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March 27, 2017 Issue

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CIRCADIAN Light Fixtures deliver White LED Light without Harmful Blue at Night to Improve Health and Productivity

Dr. Martin Moore-Ede, MD, PHD, Chief Executive Officer


Revolutionary Device Helps to Reduce Pain and Fear for Patients by Allowing Practitioners to Buffer Local Anesthetic Safely and Precisely
Anutra Medical

Cameron Perkins, Chief Executive Officer


Revolutionary Technology for Delivering Audio Sound Directly to the Users Ear Applied to the Automobile and Home Markets
Noveto Systems Ltd

Tomer Shani, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Plant Health Nutrition Micronutrient, Seed Treatment and Fertilizer Products that make Nitrogen and Phosphorus more Available and Consumed by the Plant
Verdesian Life Sciences

Kenneth Avery, Chief Executive Officer


Liquid Color Dispersions for the Plastics and Coatings Industries
American Colors Inc.

James Oram Wible, President and Chief Executive Officer


Medical Device Developer With a History of Successfully Bringing Products to Market that Improve Health and Reduce Cost of Care from an Implantable Battery Powered Device to a Urine Sensing System

Dr. Daniel Burnett, M.D., Chief Executive Officer


End-to-End LoRaWAN IoT Solutions, Sensors, Gateways and Apps for Low Power, Low Range, Wide Area Networks used in Smart Homes, Smart Buildings, Agriculture, Supply Chain, Asset Tracking Intelligent Building, Smart Cities, and Smart Meters
TrackNet, Inc.

Hardy Schmidbauer, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder




Service Management Cloud Consultants providing Implementation, Integration and Training for ServiceNow



Purpose Built Software and Applications that Allow Consumer Packaged Goods Companies Greater Efficiencies in Trade Promotion, Retail Execution, Direct Store Delivery, Order and Warehouse Management, and Manufacturing Management

AFS Technologies


Professional Brand Representation providing Targeted Outreach Initiative with Road Shows and Tradeshows for Product Launches

Principal Marketing


Needle-Free Injection Devices: Fast, Safe and Easy to Use. Eliminating the Fear of Needles.



CRM with Email Marketing Software for Small Businesses and Micro Enterprises focused on Developing, Tracking and Managing Key Relationships



A Commitment to True Community Banking sets Friendly Hills Bank Apart

Friendly Hills Bank


Industrial IoT Company enabling Organizations to move Sensor Data to the Cloud from remote locations in faster and cost effective manner by using Machine Learning techniques

Teevr Data, Inc.


Digital Marketing Solutions and Consulting providing Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and Pay-Per-Click Campaigns that Help Companies Establish and Improve their Online Presence and Sales Results

Element5 Digital


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New Call Center Technology providing Dynamic Answers to Questions at the Push of a Button eliminating Human Error


Art Coombs, President & CEO  linkedin, blog, news


Learn About SecureCall Benefits





Security Awareness Training for Enterprises to Manage their IT Security, Change Employee Behaviors and Prevent Spear Phishing and Ransomware Attacks

KnowBe4, Inc.

Stu Sjouwerman (pronounced “shower-man”), CEO & Founder


KnowBe4, Inc. Datasheet
Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing Platform




Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator Lasofoxifene: Providing Menopausal Women the Opportunity to Prevent Breast Cancer and Prevent Osteoporotic Fractures

Sermonix Pharmaceuticals LLC

Dr, David Portman, CEO & Chief Medical Officer





Financial Management System for Title and Settlement Agents to Monitor Check Payments and Protect Against Wire, Check and Cyber Fraud

Segin Software/RynohLive

Richard Martin Reass, CEO & Founder


Best Practices Boot Camp & Testimonials Video Presentations

RynohLive® Absolute Escrow Protection – Brochure




Telecom Lifecycle Management

Tellennium, Inc.

Greg McIntyre, President & CEO







Maple Leaf Receives $4.8 million in Subscriptions for Private Placement


Thunder Energies Corporation Announces the Initiation of Funding to Continue the Development of a Nuclear Weapon Detection Station


KnowBe4 Appoints Former Gartner Research Analyst Perry Carpenter as Chief Evangelist and Strategy Officer

Onconova Therapeutics, Inc. to Present at Two Upcoming Healthcare Conferences

Caladrius Biosciences Announces 2016 Fourth Quarter and Full Year Financial Results


OncBioMune Announces Term Sheet with EOC Pharma for Development of Telatinib

Maple Leaf Seeks New $6M Financing and Terminates Previous Offering

Onconova Therapeutics, Inc. to Provide Corporate Update and Full Year 2016 Financial Results


OncBioMune Announces Term Sheet with EOC Pharma for Development of Telatinib


Caladrius Biosciences Announces 2016 Fourth Quarter and Full Year Financial Results


OncBioMune Announces Term Sheet with EOC Pharma for Development of Telatinib





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