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***** This company has been mentioned as a partner, client or competitor in our published interview.

1 800 Flowers.com  (0201FLWS – NASDAQ)

3P Networks Inc. (112307TPNW-OTC.PK)

AAON, Inc. (091407AAON-NASDAQ)

Aastrom Biosciences, Inc.  (0701ASTM – NASDAQ)

Abaxis, Inc. (ABAX) (012303HSKA  - NASDAQ) *****

Abaxis, Inc.   (1200ABAX – NASDAQ)

Abbott Laboratories (NYSE: ABT) (030603NASDAQ: SPRX)*****

ACADIA Pharmaceuticals Inc. (011305ACAD-NASDAQ)

Accelerated Building Concepts Corporation (061308ABCC-OTC: BB)

AccelRate Power Systems Inc. (042105APS-TSVX)

Accenture (NYSE: ACN) (020503NWK - NYSE) *****

Access Integrated Technologies, Inc. (021204AIX-AMEX)

Accuray Incorporated (053008ARAY-NASDAQ)

Aceto Corporation   (1101ACET – NASDAQ)

Acies Corporation (092205ACIE-NASDAQ-OTC: BB)

Across America Real Estate Corp. (011807AARD-OTC: BB)

Active Card (050103PBMTF – OTC: Pink Sheets)*****

Active Voice, Inc.  (0601             Not a Public Company)

Activeworlds.com   (0601AWLD – NASDAQ)

Adaltis Inc. (070706ADS-TSX)

Adaptive Networks, Inc. (Private) (012303NVEI - OTCBB) *****

ADC Telecommunications, Inc. (NASD: ADCT) (020503NWK - NYSE) *****

ADDvantage Technologies Group, Inc. (080808AEY-NASDAQ)

ADDvantage Technologies Group Inc. (032504AEY-AMEX)

ADD Vantage Technologies Group  (0402ADDM – OTC)

Adsero Corp. (040705ADSO-OTC:BB)

Advance Systems International  (0402ADSN – OTC)

Advance Viral Research Corp.  (1200ADVR – OTC)

Advitech, Inc. (051806AVI-TSXV)

Aeolus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (
121604AOLS-OTC: BB)

AEP Industries Inc. (052507AEPI-NASDAQ)

AeroGrow International, Inc. (030107AGWI-OTC: BB)

AeroMechanical Services Ltd. (110907AMA-TSXV)

Aeroquest International Limited (092806AQL-TSXV)

Aeroquest International Limited (090805AQL-TSXV)

Aeterna Laboratories, Inc.  (1200AELA – NASDAQ)

Æterna Laboratories, Inc. (040303AELA - NASDAQ)

Afcan Mining Corporation (042105AFK-TSX)

Aftersoft Group, Inc. (030708ASFG.OB-OTC: BB)

Agile Software Corporation (070607AGIL-NASDAQ)

AIG (American International Group, Inc. (NYSE: AIG) (030603ISSX - NASD)*****

AirIQ Inc. (060304S IQ-Toronto)

Airspan Networks Inc. (101206AIRN-NASDAQ)

Alaska Communications Systems Group, Inc. (051806ALSK-NASDAQ)

Albina Community Bancorp (101708ACBC-OTC: BB)

Alcatel (NYSE: ALA) (100903AMEX: PNS)*****

Alco Inc. (NYSE: AA) (091103DNK - TSX)*****

ALDA Pharmaceuticals Corp. (102104APH-TSXV)

All American Pet Company Inc. (061308AAPT-OTC: BB)

Allegiance Bank of North America (020808ABPA-OTC: BB)

Alliance Bancshares California (032907ABNS-OTC: BB)

Alliance Semiconductor Corp. (070706ALSC-NASDAQ)

Allied Defense Group, Inc. (070104ADG-AMEX)

Allon Therapeutics Inc. (060205NPC-TSXV)

Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. (061203 MDRX - NASDAQ)

Allscripts Healthcare Solutions  (0701MDRX – NASDAQ)

Alphinat Inc. (022208NPA-TSXV)

ALR Technologies, Inc. (ALRT-OTC: BB)

ALR Technologies Inc. (030906ALRT-OTC: BB)

Alseres Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (072508ALSE-NASDAQ)

Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. (052507AEHI-OTC.PK)

Alternative Construction Technologies, Inc. (091407ACCY.OB)
(AMEX Application made, proposed symbol: SIP)

Amarillo Biosceinces, Inc.  (1200AMAR – OTC)

America First Apartment Investors, Inc.  (072006APRO-NASDAQ)

American Air Lines (NYSE: AMR) (041703LPSN - OTC) *****

American Capital Partners Ltd., Inc. (APRJ-OTCPK)

American CareSource Holdings, Inc. (XSI-AMEX)

American Defense Systems, Inc. (080808EAG-AMEX)

American DG Energy Inc. (032108ADGE-OTC: BB)

American Express in Switzerland (030603FLXI - OTC)*****

American Healthways          (0901AMHC – NASDAQ)

American International Industries, Inc. (AMIN-NasdaqCM)

American Mold Guard, Inc. (091407AMGI-NASDAQ)

American National Bankshares  Inc. (122107AMNB-NASDAQ)

American National Bankshares Inc. (092806AMNB-NASDAQ)

American Pacific Corporation (062708AMPAC) (APFC-NASDAQ)

American Pacific Corp. (062207APFC-NASDAQ)

American Public Education, Inc. (011108APEI-NASDAQ)

American Realty Investors, Inc. (091908ARL-NYSE)

American TonerServ Corp (062708ASVP-OTC: BB)

American TonerServ Corporation (031507ASVP-OTC: BB)

American Uranium Corp. (080307AUUM.OB-OTC: BB)

AmericasBank Corp. (083107AMAB-NASDAQ)

Americas United Bank (072007AUNB-OTC: BB)

AmeriChip International Inc. (060304S ACHI.OB)

AmeriQuest Technology  (0801AMQT – OTCBB)

Amersham Biosciences (the life sciences business of Amersham plc – LSE: NYSE: OSE: AHM (022003HBIO - NASDAQ)*****

Ames Dept. Stores, Inc.  (0201AMES – NASDAQ)

Amgen Inc. (AMGN) (050103TTH – TSX venture)*****

AMIS Holdings Inc. (082604AMIS-NASDAQ)

Amorfix Life Sciences Ltd. (011807AMF-TSXV)

Anatolia Minerals Development Ltd. (072403 ANOU-TSX)

Andersen Group, Inc. (061203 ANDR - NASDAQ)

Angeion Corporation  (0301ANGN – NASDAQ)

Angiotech Pharmaceuticals  (1200ANPI – NASDAQ)

AnorMED Inc. (040303AOM - TSX)

Ansoft Corp. (091407ANST- Nasdaq) - Analyst
Bradley L. Mook, CFA, Boenning & Scattergood, Inc.

AOL= Time Warner (NYSE:TWX) (022604GMSI - OTC: BB) *****

AOL (AOL Time Warner – AOL) (020503FWHT - NASDAQ) *****

AP Henderson Group (040804APHG-OTC)

Applied Digital Solutions  (0202ADSX - NASDAQ)

Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (110907APDN-OTC: BB)

Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (122106APDN-OTC: BB)

Appulse Corporation (100605APL-TSX)

APTA Holdings, Inc. (040303APTA - OTC)

Aptimus, Inc. (052903APTM - OTC)

aQuantive, Inc. (041703AQNT – NASDAQ)

Aradigm Corporation (092807ARDM-OTC: BB)

Aradigm Corporation (050103ARDM - NASDAQ)

ARC Wireless Solutions, Inc.  (0101ARCS - NASD - OTCBB)

Argentex Mining Corporation (070104AGXM-OTC)

Argonaut Group Inc. (
092806AGII-NASDAQ Global Select)

Ariel Corporation   (0101ADSP – NASDAQ)

ARIUS Research Inc. (011108ARI-TSX)

Arotech Corporation (030107ARTX-NASDAQ)

Arrowhead Research Corporation
(102104ARWR & ARWRW) 

Arsenal Energy Inc. (102005AEI-TSX)

Artes Medical, Inc. (041207ARTE-NASDAQ)

Ashton Mining of Canada Inc. (061605ACA-TSX)

Aspect Medical Systems, Inc.      (0402ASPM – NASDAQ)

Aspen Exploration Corporation (031607ASPN-OTC:BB)

Aspen Exploration Corporation (081706ASPN-OTC:BB)

Aspen Exploration Corporation (012606ASPN.OB-OTC:BB)

Aspen Exploration Corporation
(051905ASPN-OTC: BB)

Aspen Exploration Corporation (022405ASPN-OTC: BB)

Aspen Exploration Corporation (081204ASPN-OTC: BB)

Aspen Exploration Corporation (011504ASPN-OTC)

Assisted Living Concepts Inc. (090904ASLC-OTC: BB)

Associated Estates Realty Corporation (032907AEC-NYSE)

Associated Estates Realty Corp. (032405AEC-NYSE)

AssuranceAmerica Corp. (012606ASAM-OTC: BB)

Astec Industries, Inc. (052507ASTE-NASDAQ)

Astrata Group Incorporated Inc. (
021005ATTG-OTC: BB)


AT&T (NYSE: T) (012303SCKT - NASDAQ) *****

Atari=(NASDAQ:ATAR) (022604GMSI - OTC: BB) *****

ATC Technology Corporation (071108ATAC-NASDAQ)

Analyst Interview Covering:
ATC Technology Corporation (071108ATAC-NASDAQ)
Craig R. Kennisonm, Senior Research Analyst
Robert W. Baird

Ateon, Inc.   (1200ALT – AMEX)

Atherogenics, Inc.  (1200AGIX – NASDAQ)

Atlantic Coast Airlines  (1200ACAI – NASDAQ)

Atlantic Tel-Network, Inc. (100308ATNI-NASDAQ)

Atlas Mining Company (090805ALMI.OB)

Atlas Mining Company (060304S ALMI-OTC)

Atna Resources Ltd. (071405ATN-TSX)

ATS Corporation (122107ATCT-OTC: BB)

Aura Systems, Inc. (012705 AURA-OTC:BB)

AuthentiDate, Inc.  (0202SDAT – NASDAQ)

AutoInfo, Inc. (122905AUTO-OTC: BB)

Avatech Solutions, Inc. (020808AVSO-OTC: BB)

Avax Technologies, Inc.  (1200AVXT – NASDAQ)

Avitar, Inc. (011305AVR-AMEX)

Avocent Corporation (072006AVCT-NASDAQ)

AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour, Inc. (072006AVPI-OTC: BB)


Axia Net Media Corporation (071003 AXX - TSX)

Axion International Inc. (082208AXIH-OTC: BB)

Axonyx, Inc.   (0101AXYX – NASDAQ)

AXT, Inc. (071108AXTI-NASDAQ)

Baldwin Technology Company, Inc. (061308BLD-AMEX)

Bankers Petroleum Ltd. (101708BNK-TSX)

The Banker’s Store, Inc. (091407BSTR.OB- OTC)

Bank of Marin Bancorp (BMRC-NASDAQ)

Bank of Montreal (TSX: BMO) (052903GLO – TSX venture)*****

Ballistic Recovery Systems, Inc. (062603 BRSI.OB – OTC: BB)

Battery Technologies  (1101BTIOF – OTC)

Bauer Financial, Inc. (020503PFBX - NASDAQ) *****

BAXL Holdings, Inc. (032108BXLH-OTC: BB)

Baytex Energy Trust (060205BTE.UN-TSX)

