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November 9, 2009 Issue

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With World Governments Concerned About The Outbreak Of The H1N1 Flu Virus, Nano Mask Inc. Is In The Right Place At The Right Time With Their Antiviral Nanoparticles Filtration Mask

Company Profile:

Nano Mask, Inc. is the inventor of the NanoMask®, a disposable, anti-viral facemask currently under development.

Douglas Heath
President and CEO

Mr. Douglas Heath joined the Board of Directors in 2008 and became President and CEO in 2009. As a longstanding shareholder, Mr. Heath has a strong interest in the Company’s flagship product, the NanoMask®. “I believe that this revolutionary facemask, the NanoMask®, can save lives and create value for the company’s shareholders” said Mr. Heath. “I will work diligently to contribute whatever it takes, to the best of my abilities, to see this company succeed.”


Mr. Heath went to South High School in Torrance California and 2 years at El Camino College.


A successful businessman, Mr. Heath has been the founder and CEO of Nushake Roofing, Inc. for the past 33 years. Nushake is one of the largest re-roofing companies in California.

Disposable Anti-Microbial Facemask

Nano Mask, Inc.
708 D Industrial Park Dr.
Manteca, CA 95337
Phone: 209-294-4325


Interview conducted by: Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor,, Published – November 9, 2009

Mr. Heath, what is the vision today at Nano Mask?

Mr. Heath: We are developing a mask that uses an anti-viral formula that is state of the art, safe, and is extremely effective. The Company has the exclusive, proprietary rights to apply antiviral nanoparticles on filter media. Today, we are in the final stages of development and have hired a consulting firm “Alva Med” to help obtain FDA and CE approval with a 510-K mask application. The Company is also in negotiations with distributors to bring our NanoMask® to global markets. It is our desire to bring an extremely effective, FDA approved, NanoMask® to market that is competitively priced and is “Made in the USA.”


CEOCFO: Would you tell us more about the NanoMask®.  Why do we need this mask?

Mr. Heath: Prior to May 1, 2009, the Company was called Emergency Filtration Products, Inc. When I stepped in as CEO and President early in 2009, I wanted to change the company name to better reflect what the company did. The new company name, NanoMask, Inc better reflects our flagship product, the NanoMask®. Most of the masks on the market today do not fully protect you from viruses. Viruses are small and can pass through most filters. As you breathe through a filter, moisture remains on the filter surface and this moisture can keep a virus alive. The filter becomes a viral hazard itself. Our goal for the NanoMask® is to have a safe and effective mask that will kill the virus and provide safe protection for the wearer.


The Spanish Flu of 1918 killed between 30 and 50 million people worldwide. Today, the world travels at rates never seen before. Most days, there are more than 800 transatlantic flights a day carrying upwards of 200,000 passengers. We believe that there would be strong global demand for our NanoMask®.


CEOCFO: How does your product work?

Mr. Heath: Testing is ongoing and our mask is under development. The results we have so far show that the nanoparticles are doing the job by killing the viruses. Of course, the nanoparticle formula is proprietary and the process to apply the particles to the filter will be protected. However, our partners are experts in their respective fields and are working hard to help us develop our NanoMask®.


CEOCFO: Would you tell us about the mask industry in general?

Mr. Heath: Mr. Heath: The Bird Flu, SARS, and most recently the H1N1 flu virus, has dramatically increased the global demand for masks. The market is flooded with many different masks that are made all over the world. Some of these mask makers are making unproven claims about their masks that are not supported by testing and needed regulatory approvals.


Several years ago, the management team at Emergency Filtration Products, Inc developed a mask that consisted of a rubber shell with disposable, replaceable filters. The Company learned that they needed FDA approval to continue marketing the mask. The previous management team was unable to obtain FDA approval for this mask. Lesson learned!


