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Why VitalConnect is the present and future of Patient Monitoring

VitalConnect, Inc.

Peter Van Haur, CEO

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Breen Consulting Group – Business Development Firm helping Government Services Companies Successfully Identify and Capture Contracts

Breen Consulting Group

Joe Breen, President

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Velocity Advisory Group – helping Organizations Achieve Greatness through Sales Growth, Strategic Planning, Leadership Development, Employee Experience and Culture

Velocity Advisory Group

Dave Fechtman, Partner/CEO

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Rx Bandz – developing their Life Saving MiniJect®, the World’s Smallest Auto-Injector for Patients and Military

Rx Bandz

Jessica Walsh, Founder   CEO


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ConnectALL – Enabling Software Development Companies to Remove Waste and Become More Predictable with Their Value Stream Solution

ConnectALL LLC

Lance Knight
COO & President

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Timerack – providing Automated Timekeeping that Reduces the Time Spent Preparing Payroll and Payroll Errors


Adam Day, President & CEO

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TeamBonding – helping Organizations Improve Company Culture, Community Engagement and Employee Retention


David Goldstein, COO

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Bruce Fador of Fador Global – a Sales Focused Consultancy Has Added a Consortium of Partners to Address the Critical Needs of Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

Fador Global

Bruce Fador, Founder/Managing Partner

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GB Sciences – using Minimum Essential Mixtures (MEM) to Harness the Therapeutic Potential of Plant-Inspired Medicines as Prescription Drugs

GB Sciences, Inc.


Dr. Andrea Small-Howard, President & CSO

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With their Comfort First Filter Diffuser, Comfort First Products is Helping to Improve Indoor Air Quality in the Workplace

Comfort First Products

Jan Northcutt, CEO

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Alpha Green Innovation Developing the New Generation of Carbon Capture Technology

Alpha Green Innovation and Consultancy

Solomon Alema Asfhsa, General Mgr./Owner


Applied Design Technologies - Respiratory Protection Products for the Military, First Responders, Medical, Aerospace and Consumers

Applied Design Technologies

Christopher Estkowski, President


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WORKS 3 The Leader in Comfort N95s - Watch Video NOW!

Most Innovative Medical Communication and Scheduling App

Agile Surgical Assistants, LLC.

Sergio Giles, CEO

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Unicycive:  Bringing Innovation to Improve Quality of Life for Patients Suffering from Kidney Diseases

Unicycive Therapeutics, Inc.

(Nasdaq: UNCY)

Shalabh Gupta, CEO

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Talented People and a Focus on Community has Led to their Loan Portfolio growing from $65 million to $200 million for Belmont Savings Bank (BSB)

Belmont Savings Bank (BSB)

Todd Cover, President and CEO

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Unique IT Pro – offering Tailored and Personalized IT Services from Tech Support and Break-fix to Cybersecurity

Unique IT Pro

Daniel Velez, CEO

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Paycheck to Wealth – Educating and Introducing Investing to the Underserved Communities

Paycheck to Wealth

Bill Shelmon, Founder


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MedAir Labs – developing a unique Multi-Virus COVID Rapid Test

MedAir Labs

Dr. William Kedia, President and CEO

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An interview with “The Prostate Cancer Detector”, Dr. Randall W. Jones, CEO of Bot Image, Inc.

Bot Image, Inc.

Dr. Randall W. Jones, Founder/CEO

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PCB – Growing the People-Centered, Community-Driven Banking Brand

Pendleton Community Bank, Inc (the bank)

Allegheny Bancshares, Inc. (the holding company)

William (Bill) A. Loving Jr., President & CEO

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D2 Solutions - Using Technology-Based Solutions to Reduce Friction Points that Inhibit Patient Drug Adherence

D2 Solutions

Dean Erhardt, President & CEO


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BizAnalytica – helping Corporations Modernize their Data Environment and take advantage of Newer Data and Cloud Technologies


Mark Shirman, CEO

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F & M Bank: all-in on the Success of the Shenandoah Valley Marketplace

F & M Bank Corp.


