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December 15, 2014 Issue

The Most Powerful Name In Corporate News and Information


Mobile Document Management and Collaboration Solution


David Airey

Founder & CEO


Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – December 15, 2014


CEOCFO: Mr. Airey, what is Air Interactive Media?

Mr. Airey: We manufacture two different software packages. One is called mView Suite, the M stands for mobile. It is a mobile document management and collaboration solution. It is a SaaS, open source solution and runs of a Linux server.


CEOCFO: What is your second product?

Mr. Airey: The second one is an Indo-Canadian Corporation called 3Q Mentors Pvt Ltd. We are in developing and building a custom, virtual classroom educational management system. 3Q Mentors India will support Hindi and English languages initially. Our partners are constructing a customized curriculum providing a richer, value-based approach for Higher Education and IT Certifications. Through device agnosticism and provisions for physical classrooms (Rural), accessibility will be paramount. Graduates will have a renewed sense of knowledge, confidence and spirit which, strengthens the foundation in preparation to work and succeed in the global market.


CEOCFO: Why are you working on that?

Mr. Airey: It came about through membership in a Business Network and following numerous, mutual beneficial conversations with a fellow colleague, we agreed to Partner and start development immediately. The Canadian and Indian Government have a Treaty Agreement to work together on various initiatives including Education. Exchanging ideas on how both Countries can benefit from educational management solutions helps support our youth and prosperity of future generations. There are approx. 1.7 billion people in India and of that 600 million (approx.) are under the age of 25.


CEOCFO: There are college-level courses and IT training available in India already. What is different about your approach, and what might the Indian market require that perhaps others do not offer?

Mr. Airey: I believe bringing to India access to affordable, quality education including through online learning platforms is important. Currently there are strong factors inhibiting growth within two void verticals. The #1 franchise in North America is fast food. The #1 franchise in India is online learning platforms. Out of 100% of all the online learning platforms, Higher Education and IT Training represents only 17% of the market. 3Q Mentors goals are three fold; 1. IQ - Academic Skills, Developmental Learning 2. EQ - Life Core Skills, Values Based Learning and 3. AQ - Technical Skills, Technical Skills Learning. We are building a platform that will be turn-key/franchise, leaning on the demand within the female market for teaching professions “as-a-business”. Providing opportunities in the Higher Education and IT verticals for people who simply do not have the money, status or connectivity is our global vision. Over the next 5 years, building and delivering quality, value-based training and accreditation is our number one goal period!


CEOCFO: It sounds quite comprehensive as well.

Mr. Airey: It is. My Partner in India has a strong background in delivering training courses and also worked within the financial sector. He has a strong network and excellent knowledge working within the Government. We both recognized the need, one in the learning field and one in the franchise sector. The software’s foundation/back-end is already built and will utilize AIM’s mobile document solution, mView Suite. mView Suite is a secure document management solution that is mobile device-centric. We authenticate the User, not the device by changing the way you interact with a document. A huge factor in India is poor connectivity through the Internet. Wi-Fi is random with a “sharing” program to try and provide equal access to the masses. What they do not lack is mobile devices. Like mView Suite, 3Q Mentors will be secure and accessible on any mobile device. For rural communities, we will be establishing Learning Centers where individuals will have dedicated access to educational materials and allows for broadcasting video “one to many”. Audio, chat, notes/annotation and digital whiteboard compliment the dashboard feature-set for release January 2015.


CEOCFO: Tell us about mView Suite. How does the system work?

