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April 8, 2019 Issue



With flagship products based on Kaatsu Training where Modifying Blood Flow has shown to have tremendous Health Benefits, LifeForceIQ is advancing Self-Care as the New Healthcare



David Weinstein

President, CEO & Chairman




Interview conducted by:

Bud Wayne, Editorial Executive, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – April 8, 2019


CEOCFO: Mr. Weinstein, you have been an investment banker for 35 years specializing in biotechnology and medical companies. What inspired you and Leidy Weinstein to start LifeForceIQ?

Mr. Weinstein: I have been funding disruptive technology companies in healthcare for the length of my career. It is time for a categorically new and different way to understand healthcare. When Leidy and I were married we began to look at how we help others. We live in a toxic cesspool of electromagnetic pollution, contaminated food supplies, a population that is generally sedentary, obese and plagued by chronic diseases that did not exist a hundred years ago. With Leidy steeped in knowledge about healthy cooking an exercise, and with my career in healthcare and biotechnology, we decided it was time to get out there and change things. Our goal is to advance self-care as the new healthcare. In self-care it is mission-critical to address the root cause of a disease and not merely to suppress symptoms. The pharmaceutical industry’s goal is not to cure disease; it is to make a profit. The way they make the most profit is by suppressing a symptom and addicting patients to medications medication. Since they are just suppressing symptom and not curing a disease often other medications are needed to suppress the side effects of the first medication.

On the other hand, by addressing the root cause of the problem, our goal is to help people treat the issue and solve the problem. Leidy and I want to serve others, so we started LifeForceIQ. Lifeforce is known as Ki, Prana, or spirit which is the energy inside all of us. Intelligence or IQ is combined with Lifeforce because if we can measure it, we can improve it. For example, people with high blood pressure often go undiagnosed. If you have high blood pressure, it does not necessarily mean you need medication. It may mean you need to address your lifestyle and perhaps add some supplements so that you can bring it down, because cardio vascular dysfunction number-one cause of death. In the United States today cardiovascular disease accounts for 40% of all people who die, outside of accidents. With that in mind, we started LifeForceIQ to empower people with the best available products and rituals to have a long, healthy and inspired life. Longevity without health is basically a prison sentence. Our goal is to free people of chronic disease and enjoy a long and vital life.


CEOCFO: Would you tell us about Leidy and her influence on the company and products you bring to the market?

Mr. Weinstein: Leidy is from Cali, Columbia. She comes from a very deprived background. Her family was very poor, her education was limited, and she actually suffered from obesity as a child. Leidy was ridiculed and shunned by her peers. After our child Natasha was born five years ago, Leidy tipped the scales at 245 lbs. She could not even workout because she had plates in her arm from an accident she suffered as a teenager and they all broke during pregnancy. She had to wait six months after pregnancy to begin trying to deal with all this weight she gained. One day she told me it was time to give back, so she would lose the weight and compete in the bikini class of body sculpting. I told her I would support her in any way that I could. She basically told me that she wanted to lead by example and inspire women all over the world to get into the best condition they could get, to believe that losing weight is something that is within their power, and if she could do it, they could do it. A year later, it was unprecedented that she won the Bikini Body Sculpting Competition, Open Class at the Florida Classic and qualified to compete in the National Championship. She cooks from scratch and we grow our own vegetables in a Tower Garden (NASA based system that only uses Water). We buy our fish from Alaska and actually purchase a third of a grass-fed cow from Montana every year. Leidy spends a lot of time prepares the meals for the family and donating time at the church to help less fortunate women.  


CEOCFO: Your flagship products are based on Kaatsu training. Would you tell us about Kaatsu training, where it came from and how you became involved with it?

