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February 18, 2011 Issue

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With an Over the Counter Homeopathic Nasal Spray Product that Kills Bacteria, Viruses, Mold and Funguses Already on the Market and a Throat Spray and Traveler Product to Bring to the Market in 2011, SinoFresh HealthCare, Inc. is Well Positioned for Future Growth

Company Profile:

SinoFresh HealthCare, Inc. is a publicly traded company based in Venice, Florida, that manufactures and distributes nasal, oral and topical antiseptic germ-killing products. SinoFresh products have or will be marketed and distributed globally through a network of strategic wholesale and retail partners. SinoFresh Homeopathic Nasal Spray is SinoFresh Healthcare Inc's, premier product that has been safely used by patients for ten years. In laboratory tests, SinoFresh Nasal Spray has demonstrated efficacy against a variety of pathogens such as MRSA, E-Coli, H1N1 and a broad range of other viruses, molds, fungi and bacteria.

Mr. David R. Olund
President and CEO

Mr. Olund has over 30 years of domestic and international experience in the Financial Services and Finance industry.

Mr. Olund began his career in 1979 holding corporate positions as well as marketing relationships with companies such as Sun Life of Canada, The CNA Companies, Western Reserve, New York Life, LifeUSA Traveler Insurance Company and Shearson/American Express as well as numerous other companies. He has held the Registered Securities Principal designation in the past including the position of President, CEO and Chief Compliance Officer of an NASD Member Securities firm.

During the last 15 years, his Financial Consulting work has encompassed assignments for both Public and Private companies in the United States, as well as doing significant work in Europe, Asia and Latin America for private multi-national clients. Mr. Olund’s practice over the past several years has focused on alternative finance planning and multi-national project finance consulting as well as working with and developing sophisticated risk mitigation investment structures.

He has further authored and structured, in the course of various client activities, Securities Offering Memorandums (Both Private and Public), SEC Filings, Corporate Policies and Procedures, Mergers and Acquisitions Documentation, Business Plans, Investment Product Designs, as well as performing a consulting procurement role in Investment Banking, Mortgage Banking and Institutional Financing transactions.

Sinus and Nasal Care

SinoFresh HealthCare, Inc.
333 South Tamiami Trail, Suite 285
Venice, FL 34285
Phone: 941-375-8174


Interview conducted by: Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor,, Published - February 18, 2011

Mr. Olund, what attracted you to SinoFresh?

Mr. Olund: My background is as a finance consultant and originally I heard about SinoFresh™ from a colleague who suggested that I actually try the product; this was a little more than two years ago. The product was quite difficult for me to find, but I did manage to get a hold of it. I had been a long-time chronic sinusitis sufferer myself. I found the product and tried it and in the last two and a half years, I have not suffered from sinusitis since. Therefore, I am kind of a living testimonial for the product.


CEOCFO: Would you give us an overview of the product?

Mr. Olund: SinoFresh Homeopathic Antiseptic Nasal Spray is our premiere product out on the market. It is an over-the-counter, nasal spray that contains a broad-based antiseptic. It kills on contact a number of molds, fungus, viruses, and bacteria in the nasal cavity. These pathogens are known to be the causes of a variety of illnesses including problems related to sinusitis. Basically, the company holds patents on the delivery of broad-based antiseptics to the nasal cavity. The premise of the product is quite simple in that if you are killing the pathogens at some point it reduces the potential of subsequent illness.


CEOCFO: Is this a new formulation?

Mr. Olund: The product was conceived in its original formulation a little over ten years ago, and has been in the market for nearly ten years. So the product itself is not new. The company and the product has suffered from poor management, in the past, but there never was a problem related to the product itself. I might add that in the nearly ten years that this product has been sold to the public, there has never been a claim made against the Company as a result of an adverse reaction or problem related to the product. We are very happy to say that.


CEOCFO: Are there competing products, or is it the first time an antiseptic has been used in this manner?

Mr. Olund: SinoFresh has the product that for the first time a broad-based, antiseptic, homeopathic has been used in the nasal cavity. There are a number of products, probably in the range of 67 products out there, that basically treat either symptoms or they work to try to boost your immune system. SinoFresh Nasal Spray is the only product with nasal delivery that delivers a broad based antiseptic and actually kills the germs known to cause common diseases.


CEOCFO: What has been the reaction from the medical community?

Mr. Olund: I can tell you that from early on, the product has and continues to be well supported by a number of physicians; the Ear, Nose and Throat specialists and physicians in general practice are big supporters. We have a very active pair of advising physicians that have been working with the product for more than eight years and have seen the direct result of the use of the product by their patients. I am very happy to say that the reception by those physicians and members in the medical community that have had a direct experience with the product and with their patients, has in every single instance been positive.


CEOCFO: What is your relationship with Green Valley Drug?

Mr. Olund: Green Valley is a regional drug and medical supply distributor based out of Anderson, Nevada. They actually are licensed to operate in about thirty-eight states. They have a significant sales force. They market to retailers, medical institutions, doctor’s offices, and clinics. We are very happy to have them as part of our distribution team.


CEOCFO: How else do you reach potential customers?

Mr. Olund: We have also recently completed a contractual relationship with Cardinal Health, which I believe have about 1,300 locations that they are supplying directly and they are one of if not the largest direct supplier through independent pharmacies in the United States. We are also carried in every single store in the Wegman’s chain of grocery and drug stores in the Northeast. Wegman’s is a very familiar name in the northeast. We are also in a significant number of supermarkets in southeast region. We sell significantly through,, as well as you can find SinoFresh on


CEOCFO: Do you do much advertising?