Mark C. Hanna, President and CEO

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Kent Imaging – Providing Actionable Data to Assist with Wound Healing and Support Positive Patient Outcomes

Kent Imaging, Inc.

Pierre Lemire, Chief Executive Officer

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XOMA’s Royalty and Milestone Aggregator Business Model Begins to Deliver Value.

XOMA Corporation

(Nasdaq: XOMA)

James R. Neal, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman

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Medical Device Manufacturer Remington Medical, Inc. – taking Designs and Turning Them into Reality

Remington Medical, Inc.

Attly Aycock, CEO

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Taking Bone Graft Industry to the Next Level

OsteoGene Tech Corp

Dr. Dongwoo Sohn, Co-founder, CEO

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The Ergosuture Drive’N Roll with Advanced Suturing Capabilities and new X-Needle allows Surgeons to Tie Knots and Manipulate the Needle Safer in the Body


Claude C. Nogard, CEO & co-founder

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CF Bankshares Inc. / CFBank


Timothy T. O’Dell, President & CEO

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Success Stories


Commercial Lending

Along with their Recent Approval for Biosimilar, RELEUKO™, Kashiv Biosciences has a diverse portfolio of Biosimilars, Bio-betters, m-RNA based, 505(b)(2) and NCEs

Kashiv Biosciences

Dr. Chandramauli Rawal, COO

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Ciphertex Data Security is Trusted by US Military, FBI, Government Agencies, Hospitals and Forensic, Media and Entertainment Companies with an Encrypted, Portable, Rugged NAS System that enables Fast, Secure Migration and Sharing of Large Files and Big Data – best solution for Cybersecurity, Software Development and Product Design, Manufactured in the USA

Ciphertex Data Security

Jerry Kaner, CEO

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Novuson, using Innovative Direct Therapeutic Ultrasound in Surgical Devices to Improve the Safety of Surgeries

Novuson Surgical, Inc.

Stuart Mitchell, Founder/CEO

Crowd Funding on StartEngine:

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Canadian Biotech CEO on the rACE2 to Neutralize COVID19 and Beyond

JN Nova Pharma

Dr. John Gillard, Chief Executive Officer

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Rove Medical Staffing – helping Healthcare Facilities overcome their Nursing Shortages

Rove Medical Staffing

Zach Collier, CEO

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Generations Homecare System – Providing a Secure, All-In-One Solution for Homecare Providers Around the World

Generations Homecare System

Lisa Ferden, Co-CEO

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CT Scanning Service Company matures in the Non-Destructive Testing Market

Jesse Garant Metrology Center

Jesse Garant, President

Industrial CT Scanning Services - CT Lab - Jesse Garant Metrology (

Industrial X-Ray Services - X-Ray CT Lab - Jesse Garant Metrology (

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A Global Pandemic Has Already Started

Emil Malak, CEO & Director

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Emil Malak



Aspira Women’s Health charts a new path for ovarian cancer with its OvaSuite risk assessments

Aspira Women's Health


Nicole Sandford, President and CEO

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News Pages

Capitol Integration - helps Companies Attempting to Sell to The Government Achieve Dramatic Outcomes

Capitol Integration

Gene Moran, PhD, President

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Navigating Recessionary Headwinds by Driving Efficiency in the Back Office

By: Paul Lennick, SVP M&A Services, ContinuServe, LLC


Why VitalConnect is the present and future of Patient Monitoring

VitalConnect, Inc.

Peter Van Haur, CEO

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IntellectAbility – Identifying and Reducing Health Risks for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities


Craig Escudé MD FAAFP., President

Health Risk Screening Tool –

Person Centered Services –

Curriculum in IDD Healthcare –

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ConnectALL – Enabling Software Development Companies to Remove Waste and Become More Predictable with Their Value Stream Solution

ConnectALL LLC

Lance Knight, COO & President

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