BCB Bancorp (032108BCBP-NASDAQ)

BCGold Corp. (020808BCG-TSX-V)

Beartooth Platinum Corporation (112406BTP-TSXV)

Bedford Property Invest.  (0901BED – NYSE)

Bentley Sports, Inc. (071704BESR - OTC/Pinksheets)

Best Net  (0707BESC – OTC)

Beyond.com   (0301BYND – NASDAQ)

Big Lots, Inc. (Analyst) (040408BIG)

BigString Corporation (031507BSGC-OTC: BB)

Bike & Cycle Trak USA, Inc. (050103NSCT - OTC BB)*****

Bioanalytical Systems, Inc. (082604BASI: NASDAQ)

Bioanalytical Systems Inc. (030603BASSI - NASDAQ)

Bioanalitical Systems, Inc.  (1001BASI – NASDAQ)

The BioBalance Corporation (050505BBAL.PK)

BioForce Nanosciences, Inc. (071006BFNH-OTC: BB)

Bioject Medical Technologies  (1002BJCT – NASDAQ)

Bio-Imaging Technologies (051503 BIT - AMEX)

BIO-Key International, Inc. (061605BKYI.OB-OTC:BB)

Bio-Logic Systems Corp. (102104ALSC: NASDAQ)

Bio-Logic Systems Corp. (040303BLSC - NASDAQ)

BioLok International Inc. (042006BLLI-OTC: BB)

Biomet, Inc.   (0802BMET – NASDAQ)

bioMETRX, Inc. (080307BMRX-OTC: BB)

BIOREM Technologies Inc. (042006BRM-TSX)

BioSante Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (060807BPA-AMEX)

Bioscrypt Inc. (041703BYT - TSX)

Bio-Solutions Manufacturing, Inc. (
111705BSLM-OTC: BB)

BioSpecifics Technologies Corp. (032108BSTC-OTC: BB)

Biospecifics Technologies  (0402BSTC – NASDAQ)

BioTime, Inc. (100308BTIM-OTC: BB)

Bio-Warm Corporation (032405BOWC.OB)

Biozhem Cosmeceuticals  (0201BZHM – NASDAQ)

BlastGard International, Inc. (082505BLGA-OTC: BB)

Blue Valley Ban Corp. (072007BVBC-OTC: BB)

Boeing (NYSE: BA) (100903RDVN-OTC)*****

The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA)
(051503 MTSX - NASD)*****

The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA) (022003EKCS - OTC)*****

The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA) (020503IMP.a - TSX Venture) *****

Bofi Holding, Inc. (111705BOFI-NASDAQ)

Boston Scientific (NYSE: BSX) (020503EPMD - NASDAQ) *****

BP International Inc. (050505BPIL-OTC: BB)

BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics Inc. (092807BCLI-OTC: BB)

Bridge Bancorp, Inc. (BDGE-NASDAQ®/OTC: BB)

Brightcube, Inc.   (0702BRCU - OTC BB)

Brighter Minds Media, Inc. (100308BRI-TSXV)

Brightpoint, Inc. (110906CELL-NASDAQ)

Brillian Corporation (040705BRLC-NASDAQ)

Bristol West Holdings, Inc. (112406BRW-NYSE)

Broadcast International Inc. (102607BCST-OTC: BB)

Broadway Financial  (0901BYFC – NASDAQ)

Brooke Corporation (072403 BXX - AMEX)

Brooks Automation, Inc. (061203 BRKS - NASDAQ)

Brooktrout, Inc. (062603 BRKT – NASDAQ)

Brooktrout   (0102BRKT – NASDAQ)

BRT Realty Trust   (0302BRT – NYSE)

BSD Medical Corporation  (0902BSDM – OTC)

B Square Corporation  (0401BSQR – NASDAQ)

Budget Waste Inc. (020107BDGW-OTCPK)

Burlington Coat Factory  (0301 BCF – NYSE)

Bullion River Gold Corp. (061605BLRV-OTC:BB)

Business Bank of Nevada (020503BBNV - OTC)

C Cor.net Corporation        (0901CCBL – NASDAQ)

Cabo Drilling Corp. (051806CBE-TSX-V)

Calian Technology Ltd. (021204CTY-TSX)

California News Tech (092205CNTE-OTC: BB)

California Oaks State Bank Corporation (Thousand Oaks) (101207COSB-OTC: BB)

California United Bank (091407CUNB-OTC: BB)

Callaway Golf Company (NYSE: ELY) (022003GEAR - OTC)*****

CallWave Inc. (031005CALL-NASDAQ)

Cambridge Heart Inc. (110305CAMH-OTCBB)

Cambridge Heart Inc. (081204CAMH-NASDAQ)

Cambridge Heart, Inc. (052903 CAMH - OTC: BB)

Camden Property Trust (071405CPT-NYSE)

CanaDream Corporation (022003CDN - TSX-Venture)

Canarc Resource Corp. (CRCUF.OB - OTC: BB) (040804CCM – Toronto)

Candela Corporation (010903CLZR - NASDAQ)

Candente Resource Corp. (071405DNT-TSX)

Cantronic Systems Inc. (030107CTS-TSXV)

Canyon Resources Corporation (011807CAU-AMEX)

Canyon Resources Corp. (071504CAU-AMEX)

Capital Bank Corporation (North Carolina) (072904CBKN-NSDQ)

Carbiz Inc. (080307CBZFF-OTC: BB)

Cardica Inc. (030708CRDC-NASDAQ)

Cardinal Health Inc. (NYSE: CAH) (102303TCS-TSX)*****

CardioDynamics International Corporation (090508CDIC-NASDAQ)

Cardio Dynamic Intl. Corp.  (0401CDIC – NASDAQ)

CareGuide (072006PATY-OTC: BB)

Careside, Inc.   (0301CSA – AMEX)

Carolina Bank Holdings, Inc. (071704CLBH-NASDAQ)

Carrington Laboratories, Inc.  (072007CARN-NASDAQ)

Cartier Resources Inc. (040408ECR-TSXV)

Cascade Financial Corporation (040303CASB - NASDAQ)

Castelle (070104CSTL-NASDAQ)

Catalyst International, Inc. (080703CLYS.OB- OTC)

C-COM Satellite Systems, Inc. (090904CMI-TSXV)

CDK Services Ltd. (102104CDK-TSX: Venture)

Celgene Corp.   (1200CELG – NASDAQ)

Celtic Exploration Ltd. (031104CLT-Toronto Stock Exchange)

CenterState Banks of Florida, Inc. (052507CSFL-NASDAQ)

Centillium Communications, Inc.  (0701CTLM – NASDAQ)

Central Parking Corporation (080703CPC-NYSE)

Century Mining Corporation (122106CMM-TSXV)

CEO America, Inc. (122905CEOA-OTCPK)

Cepheid (072007CPHD-NASDAQ)

Ceragenix Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (072006CGXP-OTC: BB

CFC International, Inc. (120204CFCI - NASDAQ)

CGI Holding Corporation (081204CGIH-OB)

Chalon Wine Group   (1101CHLN – NASDAQ)

Charles & Colvard, Ltd. (121102CTHR-NASDAQ)

Chatsworth Data Solutions, Inc. (parent) (101708CHWD-OTC: BB)
Chatsworth Data Corporation (subsidiary)

ChemGenex Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (102005CXSP-NASDAQ) and (102005ASX-CXS)

Childtime Learning Centers Inc. (032504CTIM-NASD

Chindex International, Inc. (022208CHDX-NASDAQ)

Cholestech Corp.   (0301CTEC – NASDAQ)

Chordiant Software, Inc. (102005CHRD-NASDAQ)

Chordiant Software, Inc. (120204CHRD-NASDAQ)

Chordiant Software, Inc. (050103NASDAQ: CHRD)

ChromaDex Corp. (082208CDXC-OTC: BB)

Chrysler Corporation (NYSE: DCX) (080703CLYS.OB- OTC)*****

Citibank (Citigroup – NYSE: C) (030603FLXI - OTC)*****

Citizens, Inc. (052004CIA-NYSE)

ClaimsNet.com Inc. (040705CLAI-OTC: BB)

ClaimsNet.com Inc. (091103CLAI.OB-OTC BB)


Claremont Technologies Corp. (121604CTTG-OTC: BB)

Clean Power Technologies Inc. (CPTI) (011807CPWE-OTC: BB)

Clearfield, Inc. (022208CLFD-NASDAQ)

ClearStory Systems Inc. (120105CSYS.OB)

Cleveland BioLabs, Inc. (101207CBLI-NASDAQ)

Cleveland BioLabs, Inc. (011807CBLI-NASDAQ)

Cogitore Resources Inc. (040408WOO-TSXV)

Coherent, Inc. (040303COHR - NASDAQ)

Coinstar, Inc.   (0402CSTR – NASDAQ)

Collectors Universe Inc. (081105CLCT-NASDAQ)

Columbia Yukon Explorations Inc. (091407CYU-TSXV)

Colusa Biomass Energy Corp. (080307CLME-OTC: BB)

Comfort Systems USA, Inc. (022208FIX-NYSE)

Com-Guard, Inc. (032405CGUD-OTC: BB)

Commerce Energy Group, Inc. (080307EGR-AMEX)

Commercial Vehicle Group Inc. (082505CVGI-NASDAQ)

Commodore Applied Technologies, Inc. (091407CXIA-OTC: BB)

Commonwealth Business Bank (081706CWBB-OTC: BB)

Commonwealth National Bank

Community Bancorp (083107CBON-NASDAQ)

Community Bancorp (110906CBON-NASDAQ)

Community Bankshares Inc. (060304SCB-AMEX)

Community Health System  (0402CYH – NYSE)

Community National Bank (CBNY-OTC: BB)

Community National Bank of the Lakeway Area (101207CNLA-NASDAQ)

Community Valley Bank (112307)

Compass Diversified Holdings (062708CODI-NASDAQ)

Compliance Energy Corporation (022405TSXV-CEC)

CompuMed Inc. (110404CMPD-OTC: BB)

Conceptus, Inc.   (1001CCEL – NASDAQ)

Concorde Career Collages  (1101CCDC – OTC)

Concurrent Computer Corporation (110404NASDAQ: CCUR)

Conforce International, Inc. (120105CFRI-OTCPK)

Consolidated Energy Inc. (082604CEIW-OTC)

Consolidated Spire Ventures Ltd. (031507CZS-TSXV)

Consortium Service Management Group, Inc. (082803CTUM-OTC)

Constantine Metal Resources Inc. (122107CEM-TSXV)

Constitution Mining Corp. (072508CMIN-OTC: BB)

Control Data Corporation (030603TUTR - OTC)*****

CoolSavings.com   (0101CSAV – NASDAQ)

CoolSavings, Inc. (040303CSAV – NASDAQ)

Copart Inc. (071108CPRT-NASDAQ)

Copper Mountain Mining Corp. (102607CUM-TSXV)

Cord Blood America, Inc. (080306CBAI-OTC: BB)

Cork Exploration Inc. (080306CRK-TSX)

Cooperative Bankshares, Inc. (

Cornell Companies, Inc. (092807CRN-NYSE)

CornerWorld Corporation (091407CWRL-OTC: BB)

Coronado First Bank (091406CDFB-OTC: BB)

Corixa Corporation (Nasdaq: CRXA) (022604IXS-Toronto: Venture)*****

Corgentech Inc. (110404CGTK – Nasdaq)

Cornerstone Capital Resources Inc. (012705CGP-TSXV)

Costco (071003 HCOW - NASD

CounterPath Solutions, Inc. (021507CTPS - OTC.BB)

