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Interview with:
Marian Munz, Chairman, President and CEO
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MediaSentiment addresses investors who are interested in fast, reliable and accurate information to help them take advantage of market opportunities

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Business Services

California News Tech

529 Buchanan Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
Phone: 415-861-3421

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Marian Munz
Chairman, President and CEO

Interview conducted by:
Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor
September 22, 2005

Mr. Marian Munz
is our President and Chief Executive Officer and a Director. Mr. Munz has held those positions since our inception on January 22, 1999. Mr. Munz also serves as a consultant to California News Tech. Since March of 1997, Mr. Munz has been developing software for internet since mid-nineties. One package has been recognized as recent as 10/19/04 by PC Magazine as “nifty utility which improved the way your browser searched and stored information”. NetonizerTM, the first multi-window browser and knowledge management tool capable of browsing the web, ftp servers, internal servers and hard drives as well as creating and browsing CD-ROM catalogs, has been reviewed by prestigious publications such as PC Magazine, Windows Magazine, Byte, PC World, Computerworld as well as industry expert, John C. Dvorak. Mr. Munz has also provided Information Technology consulting services to companies such as: IBM, Sun Microsystems, Apple Computer, SBC Communications, Chevron and others. Mr. Munz holds an M.S. in Information Systems from Golden Gate University in San Francisco.

Company Profile:
California News Tech is a leading provider of media sentiment information with applications in a wide range of business sectors. A web-based subscription service is available at For more information about California News Tech, please contact California News Tech is publicly traded on the over-the-counter market under the ticker symbol CNTE.

CEOCFO: Mr. Munz, what was your vision when you started California News Tech, and where are you today?
Mr. Munz: “The vision emerged back in 1999. During that time, the internet has become a source of information in real-time. We evolved during the last five years from a news ticker bringing headline news in real-time in multiple languages to the MediaSentiment product line which helps investors make better and faster decisions. Today, our capabilities include not only helping to find the critical information, but also analyzing it and enabling rapid decision-making.

MediaSentiment™ focuses on helping online investors make faster and better investment decisions. Investors are moving online at very high speed, with over 25 million active accounts currently. We give investors not only unique and timely information but also a high level of accuracy. MediaSentiment addresses investors who are interested in fast, reliable and accurate information to help them take advantage of market opportunities”

CEOCFO: How do you do that?
Mr. Munz: “MediaSentiment™ finds the news from over 6,500 media Web pages and, in real-time, applies its unique algorithms to come up with a negative or positive read on media coverage. MediaSentiment™ products allow investors to quickly grasp media sentiment, both historic and up-to-date, from many of the major news sources. The current news system in use today, in my opinion, is very outdated. With our system, online investors can make faster and more accurate decisions. I personally see 3 major trends at the financial industry level, which will help to bring our tools into mainstream.

First of all, online investors will grow more and more demanding for timely and accurate information that enable them to make faster decisions. I believe that they will get tired of the old paradigm when they receive the information in a raw format and after the fact.

Second, the availability and instant dissemination of the news and information critical to the investment decision process. Today, there are thousands if not tens of thousands of news outlets providing the news and critical information that investors need. From a publisher in China to the small town newspaper – the news is out there. The main task will be reaching to the right piece of news and making the correct judgment in a timely fashion. That is, in my opinion, what will distinguish the winners from losers in the online world.

Finally, the 3rd major trend will at a higher level, in the internet search arena. I strongly believe that within the next 18 months, internet users will demand decision support tools instead of simple search tools. As successful as Google is today, they basically, have brought the internet search paradigm to the end of the road. Therefore, users will be looking for easier and faster tools to help them not just find information but actually, make faster and better decisions.”

CEOCFO: What is your revenue model?
Mr. Munz: “The current revenue model has two major components. One is subscription revenue where we are selling our services to online investors for a very affordable price of $99.95 for a one-year subscription. The second component is advertising revenues, but this mainly comes from our newsletter, titled E-motions.”

CEOCFO: You have recently become a public company. How has that changed California News Tech?
Mr. Munz: “We made the decision to take the company public for a couple of reasons. One was that it created an opportunity for us to grow a lot faster than we would have otherwise. Now that we are publicly traded, it has become essential to offer opportunities for easy product customization.”

CEOCFO: What are you doing with the additional capital?
Mr. Munz: “We are finalizing our new product line and beginning to market them as household brand names. Currently, our products essentially dominate the existing market, and, in my opinion, they will become one of the key financial tools of the future.”

