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May 27, 2013 Issue

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A Woman-Owned Healthcare Communications Agency Specializing in Patient Recruitment and Retention Efforts, JMAC Partners Provides Real Personalized Service for Clients through Experienced Industry Professionals

About JMAC Partners

JMAC Partners is a woman-owned healthcare communications agency specializing in patient recruitment and retention efforts. We are staffed by experienced, time-tested industry professionals. We stand ready to take on the challenge of discovering and overcoming any factors that may undermine the success of your specific study. JMAC Partners’ integrated service and program offerings of direct-to-patient and direct-to-physician support services reduce clinical trial subject enrollment timelines and operations costs.


Janet L. Maclean


Janet L. MacLean helms JMAC Partners—a healthcare communications agency specializing in clinical trial patient recruitment and retention—bringing exceptional strategic, analytical and communications skills to this key role. She oversees organizational delivery of innovative and results-driven services that meet or exceed clients’ constantly evolving needs. Janet champions metrics-based strategies that integrate technologies with traditional relationship building for complete client solutions. She ensures JMAC Partners is a leader in providing premier client service, coupled with comprehensive value-rich executive reporting and communication.


Janet's prior leadership experience includes senior positions in her current industry; professional services; and educational and charitable organizations. She transformed both for- and not-for-profit firms to achieve service expansion, fiscal efficiency, organizational growth and broader community support. Janet holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Bryant University.


“To me, signature service means the highest level of commitment for an organization’s performance because you've made it personal by signing your name to every deliverable or idea you provide or recommend. We put our reputation and integrity forward alongside you. Our team believes that there is no substitute for flawless program execution. This shows in the commitment we provide, the guidance and support we provide to our key stakeholders, and the trust that patients who consider or actually participate in the trials can depend on.”


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JMAC Partners

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Interview conducted by: Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published –  May 27, 2013


CEOCFO: Ms. Maclean, your website indicates that JMAC Partners is dedicated to help run a successful trial. What goes into making it successful? What do you do that is over and above what others might?

Ms. Maclean: I believe it takes true commitment and focused attention to help make a trial successful from a patient recruitment or retention perspective. It also takes full collaboration. We are a full service, healthcare communications agency. I believe that our unwavering commitment to help facilitate client trial outcomes through our strategic team approach is unmatched. We provide a multifaceted approach to every engagement. Successful engagements require thorough preplanning by not just the business development or project team, but also includes the creative and executive team who can provide additional insight and direction. The team provides historical learning’s and recommendations with a strategic innovative approach.  In a nutshell, what we do above and beyond others is that we provide real personalized service. I say this with a great deal of passion. For example, you will see on our website,, that it says “signature service”. Well, it is my signature on our logo; however, every member of this team also puts their signature on everything that they do, which in our environment demonstrates their approval and their commitment to the work they provide. And finally, we not only serve our client or the sites with the highest level of service, but most importantly – we serve the true end stakeholders in a trial which are the patients, their families, and the community at large. 


Further, we are constantly monitoring the developments of our engagement initiatives, as well as the real time results so that we may make adjustments or provide recommendations for adjustments to an implemented strategy without delay. The important highlight here is that JMAC Partners becomes an extension of the study team with the goal to achieve the desired results either earlier than expected or on time.


CEOCFO: When you are speaking with a new client or a potential client how do you convey the different level of service, so that they believe that you really do it? 

Ms. Maclean: It all starts with the introduction. We have been complimented by many organizations and clients regarding our positive energy level, rapid response time, and a depth of knowledge that is very much unmatched in the industry and not the norm. When we are involved in a new “pitch” we listen first, then assess and provide our honest educated approach. Sometimes this may mean we decline the business because we do not want to promise something we cannot deliver, or the client has expectations or preconceptions that are far afield from what our experience tells us is the reality of the situation. That said, however, we would provide some recommendations in order to assist them. The trust that we project is real and then it’s further substantiated with our strong follow through, actions, and strengthened by results we produce. My team has a great deal of knowledge and experience having worked on hundreds of clinical trials (together) for years—they are outstanding!  Our client references further substantiate the satisfaction and positive outcomes we have helped deliver.                  


CEOCFO: Would you tell me the role that technology plays to help you accomplish what you are doing?