Mr. Weinstein: Kaatsu is two words in Japanese. It is Ka for “additional”, and Atsu for “pressure, so Kaatsu means “additional pressure”. It was developed about fifty years ago In Japan by Dr. Yoshiaki Sato. Dr. Sato comes from a family of doctors but he himself was always interested in being a body builder. Through a series of interesting self-experiments, he came up with the idea that if you could put a band around the proximal part of the upper limbs or the upper part of your legs and thereby modify blood flow. This strategy, done correctly, has proven to generate tremendous health benefits. He aligned with researchers at the University of Tokyo, and through a series of trials and experiments, Kaatsu was born. It is very diverse in its use today. Our top Olympic junior swimmer, we think may be the best swimmer that ever swam for the United States, Michael Andrew, trains with Kaatsu every day. He broke the world record in the butterfly last year and he basically did that by using Kaatsu before and after he got in the pool. It is used by many professional athletes and Olympians.

Many professional teams’ trainers’ use Kaatsu to speed up injury recovery as well as enhance performance. The Navy Seals travel with it. One of our advisors was in charge of Special Forces acquisition of technology and he was the one who selected Kaatsu for use by the Special Forces. In Japan, at the University of Tokyo there are six hundred people in the hospital who get treated every day with Kaatsu because you can be using it even when you are prone on your back. It is used for people who have lost use of their legs, and it is used for people with dementia because it increased blood-flow to the brain. I believe our Python Protocol -a combination of our new functional supplement, BloodFX and Kaatsu will help both Athletes achieve peak performance and assist everyday people to rejuvenate their circulatory system. The protocol is science based. This is not like people who put on tourniquets and work-out. These are pneumatic bands that are pressure filled to a certain degree that is perfect for your body based upon your blood-flow. It allows blood to flow into your extremities and but slows the venous return. This causes both vasodilation and a large release of growth hormone. It works systemically. The first thing it does is reduce blood-pressure and it lasts throughout the day. The second thing that it does is increase the production of nitric oxide, which brings back the flexibility in your vascular system. As people age, the production of nitric oxide (a gas signaling molecule) declines and concurrently plaque builds-up hardening of the arteries. Kaatsu can rejuvenate the blood vessels. It is like doing a weight workout for your circulatory system. Nitric oxide production increases as does oxygen delivery to the tissues. This is very important for the brain. Increasing nitric oxide production is important for those suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia. It opens up of the blood vessels in the brain, allows for nutrients to be delivered to the cells and carries away the toxic waste. This is a huge win for people. Nitric oxide is the first key.

Whether you are an elite athlete or an ageing person, after the age of twenty-five, your production of growth hormone starts to diminish. The growth hormone is made in the pituitary gland in the brain and is responsible for muscle repair and growth.  Kaatsu tricks the brain into thinking you are injured by trapping lactic acid in the muscles during the venous return to the heart. In other words, Kaatsu allows your blood-flow into the extremities and slows the return. That trapped lactic acid signals to the brain that there is an injury so let’s fix it. The pituitary begins to generate human growth hormone which basically builds muscle and burns fat. Muscle wasting is associated with ageing and can be reversed by increasing in human growth hormone. Many wealthy get expensive injections of human growth hormone. It is our view that it is better to retrain the body to make it.

I looked at hundreds of products during my thirty-five years of investment banking, and landed on a few that I thought were heads and shoulders above everything else. Kaatsu is one of them. It increases human growth hormone, nitric oxide, testosterone and in early studies appears to increase stem cell production as well.  While exercising doing light aerobic exercise or jogging you engage one kind of muscle in your body called slow-twitch muscle. Sprinters and power athletes use fast twitch fast-twitch muscle. Fast twitch muscles do not require oxygen but slow-twitch does. Unless you are an elite athlete, normally what happens is people do not engage their fast-twitch muscles and they begin atrophy as they age. When you do Kaatsu it limits oxygen to the muscles during the workout. That tricks the body into engaging fast-twitch and slow-twitch simultaneously. This is why peoples’ muscles begin to grow. We developed a new, what I think is a break-through functional supplement, BloodFX, to consumer 45 minutes before any exercise that they do, but certainly before Kaatsu. Synergistically it increases nitric oxide and helps remove plaque from inside the circulatory system and it assists the body in preventing cholesterol from oxidizing. Combining BloodFX with Kaatsu may not be the fountain of youth, but it is certainly a step in the right direction. We call this the Python Protocol.


