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  Walter Banks, Publisher, Christy Rivers, Editor-In-Chief, Charlie Diaz, Associate Publisher & Marketing Director, Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, Margaret M. Arraiz, Editor, Mike Ponikiewicz, Director of Production and website Publishing.

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October 17, 2008
Technology, Exploration, Financial, Energy & Healthcare


Seamless Corporation (SMWF-OTC: BB)

“Seamless has gone through a transition from a service industry provider, providing Wi-Fi to the hospitality industries, which we ceased in June of this year. We are concentrating on our hardware and software products, which we are now attempting to bring to market currently.” - Albert R. Reda

Gold & Silver

Golden Goliath Resources Ltd. (GNG-TSXV)
“In general, Mexico has a very low political risk. Therefore, it’s an excellent country to do business in, especially geological exploration and the reason for that is that it’s an incredibly rich and under explored country. The Sierra Madre town mountain range stretches across about 800 miles of northwestern Mexico and since the time of the Spaniards, that mountain range has produced about 40 million ounces of gold and approximately 1 billion ounces of silver. Our operation is right in the middle of that trend. We’re surrounded by other mines and mining companies that are very active in that region as well. It is probably one of the best areas on the planet to look for gold and silver.” - J. Paul Sorbara

Commercial Banks

Albina Community Bancorp (ACBC-OTC: BB)

“Albina Community Bancorp had about $30 million in assets and was struggling when I became CEO. It was about three years old. What we were interested in accomplishing was a sound, stable financial institution that serves the needs of lower income communities in the Portland area.” - Robert L. McKean

Oil & Gas Exploration & Production

Bankers Petroleum Ltd. (BNK-TSX)

“We have two large oil fields in Albania. The Patos Marinza oil field has two billion barrels of oil in place; and last year’s reserves report indicated 147 million barrels of proven and probable reserves and I believe we can increase this number going forward. The second field Kucova, is the second largest field in Albania, it has 500 million barrels of oil in place and we are currently preparing an independent report to determine the size of recoverable reserves.” - Abdel (Abby) F. Badwi

Transportation - Alternative Fuel
Natural Gas Engines
Omnitek Engineering Corp. (OMTK-OTCPK)

“We are hoping that our technology can help the situation of global warming because natural gas is less polluting than diesel, and using clean and inexpensive natural gas as fuel also lowers energy costs.” - Werner Funk

Life Sciences - Healthcare
Food/Pharmaceutical Dehydration

EnWave Corporation (ENW-TSXV)

“Our vision for the company is to create a new global standard for dehydrating food and live pharmaceuticals, and to replace the conventional method called lyophilization or freeze drying. Our strategic plan is centered around the creation of technology platforms to compete in the areas where freeze drying is used the most.” - John McNicol

Information Technology
Computer Peripherals

Chatsworth Data Solutions, Inc. (parent) (CHWD-OTC: BB)
Chatsworth Data Corporation (subsidiary)

“You look at the scanner market and there are a lot of big players out there that manufacture scanners; Canon, Kodak, Fujitsu and a number of others. We believe the scanners that we are manufacturing can compete very well with them for a couple of reasons. One is that the scanner we build has a longer duty cycle. It also has a longer life cycle, and it is as fast if not faster than the competition. By duty cycle, I mean how long you can run it without having to let the machine rest. Lifecycle is the number of copies you can run through it over the life of the product.” - Sid L. Anderson

Thermoplastic Biocomposites

JER Envirotech International Corporation (JER-TSXV)

“Our focus clearly is on the injection molding marketplace, to augment and to make a clear choice available for product design. It could be transportation markets, a consumer net of eco-friendly materials completely recyclable based on waste biofibers, which include wood fiber, rice hull fiber, flax fiber and materials of that sort into a very clear alternative to traditional thermal plastics.” - Edward Trueman

Communication Equipment

mPhase Technologies, Inc. (Parent) (XDSL-OTC: BB)

AlwaysReady, Inc. (Subsidiary)

“Reserve batteries have been available for years mainly in use by the military to ignite munitions. Military batteries often need to be kept in inventory for extended periods of time so the notion of a reserve-style battery that is always ready when you need it is attractive... We feel that we go beyond what a conventional battery offers by providing the user the ability to control when the battery is actually turned on and used in an application.” - Fred Allen

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