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August 14, 2017 Issue

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Applying Quantitative Systems Pharmacology, Mathematical Modeling and Machine Learning Techniques to Drug R&D, Applied BioMath is Modernizing Drug Discovery, Drug Development and Clinical Trials
Applied BioMath, LLC

Dr. John M. Burke, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF


Web, Mobile and Cloud Apps focused on Security and Compliance for Federal Agencies
Datastream Connexion

Eric Hoffman, President  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF


Contract Manufacturing for Skincare, Hair Care, Oral Care and Cosmetic Products meeting the Requirement for Start-ups and Small Businesses
Dynamic Blending Specialists, Inc.

Jordan Erskine, President

Revolutionary Invisible Hearing Aids Designed to Eliminate the Stigma Associated with Traditional Hearing Aids
Eargo Inc.

Christian Gormsen, Chief Executive Officer



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Interventional MRI – the Next Big Thing? (and a Pathway to Breast Cancer Prevention…)

Marvel Medtech


Platform for Early Stage Companies and Entrepreneurial Communities providing Sales, Marketing, Investment Assistance or Looking for Acquisition, Merger and Management Buyouts

Iron Door Inc.


IoT Solutions, Consultants, Developers, Designers, Interactive Installations and Connectivity Platform for Enterprise, Aviation, Industrial Food & Beverage and Consumer Applications

Forest Giant


With the Capital in Place and a Focus on Personalized True Community Banking, The Westchester Bank is Positioned for Growth providing Products and Services to their SMB, Nonprofit and Consumer Customers

The Westchester Bank


Improved Sample Preparation for Molecular Diagnostics Cuts Time and Cost

Life Magnetics


Cloud-based Authentication Service Eliminating the Need for Passwords

Privakey, Inc.


Jefferson Security Bank in Berkeley and Jefferson Counties of West Virginia and Washington County Maryland is Finding Success with True Community Banking by providing the Latest in Security Technology and Going the Extra Mile for their Customers

Jefferson Security Bank




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