Ms. Maclean: Technology is a very essential element in any organization because not only does it help us by reducing manual labor it helps us to continuously track and understand data in real time. Additionally, it helps us connect with our patients and sites. We don’t use technology for technology’s sake; it is how we use the technology that makes it effective. For example, using text messaging for an older patient population, such as that you might associate with an Alzheimer’s disease study, wouldn’t be an effective use of the technology at all. But you could contrast that with a younger-skewing audience, such as one you might find in a women’s health study, where text messaging could be applied to great effect in recruitment and retention. There is a time, place and purpose for technology. We fully understand it and continually make investments to improve our various offerings and our capabilities. One of our critical systems is our SummitTM application, which is our online referral-tracking portal that provides real-time updates and reporting capabilities. Additionally, application development or online initiatives are always on the forefront for what we can and do accomplish. What I would love to see developed is a patient-to-patient conversation with people who have previously volunteered to participate in a clinical. There are endless opportunities to use online, technology-supported means to engage patients and physicians, but it’s understanding how to minimize the risk that must be considered. I believe that the patient community would provide a greater awareness, with real life experience, for a particular indication, and could break down barriers and the fear of the unknown. However, I recognize there may be great risk for a negative impact with open patient dialogue for trials—something which affects compliance—and which legal governance also recognizes.


CEOCFO: What surprised you most as you developed the company?

Ms. Maclean: That is a very good question. There are many smart people in this industry with incredible ideas and solid commitment. What surprised me most is simple—it is that there are “silos,” if you will, of communication. Everyone is focused on their own specific responsibilities for the trials and hence communication isn’t as fluid. This is why our model is to connect with all constituents at the table as their partner—to push through those silos. Everything needs to link appropriately to achieve timely success. For example, a successful outreach program that is trying to generate referrals hinges on strong follow up combined with close collaboration and relationship building with the sites who receive the referrals, the recruitment support team who deployed the initiative, and the monitors who have influence as well. We all have indirect attribution to one another’s role to keep moving things forward in a timely manner, but also ultimately for the patients best interest which is why we are in this field, isn’t it?             


CEOCFO: How is business these days?

Ms. Maclean: Business is fabulous! We enjoy what we do. We are developing new relationships, strengthening existing relationships and rebuilding former relationships. Business is going well.                 


CEOCFO: What might be different a year or two down the line for JMAC Partners?

Ms. Maclean: We are always looking forward. What will be different for JMAC Partners within the year is that we will be opening a London office. We will have an on-the-ground presence to be closer to the sites we support and our clients overseas.                              


CEOCFO: You are working with potentially life changing products and yet you know it is going to take a long, long time, even if they are the most perfect solution out there. How do you keep from waking up some days and saying “it is just so hard”?         

Ms. Maclean: My personality is to find solutions and overcome challenges every day. It’s keeping a positive mindset, being upbeat and always challenging yourself to find the best solution to all situations. Yes, one must have patience in this industry, but consider the end result especially if it is positive. It’s a fantastic feeling. If JMAC Partners can help overcome some of those frustrating situations and contribute to providing a positive life change for patients, for our clients, sites, and CROs—we are thrilled. That makes it worthwhile. Let’s face it, we all know someone who has some disease (curable or incurable), and if we are working on a trial to help just one person, or two, or a hundred or more—we made a difference. We make a difference for the future through the collaboration and action of all stakeholders.


CEOCFO: What makes JMAC exceptional and why should investors and people in the business community be recognizing that?

Ms. Maclean: JMAC Partners is a true partner. We provide exemplary results in everything that we do, because we take on a particular challenge and we make it our own, so that we are working in tandem with our clients, the sites, and/or the CRO to minimize timelines and create positive results that benefit the patient population, their families and the community. We are unlike most of our competitors because of our signature service. I stand firm on providing premier client service. The proof of what makes JMAC Partners exceptional is our client’s feedback, our combined team experience, and our innovative solutions-drive approach. We are not a commodity—we are positively unique, in my opinion. Real service. Real initiative. Real timely response. Real results.


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“What we do above and beyond others is that we provide real personalized service….We make a difference for the future through the collaboration and action of all stakeholders. We provide exemplary results in everything that we do, because we take on a particular challenge and we make it our own.”- Janet L. Maclean


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