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December 26, 2016 Issue



Revolutionary New Technology for Detecting Smuggled Nuclear Weapons



Dr. Ruggero Maria Santilli

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientist


Thunder Energies Corporation



Interview conducted by:
Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor
CEOCFO Magazine, Published - December 26, 2016


CEOCFO: Dr. Santilli, would you tell us your focus at Thunder Energies?

Dr. Santilli: Thunder Energies primary focus is on the Division of Nuclear Equipment (TEC-DNE). Our objective is to provide new technologies for the security of the United States and its citizens, as well as of my own family and grandchildren. Our country as well as other countries are exposed to a very serious threat, which is the biggest threat of them all, namely that nuclear weapons are smuggled in our country by disassembling them into components and putting them in different containers or suitcases, then reassembling and exploding them on our soil. US Homeland Security spent $700 million in the development of a system capable of detecting smuggled nuclear weapons, but unfortunately without success.

CEOCFO: What is the approach that you are taking at Thunder Energies to make weapons detectable?

Dr. Santilli: All the $700 million was spent by using conventional means such as very strong x-rays. However, the nuclear fuel such as plutonium and uranium are stable metals and therefore under an x-ray they cannot be clearly distinguished from other materials. The novelty of our detection system is that we have produced for the first time in scientific history equipment that can synthesize low energy neutrons from hydrogen gas. The irradiation of containers by low energy neutrons is the only way to detect smuggled components of nuclear weapons. Why? Because, even though Uranium and Plutonium are stable metals, when irradiated with neutrons they emit a variety of easily-detectable radiations. Therefore, by irradiating containers or suitcases, with a flux of low energy neutrons, the detection of radiations over the background will clearly establish the presence of nuclear fuel in their interior.


CEOCFO: Is the scientific community aware and do they understand the technology?

Dr. Santilli: Your question requires a clear and open answer because we are dealing with issues pertaining to national security. Academic obstructions against the synthesis of neutrons from a hydrogen gas are the very reason why I had to leave Harvard University. My studies in the field were initiated in the early 1980’s when I was at Harvard University under research contracts from the Department of Energy. I was asked to find new forms of clean and acceptable energy. I said I would do it, but I had to study the most fundamental fusion in nature, which is the synthesis of the neutron. As you know, stars initiated their life as being an aggregate of hydrogen. Under sufficient pressure and temperature, hydrogen atoms are compressed into neutrons according to Rutherford’s 1910 conception. Neutrons then combined with protons to form various nuclei. The majestic production of light originates from nuclear fusions thus requiring the prior synthesis of the neutron. The indicated academic obstructions are due to the fact that quantum mechanics and special relativity are exactly valid for the structure of the hydrogen atom, but they become inapplicable to the synthesis of the neutron for a variety of technical reasons. In particular the greatest academic obstruction are orchestrated against the experimental studies on the synthesis of neutrons from a hydrogen gas because that would establish clear limitations of 20th century theories with consequential losses of hundreds of millions of dollars in grants.


CEOCFO: How do you fight against that and breakthrough?

Dr. Santilli: Unfortunately, Thunder Energies Corporation cannot alone fight academic obstructions against new technologies for national security. Only the appropriate branch of the Department of Homeland Security can make a break-through. In this respect, I would like to indicate that America is a technological civilization in that, except for computers, no truly major technology has been discovered during the past half-century. This is due to the fact that all research at our Universities is restricted to verified Einstein theories in quantum mechanics. However, these theories are exactly valid only for point particles moving in empty space, such as the atomic structure, particles in accelerators, and other cases. The discovery of basically new nuclear technologies requires the necessary broadening of 20th century theory, for the representation of protons and neutrons as they occur in a nuclear structure, namely as extended, non-spherical, and deformable charge distribution. It is known to experts that the transition from 20th century theory to the latter representations may imply technological advances beyond our imagination at this moment, to the benefit of America and mankind.


CEOCFO: You are aiming at NWDS (Nuclear Weapons Detection Station). What would that be like, where would it be used and how do the different components work?

Dr. Santilli: The NWDS can be a single station such as a bridge under which you can pass a container or a suitcase. This equipment contains our low-energy neutron source, having the size of a small car, and a variety of radiation detectors. When the radiation measured by the detector is bigger than the background radiation, then the container or suitcases are opened for inspection. At this moment, we do have the neutron source and the radiation detectors as illustrated by pictures in our website, but a fully operational NWDS is not available due to lack of funds.


CEOCFO: Thunder Energies is a public company. Has the investment community paid attention and do they understand what you are doing? Do you need to simplify your presentation for investors?

Dr. Santilli: Before this company, I founded Magnegas Corporation (a U. S. company with stock traded at NASDAQ under the symbol MNGA). I brought it all the way from a little private company to where it is now, as a successful NASDAQ company. This was another dream of mine, for what we call American Fuels, which is the synthesis of fuels based on American feedstock, and not foreign petroleum. This was fully accomplished thanks to initial investments from China. I left Magnegas Corporation in June 2013 to create Thunder Energies Corporation so there was no conflict of interest. We recently had breaking news prepared by Business Television outlining our technology in a way that is understandable to all. Some of our releases went viral and had over a million hits on YouTube. Despite this, we have had little interest from the American financial community. I have been offered countless loans, but this is not the way to start a company and then go bankrupt in three months. The only way to develop new technologies for national security is via equity investment covering the cost for at least three years. At this point it has been a little disappointing to have received no offer for such equity funding, despite having a cutting edge technology, where there is a clear market for scientific, industrial and national applications. In addition, it is a product that can be sold as is. We do not have a nuclear weapon detection station, but we do have the neutron source, which is the fundamental one. I recently asked a very wealthy person, and asked why is he not interested in an equity investment for technology of national relevance. He told me, that he would invest if and only if our government will initiate the investment. I believe he is right.


CEOCFO: Sum it up for our readers, many of which are in the business and investment community, as well as government agencies. Why pay attention to Thunder Energies today?

Dr. Santilli: We have three different cutting edge technologies, which can be seen on our website at The first division is for a new optical instrument, in which we have a revolutionary new telescope known as the Santilli Telescope. An optical instrument with concave lenses, while all available telescopes are of Galileo type and have convex lenses. We have demonstrated that with our telescope, with a concave lens, we do see astrophysical and other objects that can not be seen with conventional telescopes with convex lenses. Our new telescopes are in production and sale in various sizes for a new type of surveillance of civilian, industrial and military installations as can be seen from our listing at The second division is for the detection of smuggled nuclear weapons as discussed before. Neutron Sources are of great interest and significance and we are the only one that can produce this product. Our third division deals with a basically new type of combustion. It should be noted that all current combustions are the same as they were 50,000 years ago, namely, we strike a spark and lit the fuel. In our third millennium we should do better than that. In fact, we have achieved full combustion of fossil fuel as well as an increase of the energy output via our new furnaces that we call hyper-furnaces, although they are at the developmental stage at this moment. I should also add that all of our divisions are protected by pending patents entirely assigned to Thunder Energies Corporation without a payment of any royalty.


“Thunder Energies Corporation is bringing to market a revolutionary new telescope with concave lenses, a new technology to detect the smuggling of nuclear weapons and a new clean combustion of fossil fuels.”- Dr. Ruggero Maria Santilli


Thunder Energies Corporation




Dr. Ruggero Maria Santilli



Thunder Energies Corporation

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