Creative Eateries Corporation (082505CEAT.OB)

Crescent Financial Corp. (

Crown Point Ventures Ltd. (CWV-TSXV)

Cryo-Cell International  (0701CCEL – NASDAQ)

CSMG Technologies, Inc. (040606CTUM-OTC: BB)

CSM Systems Corp. (102104CKX-TSXV)

CSP, Inc. (102607CSPI-NASDAQ)

CSP Inc. (012705CSPI-NASDAQ)

Current Technology Corporation (

Current Technology Corp. (091103CRTCF:OTC)

CVF Technologies Corp. (070104CNVT-OTC: BB)

CX2 Technologies, Inc. (050208CXTO-OTC: BB)

Cycle Country Accessories Corp. (091103ATC - AMEX)

Cyclone Power Technologies, Inc. (061308CYPW-OTCPK)

Cygam Energy Inc. (110907CYG-TSXV)

Cygnos, Inc.   (0301CYGN – NASDAQ)

Cymat Corp. (051503 CYM - TSX)

Cyplasin Biomedical Ltd. (011108CYPL-OTC: BB)

Cypress Bioscience, Inc. (061203 CYPB - NASDAQ)

CytoGenix, Inc. (100903CYGX-OTC)

Daou Systems, Inc. (022003OTC - DAOU)

Data Call Technologies, Inc. (083107DCLT-OTC: BB)

Data Critical Corp.  (0101DCCA – NASDAQ)

Datakey, Inc. (050103PBMTF – OTC: Pink Sheets)*****

Datalink Corp. (040705DTLK-NASDAQ)

Data Track   (1200DATA – NASDAQ)

Datastream   (0201DSTM – NASDAQ)

Daxor Corporation   (0602DXR – AMEX)

D-BOX Technologies Inc. (DBO.A-TSXV)

DC Brands International, Inc. (091407DCBI-OTCPK)

DDS Technologies USA Inc. (050505DDSU-OTC: OB)

Debt Resolve, Inc. (122107DRV-AMEX)

Deer Creek Energy Limited (

Deer Valley Corporation (053008DVLY-OTC: BB)

Deer Valley Corporation (021507DVLY-OTC: BB)

Dejour Enterprises Ltd. (071108DEJ-AMEX)

Dejour Enterprises Ltd. (062207DEJ-Amex & DEJ-TSX-V)

Dejour Enterprises Ltd. (061506DJE-TSX.V)

Dejour Enterprises Ltd. (063005DJE-TSX.V)

Dell Computer Corporation (NASDAQ: DELL) (020503FWHT - NASD) *****

Dell Computer Corporation (NASDAQ: DELL) (012303SCKT - NASD) *****

deltathree, Inc. (070706DDDC-NASDAQ)

deltathree, Inc.     (0701DDDC – NASDAQ)

Deltek, Inc. (100308PROJ-NASDAQ)

Deltek Systems Inc.  (0301DLTK – NASDAQ)

Dendreon Corporation  (0801DNDN – NASDAQ)

The Descartes Systems Group Inc. (072007DSG-TSX, DSGX-NASDAQ)

DetTronics (a division of Kiddie PLC) (021204ISNS-NASDAQ) *****

Dexit Inc. (042006DXT-TSX)

DiagnoCure Inc. (071108CUR-TSX)

DiamondCluster International (100903DTPI-NASD

Diamond Discoveries International Corporation (042304DMDD-OTC)

Diamond Powersports Inc. (020906DPWS.OTCBB)

Digene Corporation  (1200DIGE – NASDAQ)

Digital Dispatch Systems Inc. (040705DD-TSX)

DigitalFX International, Inc. (070607DFXN-OTC: BB)

Digital Lifestyles Group, Inc. (DLFG-OTC: BB)

DIOS Exploration Inc. (080808DOS-TSXV)

dj Orthopedics, Inc. (121505DJO-NYSE)

dj Orthopedics, Inc. (062603 DJO - NYSE)

DOBI Medical International, Inc. (060205DBMI.OB)

Dollar General (NYSE: DG) (080703CLYS.OB- OTC)*****

Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. (072403 DLTR-NASDAQ)

Dover Petroleum Corp. (012303DVPC - Pink Sheets)

Draxis Health Inc. (032405DRAX-NASDAQ)

Drinks Americas Holdings, Ltd. (082505DKAM-OTC: BB)

Drug Max  (1001DMZX – NASDAQ)

Duraswitch Industries  (0502DSWT – NASDAQ)

DURECT Corporation (061308DRRX-NASDAQ)


DVI Inc.  (1001DVI – NYSE)

Dynamex Inc. (050103DDN - Amex)

Dynatronics Corp. (091407DYNT-NASDAQ)

Dynatronics Corporation (042304DYNT – NASDAQ)

Dynatronics Corporation  (0502DYNT – NASDAQ)

Dynetek Industries Ltd. (091103DNK - TSX)

EarthNetMedia, Inc. (041703ENTM – OTC)

Earth Sciences, Inc.  (0302ESCI – OTC)

Eastern Insurance Holdings, Inc. (041207EIHI-NASDAQ)

Eastern Virginia Bankshares Inc. (082604EVBS-NASDAQ)

Eastmain Resources Inc. (072805ER-TSX)

Ebix, Inc. (112307EBIX-NASDAQ)

Econolite Control Products Inc. (021204ISNS-NASDAQ) *****

ECOtality, Inc. (030708ETLY-OTC: BB)

ECSI International, Inc. (022003EKCS - OTC)

Education Management Corp.  (0302EDMC – NASDAQ)

Education Realty Trust, Inc. (091908EDR-NYSE)

eHealth, Inc. (070607EHTH-Nasdaq)

Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (012303DVPC - NASD) *****

El Capitan Precious Metals, Inc. (102005ECPN-OTC: BB)

Electra Gold Ltd. (032405ELT-TSXV)

Electric & Gas Technology, Inc.  (0801ELGT – OTCBB)

Electroconnet Limited (Scotland) (050103NSCT - OTC BB)*****

Electroglas, Inc. (061308EGLS-NASDAQ)

Electronic Arts=(NASDAQ:ERTS) (022604GMSI - OTC: BB) *****

Electronic Arts (NASD: ERTS) (080703EQIX-NASD

Elekta AB (publ) (121102VAR-NYSE) – Analyst*****

eLinear, Inc. (031005ELU-AMEX)

ELI Eco Logic Inc. (030603ELI - TSX)

Eller Industries, Inc. (042105ELRI-OTC: PK)

Elli Lilly (NYSE: LLY) (080703CLYS.OB- OTC)*****

Elite Information   (1001ELTE – NASDAQ)

Emcee Broad Cost Products  (0502ECIN – NASDAQ)

Emageon Inc. (101206EMAG-NASDAQ)

Emerge Capital Corp. (060106EMGC-OTC: BB)

Encompass Holdings, Inc. (070706ECMH-OTC: BB)

Enerchem International Inc. (092304ECH-TSX)

Energold Mining Ltd. (

EnerJex Resources, Inc. (102607EJXR-OTC: BB)

EnerLume Energy Management Corp. (030708ENLU.OB-OTC: BB)

EnerNOC, Inc. (071108ENOC-NASDAQ)

ENPAR Technologies Inc. (042304ENP – Toronto Venture)

Enpath Medical, Inc. (041207NPTH-NASDAQ)

Enterprise Bancorp, Inc. (070607EBTC-NASDAQ)

Environmental Solutions Worldwide, Inc. (041703ESWW - OTC)

EnWave Corporation (101708ENW-TSXV)

EP Global Communications, Inc. (022405EPGL.OB)

Epistem Ltd. (061308EHP-LSE)

EPMedSystems, Inc. (020503EPMD - NASDAQ)

EPMedSystems, Inc. (020503EPMD - NASDAQ)
Reference Interview with: Dr. Sanjeev Saksena

Epolin, Inc.   (0402EPLN – OTCBB)

Equinix, Inc. (080703EQIX-NASDAQ)

Equity Inns, Inc. (020906ENN-NYSE)

ERF Wireless Inc. (ERFW-OTC: BB)

Ericsson (NASD: ERICY) (012303SCKT - NASDAQ) *****

ES Bancshares, Inc. (110907ESBS-OTC: BB)

Esperanza Silver Corporation (102005EPZ-TSXV)

ESSA Bancorp, Inc. (100308"ESSA"-NASDAQ)

Etelos, Inc. (090508ETLO-OTC: BB)

Eurasian Minerals Inc. (022208EMX-Toronto Venture Exchange)
(The Pink Sheets – ESMNF)

Money Manager Interview Covering: Eurocontrol Technics Inc. (EUO-TSX: V)
James Guiang, Senior Portfolio Manager, Managing Director
Millennium Global Natural Resources Fund

Eurocontrol Technics Inc. (050208EUO-TSX:V)

Even Technologies Inc. (030107ETI-TSXV)

Evolution Petroleum Corporation (070607EPM-AMEX)

Exact Sciences Corporation (072904EXAS-NASDAQ)

Exelixis, Inc.   (0301EXEL – NASDAQ)

ExelTech Aerospace Inc. (040408XLT-TSXV)

Express-1 Expedited Solutions, Inc. (032907XPO-AMEX)

Exten Industries   (0801EXTI – OTCBB)

Eye Care International, Inc. (040804EYCI-OTC)

F5 Network   (0302BWEB – NASDAQ)

FaceKey Corporation (070607FEKY-OTC.PK)

Federal Express (050103DDN - Amex)*****

Female Health Company (100704FHCO-OTC-BB)

Fiber Optic Systems Technology, Inc. (102607FOX-TSX Venture)

FIMA, Inc. (061308FIMA-OTCPK)

FindWhat.com (020503FWHT - NASDAQ)

First Bancorp of Indiana Inc. (031507FBEI-NASDAQ)

The First Bancshares, Inc. (

First Capital Bancorp, Inc. (092807FCVA-NASDAQ)

First Capital International, Inc. (060205FCAI-OTC: BB)

First Charter Corp. (NC) (083106FCTR-NASDAQ)

First Commerce Bancorp (CA) (083107FCCC-OTC: BB)

First Community Corporation (030603FCCO - NASDAQ)

1st Enterprise Bank (Los Angeles, CA) (062708FENB-OTC: BB)

1st Enterprise Bank (052507FENB.OB-OTC: BB)

First Metals Inc. (020808RMA-TSX)

First PacTrust Bancorp, Inc. (022003FPTB - NASDAQ)

FirstService Corporation (091103FSV - TSX) (091103FSRV – NASDAQ)

First Sound Bank (Seattle WA) (090508FSWA-OTC: BB)

First State Bancorporation (082208FSNM-NASDAQ)

First State Bancorporation (052507FSNM-NASDAQ)

Analyst Interview Covering: First State Bancorporation (082208FSNM-NASDAQ)
Peyton N. Green, Senior Analyst, Financial Institutions Group, FTN Midwest Securities Corp.

First State Bancorporation (Analyst Interview) (052507FSNM-NASDAQ)

First State Bancorporation (061506FSNM-NASDAQ)

First State Bancorporation (061506FSNM-Analyst) Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, Inc.

