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February 13, 2009
Technology, Materials Technology, Medical Waste Removal, Healthcare and Oil & Gas

Communication Equipment


“We work with channel partners and design solutions specifically for the markets we plan to enter; therefore, the end use products are very different in the military or law enforcement than it is for the elderly, children, pets and so forth. Depending on the vertical market, you have a different look feel and functionality to the actual product and the presentation layer on the internet. The functionalities, look and feel will be different from market to market, but the underlying technology, our gpVector 2 way GPS, is all the same.” - Patrick E. Bertagna

Materials Technology
Consumer Products

Element 21 Sports Company (ETGF-OTC: BB)

“We are a company to watch for because we are dealing with fundamentals. We are not in the market with a new design or a new fad. There aren’t too many fundamental materials, there is only one titanium, there is only one steel, there is only one graphite and there is only one Scandium and Element 21 is a face of the Scandium technology.” - Dr. Nataliya Hearn, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Small Medical Equipment
Biomedical Waste Removal
BioMedical Technology Solutions Holdings, Inc. (BMTL-OTC: BB)

“We sit in a growing biomedical waste market and we will never run out of waste in this country; however, we will run out of ways of throwing it away, we will run out of landfills, incineration, but we will never run out of the waste. Therefore, we need to have the alternative technology to help us dispose of that waste in a safer and cleaner way, and we have that product.” - Donald G. Cox Jr.

Diagnostics Substances

Neogen Corporation (NEOG-NASDAQ)

“More than anything, in the difficult economic climate that we find ourselves in these days, Neogen has a mission that matters. Regardless of how difficult times may be, consumers will always demand the safest food possible and of the highest quality possible. That is exactly where Neogen’s products are positioned.” - James L. Herbert

Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas Producers

Veraz Petroleum Ltd. (VRZ- CNSX)

“One of the key things that separates our block from a lot of the other blocks in Peru is that one of the wells that Occidental drilled in 1989 had hydrocarbon shows from four different zones, that dramatically mitigates the exploration risk on a block.” - Gerardjan Cosijn



January 30, 2009
Resources, Oil & Gas, Mining, Basic Materials, Financial,  Technology & Business Services


Victoria Gold Corporation (VIT-TSXV)

“The vision of Victoria is very simple. We are focused on gold and we are focused on adding value through exploration, development and eventually production in projects located in relatively safe political jurisdictions. Currently, we are only in Nevada in the United States, but we are looking at opportunities in Canada and Mexico. So we are focused on   North America.” - Chad Williams

Basic Materials : Precious Metals, Minerals, Oil Shale
Industrial Metals & Minerals

Bullion Monarch Mining, Inc. (BULM-OTC: BB)

“One thing that is something that may be hard for some people to grasp is this oil shale is a mining project. We studied what the oil companies have done, they have attacked it from their own paradigm, which is if you can’t drill it, and get it out, it is not there. This is definitely something that has to be mined and processed. It isn’t out of our field at all. We feel very strongly that we have the advantage because we are mineral miners, we have to mine shale and then process it, and the process is a heat process where it releases kerogen that makes up a good grade crude oil. We have compared it to a lot of our mining projects that we have been involved in and some that we are looking at for the future and the oil shale is a mining project that beats anything that we could be looking at. We are focusing on our oil shale mining project although we are continuing to look other potentially good mining projects.” - R. Don Morris

Regional – Mid-Atlantic Banks

Bank of Virginia (BOVA-NASDAQ)

“We are located in an area which economically has had tremendous growth; there are a lot of small businesses in the area and that is truly our bread and butter.” - Frank Bell III

Internet Information Providers

Quepasa Corporation (QPSA-NASDAQ)

“Our vision is to transform Quepasa into the leading social network destination for Latinos in the US and in Latin America.” - John C. Abbott

Business Services
Computer Software & Processing


“In Canada, DMDS has become a verb, because people will say, ‘just DMDS that track over to me’. The Canadian music industry has led the world in first fully transitioning from physical CD media delivery to secure digital delivery, with DMDS. All four of the major record labels use us in Canada: Sony, BMG, EMI, Universal and Warner. In the United States, they are using us as well. The good news is a tremendous watershed event for us. We’ve just received notice of allowance for our U.S. patent application for our Content Distribution System and Method.” - John Heaven


January 16, 2009
Financial, Services, Mining, Healthcare, Communications & Energy


Lions Gate Metals Inc.  (LGM-TSXV)
“Lions Gate Metals is focused on copper producing assets. We have three excellent assets that have all had 43-101s done on them in the past and our focus market is Asia. The demand coming out of Asia will be huge in the next five to ten years.” - Mark Hewett

Community Bank

Sound Financial, Inc. (SNFL-OTC: BB)
“Our vision is very clear. We really believe we make peoples dreams come true. Whether that dream is the dream for a first-time homebuyer, a first-time car buyer, a safe retirement strategy, or a business looking to expand their market share, we believe that we are partners with our client and that we can make their dreams come true, one transaction at a time.” - Ms. Laura Lee Stewart