CEOCFO: Does Kaatsu require exercise to receive a benefit from it?

Mr. Weinstein: It does not require exercise. If you do it with exercise, you get a huge benefit, but let’s say someone has been in a car accident and laid up in the hospital, there is a program called the Cycle Program where you simply slide the pneumatic bands around the upper limbs and the program squeezes for twenty seconds and releases for five seconds while you are just resting there. The good news is that the physiological benefits you get mimic exercise, without the person having to exercise. There was a case of a paraplegic that had no feeling in her legs, and there have been many cases like this, in twenty years after a car accident she is got feeling back in her legs. The challenge with that there currently are no clinical double-blind studies on the effectiveness of injury recovery with Kaatsu but we have many of people that have self-reported getting better. There is clinical data that shows Kaatsu increases human growth hormone. There is also clinical data on increased muscle size and a lot of physiological effects. There are some exciting studies underway and there should be some exciting results announced later this year.  


CEOCFO: Can these principles be applied to people with neurological disorders?

Mr. Weinstein: There is a lot of research under way. In regenerative medicine there may be some types of growth factors and stem cells that could be injected into the nervous system to reduce the shaking that goes with Alzheimer’s and dementia, which is called bradykinesia.


CEOCFO: Do your products require a professional health practitioner or person trainer to use them or can anyone use them for example, at home?

Mr. Weinstein: We have different versions of the product. There is a training version of Kaatsu and a professional version as well. When we are talking about the Navy Seals, sports teams or practitioners, we have the ability to do far greater measurements on blood-flow, which is what you want to do when you are treating somebody for an ailment. The supplement BloodFX will be sold both through doctors and on our web site.


CEOCFO: Would you tell us about your other products such as Live02, and what people would be looking to achieve with them?

Mr. Weinstein: Live02 is sort of every man’s version of a bariatric chamber. What it does is super-saturate the body with oxygen. It combines an oxygen concentrator and a breathable mask that you use while riding a bicycle. Let’s say you have an injury in your upper body. When exercising with oxygen therapy you super-saturate the body with oxygen. If you take BloodFX prior to LivO2, what happens is that blood vessels dilate, facilitating nutrients and oxygen delivery to the entire body and removal of waste. This is very synergistic Kaatsu. It also has a function for altitude training. This actually puts you into a hypoxic state opening up the blood vessels up so that when you switch back to the supersaturating oxygen mode the body is bathed in oxygen.

There is something on my website that I do not talk a lot about, which is red-light therapy named Joovv. It is becoming very popular in the community that I am in. What makes it interesting is it restores collagen and testosterone, significantly. We are entering a period of time where photo-biomodulation or light therapy is getting a lot of attention. If go walk on the beach at sunrise which is what I do every day, that early morning light triggers your body to know that it is awake. This is the natural circadian rhythm that urban living has obliterated. The blue light at sunrise as well as household light stops melatonin production in your brain. This is good in the morning but hinders sleep at night. There are a lot of positive benefits from light therapy. The problem most people have is that they are not outside. We are in an age where people are inside all the time. The Joovv is a way that people, especially those that do not live in Florida and have access to sunlight all the time, can get a lot of the benefits simply by flipping on the light. It does increase testosterone production dramatically. So going back to what I said about Kaatsu and human growth hormone, Joovv light really increases testosterone. If a man is over forty and he is got a decline in libido, a decline in testosterone and human growth hormone, simply these two devices coupled with some of our synergistic supplements, can bring the body back to where it needs to be without injecting.


CEOCFO: How are people finding out about LifeForceIQ? Do you attend conferences? Do you use social media, as well as some of the more traditional forms of consumer outreach such as infomercials and Adword advertising?