Mr. Airey: Really starts with the name, mView Suite. We provide mobile document viewing supported by a suite of interactive, cool tools enhancing the experience. AIM provides a SAAS solution that has high availability. We can host it on a private virtual cloud with options to go to a shared cloud system so they can use it for both private, hybrid and shared collaboration. We can host it, or it can be client hosted installed onsite. In a nutshell, mView Suite is a Secure, Mobile Document Management & Collaboration Solution. We provide interactive Tools for chat by group or one-on-one, notes shared or private, notification for informing Users when documents have been shared, scaled ratings for fast quality control, creating custom tags for quick searching and document thumb-nails for fast page references. Our differentiator in the marketplace is we overcome the BYOD (bring your own device) nuances and policies by changing the way you interact with a document. Authenticating devices through remote monitoring software adds to IT workload, adds significant software/hardware procurement costs, tracking and monitoring employees and additional policies on employee device usage whether company supplied or personal device. Studies show that 60% of employees that have been supplied with a corporate hand-held phone, they still use their personal device for business purposes without IT management knowledge! Having to track an employee through their device and then monitor what they are accessing is not something most IT managers are going to want to add to their day-to-day list of “things to do”. In the event a phone is lost, stolen or the employee leaves the company (private or public) IT can either swipe, wipe or purge all the data including any personal data. We believe this is a futile process. We believe by authenticating the User and changing the way you interact with a document, converting it to an image, is the safest and easiest to way to ensure corporate documents. Thye do not get left residing on a mobile device. Most people will agree that they do not “edit” documents with their phone. They want to connect, share and collaborate on documents. Finally, with the insurgence of GEN Y into the global workforce which will exceed 70 million by the end of 2016, the paradigm shift in the marketplace is occurring right now. Millennial’s (GEN Y) “blend” business with social activity and are not limited by time barriers (9-5) .They see communication as a Human 2 Human interaction.


CEOCFO: How are you able to make documents easily readable on mobile devices?

Mr. Airey: Simply by converting them to images! All mobile device manufacturers agree on one thing, you can upload, share and interact with a picture/image. In the MDM world (mobile device manufacturers), you have the BIG players in the marketplace; Apple, Microsoft, Google, Samsung, Nokia, and they all manufacture different operating systems. Each OS business applications have different rules, restrictions and limitations concerning how the User interacts with a document. For example, you cannot upload a PDF from your iPhone into a cloud service without placing into iCloud first. This is a security breach as your documents are now exposed. 80 percent of all Internet traffic comes from a mobile handheld device and I do not mean an iPad or a tablet. Providing secure, fast and efficient access to documentation through a mobile device is paramount to remain competitive and a leader within your industry. Through file, sync and sharing documents off the network into a private cloud service, IT can maintain their network drives, reducing costs, increasing efficiencies while supporting staff regardless of computing and mobile devices. The cloud is the way to store documents, but they need to know they are doing it securely, minimized administration time while, maintaining efficiencies. With mView Suite, document (PDF) uploads get stored in a secure vault called, mVault. Users are authenticated to mVaults (Groups) and there are no limitations on the amount of mVaults you wish to create; 1 or 1001.  When Users leave an organization, Admin can simply delete the User and an auto purge of documents associated with that User happens concurrently. We overcome two things; one is speed. Typically, large PDF uploads pose several problems from size, imaging quality, company restrictions and limitations. We convert to a smaller image so load times are minimal and image quality is excellent. Second is security. By converting documents to images we eliminate “native” documents residing on a phone.


CEOCFO: What is the competitive landscape, and how do you cut through the noise so that people understand what you have is the real deal?

Mr. Airey: I think that from a competitive standpoint there are a lot of DMS and cloud storage solutions out there to choose from. What’s best for your organization depends on many variables. This typically revolves around ease-of-use, security, scalability and cost. “Dropping” a document into a shared cloud provides ease-of-use and low costs. However, shared cloud providers are not held responsible for lost or stolen documents. So, non-mission critical documents are typically what gets’ stored. This doesn’t solve the need to minimize the data-load on a network and adds additional administration through creating a hierarchy of “User Roles and Restrictions”. By adopting a Private and Hybrid Cloud Service, IT can administrate document connecting and sharing while, maintaining Privacy Laws through tighter security protocols. mView Suite adds collaboration tools to document sharing so, the need for additional platform applications aren’t necessary. These collaboration platforms add costs, larger bandwidth requirements and are not accessible on all devices. From a competitive standpoint, we provide a safe, fast, convenient and low alternative to mainstream Solutions. We are providing a document management solution that is private. We are converting documents to images so that native documents are not left residing on a mobile device while, supporting all mobile device manufacturers. All documents are indexed and archived so, in the event an employee leaves and/or is terminated, User deletions do not impact loss of data/documentation. We enable Admin “User Controls” for authentication, eliminating the need to track and monitor mobile device usage. We work with all Document Management Solutions for easy mobile device policy adoption and implementation. Through file, sync and share organizations can adopt mView Suite as an enhancement to their existing DMS without additional costs or security concerns. That is our differentiator in the marketplace. That is what makes us different from our competitors in the marketplace. We are innovators in our field because we changed the way a User interacts with a document as opposed to managing the device.