First State Bancorporation (021005FSNM-NASDAQ)

First State Bancorporation (021005FSNM-Nasdaq) – Analyst Interview

First State Bancorporation (Analyst Interview) (021204FSNM-NASDAQ)

First State Bancorporation (021204FSNM-NASDAQ)

First State Bancorporation (122702FSNM - NASDAQ)

First State Financial Corporation (

Firstwave Technologies, Inc. (041703FSTW - NASDAQ)

FlexiInternational Software, Inc. (030603FLXI - OTC)

Flow International (112406FLOW-NASDAQ)

Flow Traffic Limited (021204ISNS-NASD) *****

Food Technology Service  (0102VIFL – NASDAQ)

Forbes Medi-Tech Inc. (091406FMTI-NASDAQ & FMI-TSX)

Forbes Medical Tech  (1101FMTI – NASDAQ)

Ford Motor Company     (NYSE: F) (041703LPSN - OTC) *****

Forest Gate Resources Inc. (050103FGT – TSX Venture)

Forgent Networks   (0702FORG – NASDAQ)

Forsys Metals Corp (072508FSY-TSX)

Fortuna Gaming Corporation (

Fortune Brands (NYSE: FO) (092503VERT-NASD: SC)*****

Franchise Bancorp Inc. (022208FBI-TSXV)

Franklin American Mortgage Company (031005Privately Held)

Franklin American Mortgage Company (032504FMAC-Privately-Held)

Franklin Bank Corp. (013004FBTX-NASDAQ)

Friendly Hills Bank (122107FHLB-OTC: BB)

Frontier Financial Corporation (070607FTBK-NASDAQ)

FTR Ltd. (091103FTR: AX – Australian Exchange)

FuelCell Energy, Inc. (102607FCEL-NASDAQ)

FundsTech Corp. (102607FNDS-OTC: BB)

Furniture Brands International, Inc. (082208FBN-NYSE)

g8wave Holdings, Inc. (030708GEWV-OTC: BB)

Gabriel Technologies Corp. (032405GWLK-OTC: BB)

Gadzooks, Inc.   (0201GADZ – NASD)

Games, Inc. (022604GMSI - OTC: BB)*****

GameZnFlix, Inc. (071704GZFX – OTC: BB)

Garrison International (051107GAU-TSXV)

Gartner Group (Gartner, Inc. – NYSE: IT & ITB) (030603FLXI - OTC)*****

Gateway Financial Holdings Inc. (071504GBTS-NASD)

Gemalto (Euronext NL0000400653-GTO)

Genaera Corporation  (0901GENR – NASD)

GE (General Electric Company – (NYSE: GE) (032504FMAC-Privately-Held)*****

G.E. (General Electric Company – NYSE: GE) (022003EKCS - OTC)*****

Gene Max  (0802GMXX – OTC)

General Dynamics (NYSE: GD) (091103CRTCF:OTC)*****

General Motors (NYSE: GM) (102303TSX: PDL) (AMEX: PAL)*****

General Motors (NYSE: GM) (091103CRTCF:OTC)*****

General Motors Corporation (NYSE: FM) (080703CLYS.OB- OTC)*****

General Motors Corp. (GM) (050103NSCT - OTC BB)*****

Generex Biotechnology Corporation (051905GNBT-NASDAQ)

Genesis Intermedia.com  (0201GENI – NASD)

Genlyte Group Inc. (092205GLYT-NASD)

Genoil Inc. (111804GNO - TSXV)

GeoResources Inc. (102104GEOI-NASDAQ)

Georgia Carolina Bancshares (032108GECR.OB-OTC: BB)

Getner Communications  (0101GTNR – NASD)

GigaBeam Corporation (062708GGBM-OTCPK)

Gitennes Exploration Inc. (071108GIT-TSX)

Global Axcess Corp. (090805GAXC.OB)

Global Energy Services Ltd. (091908GLK-TSXV)

Global Med Technologies, Inc. (080808GLOB-OTC: BB)

GlobalOptions Group, Inc. (091407GOPG-OTC: BB)

Global Payment Technologies, Inc. (

Global Sources Ltd. (101207GSOL-NASDAQ)

Global Telecom & Technology, Inc. (053008GTLT-OTC: BB)

theglobe.com (031005TGLO-OTC: BB)-Voiceglo

Globix Corporation (021507GEX-AMEX)

GloTech Industries, Inc. (092503GTHI-OTC)

GLS Global Assets Ltd. (052903GLO – TSX venture)

Goldcorp Inc. (100704GG-NYSE, G-TSX)

Golden Chalice Resources, Inc. (052507GCR-TSXV)

Golden Goliath Resources Ltd. (101708GNG-TSXV)

Golden West Brewing Company, Inc. (030708GWBC-OTC: BB)

Goldrush Resources Ltd. (GOD-TSXV)

GoldSpring, Inc. (GSPG-OTC: BB)

GolfGear International, Inc. (022003GEAR - OTC)

Goodrich (NYSE: GR) (100903RDVN-OTC)*****

Google Technology Inc. (private) (020503FWHT - NASD) *****

Graham Corporation (032306GHM-AMEX)

Grand Petroleum Inc. (123004GPP-TSXV)

Grant Life Sciences, Inc. (032405GLIF – OTC: BB)

Graphite Design, Inc. (022003GEAR - OTC)*****

Graymark Healthcare, Inc. (032108GRMK-OTC: BB)

Great Western Minerals Group Ltd. (101207GWG-TSXV)

Analyst Interview Covering: Green Bankshares, Inc. (GRNB-NASDAQ)
P. Carter Bundy, CFA, Vice President
Stifel, Nicolaus & Company

Grenville Gold Corporation (030708GVG-TSXV, GVLGF-OTC: BB, F91-Frankfurt)

Grenville Gold Corporation (110907GVG-TSXV, GVLGF-OTCBB, F9I-Frankfurt)

Grenville Gold Corporation (020107GVG-TSXV) (GVLGF-OTCBB)
(F9I – Berlin)

Greystone Logistics Inc. (GLGI-OTC: BB)

GTSI Corp. (050208GTSI-NASDAQ)

Guaranty Federal Bancshares, Inc. (111804GFED-NASDAQ)

Gulf Ethanol Corporation (112307GFET-OTC: Pink)

GVI Security Solutions Inc. (020107GVSS-OTC: BB)

H2O Innovation (2000) Inc. (022208HEO-TSXV)

Hadron, Inc.   (0601HDRN – OTC)

Hana Biosciences Inc. (060205HNAB-OTC: BB)

Hana Mining Ltd. (020808HMG-TSXV)

Hancock Timber Resource Group (061203 POPEZ - NASD)*****

Harrington West Financial Group, Inc. (041703HWFG - NASD)

Hartville Group, Inc. (051503 HTVL - OTC)

Harvard Bioscience, Inc. (022003HBIO - NASD)

Hasbro=(NYSE:HAS) (022604GMSI - OTC: BB) *****

Haverty Furniture Co.  (0401HVT – NYSE)

HAZ-X Holdings, Ltd. Of Belize (022003EKCS - OTC)*****

Headwaters Incorporated (062603 HDWR - NASD)

Health Sciences Group Inc. (
091406HESG- OTC:BB)

Healthscreen Solutions Inc. (MDU-TSXV)

HealthSpring, Inc. (082208HS-NYSE)

HealthStream Inc.   (0402HSTM – NASD)

HearUSA, Inc. (011807EAR-AMEX)

HearUSA, Inc. (121505EAR-AMEX)

HearUSA, Inc. (092304EAR: AMEX)

Hear USA, Inc   (1102EAR – AMEX)

Hearex LTD   (0201EAR – AMEX)

Helix BioPharma Corp. (083107HBP-TSX) (Frankfurt WKN 918864)

Hemis Corporation (083107HMSO-OTC: BB)

Hemisphere GPS Inc. (102607HEM-TSX)

Hemispherex Biopharma  (1200HE – AMEX)

Hemptown Clothing Inc. (011206HPTWF-OTC: BB)

Hennessy Advisors Inc. (031507HNNA-OTC: BB)

Herborium Group, Inc. (041207HBRM-OB)

Heritage-Crystal Clean, Inc. (061308HCCI-NASDAQ)

Heska Corporation (012303HSKA  - NASD)

Hewlett-Packard (NYSE: HPQ) (020503NWK - NYSE) *****

High Liner Foods Incorporated (080703HLF - Toronto)

Analyst Interview Featuring: Highpine Oil & Gas Limited (080808HPX-TSX)
Kim Page, Director – Energy Research, Wellington West Capital Markets, Inc.

Highpine Oil & Gas Limited (071108HPX-TSX)

Hi Ho Silver Resources Inc. (102606HIHO-CNQ)

Hiko Bell Mining & Oil Co. (070706HIKO.PK)

Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. (012303HSKA  - NASD) *****

H-Net Net, Inc.   (0301HNSP – OTC)

Hoku Scientific, Inc. (112406HOKU-NASDAQ)

Home Depot (NYSE: HD) (080703CLYS.OB- OTC)*****

Homeland Security Capital Corporation (062708HOMS-OTC: BB)

Honeywell International, Inc. (NYSE: HON) (022003EKCS - OTC)*****

Hoodia Products International, Inc. (030906HDIA-OTCPK)

Hoover, Inc.   (0302HOOV – NASD)

HopFed Bancorp, Inc. (021507HFBC-NASDAQ)

Horizon Medical Products, Inc.  (0902HMP – AMEX)

Horizon Organic Holding Corp. (071003 HCOW - NASD)

Hot Products, Inc. com  (0701HPIC – OTC)

HouseRaising, Inc. (031005HRAI-OTC:BB)

Houston Lake Mining Inc. (091908HLM-TSXV)

Houston Lake Mining Inc. (080307HLM-TSXV)

Howard Bancorp, Inc. (HBMD-OTC: BB)

HQ Sustainable Maritime Industries, Inc. (120105HQSM-OTC: BB)

Hybridon  (0702HYBN – OTC)

Hy-Drive Technologies LTD (081706HGS-TSXV)

Hydrogen Engine Center, Inc. (112406HYEG-OTC: BB)

Hypercom Corporation  (0602HYC – NYSE)

Hyper Feed   (0602HYPR – NASD)

Hypertension Diagnostics, Inc. (120105HDII-OTC: BB)

IA Global, Inc. (072904IAO-AMEX)

IBM (NYSE: IBM) (080703EQIX-NASD)*****

IBM (International Business Machine Corp – IBM) (020503FWHT - NASD) *****

Icagen, Inc. (022208ICGN-NASDAQ)

IceWEB, Inc. (012705ICEW – OTC: BB)

ICO Global Communications (Holdings) LTD. (110907ICOG-NASDAQ))

Icron Technologies Corporation (062207IT-TSXV)

ICx Technologies, Inc. (011108ICXT-NASDAQ)

Idea Sports Entertainment Group Inc. (123004ISPO.OB)

IDX Systems (NASDAQ:IDXC) (061203 MDRX - NASD)*****

IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. (IDEXX) (012303HSKA  - NASD) *****

IGo Corporation   (0201IGOC – NASD)

Ikonics Corporation (022003IKNX - NASD)

Imagenetix Inc. (052004IAGX.OB)

Image Sensing Systems Incorporated (

Image Sensing Systems Incorporated (021204ISNS-NASD)

Imaging Diagnostic Systems  (0301IMDS – OTC)

ImmuCell Corporation (040705ICCC- NASDAQ)

ImmuCell Corporation  (0102ICCC – NASD)

Immunosyn Corporation (IMYN-OTC: BB)

Imperial Sugar Company (052903IPSU - NASD)

IMPAC Medical Systems, Inc. (051503 IMPC - NASD)

Independent Bank Corporation (051806IBCP-NASDAQ)

Index Oil and Gas, Inc. (IXOG-OTC: BB)