Sunstone Hotel Investors, Inc. (SHO-NYSE)

“We see 2009 as being a continuation of the mature phase of the cycle, which will be followed by a growth phase. Because we executed on a number of strategic transactions ranging from issuing low-interest convertible senior notes back in 2007, to the sale of one of our core assets at a great price earlier this year, we are well positioned as we sit here today.” - Kenneth E. Cruse

Healthcare - Technology
Computer Peripherals-Imaging


“We are an industry-leading provider of Computer-Aided Detection solutions in advanced image analysis and workflow solutions for the early identification of the most prevalent cancers. Those are the cancers with the highest incidence per year; breast, colon, prostate and lung. Our products help clinicians find these prevalent cancers, much earlier, faster and with greater confidence.” - Ms. Darlene M. Deptula-Hicks, M.B.A.

Intelligent Business Applications

Ivrnet Inc. (IVI-TSXV)

“We are a communication company that focuses on voice applications and services. Our goal is to build out a set of communications applications and services that let companies find new ways to automate and improve their internal processes and the way they communicate with their customers and their shareholders; stake holders of all sorts.” - David Snell

Oil & Gas
Petro Andina Resources Inc. (PAR-TSX)

“We also have the opportunity to grow. We’re working with the government in Argentina and with some of our partners to determine whether we can expand and acquire additional opportunities there. We’ve also positioned the company in Trinidad and Tobago. Although Trinidad is a small island, it has very significant oil and gas production.” - Wayne K. Foo


January 2, 2009
Specialty Finance, Financem Basic Materials, Industrial Services,, Services, Technology, Medical Instruments, Mining & Exploration


SmartCard Marketing Systems, Inc. (SMKG-OTCPK)

“Yes, our transactions have gone up month-after-month, and as I alluded to earlier, we have just begun. We are still at the very early stages of our growth curve. You can see in our press releases that our transactions are almost doubling every month. Obviously, we can’t expect that same growth rate forever, but we see a very lucrative growth curve ahead of us over the next year. Interestingly enough, the economic climate today is actually driving our business because people who’s credit is hampered on the consumer side, who can’t get or use a credit card, are turning towards debit. That is a global trend that we are benefiting from, the move from credit to debit. It is something that is occurring in the market naturally.” - Bruce Baillio, MBA

Basic Materials
Oil & Gas Drilling & Exploration

Bonanza Oil & Gas, Inc. (BGOI-OTC: BB)

“We became public at the end of 2007, as an oil and gas production and development company. We look forward to the future. We have a long-term drilling program that we have implemented. This program will last approximately three years, and the plan is to grow the company through the drill bit.” - William Wiseman

Industrial Services

The Churchill Corporation (CUQ-TSX)

“One thing that sets us apart is our spectrum of companies. For the two key market drivers in Alberta, we are ideally placed. The first market as you know is the infrastructure market and our Stuart Olson Company has a great reputation and is very active in probably the best area to be, the large and sophisticated project area. On the industrial side our four industrial companies are respected, and are ideally placed. The other general thing I would say is that in many of our companies we have a mature, stable workforce especially in the management ranks. We have a lot of long-term employees in our companies. They have been with us for 25-35 years. We have the sons and daughters of employees coming into the different organizations. We have a pretty stable and attractive place to work and we are committed to improving that even more. I think for those two reasons, and especially in this climate where everybody is busy and looking for good people, I think the key attraction is probably our stable mature workforce.” - Peter F. Adams

Specialty Eateries

Papa Bello Enterprises, Inc. (PAPA-OTCPK)

“We are extremely encouraged that we are growing in the current economic environment and we are still getting interest and leads and opening new stores with literally zero marketing efforts. As we move forward into 2009, we are going to begin a marketing campaign, which is something that we have yet to do…We think with that and the growing popularity and interest in our brand that we are going to get to continue to grow.” - Chase S. Canfield

Diversified Electronics

Global Axcess Corp. (GAXC-OTC: BB)

“Most of the change has been a refocus on our core business and getting back to the basics of running that business. We’re becoming more detail oriented, more cost conscious and our business is managing Automated Teller-Machines or ATMs. Therefore, we’ve put a lot of focus on making sure that each ATM is profitable and improving our net profit.” - George McQuain

Internet Content

Live Current Media Inc. (LIVC - OTC: BB)

“When you look at things like the size of the health and beauty market, you look at the concept and how we differentiate ourselves in the marketplace. Both through the fact that we can acquire customers at a very low price which gives us a huge market advantage and the fact that we have a concept which will radically change the way the consumers interact with destination hubs in the health and beauty segment and this cricket deal, I think we have an enormous amount of upside. I would like to say that the wind is behind us because the trends in both of these segments are firmly behind the growth of online experiences and what we are doing with destination hubs is unique and market differentiating and will allow us to become the market leader.” - C. Geoffrey Hampson

Medical Instruments & Supplies

Peripheral Vascular
LeMaitre Vascular, Inc. (LMAT-NASDAQ)

“LeMaitre is a company that focuses predominately on the vascular surgeon and the vision is to develop, acquire and market vascular products that speak directly to the approximately 5000 vascular surgeons worldwide.” - Joseph P. Pellegrino, Jr.