CEOFO: What types of companies tend to use your service? Is there a common thread?

Mr. Airey: Government, educational, health care, accounting firms, construction groups, publishing houses, legal… really any organization that has a need to support employee mobility whether, private or public, through document connecting, sharing & collaborations. We have a Supply Arrangement with the Canadian Federal Government, are working with several Municipalities across Ontario while, targeting associations and organizations that have geographical disparity and subsequent issues with internet connections. These groups typically rely on mobile devices for consistently connecting, sharing and collaborating. We provide an affordable, easy and adoptable solution for that. We also provide a “Super Site” for organizations with Project Management needs. This could range from multiple locations, departments, seasonal projects and can be customized to any organization’s needs. At no additional charge, we provide the flexibility for Custom Branding on all Project Management initiatives fostering “ownership” while, maintaining a competitive edge!


CEOCFO: What have you learned along the way? What has changed for you or what have you tweaked or improved as the product has been tested?

Mr. Airey: What I have really learned is that there is a lot of uncertainty. As you read white papers that pertain directly to the markets that we are in i.e. document sharing, collaboration and Cloud services, there are a lot of security concerns, “chaos” and “mayhem”. That is what I have learned. Tech moves so fast that it is really hard for organizations to stay on top of and in sync with what is happening in the marketplace. Secondly, what I have learned is that “change management” is the number one obstacle from organizations adopting new solution initiatives and subsequently moving forward. You can’t lead your industry if you are consistently a “Late Adopter”. Most of my time is spent on educating, conducting speaking events, writing articles and helping organizations understand what is happening in the technology marketplace. Learning what they can expect to see over the next one to five years is critical in the decision making process. It directly impacts how your will attract, hire and retain high caliber talent. Some considerations are mobile user device management, cloud storage and document connecting & sharing. Mobility is the number one challenge and equates directly to the paradigm shift of GEN Y/Millennials entering the workforce. The numbers are staggering; by the end of this year (2014), they will represent 40 percent of the global working population. By the end of 2015, they will have surpassed the baby-boomers, which puts’ them into executive decision-making positions. By the end of 2016, 70 million will now be actively in the workforce. They are the future of how we will work globally. Blending business with social is not an impediment but, is simply a Human 2 Human experience in their everyday life. It is no longer business B2C or B2B but H2H.

CEOCFO: Why choose Air Interactive Media and mView Suite?

Mr. Airey: Number one, because we are a scalable, “off-the-shelf” Solution. We support the SMB market to Fortune 500 organizations. We provide customizations to our solution to fit their needs. mView Suite is a SaaS that can be AIM Hosted or Client Hosted. We can enhance any existing DMS while, supporting their Mobility needs. We boast 4 Tiers of Authentication so, security on the back-end is very important to us. Although nothing is “un-hackable” we have done our due diligence to ensure protection for all our Customers. The question is, have you done your due diligence for User and Document prevention?


AIM’s mView Suite provides a solution that allows you access to any document, anywhere, anytime, safely on any mobile computing device, period!


“It is no longer business to consumer (B2C) or business to business (B2B), it is human to human (H2H). A blend between business and social interaction and GEN Y understand that better than anyone.  Organizations need to be building their organization infrastructure to adopt and support this paradigm shift .” - David Airey


Air Interactive Media


Dave Airey

(613) 507-VIEW (8439)







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