Medical Makeover Corporation of America (MMAM)
Interview with:
Walter E. Birch, Exec. Vice President, COO and CFO
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full team approach to cosmetic plastic surgery, dermatological surgery, cosmetic dentistry, hairstyling, fashion, and makeup services with a network of medical professionals.

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Medical Makeover Corporation of America is in a hot market with proven technology and techniques

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Personal Care Services

Medical Makeover Corporation of America

One Turnberry Place
19495 Biscayne Boulevard
Suite 403
Aventura, FL  33180
(954) 401-0429

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Walter E. Birch
Exec. Vice President, COO and
Chief Financial Officer

Interview conducted by:
Lynn Fosse
Senior Editor
May 2004

Mr. Walter E. Birch
Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Financial Officer

The company has engaged Mr. Walter E. Birch as Executive Vice President, COO and CFO. Mr. Birch has agreed in principal on joining the Company and is presently developing the financial and operating infrastructure in preparation for operations.

Mr. Birch has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics with Distinction from the University of Virginia, and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Virginia's prestigious Darden School. He began his career in management consulting at Strategic Planning Associates in Washington, D.C., now part of Mercer Consulting. He joined the health care industry in 1990 in a position with Eli Lilly and company providing financial support to their Research and Development division. He moved into the physician practice management industry as Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions for Coastal Healthcare Group. From Coastal he journeyed to Advanced Health Corporation as Vice President of Business Development and participated in their successful Initial Public Offering in 1996. Mr. Birch then joined Vivra, Inc. to run their national nephrology physician practice business, which was successfully sold to Gambro Healthcare, along with all dialysis centers, in a transaction valued at over $1.3 Billion in 1997. Mr. Birch was part of the management team that took certain parts of Vivra, Inc. private and managed their entire physician practice business until selling it in 2000. After spending 2001 managing a large physician practice, Mr. Birch joined the firm of Ernst & Young, LLP as a consultant specializing in physician strategy and integration.

Mr. Birch is a specialist in physician satisfaction and practice operations, patient / customer relations, and operational efficiency.

Company Profile:
Medical Makeover Corporation of America ("the Company") (OTC BB: MMAM) headquartered in Aventura, Florida, was founded to provide a comprehensive approach to looking and feeling better through the modalities of cosmetic plastic surgery, dermatological surgery, cosmetic dentistry, hairstyling, fashion, and makeup services. This is the first company in the United States that provides a full team approach to patients, with a network of medical professionals.

MMAM services start with a free consultation with a clinical coordinator who explains all of the available procedures and schedules the appointments with three of our affiliated providers, a plastic surgeon, a dermatologist, and a cosmetic dentist. After a client consults with these professionals, the client will return to meet again with the clinical coordinator. At this meeting they will discuss the recommendations and choose a plan that will be customized to the clients specific needs. The MMAM team will coordinate care and concierge and facilitate a client’s care every step of the way. Following the completion of all procedures and the healing process, clients are scheduled with some of MMAM’s hair, makeup, and fashion consultant partners to complete the client’s new look. They will make recommendations, cut, style, and/or color your hair, offer makeup (including permanent makeup), and offer fashion advice and the opportunity for the client to purchase clothing and accessories. MMAM accepts cash, checks, major credit cards and also offers financing through Advanced Patient Financing.

MMAM a full range of services include: full and partial facelifts, wrinkles under the eyes, rhinoplasty (nose reshaping), otoplasty (reduction of the ears), chin and cheek implants, liposuction under the neck and all parts of the body, breast enhancement and reduction, tummy tuck, buttocks enhancement, laser treatment of the face, scar removal, chemical peels of the face, hair transplant for both men and women, hair removal, tattoo removal, Botox, injections to mold face, hair salon services by world famous hair stylists, makeup specialist and fashion consultation.

CEOCFOinterviews: Mr. Birch, what attracted you to Medical Makeover?