Indiana Business Bancorp (092806IBBI-OTC: BB)

Infinium Labs, Inc. (123004IFLB – OTC: BB)

Infodata Systems Inc. (040303INFD - OTC)

Ingen Technologies Inc. (051004CRTZ.PK)

Ingram Micro Inc. (NYSE: IM) (012303SCKT - NASD) *****

InNexus Biotechnology Inc. (022604IXS-Toronto: Venture)*****

Innotrac Corporation (052507INOC-NASDAQ)

Innova Robotics & Automation, Inc. (083107INRA -OTC: BB)

InnSuites Hospitality Trust (082604IHT-AMEX)

Input/Output, Inc. (071003 IO - NYSE)

InSite Vision Incorporated (082208ISV-AMEX)

Insituform Technologies, Inc. (031507INSU-NASDAQ)

InstaPay Systems Inc. (051004IPYS-OTC: BB)

InsWeb Corp. (072007INSW-NasdaqCM)

IntegraMed America, Inc. (080307INMD-NASDAQ)

Integra Med. America (1001INMD – NASD)

Integra, Inc.   (0901IGR – AMEX)

Intel Corporation (INTC)
(061203 MDRX - NASD)*****

Intel Corporation (INTC) (020503FWHT - NASD) *****

IntelGenx Technologies Corp. (072508IGXT-OTC: BB)

IntelGenx Technologies Corp. (010407IGXT-OTC: BB)

Intellect Neurosciences, Inc. (050208ILNS-OTC: BB)

Intelli-Check – Mobilisa, Inc. (

Interchange Financial Services Corporation (060304S IFCJ-NASD)

Intermap Technologies Corporation (020503IMP.a - TSX Venture)

Intermec Technologies Corporation (a UNOVA, Inc. (UNA) Company) (012303SCKT - NASD) *****

International Absorbents Inc. (090904IAX-AMEX)

International Monetary Systems Ltd. (042006INLM-OTC: BB)

International Paper Company (NYSE: IP) (022003SMY - TSX Venture)*****

International Royalty Corporation (

Internet Security Systems, Inc. (ISS) (030603ISSX - NASD)

Interpore Cross International (041703BONZ - NASD)

Intervet International (012303HSKA  - NASD) *****

Intervoice-Brite, Inc.  (0101INTV – NASD)

IntraLase Corp. (081105ILSE-NASDAQ)

Intuit, Inc. (041703INTU - NASD)

Intuitive Surgical, Inc.      (0301ISRG – NASD)

Invacare Corporation  (0301IVC – NYSE)

Invicta Group Inc. (050208IVIT-OTC: BB)

Iomega Corporation (NYSE: IOM) (051503 NXPS - NASD)*****

iParty Corporation  (0201IPT – AMEX)


ISCO International Inc. (031005ISO-AMEX)

Island Pacific (110404IPI-AMEX)

iVOW, Inc. (032306IVOW-NASDAQ)

JC Data Solutions, Inc. (011206JCDS-OTC: BB)

JER Envirotech International Corporation (101708JER-TSXV)

Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ)(072403 RGRX - OTCBB)*****

Karmin Exploration Inc. (071504KAR-TSXV)

Kasten Chase (060205KCA-TSXV)

Kentucky First Federal Bancorp. (061605KFFB-NASDAQ)

Kimber Resources, Inc. (091103KBR-TSX Venture)

KinderCare Learning Centers Inc. (NASD: KCLC)(072403 SCHS - NASD)*****

Kingsway Financial Services Inc. (061308KFS-NYSE, KFS-TSX)

Kingsway Financial Services Inc. (120706KFS-NYSE & KFS-TSX)

Kite Realty Group Trust (
021005KRG - NYSE)

Klondike Silver Corp. (052507KS-TSXV)

KNBT Bancorp, Inc. (071504KNBT-NASD)

Knightsbridge Fine Wines, Inc. (040804KFWI-OTC)

Knova Software, Inc. (110305KNVS-OTC: KNVS)

Analyst interview covering: Komag Inc. (083106KOMG-NASDAQ)
Mark S. Miller, Senior Vice President, Brean Murray, Carret & Co. LLC.

Kosan Biosciences, Inc.  (1001KOSN – NASD)

Kreido Biofuels, Inc. (062207KRBF-OTC: BB)

K-Sea Transportation Partners LP (030107KSP-NYSE)

Lakota Resources Inc. (040303YLA - TSX Venture)

Landec Corporation (083107LNDC-Nasdaq)

Landmark National Bank (011206LMRK-OTC: BB)

Language Access Network Inc. (083106LANW-OTC: PK)

Lara Exploration Ltd. (022208LRA-TSXV)

Laser Vision Centers Inc.  (0601NNCI – NASD)

LCA Vision   (0402LCAV – NASD)

Legacy Bancorp, Inc. (032907LEGC-NASDAQ)

Legacy Bank (020503LBOH.OB - OTC-BB)

Legacy Bank – Reference Interview (020503LBOH - OTC)
Scott Schwartz of Swartz Supply Company

Lehman Trikes, Inc. (061203 LHT – TSX Venture)

Lev Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (110907LEVP-OTC: BB)

Liberator Medical Holdings, Inc. (110907LBMH-OTC: BB

Liberty Mines Inc. (

Lifestream Technologies, Inc. (040303KFL - AMEX)

LifeVantage Corporation (050208LFVN-OTCBB)

Lifeway Foods Inc. (112406LWAY-NASDAQ)

Live Person, Inc. (041703LPSN - OTC)

Location Based Technologies, Inc. (040408LBAS-OTC: BB)

Lockheed Martin Corporation (NYSE: LMT) (022003EKCS - OTC)*****

Long Island Financial Corp. (123004LICB-NASDAQ)

LORAD Medical is a division of Hologic (NASD: HOLX) (100903AMEX: PNS)*****

Lowe's (NYSE: LOW) (092503VERT-NASD: SC)*****

Lucent Technologies      (NYSE: LU) (041703LPSN - OTC) *****

Luminent Mortgage Capital, Inc. (LUM-NYSE)

Luxell Technologies Inc. (081105LUX-TSX)

Lycos.com (Terra Lycos – TRLY) (020503FWHT - NASD) *****

Lyrtech Inc. (031005LYT-TSXV)

Macatawa Bank Corporation (041703MCBC - NASD)

Magna (051503 CYM - TSX)*****

Magicweb, Inc. (121505MGWB-OTC: BB)

MagIndustries Corp. (091908MAA-TSXV)

Magnum d’Or Resources Inc. (022208MDOR-OTC: BB)

Mail-Well Inc. (112003MWL-NYSE)

Manhattan Bancorp (032108MNHN-OTC: BB)

The Manitowoc Company, Inc. (032306MTW-NYSE)

Manakoa Services Corporation (

MapInfo Corp. (102303MAPS-NASD)

Marsh & McLennan Companies (NYSE: MMC) (030603ISSX - NASD)*****

Material Technologies, Inc. (011206MTNA-OTC: BB)

Matrix Design, Inc./DermaPlus, Inc. (070607MDDP-Privately Held)

MAXIMUS, INC. (050103PBMTF – OTC: Pink Sheets)*****

Maxwell Technologies, Inc. (072403 MXWL-NASD)

Maxwell Technologies  (0502MXWL – NASD)

MBT Financial Corporation (030603MBTF - NASD)

Meadowbrook Insurance Group, Inc. (013004MIG-NYSE)

MECAR S.A. (070104ADG-AMEX)*****

Medical Makeover Corporation of America (052004MMAM-OTC: BB)

Medical Nutrition USA, Inc. (110907MDNU-NASDAQ)

Mediscience Technology Corporation (060205MDSC-OTC: BB)

Medtronic (NYSE: MDT) (020503EPMD - NASD) *****

Med Wave, Inc.   (0502MDWV – NASD)

Megola Inc. (123004MGOA-OTC)

Mellanox Technologies, Ltd. (070607MLNX-Nasdaq)

Melcor Developments Ltd. (042707MRD-TSX)

Merix Corp. (042304MERX-NASD)

Meta Financial Group, Inc. (100308CASH-NASDAQ)

Metal Storm Limited (051503 MTSX - NASD)

MethylGene Inc. (050505MYG-TSX)

Met-Pro Corporation (111804MPR-NYSE)

MetroCorp Bancshares, Inc. (040705MCBI-NASDAQ)

MetroPacific Bank (050208MPBK-OTC: BB)

MFIC Corporation (

MFIC Corporation (111804MFIC-OTC)

MFIC Corporation (112003MFIC-OTC)

MFIC Corporation (100202MFIC - OTC)

Michigan Heritage Bancorp Inc. (022604MHBC.OB)

MicroPlanet Technology Corp. (122107MCTYF-OTC: BB, MP-TSXV)

MicroPlanet Technology Corp. (110305MP-TSXV)

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) (061203 MDRX - NASD)*****

MicroSoft Corporation (NASD: MSFT) (052903GLO – TSX venture)*****

MicroSoft Corporation (NASD: MSFT) (020503NWK - NYSE) *****

Microsoft Corporation (NASD: MSFT) (012303SCKT - NASD) *****

Microsoft Corporation    (NASD: MSFT) (041703LPSN - OTC) *****

MidSouth Bancorp Inc. (051503MSL - AMEX)


Milestone Scientific, Inc.  (0901 MS  - AMEX)

Millicom International Cellular SA (021204MICC-NASD)

Mity Enterprises Inc. (080703MITY-NASD)

Mogul Energy International, Inc. (101207MGUY-OTC: BB)

Moldflow Corporation (010903MFLO - NASD)

Moller International Inc. (022003MLER - Pink Sheets)

Monster Motors, Inc. (062207MRMT-OTC.PK)

Morgan Beaumont, Inc. (091406MBEU-OTC: BB)

Monarch Bank (121103MNRK-NASD)

Motive, Inc. (122107MOTV-OTCPK)

Mountain 1st Bank and Trust Company (NC) (021005MOBT-OTC: BB)

mPhase Technologies, Inc. (Parent) (101708XDSL-OTC: BB)
AlwaysReady, Inc. (Subsidiary)

MRU Holdings, Inc. (070706MHOI.OB)

MSN= Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) (022604GMSI - OTC: BB) *****

MSN (Microsoft Corporation – MSFT) (020503FWHT - NASD) *****

MTC Technologies Inc. (051004MTCT-NASD)

MultiCell Technologies, Inc. (060807MCET-OTC: BB)

Musicrypt Inc. (062603 MCT – TSX Venture)

NaiKun Wind Development Inc. (NKW-TSX-V)

NanoVircides, Inc. (NNVC-OTC: BB)

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (110603UDTT.OB-OTC)*****

Nascent Wine Company, Inc. (010407NCTW-OTC: BB)

Nastech Pharmaceuticals  (1101NASTK – NASD)

National Lampoon, Inc. (072006NLN-AMEX)

National Retail Properties, Inc. (022208NNN-NYSE)

National Scientific Corporation (050103NSCT - OTC BB)

Native American Energy Group (

Natural Gas Systems, Inc. (061605NGSY-OTC)

Natural Health Trends Corporation (121102NHTC-OTC BB)

NaturalNano, Inc. (071108NNAN-OTC: BB)

Naturol Inc.   (0602COOX – OTC)

Naturally Advanced Technologies, Inc. (112307NADVF-OTC: BB)

Naugatuck Valley Financial Corp. (022208NVSL-NASDAQ)

Navigo Energy Inc. (051503 NVG - TSX)

Nayarit Gold Inc. (011108NYG-TSXV)

