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March 19, 2018 Issue


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A Health Canada Licensed Producer of Medical Cannabis allowing them to Cultivate, Grow and Sell Medical Marijuana and Oils to Patients Across the Country

Emerald Health Therapeutics, Inc.

Chris Wagner, Chief Executive Officer  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF




Patient Specific 3D Printed Models to Physicians and Surgeons for Demonstrations, Pre-Operative Planning and Practicing Surgical Procedures

Stoke Med
Andrew Lees, President



Developing a New Immunotherapy Candidate containing Numerous Active Cytokine Components that Turn Cold Tumors Hot currently in Clinical Trials for Head and Neck and Breast Cancer

IRX Therapeutics, Inc.
Mark Leuchtenberger, MBA, President & Chief Executive Officer  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF




Emergency Lighting Systems and Industry leading LED Tubes with Retrofit Solutions that can Reduce Energy Costs for Facilities by up to 75%

Energy Focus, Inc. (Nasdaq:EFOI)
Ted Tewksbury, President & Chief Executive Officer  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF



App and Web Platform that provides Resources and Support to Caregivers and allows for Electronic Invites and Sharing

MindLight, LLC
Jackie Schwabe, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF


An all-in-one IT, Business Management and Marketing Company

Asierus Carefree Technology
Jeremy Hale Simmons, Founder and Chief Executive Officer  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF



Global provider of Training Devices, Courseware for Instructors and Management for the Automotive Classroom using NATEF Standards and Guidelines

ATech Training, Inc.
Laura Lyons, President & Chief Executive Officer  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF



Developing Bio-engineered Medicines using Cannabinoid Molecules in a Pro-drug of THC to offer a Revolutionary Treatment for Glaucoma Patients with a Dual Benefit of Lowering Intraocular Pressure and Providing Neuroprotection

Nemus Bioscience
Dr. Brian Murphy, MD, MPH, MBA, Chief Executive Officer; Chief Medical Officer, Director
Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF




Revolutionizing the Cooling of Electric Motors and Devices with a Technology that Removes Heat from Rotating Machinery and enables Cooling without Liquid

Cool Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: WARM)
Tim Hassett

Chairman & CEO  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF




The first Cloud Based Platform for Patient Administered at Home Vision Monitoring and Diagnosis of Dry AMD and Retinal Disease

Notal Vision, Inc.
Quinton Oswald, Chief Executive Officer

and Jim Long, Chief Financial Officer Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF





Developing a revolutionary Broad-Spectrum ‘Sorbent Hemoperfusion Device’ capable of Removing Bacteria, Viruses, Toxins and Cytokines from the Blood Stream reducing Infections and Morbidity

ExThera Medical Corporation
Dr. Robert Ward, President & Chief Executive Officer  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF




Engineering and Consulting Firm providing Program and Project Specific Solutions in Environmental, Remediation, Energy, Water Resources, Radiological Services and Infrastructure Asset Management

Dr. Srini Neralla, Chief Executive Officer  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF




Behavioral Authentication Security Software that combines Advanced Mathematics and Machine-Learning Techniques to Assure the Identity of  a User and Deny Illegitimate Access

Intensity Analytics Corporation
John D. Rome, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF


Developing Diagnostics and Therapeutics for Immuno-Autonomics where Stress controlled within the Brain plays a role in Autoimmune Diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus and Inflammatory Bowels Disease

Inmedix Inc
Andrew J Holman, MD, CEO & Co-Founder  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF




Q&A with Alejandro Muther, President of Kimetric using Cameras and Sensors to provide Retailers with In-Store Analytics to understand Consumer Behaviors enabling them to better Engage with Customers and Increase Sales



Latest News

Onconova Therapeutics, Inc. to Provide Corporate Update and Full Year 2017 Financial Results


Onconova to Present Dose Optimization Studies with Rigosertib Azacitidine Combination in Patients with Myelodysplastic Syndromes at 6th International Bone Marrow Failure Disease Symposium


American Manganese Inc. Signs Research Contract for New IP Development and Pilot Plant Demonstration


American Manganese Inc. Signs Research Contract for New IP Development and Pilot Plant Demonstration


Maple Leaf Provides Further Details onthe Transfer of its Listing to the Aequitas NEO Exchange Inc.


