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May 8, 2017 Issue



Samuel Strauch Finds Success By Focusing on Today’s Rapid Changing Society and Forward Thinking Generation



Samuel Strauch

Principal and Founder


Metrik Holdings



Samuel Strauch


Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – May 8, 2017


CEOCFO: Mr. Strauch, what was your vision when you started Metrik Holdings?

Samuel Strauch: When we started the company, it actually happened because it was at a convergence point of different paths. By that time I had come to Miami, almost 15 years ago, I saw a good opportunity in a city that was growing. It was turning away from being just a resort town, and transforming itself into a full fledge city. Therefore, I thought it would be a good opportunity to establish a real estate business. Since I already had many relationships with people in Latin America, I put two-and-two together, and I knew that I had people interested in being clients or investors in this type of business here in Miami, as it is a gateway to the Americas.


CEOCFO: What is your vision and focus today for Metrik?

Samuel Strauch: The focus today and where we are paying close attention is that we are seeing very rapid changes in the way that people live, work and in the way that people travel. Therefore, we are focusing our analysis and we are putting in efforts to invest into industries, companies and projects that can actually adapt to these new generations. We have seen how people now, instead of going to traditional offices, they share a space, which works very well, so we like that. We like how people are transforming the way they are traveling. They are seeking more experiences rather than spending money on trivial things. Therefore, we are looking into projects that can accommodate and attract this new generation. Now, the millennials are marking the pace of a new society in work, relationships, living, and travel across all areas of real estate.


CEOCFO: Are people turning to you because they understand the concept behind Metrik or are you using that philosophy to find projects that you would like to tackle? Or is it a mixture of both?

Samuel Strauch: It is a mixture of both. The reality is that we have a very long track record with extraordinary results, so the building of our reputation has been forming pretty much by itself. We have a very strong referral basis and that has led to the success of our company. The lifeline of how we work is because people already trust us and they know that we are very productive. They know that we are extremely analytical and that we can shift gears according to the market, and people like that. At the end of the day, we are providing positive results, as people know that we are very proficient in what we are doing. People know that they can trust us and we have a good name out there. That has been the lifeline of our company and why people look for us.


CEOCFO: Your site indicates that ‘collaboration, transparency and accountability are not ideals, but rather that they are requirements of every relationships.’ How does that play out day-to-day? Would you give us some example of where that comes into effect?

Samuel Strauch: That is a fundamental base in any type of relationship that you have, whether it is with our team in our office, vendors, investors or partners. You have to be extremely open and let everyone know exactly what you are doing, why you are doing it and how you are doing it. Surprisingly, it is something that people have told us that they do not find that often. Especially in real estate, some people tend to be less open about giving all of their information to the client, but we do the opposite. We strive to be upfront with every single party. We believe that in order to be successful you have to always think win-win. When we come into a project or anything we are doing, we want to make sure that we can collaborate with all of the elements, whether it is the investor that is bringing the capital, or someone who is bringing a team of contractors, or a team of architects and designers. Everybody has to be aware of what we are doing and that has been a key element of our success.


CEOCFO: Being curious, happy and fulfilled at work is something that younger people are taking more for granted than people have over the years. How do you help people who work with you to grow and realize these aspects of work?

Samuel Strauch: What I typically do when I meet people for interviews, in our company, team members, and even with some people outside of the company, is to try to find out their hopes and what they would like to achieve regardless of the money or the skills that they have. If you have a real deep understanding of a person, what is important to them, and what they are looking for, you can adapt and create an environment where your team and the company can flourish at the same time. Once you understand that and get a feel for that, we know where to accommodate people into different functions and capacities. The key fundamental point is that we want to have people that are extremely professional, passionate and believe in the company vision and what you are doing. Then, we can allow them the chance to progress and grow within the company to achieve their own personal interests, because besides work we have life and the reality is that we have to be extremely well aware that we need to be successful in life and not just in making money. Life is a valuable experience. For example, if someone is passionate about bicycling and they want to be involved in an event, we try to do events that generate teamwork, participating in races for fundraising and charities. We try to do trips where we can really understand and learn from one another, but the most important thing that I have, always present, is that we all go through life in a short amount of time. This is just a passing experience and we really need a comprehensive approach to the things that are important in life, with a multitude of factors that are included. You have to be healthy, happy and feel the desire to grow and achieve more things to fulfill your passions. There have been people that have outgrown our company that have gone out to start their own, and we have kept a relationship with them, and we have created new businesses together. However, you can only achieve that when you have a close relationship with trust and know one another.


CEOCFO: Are you surprised that so few people seem to realize that in business?

Samuel Strauch: I am not surprised and I am seeing a shift in thinking. For example, in my generation we are seeing a very significant shift in the way that we thought we were supposed to grow and what is actually happening. When I was young, we thought that you had to go to school, go to college, work for 40 years, retire and start a new life. Then I realized that there is not a specific set of instructions that we need to follow. We are very dynamic in our thinking, and our reality when we are 18 is very different from our reality when we are 25, 35 or 50, and so on. When we grew up, a large part of people had a very sedimentary set of instructions, so I am not surprised, but the good thing that I am noticing now is that with all of this information that flows in each broadcast, such as the interview that we are doing, is a transfer of information. With this transfer of information, people are putting more effort into the things that make more sense and younger people are paying more attention to what is really important. In addition, people of an older generation are also being more open because of the information exchange, about what can make us happy, what is important and not important.


CEOCFO: What is next for you and for Metrik?

Samuel Strauch: We are analyzing and thinking about the future, and we are noticing that you need to be on top of your game, because things are changing very quickly in our world today. Therefore, we are looking at shifts into ways of thinking and how we can apply it in our case towards real estate, and towards our business and investments. We are looking forward to doing a great many new ventures in new hospitality businesses, and experiential types of real estate places. We are looking to invest and to work in the development of places where people can actually share experiences together and we are putting a close eye into how technology is shifting all of this.


CEOCFO: Final thoughts. What is anything people might miss about Metrik Holdings that really should be understood?

Samuel Strauch: Metrik is not only a company. Metrik for us, and what is critical for people to understand from us, is that we have to be a socially responsible company that not only generates profits and results for our clients, investors and partners, but that we try to put out there a philosophy that we have to create growth at every level within our organization and outside of the organization. This is our essence. We believe very deeply that we must be socially responsible, and we must provide growth to our partners, employees and people that we work with. We have to be socially responsible in our communities, whether it is providing education, fundraising, exchanges of ideas or anything that improves our society as a whole. We also have a social initiative that I have been working on quite a bit, which is in trying to expand the knowledge of happiness, and there is a great deal of research that has emerged in the last decade and a half from positive psychology, where people are really paying attention about understanding the things that make us better, or make us strive and enable us to work and live for a better experience. If we apply all of these principles towards our work, towards the people that we interact with and the environment that we live, then we will make a substantial difference. If you understand another person’s principles, such as their dreams, I can understand the culture of that person or multiple people or this company and decide if we want to participate with them or not.


“We believe that in order to be successful you have to always think win-win.”- Samuel Strauch


Metrik Holdings

Metrik Holdings

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