CEOCFO: Is there much competition?
Mr. Munz: “There is not a lot of competition for us. We are in the beginning of a new era, and my vision is that online users will look for portals and tools to help them to not only navigate but also make sense of information in a timely manner.”

CEOCFO: Is that because there is so much out there?
Mr. Munz: “Yes. Sources of online information have grown tremendously. To give you just one example, the blogs (i.e., information resources available to individuals on the internet) are growing at about a million sites a day. There is a tremendous amount of information that currently, users do not have the ability to reach let alone to analyze.

Our company is taking a leadership position and is ready to capitalize on all three trends mentioned above. The MediaSentiment™ set of tools is capable of searching and analyzing article from thousands of news sources, in a very timely manner. In fact, provide our users with top of the line decision support tools to be able to make better investment decisions faster and without spending a lot of time and frustration.”

CEOCFO: How do you assess some of the less objective sources of news?
Mr. Munz: “We are looking at thousands of news sources, so you will have a broad view over a period of time. MediaSentiment™ gives you a sense of the overall sentiment in the media; more than just pinpointing one source.   In addition to bringing news abstract from individual sources, we also offer a consolidated view based on information coming from multiple sources.”

CEOCFO: How do you reach your new customers?
Mr. Munz: “We are focusing on a few activities. One is partnerships with online financial content distributors or providers, and we just closed one just recently. The second way we are planning to attract customers is by going straight to them, using direct and online marketing.”

CEOCFO: What is California News Tech’s Visual Search?
Mr. Munz: “Last year we developed a program to track the concepts and issues that prevent a campaign from succeeding. That then became the basis of our new technology called Visual Search. One example of what it can do is if you want to find out the information that is available about a particular concept or issue. You did multiple searches, but even at that point, you will not have a sense of the information timeline. With Visual Search, you will get a graphic representation of the information and how it evolved over time. Also, with Visual Search, you start with a visual representation of the available information to aid in your decision making, rather than starting with a huge amount of information, and then working from there to aggregate and making sense of it.”

CEOCFO: Address potential investors; why should they be interested?
Mr. Munz: “There are three major reasons I would give a potential investors to seriously consider getting involved with CNTE now. First of all, we represent the next wave of Internet technology, taking the web from search into a re-search paradigm. This is the next big thing on the net. Second, there is huge market potential for our technology. The online investment market segment is our first market. Our product line can be used in a similar fashion for online politics, predicting hot products at Christmas time and assessing the major industry trends and issues. In fact, last year we did a research project with the Stanford University Political Lab in tracking the presidential election issues. Based on that data, we were able to predict in early September that President Bush was going to win re-election. Lastly, we have a very talented team in place. I would just say: look at what we have accomplished so far with a very minimum investment and you will immediately the growth potential we have in front of us.”

CEOCFO: In closing, what are your competitive advantages in the market?
Mr. Munz: “Here are the three main factors that I believe will give us a significant, competitive advantage: The first mover advantage, barriers to entry and a focused strategy.

In terms of our first mover advantage, we are currently in discussions with a number of online distributors, retailers and trading platform players and they all recognize that our product offering and Media Sentiment indicators are unique and a ‘first’ in the industry. In fact, Financial Content, publicly traded under the symbol FCON, and who is a significant content distributor to over 400 online publishers has signed MediaSentiment as exclusive provider of guess what, Media Sentiment tools.

And that brings up the second major competitive advantage we have: Barriers to entry. These include our MediaSentiment trademark and web site domain name, MediaSentiment is a wonderful brand name, and, in conjunction with the first mover advantage, investors will associate the MediaSentiment concept with the set of tools we provide. We also own unique, patent-pending technology as part of the intellectual property portfolio.

Finally, our focus strategy is the third major advantage. We stay focused on providing MediaSentiment data and indicators and we are not competing with other services that provide traditional stock data and information. That allows us to work with a wide range of strategic partners, from distributors to stock systems and trading platforms and even publisher of complementary information.”


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“MediaSentiment™ focuses on helping online investors make faster and better investment decisions. Investors are moving online at very high speed, with over 25 million active accounts currently. We give investors not only unique and timely information but also a high level of accuracy. MediaSentiment addresses investors who are interested in fast, reliable and accurate information to help them take advantage of market opportunities” - Marian Munz


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