Nayarit Gold Inc. (022306NYG-TSXV & OTC: BB)

nCoat, Inc. (030708NCOA-OTC: BB)

NCT Group, Inc. (090904NCTI-OTC)

Neah Power Systems, Inc. (032108NPWS-OTC: BB)

Neogen Corporation  (1101NEOG – NASD)

Neptune Industries, Inc. (110906NPDI-OTC: BB)

Nestle Purina Pet Care Company (subsidiary of Nestle S.A. (OTC: NSRGY) ***** (012303HSKA  - NASD) *****

NetBank, Inc. (052903NTBK - NASD)

Netgraphe, Inc. (062603 WWW - TSX)

Net Nanny Software, Inc.  (0402NNSWR – OTC)

Net Nations Communications  (0601NNCI – NASD)

Netopia, Inc.   (0701NTPA – NASD)

Network Equipment Technologies, Inc. (020503NWK - NYSE)

Network Equipment Technologies  (0202NWK – NYSE)

Neurobiological Technologies, Inc. (062708NTII-NASDAQ)

Nevada Gold & Casinos, Inc. (081706UWN-AMEX)

Nevada Star Resource CP (111705NEV-TSX & NVSRF-OTC: BB)

New Century Bancorp (112003NCBN.OB)

New Horizon Uranium Corporation (112307NHU-TSXV)

New Visual Corporation (012303NVEI - OTCBB)

Nexia Holdings Inc. (080307NEXA-OTC: BB)

NexPrise, Inc. (051503 NXPS - NASD)

Nike Golf (Nike, Inc. NYSE: NKE) (022003GEAR - OTC)*****

Nile Therapeutics, Inc. (112307SPDU-OTC: BB)

Nobel Learning Communities, Inc. (121604NLCI-NASDAQ)

Nokia Corporation (NYSE: NOK) (012303SCKT - NASD) *****

Non-Invasive Monitoring Systems  (0902NIMU – OTC)

Noranda (050103FGT – TSX Venture)*****

Norsk Hydro ASA (NYSE:NHY) (051503 CYM - TSX)*****

North American Palladium (102303TSX: PDL) (AMEX: PAL)

North American Tungsten C122905orporation Ltd. (NTC-TSXV)

North Atlantic Resources Ltd. (060807NAC’: TSX)

Northeast Bancorp/ME (100903NBN-AMEX)

Northern Oil and Gas, Inc. (091407OTCBB: NOGS)

Northern States Financial Corp. (092503NSFC-NASD)

Northrop Grumman Corp. (NYSE: NOC) (022003EKCS - OTC)*****

North Star Diamonds, Inc. (010204NSDM-Pink Sheets)

Norwich Union Insurance Company (020503IMP.a - TSX Venture) *****

Novartis AG (NYSE: NVS) (012303HSKA  - NASD) *****

Novelos Therapeutics, Inc. (072006OTCBB: NVLT)

Novelos Therapeutics, Inc. (063005NVLT-OTC: BB)

Novo Nordisk A/S (NYSE: NVO) (050103ARDM - NASD)*****

NS Microwave (070104ADG-AMEX)*****

Nutrition 21   (0702NXXI – NASD)

NuVim Inc. (032108NUVM-OTC: BB)

NuVim, Inc. (092205NUVM.BB)

NUVO Network Management Inc. (112307NVO-TSXV)

OBN Holdings, Inc.

Ofek Capital Corp.  (1102OFCC - OTC PINK SHEETS)

Ohio Legacy Corp. (021005OLCB-NASDAQ)

Analyst interview covering: Old National Bancorp (IN) (081706ONB)

Olympic Resources Ltd (041703OLYR - OTC)

Omnitek Engineering Corp. (101708OMTK-OTCPK)

OMNOVA Solutions Inc. (110305OMN-NYSE)

Omtool™, Ltd. (040606OMTL-NASDAQ: CM)

On2 Technologies, Inc. (101207ONT-AMEX)

On2 Technologies, Inc. (102303ONT-AMEX)

01 Communique Laboratory Inc. (120706ONE-TSX)

Onstream Media Corporation (070607ONSM-NASDAQ)

On Track Innovations Ltd. (110404OTIV - Nasdaq)-OTI America (Subsidiary)

Optical Communications Products, Inc. (051503 OCPI - NASD)

Optika, Inc.   (0202OPTK – NASD)

Optimer Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (041207OPTR-NASDAQ)

Oracle Corporation (NASD: ORCL) (020503NWK - NYSE) *****

Oragenics, Inc. (070104ONI-NASD)

The Orchard Enterprises Inc. (061308ORCD-NASDAQ)

Oregon Pacific Bancorp (031104OPBP-OTC)

Orthofix International N.V. (010407OFIX-NASDAQ)

Oscient Pharmaceuticals Corporation (051004GENE-NASDAQ)

OSI Geospatial Inc. (OSI-TSX, OSIF-OTC: BB)

Ostex International  (0502OSTX – NASD)

Otis, KONE and Schindler (082803PREF-OTC)*****

Overture Services, Inc. (NASDAQ: OVER) (020503FWHT - NASD) *****

Pace Medical   (0602PMDL – OTC)

Pacer Health Corporation (061605OTCBB: PHLH)

Pacific health Lab  (0801PHLI – NASD)

Pacifica Resources Ltd. (070607PAX-TSXV)

Pacific Premier Bancorp Inc. (051107PPBI-NASDAQ)

Pacific Safety Products Inc. (032306PSP-TSX Venture)

Packeteer, Inc. (102104PKTR: NASD)

Packeteer, Inc. (092503PKTR - NASD)

Packeteer Inc.   (0402PKTR – NASD)

Paladin Labs Inc. (PLB-TSXV)

Paladin Labs Inc.  (011807PLB-TSX)

Pan American Silver Corporation (011206PAAS-NASDAQ)

Panoro Minerals Ltd. (032405PML-TSXV)

Paradigm Oil and Gas, Inc. (060205POGI.OTC: BB)

Paradyne (NASD: PDYN) (020503NWK - NYSE) *****

Park City Group, Inc. (121505PKCY-OTC: BB)

Park City Group Inc. (071405PKCY-OTC: BB)

ParkeBank (110603PKBK-NASD)

Patient Infosystems Inc. (092205PATY-OTC: BB)

Patterson Dental Co.  (0202PDCO – NASD)

Patterson UTI   (0202PTEN – NASD)

Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust (091908PREIT) (PEI-NYSE)

Peoples Financial Corporation (032504PFBX-NASD)

Peoples Financial Corporation (020503PFBX - NASD)

PerkinElmer, Inc. (NYSE: PKI) (022003HBIO - NASD)*****

Perry Ellis International Inc. (010204PERY-NASD)

Pet Ecology Brands, Inc. (083106PECB-OTC.PK)

Pethealth Inc. (040705TSXV: PTZ)

Petrolia Inc. (091908PEA-TSXV)

Analyst Covering PharmaNet Development Group, Inc.( 110907Nasdaq-PDGI)
David Windley, Managing Director, Jefferies & Company, Inc.

PharmEng International Inc. (122905PII-TSXV)

Phazar Corp. (082803ANTP - NASD)

Phillips 66 Petroleum (ConnocoPhillips – NYSE: COP) (012303DVPC - NASD) *****

Phonetime Inc. (041207PHD-TSXV)

PhotoChannel Networks Inc. (012606PNI- TSX – V; PHCHF- OTC:BB)

Pinnacle Bank (PBNK.OB)

Pinnacle Data Systems, Inc. (100903AMEX: PNS)

Pinnacle Financial Partners Inc. (021204021204PNFP-NASD)

Pioneer Drilling Company (020906PDC-AMEX)

Pioneering Technology Inc. (072508PIO-TSX:V)

Pizza Inn, Inc. (080307PZZI-NASDAQ)

Plaza Bank (011108PZBW-OTC: BB)

Plastinum Polymer Technologies Corp. (091407PLNU-OTC: BB)

PLATO Learning, Inc. (030603TUTR - OTC)

Plum Creek Timber Company, Inc. (NYSE: PCL) (061203 POPEZ - NASD)*****

Polycom, Inc. (091908PLCM-Nasdaq)

Polydex Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (011807POLXF-NASDAQ)

Polydex Pharmaceuticals Limited (120105POLXF-NASDAQ)

PolyMedix, Inc. (041207PYMX-OTC: BB)

Polymer Research Corp.  (0401PRDA – NASD)

Polymer Research Corporation of America (121102PROA-NASD)

PolyMet Mining Corp. (082208POM-TSX, PLM-AMEX)

Pope Resources L.P. (061203 POPEZ - NASD)

Portal Resources Ltd. (062207PDO-TSX-V)

Portec Rail Products, Inc. (060205PRPX-NASDAQ)

Analyst Interview Covering; Possis Medical, Inc. (122107POSS-Nasdaq)
Robert Cvengros, Director, Senior Research Analyst
Next Generation Equity Research

Possis Medical, Inc. Analyst Interview (072805POSS-Nasdaq)

Possis Medical, Inc. (122107POSS-NASDAQ)

Possis Medical, Inc. (071405POSS: Nasdaq)

Possis Medical, Inc. (112003POSS-NASD)

Possis Medical, Inc. (Analyst Interview) (080703POSS-NASD)

Possis Medical, Inc.  (0502POSS – NASD)

Potlatch Corp. (032405PCH-NYSE)

Power Efficiency Corp. (082803PREF-OTC)

Power-Save Energy Corporation (051806PWVG.PK)

Power Technology, Inc. (060106PWTC-OTC: BB)

Praecis Pharmaceuticals  (1200PRLS – NASD)

Precise Biometrics AB (050103PBMTF – OTC: Pink Sheets)

Precision Assessment Technology Corporation (102607PDT-TSX)

Precision Auto Care, Inc. (080306PACI-NASDAQ)

Precision Auto Care (082803PACI - NASD)

PremierWest Bancorp (061203 PRWT - OTC: BB)

Prime Companies, Inc. (041703PRMC - OTC)

Princeton National Bancorp, Inc. (100308PNBC-NASDAQ)

Prineville Bancorporation (052507PNVL-OTC: BB)

Priva Inc. (

The Private Bank of California (091406PBCA-OTC: BB)

Probe Mines Limited (PRB-TSXV)

Procter & Gamble (P&G) (020503PFBX - NASD) *****

Proctor & Gamble (NYSE: PG) (041703LPSN - OTC) *****

Profit 21  (0702PXXI – NASD)

Progen Pharmaceuticals Limited (062708PGLA-NASDAQ, PGL-ASX)

Proginet Corporation (032405PRGF-OTCBB)

Programmer’s Paradise, Inc. (040606PROG-NASDAQ)

Pro-Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (112307PRW-AMEX)

Protocall Technologies Incorporated (051107PCLI.OB-OTC: BB)

Provectus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (022405PVCT-OTC: BB)

Providential Holdings, Inc
. (011206PRVH.OB)

PSA Peugeot Citroen (051503 CYM - TSX)*****

Puget Sound Bank (061308PUGB.OB     OTC: BB)

Pure Cycle Corporation (050406PCYO-NASDAQ)

Pure Cycle Corporation (022405PCYO-NASDAQ)

PureDepth, Inc. (112307PDEP-OTC: BB)

Purepoint Uranium Group Inc. (012606PTU-TSX: V)

PureSpectrum, Inc. (061308PSPM-OTCPK)

Pyng Medical Corp. (021507PYT-CDNX, PYNGF-OTC: BB)

Q Comm International Inc. (092304QMM - AMEX)

