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February 19, 2018 Issue

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The first Cloud Based Platform for Patient Administered at Home Vision Monitoring and Diagnosis of Dry AMD and Retinal Disease
Notal Vision, Inc.

Quinton Oswald, Chief Executive Officer

and Jim Long, Chief Financial Officer Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF

Focused on Plant-based Medicine, GB Sciences, Inc. has developed one of the finest Cultivation Facilities in the US and a suite of Cannabinoid-based Compounds showing promise in the Treatment of Parkinsonís Disease and Neuropathic Pain
Growblox Life Sciences, LLC (wholly-owned subsidiary)
GB Sciences, Inc. (OTCQB: GBLX) (parent company)

John Poss, Chairman and CEO  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF


Better living through synergy
Dr. Mark Holterman - The
Mariam Life

CEO/Founder  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF


AI Driven Workforce and HR Predictive Analytics that allows Organizations to best plan for Recruiting, Retaining, and Promoting the Best People to obtain Optimal Business Performance

Tom McKeownn, Chief Executive Officer

Steve Parta, Vice President, Global Sales


Quantitative MRI Products that provide Numbers for an Anatomical Image much like Blood enabling Better Patient Outcomes

Elizabeth Mirowski, Chief Executive Officer


Revolutionizing the Cooling of Electric Motors and Devices with a Technology that Removes Heat from Rotating Machinery and enables Cooling without Liquid
Cool Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: WARM)

Tim Hassett

Chairman & CEO  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF



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Q&A with Dale Shulmistra, President of Invenio IT specializing in Business Continuity Services helping Organizations Minimize Operational Downtime due to Natural Disasters, Hardware Failure, Cyber Attacks or Human Error
Invenio IT


Q&A of David Griffin, CEO of Vortini providing a Cloud-based Analytics Solution with Business Insights to Manage the Entire Sales Forecasting Process


Q&A with Brett Reed, CEO of Cohealo, Inc. providing a Platform that allows Healthcare Facilities to Schedule, Track, and Share Medical Equipment in the Perioperative Suite allowing Hospitals to Collectively Purchase Equipment
Cohealo, Inc.


Q&A with Thibault Jonckheere, CEO of ImmunXperts SA bringing expertise in Immunology and In Vitro Testing to support the Drug Development Process for Small Biotechs, Large Pharmaceuticals, and Academic Groups
ImmunXperts SA




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