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September 3, 2018 Issue



Through their EVR brand, Tree of Knowledge International Corp. bringing to market USDA Approved Kosher Industrial Hemp Products, formulated with Organic Additives with QR codes on each Package showing Potency and No Pesticides, Heavy Metals or Microbials



EVR platform


Michael Caridi

Co-founder, Chairman


Tree of Knowledge International Corp.



Interview conducted by:

Bud Wayne, Editorial Executive, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – September 3, 2018


CEOCFO: Mr. Caridi, what was the vision when you founded Tree of Knowledge International Corp. and where are you today?

Mr. Caridi: My vision when we started Tree of Knowledge, was to build a true pharmaceutical CBD product and have a lot of credibility behind our EVR brand. We want to let people know that we are not just your average CBD company; we really are proud of our ingredients. We use USDA approved industrial hemp. We manufacture our products and we formulate everything in our GMP standards facility in a clean room. We use all organic additives when we formulate the product. What we also do which is interesting is put QR (Quick Response) codes on each package of the products, showing potency, showing that there is aren’t all of those pesticides, no heavy metals or no microbials in our product and no one is doing that currently. That is very important to be transparent. I also wanted to build a very strong advisory team and we have some notable people involved, such as Dr. Sanjay Gupta, not to be mistaken with the CNN Dr. Sanjay Gupta. They went to the same medical school; however, our Sanjay is the president of The American Pain Management Association. Being the president of that association, he has 160,000 medical professionals at his network. We are co-branding a product line with him and it will be Dr. Gupta’s Hemp Products. We will be launching that throughout his network in mid-September of this year. We are very excited about that. We also have Jack Brewer, who is a former NFL player, Ambassador to the United Nations, and founder and CEO of The Brewer Group. He is also a regular contributor on FOX News on a weekly basis with Maria Bartiroma. He has a big anti-concussion initiative and very supportive of what we are doing. Another individual is Dr. Michael Smatt, who is a prominent chiropractor from New York. He is also Chairman of the Board of Healthcorps, which is Dr. Mehmet Oz’s company, famous for the Dr. Oz Show, and when we are ready I am sure that will be a platform to introduce our product to the public at large. We at one point had Guy B. Roberts, Secretary General of NATO and Assistant Sectetary of Defense. He is now back at the Trump Administration as the #2 guy behind General Mattis. We have very strong and credible people. One other individual is Christopher Kaplan. Chris was Senior Vice President and Head of North American for Sanofi, and he will be joining our company in short order as our government regulatory affairs person. My partner who started the company with me and his name is Brian Main, is a decorated marine and fought in the Iraqi war. He had injured himself when he came back from the war and one of the reasons that prompted us to get into the CBD arena was because he was undergoing severe pain and the CBD actually helped him. That was one of the original reasons why we got into the CBD arena, based on his personal experience and how it helped him. A new addition to the team is our new CEO, Jean Paul Gaillard. He was the person who turned around Nespresso® and started a company with 10 employees, and they had a $2 million a year turnover and built it into a $2.8 billion a year company. The way he did that was creating the Nespresso coffee club, because he wanted to be close to the consumer. Therefore, in addition to our medical side we are going to have a wellness platform that we can be very close to our consumer and build an international brand under the EVR platform. There is a lot of brand confusion out there. If you walk into a store that sells CBD products, there are so many brands on the shelf that you do not know what is good or bad. If we can demonstrate something special to say that we are starting with quality ingredients, we are transparent at what we are doing, and let the world know this is a brand you can rely on and trust because the last thing you want is CBD products where the CBD helps you but the pesticides will hurt you. You can look in real-time with our QR codes seeing that this is going to be very impactful for the industry.


CEOCFO: How did you come up with the name EVR?

Mr. Caridi: We wanted something catchy and easy to remember, so coming up with EVR as an abbreviation of Ever looked nice on the packaging and our tagline is Live Your Life with EVR. The impetus behind Live Your Life, is I was at the beach in the Hampton’s a few summers ago and I saw a plane that said Live Your Life. So I thought it was perfect.

CEOCFO: What is the idea behind your company name, Tree of Knowledge?

Mr. Caridi: We wanted something catchy to get people’s attention. Ultimately I do not know if that is going to be our final name because we are transitioning as an international player. We have facilities in Canada now and we have facilities in Washington State as well as facilities in Macedonia. We are truly an international player and it is to be determined if that will remain as the name of the company.


CEOCFO: CBD Hemp oil is an industry on the rise today. What sets your EVR Premium CBD Hemp Oil™ apart from others on the market?

Mr. Caridi: We use USDA approved hemp. We are fully organic, we are kosher. We use all organic botanicals as our additives depending upon what ailment we are going after; there are different botanicals that react with the CBD, and enhance the viability of the product depending upon what it is used for. We sell our products into Brazil through the government. It is prescribed by doctors, as it is considered a medicine down there and we have been educating doctors in Brazil. We have the head Epilepsy Association of Brazil as one of our teachers. In additions, Dr. Paula, introducing me to the government down there, and she is also one of our teachers. We have trained about 2000 doctors to date and have put them into a six-hour course. This is all brand new through people all over the world and today we have over 250 patients who are seeing significant changes in their lives, and better quality of life. We are also selling to people with Parkinson’s. We have one patient that could not get out of bed because his Parkinson’s was so severe and within twenty minutes after using our product he was up and out of bed. Your body typically produces cannabinoids and we are just putting back the cannabinoids in your system and we are using a natural alternative. We take it to the next level by assuring that you are not getting microbials, pesticides and heavy metals, because we are very transparent in what we do. We put the QR codes on our products so people can see in real-time on that particular lot what is in there. Our products have been tested in Italy and they tested over 39 products through the government and ours was the only one that came up where what was on the label was indeed in the product. There was misrepresentation of percentages, what else was in the product, etcetera. That is something we are proud of. Because of things like this we were able to open up approvals in Ireland and we are getting final approvals in Italy, and Macedonia. We are testing our products in China. We have a lot going on.