Maple Leaf Announces Conditional Approval for Transfer Listing of Common Shares to the Aequitas NEO Exchange Inc.


4C Medical’s Novel Mitral Regurgitation Therapy to be Highlighted at CRT 2018 Meeting


Onata Launches the Neighborhood Services To Redefine the Community Spirit


BioTime to Present at the Raymond James 39th Annual Institutional Investor Conference


GB Sciences, Inc. Enters A New Market by Signing a Contract Farming Agreement for the Development of Boutique Hemp


BioTime Appoints Cavan Redmond to Its Board of Directors


Hyliion Earns Top 20 Product Award from Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine for its 6x4HE Intelligent Electric Hybrid Truck Solution


3DNotes Global CEO Alan Yong Shares Thoughts on DNotes’ Fourth Anniversary


Thunder Energies Successfully Submits a Grant Application to the United States Air Force


Onconova Announces Two Presentations at 2018 American Chemical Society National Meeting and Expo






A leading provider of advanced workforce and workflow optimization solutions for healthcare including Intelligent Provider Scheduling, ER Patient Flow Optimization and a Policy and Decision-making module.

Potentia Analytics, Inc.
Berardino E. Baratta, Chief Executive Officer,
Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF








Automating the Communications and Payment process for Healthcare Providers and Improving the Customer Experience for Patients

Intelligent Contacts
Jeff Mains, Chief Executive Officer  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF





Chain of 43 Fusion Academy flagship private schools providing Customized, One-to-One Education enabling Greater Student Success

Fusion Education Group
Peter G. Ruppert, President and Chief Executive Officer  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF






With their drug Rigosertib now in Phase III Trials for the Bone Marrow Disorder Myelodysplastic Syndrome used in over 500 Patients, Onconova Therapeutics brings hope to many Elderly Suffering from this Devastating Disease

Onconova Therapeutics (Nasdaq: ONTX)
Dr. Ramesh Kumar, PhD, Chief Executive Officer  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF

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Applying Data Science and Predictive Analytics to the Healthcare Data for Improving Patient Outcomes and Lowering Costs*

RxDataScience Inc.
Larry A. Pickett, Jr., Chief Executive Officer  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF



Analytics as a Service

Data Science Consulting




DNotes Global, Inc. is focused on Bringing DNotes Digital Currency Mainstream with a Platform and Ecosystem that will give it Intrinsic Value just as Cash

DNotes Global, Inc.
Alan Yong, Chief Executive Officer  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF
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suitX Exoskeletons Increasing Safety and Productivity for Workers in Delivery, Industrial, and Construction and Provides Mobility for Individuals with Spinal Cord Injuries and Stroke


Homayoon Kazerooni, Chief Executive Officer  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF  news



Revolutionary New Technology for Detecting Smuggled Nuclear Weapons

Thunder Energies Corporation (OTC PINK: TNRG)

Dr. Ruggero Maria Santilli, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientist  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF

news, investors




Creating New Drugs Based on Safe Existing Compounds Using a Systems Biology Based, Computationally Driven Pharmacometric Platform with Current Programs in Inflammatory Diseases such as Atopic Dermatitis and Psoriasis

Afecta Pharmaceuticals
Bruce W. Kovacs, MD, Founder & Chief Executive Officer  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF




Individualized Cell Therapy Medicine and Manufacturing with an Immunomodulation Platform using T-Regulatory Cells for Program in Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus

Caladrius Biosciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:CLBS)

David J. Mazzo, PhD, Chief Executive Officer  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF
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Delivering Business Intelligence: Empowering users to Automate, Streamline, Analyze and Predict

ChristianSteven Software

Christian Ofori-Boateng, Chief Executive Officer  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF



New Call Center Technology providing Dynamic Answers to Questions at the Push of a Button eliminating Human Error


Art Coombs, President & CEO  Print Version - PDF Mobile Download - PDF
linkedin, blog, news

Learn About SecureCall Benefits



Graphene Incubator focused on Technology, developing Electronic Devices and their Lalutra Graphite Property

Lomiko Metals Inc.