Mr. Olund: We do a fair amount of online advertising. We focus on some of our regional markets. We are and continue to be in a redevelopment stage. Two years ago when I first was introduced to the company, the company was in a very poor financial condition. However, over the last couple of years we have rebuilt the management team and we are currently in the process now of formulating and redeveloping a national radio and television media plan as well as pushing forward with existing and new distributors.


CEOCFO: Do you have some other products in the works?

Mr. Olund: Yes, we do and we are quite excited about that for this year. One of the products is the SinoFresh Antiseptic Sore Throat Spray. We believe that this product is going to be very significant in the throat care market. It will also be the only product in the market that delivers a broad antiseptic to the back of the throat where you usually have the problems related to sore throat. We are very excited about it. We are now basically moving into the production phase on the product and we believe that it is going to be a significant companion to our flagship nasal product. The third product or the second new product we believe is really going to take the market by a storm is going to be a nasal product designed for travelers. When I say travelers; I mean airline travelers, cruise ship travelers, train travelers (and subway travelers) and bus travelers. They could be business people that are staying in hotels on a regular basis and generally are running into the problems of germs there as well as in the airplanes. Most travelers know, especially ones on long-haul flights that very often they come back from a flight and within two or three days they are sick. What this product will allow for is that before, during, and after a flight they can take nasal spray treatments. Then any of the pathogens, germs, viruses etcetera that they have picked up in the nasal area, where 95% of all the disease enters your body, would then be killed and not have the opportunity to replicate. I personally am a frequent traveler. I travel domestically and internationally very heavily and since I started using the product I have not had a cold or flu; any type of illness that you would normally expect and that most people have on at least an annual basis. Again, I make that as my own personal testimony to the product. I believe Sinofresh is a product that would compete effectively with ZYCAM and with Airborne, but actually kills germs as opposed to simply attempting to boost your immune system. For a traveler, to be able to effectively take a product and know that you are killing the pathogens that your are breathing that otherwise would be making you sick, we think  is going to be big news and that this product as well as our flagship nasal spray could be an enormous seller and boost for our company’s future profitability.


CEOCFO: I would imagine that many people do not give much thought about the fact that 95% of the germs enter the body as you describe!

Mr. Olund: A lot of times you might pick up germs on your hands and you then rub your nose. With the airborne pathogens, you are breathing in through your nose and if you know just the basics about how that works, you know the incubation period of the rhino virus where you would catch a cold or flu is basically 48-72 hours so two to three days later you are sick. What is happening is happening there in that warm moist area in your nasal cavity where those germs are landing. Then they incubate, replicate and they eventually enter your blood stream and you end up sick. If you can just use the product twice a day to eradicate those germs, they don’t have a chance to replicate.


CEOCFO: How do you educate people?

Mr. Olund: We ran a test campaign a year ago, which proved successful. It was to draw a correlation for the public and we got a lot of traction in the test marketing with SinoFresh being like hand sanitizer for your nose. That made it so simple, getting the word out there through our mailing list, through our website. The frontline in terms of being able to effectively market as a small company with a limited budget is educating the pharmacist. When somebody comes in to a pharmacy, very often they are going to the pharmacist and the pharmacist is going to make a recommendation and reach for a product. Our goal through the distribution relationship that we have is to focus on educating at the physician level and the pharmacy level and really build from a grassroots basis for marketing of the company.

CEOCFO: Your SinoFresh is a homeopathic product. Have you done any clinical trails to verify its efficacy and is it based on natural antifungal ingredients such as olive leaf extract, or is it a synthetic patentable drug?
Mr. Olund: Our nasal spray product contains several ingredients including four essential oils. The main active ingredients are homeopathic and include eucalyptus and kalium bichromicum. These ingredients are well established homeopathic ingredients with one targeting sinus symptom relief and the other being a potent antiseptic.

We have recently acquired SRS International which is a well established and respected Research and Development company and are now planning the clinical studies needed to make more aggressive claims for the product and to demonstrate its superiority over existing products.


CEOCFO: What is the financial picture like for SinoFresh HealthCare today?

Mr. Olund: We are a young company. We are constantly faced with the challenges that a young company faces. I call it the new and improved SinoFresh. I don’t have to tell you because you interview a lot of CEOs, but this is a very difficult capital market. We are effectively raising capital and moving the company forward. What does the picture look like for us? We believe that as we continue to apply capital to the marketing efforts of the company that the three products our nasal, throat, and the traveler product represent very substantial upsides for SinoFresh in the future. Just the traveling market alone if you look at the prior successes of ZYCAM or Airborne, which as I mentioned to you are not antiseptic products that kill germs, and if we are able to only make a 5% penetration of those markets over the next couple of years, we will become a very substantial company. We are looking at that realistically, especially in light of the availability of capital and how tough that market is, and we are looking at a three-year plan now to really maximize the opportunity with these three products.


CEOCFO: Final thoughts; what should people reading about SinoFresh remember most?

Mr. Olund: People should remember that SinoFresh is like hand sanitizer for your nose; it is a very simple concept. With such a simple concept and then having the intellectual property rights and the patent rights to be the only product that delivers a broad antiseptic to the nose, differentiates us from sixty to seventy products out there that only treat the symptoms or try to boost your immune system. So it is a very simple message of making sure you have a clean nose everyday and the only product that can do that is SinoFresh.


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SinoFresh Homeopathic Antiseptic Nasal Spray is our premiere product out on the market. It is an over-the-counter, nasal spray that contains a broad-based antiseptic. It kills on contact a number of molds, fungus, viruses, and bacteria in the nasal cavity. These pathogens are known to be the causes of a variety of illnesses including problems related to sinusitis. Basically, the company holds patents on the delivery of broad-based antiseptics to the nasal cavity. The premise of the product is quite simple in that if you are killing the pathogens at some point it reduces the potential of subsequent illness. - Mr. David R. Olund does not purchase or make
recommendation on stocks based on the interviews published.