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Value & Philosophy of our Marketing Program

What are you spending annually on IR, PR, investor presentations, road shows and email blasts?  How do you reach potential investors-retail and institutional, partners, clients, customers?   Do you know how many prospects your efforts are reaching?

For a modest fee companies in our year long Basic Program are receiving an average of 2,500 readers monthly - 30,000 readers annually.  Even at half that number the cost per reader is minimal- the potential compelling.  And, we include web-rights, reprint permission, link to your fact sheet, archiving for one year and publication of your press releases on our CEOCFO Cover Page.

Below we have provided a sample count from one of the many companies in our highly-valued marketing program. These views are the direct result of online searches and visitors to our CEOCFO Cover Page and Archives. They have in no way been enhanced by pop-ups or random e-marketing where someone may accidentally open an undesired page.
Our philosophy – “To search and find, benefits both parties!”


Why not add CEOCFO’s online marketing to your strategy?

Here are some comments from program participants:

"Thanks for the report. We have had some feedback and it seems that the interview is read by a significant audience.   Thanks for the exposure. Best regards," 
Irv Gruverman, MFIC

"As you know, we are a small cap growth company, with no dedicated investor relations person other than myself.  So, a challenge for me is to balance outreach efforts with cost and the input of time.  I have found that CEOCFO interviews, through effective use of the Web, is able to reach out to a fairly wide audience in a cost-effective manner, thereby generating a significant number of shareholder inquiries for additional information.  It has been a very helpful addition to my program of investor outreach and shareholder communications."
Eapen Chacko, CFO
Possis Medical

“Nice Response”
Robert Brehm, CEO
California Businessman of the Year
U.S. Microbics, Inc.

“I’m impressed. Nice numbers”
Bill Jacobson, CEO
Atlas Mining Company

We look forward to working with you and expanding the reach of your story. To schedule your interview and discuss our programs and individual options, please call 727-493-0202.

Walter Banks


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