A. Paul Gill, Chief Executive Officer 
Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF




Helius Medical Technologies, Inc. releasing Registrational Trial Data for their Portable Neuromodulation Stimulator, PoNS™ Device showing ability to help Patients Recover from Balance Disorder caused by Traumatic Brain Injury

Helius Medical Technologies, Inc. (TSX: HSM) (OTC: HSDT)
Philippe Deschamps, President, Chairman & CEO  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF




Enterprise Software with Automation and Actionable Intelligence to the Document Intensive Businesses in the Financial and Insurance Industries and the Public Sector

AI Foundry
Kodak Alaris business unit

Steve Butler, General Manager  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF



National Specialty and Infusion Pharmacy dedicated to Managing Patients with Complex Healthcare Needs

OptiMed Specialty Pharmacy
Andy Reeves, RPh, Chief Executive Officer  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF




Cell Phone Signal Boosters that support 2G, 3G, and 4G Signals Inside Buildings, Cars, Boats, and Recreational Vehicles for Connecting Anywhere and Everywhere

Hongtao Zhan, Chief Executive Officer  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF


Using Engineered Camelina to produce Bioactive Lipids for Manufacturing Biosimilar Fish Oil and a Biosimilar Anti-Inflammatory Therapeutic

Agragen, LLC
Sam Huttenbauer, Jr., Chief Executive Officer  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF



Next-Generation Protein Sequencing Technologies to Sequence Antibody Proteins

Rapid Novor Inc
Mingjie Xie
, M.Sc., M.B.A., Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF




Medical Device Therapy for Mitral Regurgitation (MR) that Eliminates Placement and Fixation Problems Associated with Conventional Transcatheter Mitral Valve Replacement Technologies

4C Medical Technologies
Robert Thatcher, Chief Executive Officer

Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF




Focused on Plant-based Medicine, GB Sciences, Inc. has developed one of the finest Cultivation Facilities in the US and a suite of Cannabinoid-based Compounds showing promise in the Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease and Neuropathic Pain

Growblox Life Sciences, LLC (wholly-owned subsidiary)
GB Sciences, Inc. (OTCQB: GBLX) (parent company)

John Poss, Chairman and CEO  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF


AI Driven Workforce and HR Predictive Analytics that allows Organizations to best plan for Recruiting, Retaining, and Promoting the Best People to obtain Optimal Business Performance

Tom McKeownn, Chief Executive Officer

Steve Parta, Vice President, Global Sales


Better living through synergy

Dr. Mark Holterman - The Mariam Life
CEO/Founder  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF


Increasing Your Chances of Success

Glen Wakeman - Launchpad Holdings, LLC
CEO/Founder  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF



Portable Under Vehicle Inspection System for Manned Controlled Checkpoints at Military Bases, Government Buildings and Presidential Palaces

Advanced Detection Technology, LLC
Jan Zickerman, Chief Executive Officer  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF



HYLIION is on a Mission to Revolutionize the Long Haul Trucking Industry with their New Hybrid Electric Technology that will impact the Environment, Driver Comfort and Fleet Profitability

Thomas Healy, Founder and CEO  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF


Utilizing Pluripotent Cells that Can Become Any Type of Cell in the Body, Regenerative Medicine Company BioTime Inc. is developing treatments for Dry-Age-Related Macular Degeneration and Facial Aesthetics

BioTime Inc. (NYSE MKT and TASE: BTX)
Adi Mohanty, Co-Chief Executive Officer  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF


Revolutionary “Universe of Services™” Ecosystem with a Platform and App that Connect Trusted Neighborhood Service Providers with Those in Need On-Demand and On-Schedule

Onata, Inc.