December 12, 2008
Capital Equipment, Technology, Financial,, Industrial Goods, Consumer Goods, Basic Materials, Mining & Exploration

Regional – Pacific Banks

The Private Bank of the Peninsula (PBKH-OTC: BB)
“What we have done over the last year is upgrade our online banking and we moved to a new location. We hired five key executives over the last 6 months. We would like to get better at what we are doing now in all areas; delivering better client service, becoming more responsive on both the deposit and loan sides of the business. We want to continually improve our technology, which includes our core processing as well as internet banking. We installed remote deposit capture last year, which allows businesses to become more efficient by making deposits from their locations and saving a trip to the bank. We want to be a 21st century bank.” - Kenneth D. Brenner

Industrial Goods
Textile Industrial

Xerium Technologies, Inc.  (XRM-NYSE)

“It is a consumables business, which to me, means that if there is going to be paper produced, there is going to be Xerium. Margins tend to be strong in a business like this. We have a management team focused on removing obstacles to the Company’s success and they have already been successful removing several. Debt is the last of those obstacles and nothing gets more attention than reducing our debt burden. So I think the prospects of the company are good and solid.” - Stephen R. Light

Consumer Goods
Auto Parts

Noble International, Ltd. (NOBL-NASDAQ)

“Noble is a worldwide leader in Laser Welding and Roll Forming technology. We have a leading market share in North America, Europe, and China in Laser Welding. Today, our customers are mostly automotive. Our vision for the future is three-fold. First, our goal is to continue to expand our business within the automotive industry worldwide with both existing customers and new customers, particularly the Asian based OEMs like Toyota and Honda, and to expand our initiatives in Asia and other rapidly growing regions of the world. Second, we will increase our product base by continuing to develop technologies that complement Laser Welding and Roll Forming. Third, we will diversify our industry base to include industries other than automotive.” - Thomas L. Saeli

Basic Materials

Allana Resources Inc. (AAA-TSXV)

“The reason I was attracted to Allana Resources is that this particular asset in Ethiopia, in the Ethiopian dessert in the northeast of the country, has very attractive characteristics. This deposit has very shallow depth of about 50 to 80 meters deep and this property was previously explored by a number of different reputable companies. For example, in the 1960’s an American company called Parsons did full exploration programs with about three hundred drill holes in that area. We already have a report on this property, done by a premiere potash engineering firm out of Germany called Ercosplan. The property has very positive characteristics plus the fact that Ethiopia is considered a very stable and pro-business government in Africa. Therefore, I have decided to join the company to lead this effort.” - Farhad Abasov

Basic Materials
Independent Oil & Gas

Lucas Energy, Inc. (LEI-AMEX)

“We don’t intend to be a small company in this market forever by any means. Our game plan is to continue to grow. Right now, we third party contract out a lot of the services that other companies handle in-house. For instance, we outsource all of our operating functions in the field. We also outsource our internal accounting, management reporting and investor relations services. We are a small and relatively low overhead public company. Our present permanent employee base is six people, plus all the independent contractors providing services to us. Our business plan is to expand our operations, to grow our reserves, production, and cash flow and to do that in a short period of time. Our time horizon is two to three years in order to really make a definite impact. We are nimble and we are quick. We want to build a different kind of oil and gas company. We do not take exploratory risks. We are risk averse and demonstrate that in the kinds of properties we acquire, clean up, re-enter, re-work or drill new laterals on and we anticipate that all of them will be brought back onto economic production. We have had very good success at that. We are not the typical E&P company that takes high dollar risks. We acquire properties in proven areas where significant reserves have been and remain to be produced, especially where our management has experience in acquiring targets and bringing those properties to a higher level of on-going production.” - W. A. Sikora


Levon Resources Ltd. (LVN-TSXV)

“In fact, the management of the company owns over 35% of the company right now and I would expect that to be up to more like 50% of the company. When you have a management with that kind of a position in the company and you have experience and the ability to add value to the company with the price of the stock right now and the state of everything out there, there is a huge upside potential for the company.” - Ron Tremblay

Gold & Copper Mining

Northern Tiger Resources Inc. (NTR-TSXV)

“Our vision is to expressively explore the Yukon’s Dawson Range. We feel it is an underexplored area, with a lot of potential and we are going to aggressively look for economic mineral deposits.” - Greg Hayes

Landmine Removal

Mine Clearing Corp. (MCCO-OTC: BB)

“The vision at Mine Clearing Corp. is to basically revolutionize the current environment for detecting, scanning, and removing landmines. We think it is a plague upon developing nations and we want to be the leader in solving that problem. We are also focused on being a very successful, highly profitable business.” - Larry Olson


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