang: “They have some very sophisticated security savvy management, particularly with General Michael Rose who led the British SAS, and was responsible for security measures on hydrocarbons during the UK skirmishes in Ireland during the last thirty years. Moreover, their chairman is very well placed in the international arena having been the former foreign minister of Canada, particularly amongst the national oil companies such as the NNPC of Nigeria and PDVSA the national oil company of Venezuela. There is a reasonable chance that they are going to be successful commercializing their technology at national oil company level.”


CEOCFO: What else should potential investors know about Eurocontrol?

Mr. Guiang: “Just the size of market and its potential. The estimated losses, absolute outright theft in hydrocarbons is a giant market, and probably on the order of at least $3 billion a year and those are internal estimates coming from the company. For example, I happen to know the Russian market reasonably well and the types of losses that occur in the transportation of crude oil and the sale and missing cargo in refined products that come from that country and they are indeed massive.”


CEOCFO: Is the oil industry looking for solutions or do they need to be convinced to take advantage of the Eurocontrol technology?

Mr. Guiang: “They need to be convinced as an industry, however most importantly, and this is where I am getting involved with the company; governments themselves are keen to reduce these types of losses. Therefore, in the case of Eurocontrol I believe in terms of the marketability and actual sales and contracts, they will be more successful initially with governmental contracts stemming from the national companies. Then the major international companies will follow suit when the technology gets its traction.”


CEOCFO: Why should investors look at Eurocontrol today?

Mr. Guiang: “I liken it to a technology that emerged from Canada and caught on like wildfire of which people were highly skeptical including myself a little over ten or twelve years ago; the Blackberry! Another reason is the valuation at this level is a compelling valuation when contrasted to the potential growth. I think the expected earnings potential for the company when they exit 2009 is probably trading two or three times earnings right now. Secondly, the growth potential as an industry standard is even more compelling: imagine if Eurocontrol  indeed becomes the ‘Blackberry’ standard of the hydrocarbon marking technology industry which is just in its infancy?”


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