Interview with:
Krishna Vemuri             Jyoti Vazirani

     Founder & CEO       Founder & President

and Narayan Ravisetti, COO


Mark Mofid M.D., San Diego Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist

Dr. Mark Mofid – Plastic Surgeon  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar - Brazilian Butt Lift Specialist from Dallas, Texas. Q&A

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar – Plastic Surgeon,,
Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF



Q&A with James R. Neal, CEO of XOMA Corporation discussing their New Focus as a Royalty Aggregator to complement their Asset Generating Antibody Discovery Platform and their Portfolio of Programs Licensed with Biotech and Big Pharma Partners

XOMA Corporation (Nasdaq: XOMA)
James R. Neal, Chief Executive Officer

and Member of the Board of Directors  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF



Courses and Exam Prep for API, AWS CWI, NDT, QC, Inspection Certification in Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream Petro Chemical and Power Industries

Atlas API Training, LLC.
Hannon McLeod, Chief Executive Officer


Elysium​ ​Health​ ​CEO,​ ​Eric​ ​Marcotulli,​ ​Wants​ ​to​ ​Solve​ ​the​ Biggest​ ​Challenges​ ​in​ ​Health​ ​-​ ​And He’s​ ​Got​ ​a​ ​Plan​ ​to​ ​Do​ ​It

Eric​ ​Marcotulli - Elysium​ ​Health
CEO  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF


The First Company to successfully develop a Metallurgical Process for Economically Treating Low-Grade Manganese Deposits for Recovery and Recycling 100% of the Cathode Metals from Spent Lithium Ion Batteries used in Electric Vehicles

American Manganese Inc. (TSX.V: AMY; FRANK: 2AM; PINKS:
Larry W. Reaugh, President and CEO  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF



Using AI, Computer Vision and Machine Learning to provide Mobile ID Digitally Authenticating with their Solution now in many Large Banks, Insurance Companies and Hospitals across the US
Bob Geiman, CEO  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF



Q&A with Robert Thikoll, Vice President of Global Operational Excellence for Ingersoll Rand

Robert Thikoll - Ingersoll Rand
Vice President
, Global Operational Excellence

Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF



Electronic Components Identification and Testing Services to the Military, Aerospace, Automotive, Aviation, Franchises and Independent Distributors Worldwide in their AS900 Certified Laboratory

Global ETS, LLC.
Dan Tang, President  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF



Q&A with Dr. Mark McKenna: OVME Founder and CEO

Dr. S.  Mark McKenna- OVME  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF


Recruiting Firm providing Services to Hospitals and Medical Departments and Accounting/Finance Companies throughout the Tri-State Area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

WhiteCap Search, Inc.
Jerry Battipaglia, Co-Founder


Dedicated and Main Branch Stent Technology for Bifurcation Lesions in Coronary Angioplasties

Advanced Bifurcation Systems
Charles Laverty, Chief Executive Officer  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF


Revolutionary Agritech product, AgraBurst PRO, that will enable Developed and Emerging Economies Globally to Transition to and Produce Organic and Non-GMO Food Products

GroGenesis, Inc. (OTCQB-GROG)
Richard D. Kamolvathin, Chief Executive Officer & President, and Chief Science Officer  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF



For Generations Harney & Sons Tea Provided the World with Luxury Tea Blends

Michael Harney and Paul Harney
Harney & Sons

Founder’s sons and CEOs  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF



Quality Control Testing Laboratory serving the Dietary Supplement, Nutraceutical, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical and Food Industries

Colmaric Analyticals
Collin Thomas, President and Chief Executive Officer


Fiber Optics Test Equipment and Spectrum Analyzers for Telecommunications Applications

New Ridge Technologies
Dr. Henry Yaffe, Founder & President  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF

Smoke, Bioaerosol and Nanoparticles Capture devices to Clean the Air in Operating Rooms and Other Areas of Contamination

Nascent Surgical, LLC
Dr. Leonard Schultz, Founder & Chief Executive Officer  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF


Novel Topical Lingual Application for Treating Obesity based on Satiety Hormones that Naturally make the Patient Feel Full after Eating

Gila Therapeutics Inc.
Dr. Thomas Vasicek, PhD, Co-founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF


Technology that enables Thermosets and Durable Plastics to be used in the 3D Printing Process

Chromatic 3D Materials
Dr. Cora Leibig, Founder & Chief Executive Officer 
Print Version - PDF
  Mobile Download - PDF


PrintRite3D® System enabling 3D Metal Manufacturing to Make the Leap from Prototype to Cost Efficient High Yield Production Runs by Assuring Quality of 3D Printed Metal Parts