The Quantum Group, Inc. (091908QGP-AMEX)

Quintek Technologies Inc. (121505QTEK.OB)

Quizam® Media Corporation (080307QQ-TSXV)

Quorum Information Technologies Inc. (020906QIS-TSX V)

The Quantum Group, Inc. (042304QTUM-OTC: BB)

Quorum Information Technologies Inc. (111705QIS-TSX V)

Quorum Information Technologies Inc. (
042105TSX V: QIS)

Quorum Information Technologies Inc. (011305 QIS-TSX: V)

Radiant Systems, Inc. (100308RADS-NASDAQ)

Radiologix, Inc.   (0602RGX – AMEX)

Radisson Mining Resources Inc. (072007RDS-TSX)

Radisys Corporation  (0601HDRN – NASD)

RadView Software Ltd. (122702RDVW - NASD)

RailPower Technologies Corp. (092807P-TSX)

Rainy River Resources Ltd. (022208RR-TSXV)

RAMTelcom Inc. (110907RTC-TSXV)

Raptor Networks Technology, Inc. (042105RPTN.OB-OTC BB)

Raptor Pharmaceutical Inc. (031507RPTP-OTC: BB)

Raser Technologies Inc. (082208RZ-NYSE Arca)

Real Logic, Inc. (061308RLLC-OTC: BB)

Redhook Ale Brewery, Inc. (110906HOOK-NASDAQ)

Red Lion Hotels Corporation (062708RLH-NYSE)

Reece Energy Exploration Corp. (080808RXR-TSXV)

RegeneRx Biopharmaceuticals (072403 RGRX - OTCBB)

Renegade Venture Corporation (100903RDVN-OTC)

Rentech, Inc. (011108RTK-AMEX)

Repro-Med Systems Inc. (081105REPR.OB)

Resources Global Professionals (051107RECN-NASDAQ)

Restore Medical, Incorporated (REST-NASDAQ)

Resverlogix Corporation (042105RVX-TSX)

Reuters Group (020503NWK - NYSE) *****

Revett Minerals Inc. (040606RVM-TSX)

Rexahn Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (060106RXHN.OB)


RF Industries Ltd. (082208RFIL-NASDAQ)

RF Monolithics, Inc. (092205RFMI-NASDAQ)

RF Monolithics, Inc. (071704RFMI-NASD)

RF Monolithics, Inc.  (1002RFMI – NASD)

Rick’s Cabaret International, Inc. (061506RICK-NASDAQ)

RightNow Technologies Inc. (030906RNOW-NASDAQ)

Riptide Worldwide, Inc. (032108RTWW-OTCBB)

Rock Energy Resources, Inc. (080808RCKE-OTC: BB)

Roctest Ltd. (050505RTT-TSX)

Rodman & Renshaw Capital Group, Inc. (082208RODM-NASDAQ)

Route1 Inc. (091406ROI-TSXV)

Rogue Wave Software  (0602RWRV – NASD)

Rotoblock Corp. (ROTB-OTC: BB)

Royal Bank (TSX & NYSE: RY) (052903GLO – TSX venture)*****

Royale Energy, Inc. (052903ROYL - NASD)

Royal Pet Meals, Inc. (
072805RYPM-Pink Sheets)

Royal Roads Corp.  (072508RRO – TSX-V)
and Buchans River Ltd.  (BUV – TSX-V)

RPM Incorporated   (0802RPM – NYSE)

RSC Holdings, Inc. (102607RRR-NYSE)

Ruby Mining Company (031104RUBM.OB)

Running Fox Resource CP (041207RUN-TSXV)

Russel Metals Inc. (040408RUS-TSX)

Russ Berrie and Company, Inc. (071504RUS-NASD)

Russ Berrie and Company, Inc. (071003 RUS-NYSE)

Russel Corporation  (0902RML – NYSE)

Rutter Technologies Inc. (041703RUT - TSX Venture)

Rye Patch Gold Corp. (022208RPM-TSXV)

S1 Corporation (NASD: SONE) (020503BBNV - OTC) *****

Sabretooth Energy Ltd. (040408SAB-TSX)

Saflink Corporation . (050103PBMTF – OTC: Pink Sheets)*****

Sage Gold Inc. (080306SVG-TSXV)

SAMSys Technologies Inc. (022003SMY - TSX Venture)

SAND Technology Inc. (011504SNDT-NASDAQ)

San Gold Corporation (122106SGR-TSXV)

Sangoma Technologies Corporation (122107STC-TSXV)

SangStat Medical Corp.  (0401SANG – NASD)

San Joaquin Bancorp (051107SJQU-OTC: BB)

Santa Fe Gold Corp. (032108SFEG-OTC: BB)

Santa Fe Metals Corp. (SFM-TSX-V)

SARS Corp. (020808SARO-OTC: BB)

Saskatchewan Wheat Pool (

SAVVIS Communications Corporation (123004SVVS-NASDAQ)

ScanSource, Inc. (083107SCSC-NASDAQ)

School Specialty, Inc. (072403 SCHS - NASD)

SciQuest, Inc.   (0601SQST – NASD)

SCP Pool Corporation (063005POOL-NASDAQ)

SeaMiles Ltd. (091908SEE-TSXV)

Seamless Corporation (101708SMWF-OTC: BB)

SeaSpace Corporation (070104ADG-AMEX)*****

Security Federal Corporation (092806SFDL-OTC: BB)

SemBioSys Genetics Inc. (092806SBS-TSX)

Sentry Technology Corporation (092807SKVY-OTC: BB)

Serengeti Resources Inc. (090904SIR-TSXV)

Shine Holdings, Inc. (032907SHDG: OTCPK)

Shore Gold (050103FGT – TSX Venture)*****

Shutterfly, Inc. (042707SFLY-NASDAQ)

Siemens AG (121102VAR-NYSE) – Analyst*****

Siemens ICN (NYSE: SI) (020503NWK - NYSE) *****

Sierra Bancorp (022003BSRR - NASD)

Sigma Aldrich Corp.  (0102SIAL – NASD)

Sigma Global Corporation (121604 SGGC-OTC)

Silverado Financial Inc. (100704SLVO-OB)

Silverstar Holdings Ltd. (030107SSTR- NASDAQ)

SiriCOMM, Inc. (111705SIRC-OTC BB)

Sirit Inc. (062207SI-TSX)


Skyline Resources (012303DVPC - NASD) *****

SkyLynx Communications, Inc. (051004SKYC-OTC)

SLAM Exploration Ltd. (100605SXL-TSX)

Sleep Holdings, Inc. (SLHJ-OTC.PK)

Slide View Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of AP Henderson Group. (040804APHG-OTC)

SmartPros Ltd. (071108SPRO-NASDAQ)

Smith Micro Software, Inc. (052004SMSI-NASD

Smokey Market Foods, Inc. (SMKY-OTC: BB)

SNAP Interactive, Inc. (040408STVI-OTC: BB)

Socket Communications, Inc. (012303SCKT - NASD)

Socket Communications  (0101SCKT – NASD)

Analyst interview covering: Sofame Technologies Inc. (053008SDW-TSXV)
Paul J. Resnik, CFA, Dutton Associates

Sofame Technologies Inc. (SDW-TSXV)

Solex Resources Corp. (022306SOX-TSXV)

Somaxon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (102606SOMX-NASDAQ)

Sonesta International Hotels Corp. (

Sontra Medical Corporation (122702SONT - NASD)

Southern National Bancorp of Virginia Inc. (053008SONA-NASDAQ)
Sonabank (The Bank)

Southern Rio Resources Ltd. (

South Jersey Industries (011305SJI-NYSE)

South Shore Resources Inc.( 052507SSHO-OTC: BB)

Southwest Community Bank (022003SWCT - OTC)

Space Imaging, Inc. (private) (020503IMP.a - TSX Venture) *****

Span America Medical  (0301SPAN – NASD)

Spartan Motors, Inc. (071003 SPAR: NASD)

Spectral Diagnostics Inc. (041207SDI-TSX)

Spectrum Signal Processing Inc. (011305SSPI - NASDAQ)

SpectRx, Inc. (030603NASD: SPRX)

SpectRx, Inc.   (0401SPRX – NASD)

Spicy Pickle Franchising, Inc. (110907SPKL-OTC: BB)

Spur Ventures Inc. (072508SVU-TSXV)

SRS Labs, Inc. (062207SRSL-NASDAQ)

SS&C Technologies, Inc. (052903SSNC - NASD)

Stakek Holdings Inc. (072904STAK-NASD)

Stamps.com, Inc. (071003 STMP - NASD)

Standard Parking Corporation (051107STAN-NASDAQ)

Starbucks (071003 HCOW - NASD)*****

State Bank Corp. (042707SBAZ-OTC: BB)
Mohave State Bank

StatSure Diagnostic Systems, Inc. (120706SSUR-OTC: BB)

Steadfast Holdings Group, Inc. (STHG-OTCPK)

SteelCloud, Inc. (092503SCLD-NASD)

Stem Cell Therapeutics Corp. (011108SSS: TSX-Venture)

St. Mary Land & Exploration Company (090805SM/NYSE)

St. Mary Land & Exploration Company (071003 SM - NYSE)

StoneMor Partners L.P. (030708STON-NASDAQ)

Stratex Networks, Inc. (123004STXN-Nasdaq)

StrikeForce Technologies, Inc. (022306SKFT-OTC: BB)

Structures USA, Inc. (100704)

Subjex Corporation (110603SBJX-OTC)

Sudbury Contact Mines Ltd. (082604SUD-TSX)

Summit Environmental Corporation, Inc. (110305SEVT-OTC: BB)

SumTotal Systems Inc. (071704SUMT-NASD)

Sunesis Pharmaceuticals Inc. (

Sun Hydraulics Corporation (060807SNHY-NASDAQ)

Sunovia Energy Technology, Inc. (032108SUNV-OTC: BB)

Sunrise Energy Resources, Inc. (041207SEYR-OTC: BB)

Superconductive Components, Inc. (092503SCCI-OTC)

Super Vision International Inc. (051004SUPVA-NASD)

Susquehanna Bancshares, Inc. (092503SUSQ-NASD)

Sustainable Energy Technologies (120204STG-TSX: V)

SWARCO Holding AG (021204ISNS-NASD) *****

Swisscard AECS AG (030603FLXI - OTC)*****

Symbiat, Inc. (041703SYBA - OTC)

Symbollon Pharmaceuticals Inc. (071704SYMBA-OTC)

Symbol Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: SBL) (012303SCKT - NASD) *****

Synalloy Corporation (061308SYNL-NASDAQ)

Synalloy Corporation (032907SYNL-NASDAQ)

Synergetics USA, Inc. (020808SURG-NASDAQ)

Synta Pharmaceuticals Corp. (052507SNTA-NASDAQ)

Synthetech, Inc. (030107NZYM.PK-OTC)

Syringa Bancorp (072007SGBP-NASDAQ)

Systems Evolution Inc. (050406SEVI-OTC: BB)

Tactex Controls Inc. (030603TTX - TSX Venture)

Tag-It Pacific, Inc. (051107TAG-AMEX)

Talk Visual Corporation  (0602TVCP – OTC)

Tamerlane Ventures Inc. (091908TAM-TSXV)

Tandy Leather Factory, Inc. (

Tandy Leather Factory Inc. (072007TLF-AMEX)

Tandy Leather Factory, Inc. (051806TLF-AMEX)

Tandy Leather Factory, Inc. (082505TLF-AMEX)

TapImmune Inc. (020808TPIM-OTC: BB)