CEOCFO: Where do your products come from? Are they developed in-house or do they come to you by acquisition or partnering?

Mr. Caridi: It is all in-house formulas.


CEOCFO: You have Hemp Oil, Capsules, Tinctures, Salvation Balm and Pet Tincture products. Where does the Salvation Balm come in?

Mr. Caridi: CBD is generally a product to reduce inflammation. People can take them to feel better and whenever you are reducing inflammation in your body you are becoming healthier. If you work-out or if you are golfing and having shoulder pain, if you would put Salvation Balm on it, it goes right to the muscles and reduces the inflammation and then you feel better. I take CBD on a daily basis and I am a Peloton bike user and before it used to bother me but now because I take CBD, they do not bother me anymore because the joints around me knee used to be inflamed and with the use of CBD they are no longer inflamed. I feel better, sleep better at night, and any anxiety that you have is going to go away. There are so many benefits. We are finding that while more and more people become educated on CBD and more and more people use it, they come out of the woodwork saying it helps with this and it helps with that. So it is going to continue to change. Once the Farm Bill passes and they de-schedule anything with industrial hemp, there is going to be more research and more benefits coming out.


CEOCFO: What is the Pet Tincture used for and are there other uses people may not be aware of?

Mr. Caridi: It is the same thing. If your dog, cat, horse or whatever pet you may have has inflammation, or joint pain or anxiety, CBD will help them. The animals are like humans and they have the same ailments that people do. There are also people in South America that use it for cancer. We are getting testimonial after testimonial of people that are cancer-free after a period of time. That is what we are hearing from people.


CEOCFO: Is CBD antifungal?

Mr. Caridi: Yes it is.


CEOCFO: How do you bring your products to market? Is it brick and mortar, eCommerce or both?

Mr. Caridi: It is a combination of both. We are in a number of retail stores. In the US, in addition to Dr. Sanjay Gupta, we have teamed up with another group on the west coast who are former Harvard Medical and Mayo Clinic doctors, with pain management centers, so we are going to be launching a co-branded product with them in short order. There have four hundred pain management centers and about ten thousand patients coming through. On that we actually worked with these doctors to come up with specific formulations for them for different ailments. We are excited about that and we think that having doctors get behind our products is very important. We are also in the brick and mortars.


CEOCFO: How do you market and advertise your products? Do you do pay-per-click, infomercial or print advertising?

Mr. Caridi: We are going to do a lot of social media and we are on Instagram and things like that. EVR Brazil advertises quite a bit on social media. We have also aligned ourselves with call center out of Fiji, and they are specifically trained on our products. In addition, we have a number of physician assistants that work there to do patient recruitment and that is specifically for some of the markets that we are in. In Brazil they have Portuguese-speaking callers that are trained as physician assistants. In the Canadian market you need physician’s assistants to do outreach, so we have a group working on that. On the consumer side we will put callers on introducing people to our product.


CEOCFO: Do you do your own growing?

Mr. Caridi: We have aligned ourselves with our group that grows USDA approved, so we have contractual relationships with them. We also have a very large farm with one of our partners who own 13,000 acres of industrial hemp out of Australia. We produce pharmaceutical grade isolate for our products in a GMP facility, which is very important. You want to do that when you are producing that anything that is going into the product that they are up to GMP standards, which are very high standards. So we are dealing along the whole chain with pharmaceutical standards.


CEOCFO: Where will future growth come from; more products introduced to the market or expanding your market footprint?

Mr. Caridi: Expanding the market footprint, we are truly a global company and we are creating a global brand and having a Jean Paul Gaillard, involved as CEO, will help with that. In addition to starting Nespresso, he also launched Marlboro Classics into Europe, and he also launched Eskimo Pie, the ice cream in Europe. He is not a one-trick pony. He knows how to properly execute and he is building a team internationally and he wants the world dominated in this arena.


CEOCFO: Do you have the funding in place to continue your growth or will you turning to investors or partners?

Mr. Caridi: We are turning to investors and we have a number of large banks in the cannabis industry involved with us so we expect some significant funding in short order.


CEOCFO: Do you attend investor or industry conferences or do you go out for road shows?

Mr. Caridi: Yes, I do both. I have been across Canada from Vancouver to Calgary to Toronto, meeting close to thirty banks and brokerage houses and investors. We will continue that and we are going to continue to tell the story and let people know that we are a public company and we would love everyone to be part of that.


CEOCFO: In closing, address our readers in the business, investment, healthcare and cannabis industries. Why is Tree of Knowledge International Corp. an important company to follow?

Mr. Caridi: We are an important company to follow because we are a transparent, driven, brand focused international CBD player in a very fragmented and nontransparent industry. We are now a public company on the Canadian Stock Exchange and soon to have a listing in the US market. We are an international player and many companies in Canada have very high market caps however outside of growing they really do not have much. We will be a player in the grow market, in the testing market, in the manufacturing of an international brand, so we have already a worldwide footprint. We are headquartered in Canada so we have everything that they have but a lot more. I truly believe we are going to be a world player in this market, which is a multi, multi-billion dollar industry and there is going to be a few companies that are going to be leaders of the pack and we hope to be one of them.



“We are an important company to follow because we are a transparent, driven, brand focused international CBD player in a very fragmented and nontransparent industry.”- Michael Caridi


Tree of Knowledge International Corp.




Michael Caridi

(917) 295-1374


Tree of Knowledge International Corp.
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