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Distinctive training courses for API inspectors

Bob Rasooli


Inspection 4 Industry LLC


Bob Rasooli


Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor

CEOCFO Magazine

Published – April 8, 2024

CEOCFO: Mr. Rasooli, what is Inspection 4 Industry LLC?

Mr. Rasooli: Inspection 4 Industry LLC, a registered Limited Liability Company in the state of California, specializes in providing training courses. Our primary focus is on delivering courses that prepare individuals for the API (American Petroleum Institute) exams. Notably, our offerings include the API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspector course, API 570 Piping Inspector course, and API 653 Aboveground Storage Tank Inspector course.

Our target audience comprises students and participants employed in various oil and gas companies, such as refineries and petrochemical plants. These professionals seek our training to enhance their knowledge and skills in preparation for the API individual certification program exams.

Individuals who plan to undergo API certification turn to us for comprehensive training before attempting the challenging exams. Our courses are designed to equip them with the specific knowledge and skills necessary to successfully pass the rigorous API exams. We play a crucial role in supporting inspection personnel in the oil and gas industries, ensuring they are well-prepared for their certification exams.

CEOCFO: Are there not enough qualified inspectors available today?

Mr. Rasooli: In the United States, major companies such as Shell, Chevron, and BP typically require certified inspectors when hiring. It is a standard practice within the industry to seek certified professionals for inspection roles, as hiring individuals without certification is considered risky and falls short of industry best practices. While certification is not mandatory by authorities in various jurisdictions, it is commonly expected that oil and gas companies adhere to the practice of hiring inspectors certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API).

The API, following a commitment to independence, does not offer training courses related to the certifications they provide. This approach is reflected in their program known as the Individual Certification Program. For instance, in the case of API 510, the API solely facilitates examinations and certification without providing specific training courses.

Our comprehensive courses encompass video sessions, online flashcards, practice questions, and a final mock-up exam designed to closely resemble the API certification exam. The training process typically spans three to four months, allowing participants to thoroughly prepare for the challenging API exam. Once confident in their readiness, individuals proceed to take the API exam, successfully achieving certification. Our primary objective is to assist individuals in attaining API certification by providing effective and thorough training.

CEOCFO: It sounds like comprehensive training; what do you understand about how to present the course, methods, interaction with students, and what have you learned over time that students need to be successful?

Mr. Rasooli: Unlike other service providers who often rely on PowerPoint presentations with voiceovers or artificial AI images, I have adopted a distinctive approach over the past five years. In my YouTube channel, you'll find that I utilize a recording studio and a whiteboard, filming myself as the instructor. This method allows learners to connect with a real person who explains the content, fostering a more engaging and authentic learning experience. Despite being online, my courses emulate the feeling of in-person instruction.

A key feature of my training courses is the emphasis on problem-solving, including tasks like writing equations and performing calculations. This hands-on approach ensures a practical understanding of the material.

Another unique aspect of my courses lies in the practice questions and mock-up exams. Through our online portal, students engage in a practice mode where they answer questions, receive immediate feedback on correctness, and gain access to references. In the mock-up exam mode, students undergo a simulated exam experience, and upon completion, the system generates a detailed report highlighting their performance on each question. This personalized feedback system enhances the learning process and prepares students thoroughly for the actual exam.

CEOCFO: Are people coming to you Inspection 4 Industry LLC as they understand you have a different and more comprehensive approach?  Are they sometimes surprised at how you are going the extra step for them?

Mr. Rasooli: I've dedicated considerable time and effort to curating content for my YouTube channel. With over ten thousand subscribers, viewers can readily watch the videos and gain firsthand insight into the workings of my courses. This direct access allows prospective enrollees to witness the quality of the content and understand precisely what they're investing in when they choose to enroll in my courses.

CEOCFO: How often do you change content or tweak a course?

Mr. Rasooli: Whenever there are updates or changes in API standards and codes, we promptly update our training materials. These modifications are seamlessly incorporated into our video sessions, flashcards, practice questions, and final mock-up exams. Our commitment to providing the latest and most relevant information extends to regular communication with our participants. We actively seek feedback to ensure our courses equip them with the comprehensive knowledge needed for their exams. If necessary, we make adjustments by adding new video sessions and practice questions to enhance the learning experience.

CEOCFO: How do you reach out to potential students?

Mr. Rasooli: Inspection 4 Industry LLC boasts a well-received website containing 350 articles dedicated to inspection and testing within the oil and gas industry. Enjoying a high ranking on Google, our platform is easily discoverable by students who often come across it through Google searches or by visiting our YouTube channel.

CEOCFO: You clearly enjoy what you are doing. How did you get into this arena and why is it so meaningful to you?

Mr. Rasooli: It's a tale that spans almost fourteen years. Initially, when I founded this website, my focus wasn't on offering training courses. Instead, it revolved around sharing my experiences with an audience consisting of inspectors and mechanical integrity engineers, liability engineers within the oil and gas industry. I thoroughly enjoyed writing articles and publishing them on my website, fostering engagement with my readers. Over time, as my website garnered significant attention, attracting 60 to 80 thousand monthly visitors, I recognized an opportunity to address a crucial need in the industry.

Given the high costs associated with traditional training courses, I decided to make a change by introducing online courses. In 2019, I launched my inaugural training courses, and the response was overwhelming. The positive feedback and satisfaction expressed by students can be observed in the comments section of my YouTube videos, providing a testament to the quality of the training courses I now offer.

CEOCFO: What is next for Inspection 4 Industry LLC?

Mr. Rasooli: I have plans to release additional training courses, specifically covering various certification programs offered by API. While there are more courses and API certification programs awaiting dedicated training content, rest assured that I will be developing and offering these courses in the near future. Stay tuned for updates!.

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“Our primary objective is to assist individuals in attaining API certification by providing effective and thorough training.”
Bob Rasooli