Mr. Birch: “I think it is a very exciting market opportunity right now. The growing population in the United States, and particularly the aging of the baby boomers, a large percentage of the population is very interested in improving both their physical appearance as well as how they feel about themselves. I think it is a brilliant industry at a very opportune time.”

CEOCFOinterviews: What is the vision for Medical Makeover?

Mr. Birch: “Our vision is to capitalize upon the industry and the demographics, to build a comprehensive approach to helping people improve their appearance. This comprehensive approach includes plastic surgery, cosmetic dermatology, cosmetic dentistry as well as hair makeup and fashion advice so that you can create a new physical appearance for yourself. Our strategy is to form comprehensive teams; we are Beta testing this in the South Florida marketplace and as we develop our brand, we will extend this nationally.”

CEOCFOinterviews: Will people be coming to one office for these services?

Mr. Birch: “First they will come in for a consultation with our registered nurses that are experienced in plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology, to understand how the process works, as well as to answer any questions and understand our full range of offerings. These clinical coordinators will schedule them for appointments with each of our three specialists. Whenever possible, this will take place in the same location with all the professionals there at the same time. Obviously there are scheduling issues for the patient as well as for the physician but our goal and strategy is to have them in the same location so that we can get the comprehensive care; the team approach is what makes us unique.”

CEOCFOinterviews: There are always concerns about the psychological aspect of cosmetic surgery; do you incorporate that concern into what you do?

Mr. Birch: “Each candidate will be psychologically evaluated by a medical professional to judge their suitability for the procedures requested.”

CEOCFOinterviews: How are you going to reach your audience?

Mr. Birch: “We are planning a heavy dose of television advertising as well as print advertising. We are contracted with a media company that is developing our commercials. We are already purchasing commercial time, and developing our print ads and dealing with the local magazines as well as newspapers.”

CEOCFOinterviews: Will you be getting referrals through the dentists, doctors and beauty care consultants?

Mr. Birch: “We are not looking to take patients away from our affiliates. We are looking into co-marketing opportunities as well as putting on events. We are potentially looking into having our own people in unveilings in different locations as well as throwing events where people can come in through presentations by our professionals, and have a consult afterwards. It is a comprehensive marketing approach with television, print as well as events.”

CEOCFOinterviews: There are lots of makeover TV shows today.  Is your concept long-lasting?

Mr. Birch: “The television shows may be a fad, but the improving of one’s appearance is a growing industry and it has been growing for twenty or thirty years. The advances have been miraculous over the last 10-20 years. The number of plastic surgeries, and cosmetic dentistry show that the industry is booming right now. Just look at the caps, and veneers and those types of things being done. The industry itself is a long established and growing industry. The difference is that we are bringing a comprehensive team-based approach to this.”

CEOCFOinterviews: How did you conceive the idea for Medical Makeover?

Mr. Birch: “To a certain extent it is seeing the rapidly popularity of the television shows; there is a market for a comprehensive approach. It is dynamic and growing but it is all proven medical technology and medical techniques. What we are doing is almost a concierge service for our clients to make it easier for them to get the entire new look that they want.”

CEOCFOinterviews: Is this going to be a package or can people just get one portion of your services?

Mr. Birch: “This is a customized approach and that is why we have the clinical care coordinators. We are not offering one package where you have to get everything. There are certain people that have perfect teeth and have no need for cosmetic dentistry; there are people that have wonderful skin and don’t need cosmetic dermatology. It is very much customized to the individual, both for what they need and for what they desire. It is also a time phased-in approach; it is not a quick one-week in and out. This, depending upon how many procedures and what the person actually wants, can take from two to six months. You have to have the procedure, then the appropriate healing time. There is a different phase-in for when you do different procedures, for example, whether you do your teeth before your facelift; those types of issues are all customized to our clients.”

CEOCFOinterviews: Are you targeting the upper-end consumer?

Mr. Birch: “We are not targeting the extreme upper-end; this is an affordable procedure. We can offer financing and we have a financing partner. This is not the bargain basement; this isn’t for the lower end consumer, but for people that make family incomes of $45,000.00 dollars and above. With good credit, they can get good financing plans for this. It is probably not for the highest end people because the very rich go anywhere they want and choose their doctors however they want. This is meant for the mainstream middle class to upper middle class.”