Taranis Resources Inc. (072805TRO-TSXV)

Targanta Therapeutics Corporation (TARG-NASDAQ)

TASER International, Inc. (122702TASR - NASD)

Taylor Capital Group, Inc. (010204TAYC-NASD)

TBS International Ltd. (070607TBSI-NASDAQ)

TC Orthodontic Lab (052004TCOL-Privately held)

Tech Data Corporation (NASD/NMS: TECD) (012303SCKT - NASD) *****

TechTarget, Inc. (032108TTGT-NASDAQ)

TECSYS Inc. (102303TCS-TSX)

Telanetix, Inc. (040408TNXI-OTC: BB)

Telik, Inc. (030708TELK-NASDAQ)

TenFold Corporation (062603 TENF – OTC: BB)

TenthGate International, Inc. (020808TGTI-OTC.PK)

Tergeted genetics   (1200TGEN – NASD)

Tessco Technologies  (0802TESS – NASD)

Thallion Pharmaceuticals Inc. (TLN-TSXV)

The Leather Factory, Inc. (042105TLF-AMEX)

The Leather Factory, Inc. (022604TLF-AMEX)

The Leather Factory Inc. (010903TLF - AMEX)

The Princeton Review   (0502REVU – NASD)

ThermoEnergy Corp. (TMEN-OTC: BB)

Tidelands Bancshares Inc. (010407TDBK-NASDAQ)

Time America, Inc. - A Vitrix Company  (0901VRXI – OTC)

Titan Dynamics Systems, Inc. (070104ADG-AMEX)*****

Tokio Marine and Fire Insurance CO., LTD, in Tokyo (030603ISSX - NASD)*****

Toll Brothers   (0802TOL – NYSE)

Tootie Pie Company, Inc. (070607TOOT-OTC: BB)

Touchstone Applied Science Associates, Inc. (071704TASA – OTC)

Touchstone Applied Sciences  (0402TASA – OTC)

TowerStream Corporation (051107TWER.OB- OTCBB)

Transcend Services, Inc. (061308TRCR-NASDAQ)

Transition Therapeutics Inc. (050103TTH – TSX venture)

Triad Hospitals   (1101TRI – NYSE)

Trimedyne, Inc. (040804TMEO-OTC)

Tri-S Security Corp. (101206TRIS-NASDAQ)

Tri-Valley Corp. (TIV-AMEX)

TR Systems, Inc.  (0801TRSI – NASD)

TrueStar Petroleum Corporation (090508TPC-TSXV)

TRX, Inc. (101207TRIX-NASDAQ)

Trycera Financial, Inc. (032907TRYF-OTC: BB)

TurboSonic Inc. (020107TSTA-OTC: BB)

UFood Restaurant Group, Inc. (022208UFFC-OTC: BB)

Ultra Clean Holdings Inc. (031005UCTT-NASDAQ)

Unigold Inc. (081204UGD-TSX: Venture)

United Community Financial Corp. (081706UCFC-NASDAQ)

United Dominion Realty Trust Inc. (071704UDR-NYSE)

Unity Bancorp, Inc. (040606UNTY-NASDAQ)

Universal Detection Technology (110603UDTT.OB-OTC)

Universal Guardian Holdings, Inc. (041703UGHO - OTC)

Universal Healthcare Management Systems, Inc. (013004UHMG-OTC)

Universal Health Services, Inc. (UHS-NYSE)

UPS (NYSE: UPS) (100903RDVN-OTC)*****

UPS (United Parcel Service) (030603WPCS - OTC)*****

Urban Television Network Corporation (030906OTC: BB – URBT)

Ur-Energy Inc. (112307URE-TSX)

USA Today= Gannett (NYSE:GCI) (022604GMSI - OTC: BB) *****

U.S. Microbics, Inc. (112406BUGS.OB)

U.S. Microbics, Inc. (071405BUGS:OB)

U.S. Microbics Inc. (121103BUGS.OB)

US Precious Metals (090508USPR-OTC: BB)

Utek Corp. (050208UTK-AMEX)

V2K International, Inc. (032108VTOK-OTC: BB)

Valeo  (051503 CYM - TSX)*****

Vali Cert Inc.   (0401VLCT – NASD)

Validian Corporation (050103 VLDI - OTC)

Valley Forge Composite Technologies, Inc. (090508VLYF-OTC: BB)

Valley Forge Composite Technologies, Inc. (083107VLYF-OTC: BB)

Varian Medical Systems, Inc. (040705VAR-NYSE)

Varian Medical Systems, Inc. (121102VAR- NYSE)

Varian Medical Systems, Inc. (121102VAR-NYSE) – Analyst

Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc. (053008VSEA-NASDAQ)

VASCO Data Security International, Inc. (100308VDSI-Nasdaq)

Vecima Networks Inc. (070607TSX:VCM)

Velcera, Inc. (062708VLCR-OTC: BB)

Vena Resources Inc. (021507VEM-TSXV)

Venga Aerospace Systems Inc. (110603YVY-TSX Venture)

Analyst Interview Covering: Venoco (050208VQ-NYSE)
Mr. Biju Z. Perincheril, Senior Vice President / Equity Analyst
Jefferies & Company, Inc.

Ventana Medical Systems Inc. (121103VNSI-NASD)

Ventiv Health Inc. (111804VTIV - NASDAQ)

Ventiv Health, Inc. (082803VTIV - NASD)

Ventiv Health   (0702VTIV – NASD)

Verb Exchange Inc. (VEI-TSXV)

Verify Systems (050103NSCT - OTC BB)*****

Verizon Communications (NYSE: VZ) (020503NWK - NYSE) *****

Vertex Interactive  (1001VETX – NASD)

Vertical Branding, Inc. (042707VBDG.OB-OTC: BB) 

Verticalnet, Inc. (092503VERT-NASD: SC)

ViaCell, Inc. (072007VIAC-NASDAQ)

Vical Incorporated (091908VICL-NASDAQ)

Vical Incorporated (021507VICL-NASDAQ)

Analyst Interview Covering: Vical Incorporated (021507VICL-NASDAQ)
George Fulop MD, Vice President, Biotechnology & Life Sciences
Needham & Co.

Vical Incorporated (102005VICL-NASDAQ)

Vical Incorporated (081204VICL - NASD)

Vical Incorporated (051503VICL – NASD)

Vicinity Corporation  (1002VCNT – NASD)

Vicor Technologies, Inc. (040408VCRT-OTC: BB)

Video Network Communications  (0301VNCI & VNCTW)

ViewCast.com, Inc. (082803VCST - OTC)

Viper Powersports Inc. (020906VPWS-OTCBB)

Virginia Gold Mines Inc. (081204VIA – Toronto)

VirnetX Holding Corporation (071108VHC-AMEX)

ViroGen, Inc. (

Virtek Vision International Inc. (061506VRK-TSX)

VirtualScopics, Inc. (042006VSCP-OTC: BB)

VISA International (020503NWK - NYSE) *****

Viseon inc. (
063005VSNI-OTC: BB)

Vision-Sciences, Inc.  (VSCI-NASDAQ)

Visiphor Corporation (091406VIS-TSX)

Visualant, Inc. (VSUL-OTC: BB)

Visual Management Systems, Inc. (100308VMSY-OTC: BB)

Vitran Corporation Inc. (050208VTNC-NASDAQ, VTN-TSX)

Voyant International Corporation (102607VOYT.OB-OTC: BB)

VRX Worldwide Inc. (071003 VRW – TSX Venture)

VSB Bancorp, Inc. (100903VSBN-OTC)

The VSK Group (070104ADG-AMEX)*****


Wal-Mart (071003 HCOW - NASD)*****

WARE Solutions Corporation (050103 WSN - TSX Venture)

Washington Post (NYSE: WPO) (080703EQIX-NASD)*****

WaterFurnace Renewable Energy, Inc. (082208WFI.TO)

Watson Pharmaceutical, Inc. (NYSE: WPI) (082803VTIV - NASD)*****

Watts Water Technologies, Inc. (050406WTS-NYSE)

Wavefront Energy and Environmental Services, Inc.  (032405WEE-TSX: V)

Wave Systems Corp. (WAVX-NASDAQ)

WCB Holdings, Inc. (WCBH-OTC: BB)

Weida Communications, Inc. (092304WDAC-OTC: BB)

Weiss-Electronics GmbH (part of the M-Tech AG (ISIN: DE0007236309) group of companies) (021204ISNS-NASD) *****

Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE: WFC) (030603FLXI - OTC)*****

Wellstone Filters, Inc. (100704WLSF – OTC: BB)

West Coast Bancorp (051107WCBO-NASDAQ)

West Coast Bancorp (OR) (121505WCBO-NASDAQ)

West Coast Bancorp (Oregon) (112003WCBO-NASD)

Western Canadian Coal Corp. (082505WTN-TSX, WTN-AIM)

Western GeoPower Corp. (032108WGP-TSXV)

Western Lakota Energy Services Ltd. (061605WLE-TSX)

Western Sierra Bancorp. (040705WSBA.NASDAQ)

Western Troy Capital Resources Inc. (080307WRY-TSXV)

WGNB Corp. (051004WGNB-NASD)

Whittier Energy Corporation (032504WHIT-OTC)

Whitney Information Network, Inc. (120706OTCBB:RUSS)

Whitney Information Networks  (1002RUSS – OTC)

The Wilber Corporation (072904GIW-AMEX)

Wildcat Exploration Ltd. (090508WEL-TSXV)

Wilshire Enterprises Inc. (022405WOC-AMEX)

Wilshire Financial Services Group Inc. (072904WFSG-NASD)

Wilson Sporting Goods Company (owned by Amer Group, PLC) (022003GEAR - OTC)*****

WindsorTech Inc. (092304WSRT-OTC: BB)

Winning Brands Corporation (083106WNBD-OTC.PK)

Winnebago Industries, Inc. (041207WGO-NYSE)

Wireless Facilities Inc. (060304S WFII-NASD)

Wireless Technology, Inc. (WTI) (privately held) (021204ISNS-NASD) *****

World Am, Inc. (011807WDAM-OTC: BB)

World Energy Solutions Inc. (091908XWE-TSX)

World Fuel Services Corporation (032504INT-NYSE)

World Wireless   (0202XWC – AMEX)

WPCS International Incorporated (011807WPCS-NASDAQ)

WPCS International Incorporated (081105WPCS-NASDAQ)

WPCS International Incorporated (121604WPCS-OTCBB)

WPCS International Incorporated (030603WPCS - OTC)

WPT Enterprises, Inc. (060205WPTE-NASDAQ)

Wyndstorm Corporation (061308WYND-OTC: BB)

XATA Corporation (061308XATA-NASDAQ)

Xceed Mortgage Corp. (071405XMX-TSX)

Xechem International  (0401XKEM – OTC)

XELR8 Holdings Inc. (012606PRH-AMEX)
VitaCube Systems Holdings Inc.
(public company domain)

Xenomics, Inc. (120204XNOM-OTC: BB)

XsunX Inc. (050406XSNX.OB)

Yadkin Valley Financial Corporation (102607YAVY-NASDAQ)

Yahoo=(NASDAQ:YHOO) (022604GMSI - OTC: BB) *****


Yahoo! Inc. (NASD: YHOO) (020503FWHT - NASD) *****

Y-Tel International Inc. (022405YTLI-OTC: BB)

ZAGG Incorporated (091908ZAGG-OTC: BB)

Zaio Corporation (042707TSX-V:ZAO)

ZBB Energy Corporation (ZBB AMEX)


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