Mr. Weinstein: We have not done any outreach to date, it has all been word-of-mouth sales and conferences but that is going to change in the next ninety to one hundred days. The first speaking engagement I will be doing will be on April 27 at the PaleoFX_Conference in Austin, Texas at 10 am. Leidy and I will be unveiling the “Python Protocol” at that conference, which is a combination of Kaatsu and our BloodFX. We will have a booth where we will demonstrating the protocol for the three day event as well.

My sister Diane just left her job at Stanford Healthcare in California, and joined as my Chief Strategy Officer, last week. She is a senior executive coming from a high-powered position and she has come onboard with one purpose in mind and that is basically, living her purpose. She and I are 100% aligned. My other sister is a doctor and she is now just a casual advisor but together we are going to start with the social media marketing. Our website is being redesigned and we expect the second half of the year will be a good coming out time for LifeforceIQ.


CEOCFO: Would you tell us about the manufacturing of your products? Where are they manufactured and what are the standards?

Mr. Weinstein: We have recently decided to use a company called RFI Ingredients, on New York, as our manufacturer. We felt that after scrutinizing different companies far RFI was the best fit for us. They are a CGMP facility. They are Organic Certified, Halal Certified. They are not GMO and they are the best of breed in the organic and natural supplement area. They are not the cheapest, but we felt they were up to our standards. How we got to them was through Tap Root’s CEO and the formulator of BloodFX, Dr. Risa Schulman. She is a PhD from Rutgers in Plant Biology, and she was named one of the nine “Wonder Woman” of the natural industry a few years ago. I went to her with our quest: to knock-off one-by-one the major causes of ageing and death in the United States with “functional” supplements starting with the leading cause of mortality, cardiovascular disease. We were dissatisfied with the products that are on the market. Although my product Blood is a great product, and I use it every day, it is not what I call a comprehensive product. What I mean by that is the goal would be to bring back the elasticity in the blood vessels of youth, to prevent LDL cholesterol from oxidizing, which is the beginning of inflammation and the beginning of plaque formation. Next the product needs to scavenge calcium from inside the arteries and hopefully redirect it back into the bones. Together Risa and I sat down and designed BloodFX, which does all the things I just mentioned. It basically stimulates nitric oxide in the gut and inside your blood vessels. It inhibits LDL cholesterol from oxidizing and causing inflammation, and scavenges calcium from inside your arteries and helps redeposit it into the bones. After using the Python protocol -BloodFX and Kaatsu- for six weeks my blood-pressure dropped from 145 over 115, with two medications, to 118 over 75 with no medications.


CEOCFO: What is your geographic reach today and how will it look a year from now?

Mr. Weinstein: Today, it is the USA. We are in the process of selecting a site for a premiere luxury wellness resort, which will embody all the principles of LifeForce. We will be training people, allowing them to detox from electromagnetic pollution like 5G Networks, as well as light pollution, which is another subject, and essentially send them home as a brand-new person. Right now, we have decided it is going to be in Costa Rica. When we open that resort in 2022, our intention is to open up our market to all of Europe and South America in addition to the USA because our guests will definitely be from all over the world.


CEOCFO: Are you interested in bringing on investors at this time?

Mr. Weinstein: We are not looking for investors right now. We are self-funded, but may look for funding in the future.


CEOCFO: In closing, why is LifeForceIQ an important company? How will you change the way we approach health and wellness?

Mr. Weinstein: It comes from going back to what I said in the beginning, we view ourselves as pioneers in the self-care movement. We need to move people to self-care and personalized wellness and leave hospitals for acute problems like car accidents. We need to design personalized nutrition and treat the cause of the disease and to cease relying  on prescription medicines that are suppress symptoms. We are pioneers in self-care. I would close with the thought that the first letter in the word “illness,” is I. The first two letters in the word “wellness”, is WE. We are in the business of building a community of people to take control of their health, longevity and performance with self-care.



“We are pioneers in self-care. I would close with the thought that the first letter in the word “illness,” is I. The first two letters in the word “wellness”, is WE. We are in the business of building a community of people to take control of their health, longevity and performance with self-care.”- David Weinstein





David Weinstein



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