CEOCFOinterviews: Will you tell us about the demographics?

Mr. Birch: “Our target market is 35 years-old and up; it is 70-75% women and 25-30% male and the male portion is growing. Everyone has talked about the ageing of the baby boomers and the growth of the American population as a whole. All of these demographics work specifically to assist us to grow this business, as well as the increased awareness and interest of people to improve their appearance and their self-confidence.”

CEOCFOinterviews: You have recently become a public company; will you tell us about that?

Mr. Birch: “We were founded into a small company. The shareholders approached our president, and he presented this idea to him and they were very interested. They were an existing corporation in which we reverse merged. We believe that this is an exciting opportunity and that access to public market is very good for our growth plans as well as to generate excitement into the company.”

CEOCFOinterviews: At what stage are you now in reaching your goals?

Mr. Birch: “We are filling out our networks of medical professionals. We are creating our commercials, advertising and we will launch in the month of June.”

CEOCFOinterviews: In addition to the credentials of your professionals, what do you look for in finding the people you work with?

Mr. Birch: “We are looking for team players. Because we are offering a comprehensive approach, the people we work with have to be good team players and that is the only way to give the appropriate care to our clients. It is having all the professionals able to work as a team to make the client appear the way they want to appear. There can’t be any kind of politics or turf wars. We have to have dedicated professionals that are looking for the good of our clients.”

CEOCFOinterviews: What are your biggest challenges and how are you ready to approach them?

Mr. Birch: “Anything in healthcare is driven by two factors; one is client satisfaction, and that is the people that come in for their makeovers, and there is no substitute for excellent client service and excellent results. The next thing is the satisfaction of the professionals you work with; our system has to work well for the physician, dermatologist and cosmetic dentist. It has to flow so that it is easy for them to do their work. The way we address that is the two leaders of the executive team, have extensive healthcare experience working with hospitals and physician groups as well as other types of medical providers. What we see as our role, is to make this work for our clients, as well as our providers.”

CEOCFOinterviews: How are you going to maintain that personalized approach as you grow?

Mr. Birch: “We do not envision this being a huge clinic based operation where you will walk into a waiting room with forty people waiting. We are looking at multiple sites as we grow. If you typically look, most plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists and dermatologists work in small practices. What we are trying to replicate is that small practice environment, nice office facilities, quality professionals with quality support staff. Basically, we are trying to personalize it and keep it on a small scale for the individual, while being able to replicate and grow it large as a corporation.”

CEOCFOinterviews: What do you do at this point to prepare for many sites?

Mr. Birch: “I am particularly a policies and procedures kind of guy; I believe in the details and the quality is in the details. Strategy is beautiful but you have to execute it. The healthcare business is a detail-oriented business. I have run multiple national divisions of physician companies, where you are not running a large organization but many small organizations and you have to do things on a detail basis. That is where we are spending time making sure our policies and procedures are right, our training is good, our interaction between our corporate staff and our medical providers staff is honed so that it is transparent. It appears to be a large company and we can still provide the individual care to the client and the individual care to our medical providers.”

CEOCFOinterviews: In closing, why should investors be interested and what should they know that they might not realize when they look at the company?

Mr. Birch: “First, I think it is an exciting opportunity with the demographics. If you look at the T.V. shows, this is free advertising for what we do. We are hitting a very hot market trend with very proven technology and techniques. There is nothing here that is experimental; it is just that we are bringing it together in a team approach. We are doing our Beta test in South Florida because it is a great market for us demographically as well as attitudinally. It is a very good plastic surgery, cosmetic dermatology and cosmetic dentistry market. We should have proof of concept in six to twelve months, at which time we expand to other markets nationally. I would like to emphasis that this is a beautiful growth market of existing technologies and techniques, being put together by healthcare insiders. In addition, we have been in the industry for many years and we have both a patient, client and medical provider focus.”


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