Sigma Labs (NASDAQ:SGLB)
John Rice, CEO 
Print Version - PDF
  Mobile Download - PDF


Bringing Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Technology to the Education Space that Makes Learning Come Alive

zSpace, Inc.
Paul Kellenberger, Chief Executive Officer  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF




Helping People go from “Average” to “Extraordinary”

Bob Reina - Talk Fusion
r  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF


Globally Renowned Pharmaceutical Conglomerate having operations in the United States, Europe, the U.K., Canada, China and Australia

Espee Group
Swapnil Shah, Executive Director


With Clinical Data Showing Achievement of Pharmacokinetic Bio Equivalence for their Bronchodilator for use in COPD in the European Market and Qualified Infectious Disease Product Status from the FDA for their Inhaled Antifungal to treat Cystic Fibrosis, Pulmatrix is positioned for Continued Growth in 2017

Dr. Robert Clarke, CEO  investors

Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF


Ketogenic Oil Product proving to be excellent Energy Source for the Brain, Muscles and other Organs throughout the Body

Anna Berger MBA, & Dr. Alvin Berger, MS, Ph. D


Proprietary Neutrophil Modulation Platform offering hope in Preserving Lung Function in Cystic Fibrosis Patients

Celtaxsys Inc.

Greg Duncan, President & CEO


Discovery and Early Development of Novel Cancer Therapeutics
Advanced Cancer Therapeutics -
Randall B. Riggs, President & CEO



Helping Startups develop Websites, Mobile Apps, eCommerce Platforms, Create Distribution Channels and achieve Brand Recognition with Online and Offline Business Promotion Campaigns

Cosmique Global, Inc.
Anjali Chugh, President


With 3,000 Metric Tons of Physical Cobalt housed in LME-certified Warehouses in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Baltimore, Cobalt 27 Capital Corp. is positioned to take advantage of the need for Cobalt in the growing Electric Vehicle Market and Grid Energy Storage Systems Globally

Cobalt 27 Capital Corp. (TSXV:KBLT) (US:CBLLF)
Anthony Milewski, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer



ATW Tech is building a Global Footprint with their International Distribution Network providing a Micro-Billing for Landline and Mobile Phones for Carriers, Interactive Voice Response Applications, Psychometric Tests and Professional Text Messaging Services

Simon Bédard, Chief Financial Officer



Nanocoatings and Protective Cases for Cell Phones, Tablets and other Electronic Devices

Sam Winkler, Chief Executive Officer



Quantitative MRI Products that provide Numbers for an Anatomical Image much like Blood enabling Better Patient Outcomes

Elizabeth Mirowski, Chief Executive Officer


One-stop shop for Startups and Small to Medium Size Businesses looking to experience the benefits of cutting-edge business technology - Apps, Chatbots, Videos and Websites

Tech Treats, LLC
“Myrt” Hester, Chief Executive Officer


Online Sales Assessment Test for Sales Leaders to Evaluate and Predict the Success of their Current and Incumbent Talent

SalesGenomix LLC
John Hoskins, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer



Pre-Paid Cards and Cryptocurrency Products to the Under-Banked through their POS Platforms and extensive Retail Distribution Network

Fintech Select Ltd. (TSX-V: FTEC)
Mohammad Abuleil, President & Chief Executive Officer



Internet of Things Security for Connected Vehicles during V2V Communications, Trusted Computing and Protection from the Threat of Quantum Computers

OnBoard Security, Inc.
Peter Samson, President



Creating a New Fixation Standard in Orthopedics with a Faceted Threadform Bone Screw Technology that is the First True Thread Innovation in Orthopedics in Decades

Diamond Orthopedic, LLC
Roy Bivens, Chief Executive Officer



Oxygen Therapy Medical Device that Recovers Oxygen from the Atmosphere or Room Air providing an Oxygen Rich Stream to Patients Anytime Anywhere

Inogen Inc (NASDAQ: INGN)
Scott Wilkinson, President, CEO, and Director


Data for Real-Time Use by Pharmaceutical Companies and CROs in a Single Informatics Platform enabling True Clinical Data Insights

Metrendalytics LLC
Jahanara (Jan) Miotto, President










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