The new NanoMask® is a new product. This mask design with be user friendly and comfortable to wear. Our focus right now is to get the NanoMask® on the global market as quickly as possible to protect the global population from the H1N1 flu strain. The Board of Directors has decided that it is in the Company’s best interest to take a little extra time to achieve the best NanoMask® possible and obtain the necessary regulatory approvals. It is important to be the best. The NanoMask® will not just be a facemask for the current flu outbreak, but a mask that can protect those in the medical field, first responders, and others no matter what the current issue is.


We also feel it is important to have our NanoMask® manufactured here in the USA. This will enable us to maintain the quality of the mask and keep jobs here in our country. As the nanoparticle formula is perfected and tested, we will develop the best way to apply the formula to the filter media. As I have mentioned, this important testing is ongoing at this time.


CEOCFO: What plans have you made for the actual manufacture of the NanoMask®?

Mr. Heath: We have had advanced discussions with 2 large manufacturers in the USA.

It is important for us to have our product manufactured here in the USA. We want to ensure that we have the manufacturing capacity to meet global demand for the NanoMask®.


CEOCFO: Where do you expect to be selling the masks?  What can you tell us about your marketing plans?

Mr. Heath: At this time, we cannot sell the mask in the United States and we cannot make any claims regarding the NanoMask® until we have FDA approval. We hope to be on the FDA fast track when we do make our application to them for approval. As I mentioned, we have retained a consulting firm to help guide us through this process.


We are also in the process of submitting for the CE approval so we may begin selling overseas.


That said, we have had many inquiries from all over the world. Many overseas distributors, organizations, and government representatives have expressed an interest in purchasing the NanoMask®. Just like the USA, the Company will have to meet the necessary and appropriate regulatory approvals for certain sales. At this time, the Company is in the initial stages of setting up sales channels all over the world.


With the current situation with the H1N1 flu, as you can imagine there is a lot of demand for masks in general. We want the NanoMask® to be a step above the “usual” facemask.


CEOCFO: What is the competitive landscape?

Mr. Heath: Actually, Nano Mask, Inc is the only company with the rights to coat a filter media with nanoparticles. Nano Mask Inc. has an agreement in place with the patent owner for the world exclusive rights that currently include eight countries and another fifty countries with patent applications pending, including the USA. We are the only company that has the protected rights to place nanoparticles on a filter media. Other companies cannot make this claim.


CEOCFO: What is the financial picture like at Nano Mask, Inc. today?

Mr. Heath: Today, it is pretty good. At this time, we have the necessary funding to complete testing and cover our immediate costs.  But let me further explain.


When the shareholders took over control of the company in December 2008, we had to build it back from the ground up. The Company had a lot of debt, no money in the bank, and the previous management team had failed to get an FDA approved facemask to market. Honestly, it was pretty bleak. The stock price hit a low of 1 penny.


Immediately, I went to work to save the company. I enlisted the help of other large shareholders and together we have been working for the success of the company. I installed a new Board and started looking for new partners who could help me develop the new generation NanoMask®. We are working diligently to get our books up to date and have recently hired an auditor to get our financials up to date which will get the company off of the pink sheets as a full reporting company.


I want to be perfectly clear about this. When this Company succeeds, and I believe we will succeed, it will be because the shareholders saved the Company. We all worked together, put up our own time and money, and believed in the potential of the new generation NanoMask®. It has been truly grassroots and I am proud to lead this Company.


The Board of Director’s believes that the potential for the NanoMask® could be huge. Worldwide mask sales are in the hundreds of millions. If Nano Mask, Inc can capture just a small part of the world market, the shareholders will be rewarded. The Company is developing a unique product that the world needs today.


CEOCFO: Final thoughts, why should potential investors pay attention to Nano Mask, Inc and the NanoMask®.

Mr. Heath: There is a story here of shareholders that took over a company. The 3 members of the Board of Directors have disclosed in SEC filings that they own over 6 million shares of stock, over 10% of the company, which they purchased with their own money. We have a lot of money invested in this company along with many other large shareholders. We all believe in the potential of the NanoMask® and we are committed to get this revolutionary mask to market. Since our new management team has come on board early this year, the stock has been up as much as 4000%.


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