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April 30, 2018 Issue



Having built the Facilities and added the Infrastructure, Jesse Garant Metrology Center is now positioned to provide Higher Volumes of Specialized Parts Inspection for the Aerospace and Automobile Industries using CT Scanning, Industrial X-ray and 3D Internal Inspection



Jesse Garant



Jesse Garant Metrology Center



Jesse Garant



Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published Ė April 30, 2018


CEOCFO: Mr. Garant, it has been a few years since we introduced our readers to the Jesse Garant Metrology Center. What is your focus today?

Mr. Garant: We have been moving from a small based inspection lab into tackling higher volumes for our clients and their routine inspection needs.


CEOCFO: Why is this the time for growth?

Mr. Garant: It is the time for growth now because we have essentially laid the foundation of the company for moving in a larger direction for bigger clients. We have built the facilities, added the infrastructure and equipment and just have gotten to that particular stage to move to higher level sales.


CEOCFO: Would you tell us the range of services you offer?

Mr. Garant: Currently we offer industrial CT scanning as our primary offering where we are proving 3D internal inspection for our clients and our secondary services include industrial x-ray and 3D scanning.


CEOCFO: Would you explain how that works?

Mr. Garant: With our primary offering for CT, most of our clients come to us from a failure investigation standpoint where they are looking to identify internal failures or the root cause of failure in their product. As the industry grows, there becomes a greater acceptance of our technology. We are moving into preproduction validation for parts, which would be for internal features and dimensional control. We also move into a production environment where some of our clients have value parts and are looking for 100% inspection.


CEOCFO: What can you pick up on a CT scan?

Mr. Garant: We pick up a physical internal difference between the part itself in either air or a dissimilar material. Once we have identified those variations for those boundary lines we can start to analyze that product itself.


CEOCFO: Once you do the scan, is it clear what is next or is there a human element in evaluation?

Mr. Garant: There is definitely a human element in that process. What we end up doing is identifying clientís objective at the onset of the project. After the scanning we then analyze the project and pair that analysis with a couple different options we have for visualization for dimensional control and then we are reporting that back to the client for their use and interpretation on their side so they can work within their company or with their suppliers.


CEOCFO: Are most potential customers using CT scanning or recognizing the potential or is there still some education to be done?

Mr. Garant: In North America CT is still in a learning stage where at least 50% of our customers are new to the technology, and 50% are aware of the technology. The 50% that are aware of the technology are still mostly using it for a failure investigation compared to a proactive approach.


CEOCFO: Why is it taking so long for people to adopt the technology?

Mr. Garant: When I look at the European model it seems to be more of a learn-it-all approach. Sometimes when I look at the North American model it does not seem to follow those guidelines and many people are slow to react. I am not sure why but it is not as fast. Especially from a technological standpoint, I think that Europe is picking up some of the newer technologies faster than the North American market.


CEOCFO: Are there particular industries that are more receptive?

Mr. Garant: It has been pretty consistent across the board. We have been noticing that aerospace is a bit more upfront and knowledgeable about the process. I think there is a larger research budget and aerospace is definitely picking it up more than letís say automotive manufacturers.


CEOCFO: Do people send equipment to you or do you go to the locations?

Mr. Garant: Everything is done at our facilities so we are a lab based company where a product comes to us for internal inspection. CT machines are not portable; our systems start at 600 lbs. and go all the way up to 2 million lbs.


CEOCFO: Jesse Garant Metrology Center attends many tradeshows, how do you standout?

Mr. Garant: We stand out through a strong brand presence at the shows that has been developed by years of research and refinement.


CEOCFO: When companies turn to you are they ready to engage or are they sometimes coming just to make a casual inquiry? Are you able to tell who to pursue as a customer?

Mr. Garant: Yes we can identify who we are going to pursue. I have always gone under the assumption that even if a client comes to us with a smaller project there is always the potential to grow within different avenues of that client. Therefore, we take all of our clients very seriously, even if the project is very small or the spend is very small. We work through an educational process to grow those clients over the years.


CEOCFO: Do clients understand that this will save them money down the road?

Mr. Garant: As clients grow within the technology and become aware of the benefits, they are able to flourish and benefit on the multiple factor scale for both time savings and cost.


CEOCFO: What might you find and provide to a client that can make a difference?

Mr. Garant: Letís say a client is looking to identify porosity within the part itself, from that porosity they are just looking to identify on the general level of is there a void in the part. We would then be able to complete that analysis fairly easily for the client. We go further to identify regions of interest that have pores, we can identify pores by volumetric size, we can then create different threshold environments on that volumetric pore and then start to categorize them. We can then identify the specific cross section that are seen in those areas and then they can turn that back into maximum pore size on given stress locations. Therefore, we can take a simple process and really stretch it out so that it will further benefit the client.

CEOCFO: How do you keep up with new parts, equipment and technologies to facilitate the best results possible from a CT scan?

Mr. Garant: It has been a continuous investment into the company because not only do we acquire products and systems, we also develop our own systems as well. What I mean by that is, on the micro focus side you can buy them more as a commodity item, even though they are several hundred thousand dollars or a million dollars per piece, but these systems can be easily customized from a manufacturer to provide a turnkey solution relative to a specific part density and size. For the bigger ones we are actually developing our own technologies because there isnít a technology available for the high-energy equipment that can scan parts quickly. It has been difficult to seek out new technology and develop our own when we are pushing the limit as a market leader ourselves in the service area. A lot of times when we are searching for information we are still stumbling upon our own information that we are putting out there as well. We have noticed that research done at the university level more on the physics side and engineering side has helped in our recent research to find some of those studies through web searches or platforms that we currently subscribe to on a membership basis.


CEOCFO: Would you tell us about your lab facilities?

Mr. Garant: Right now we have three facilities. We have one facility in Michigan and two facilities in Ontario. The bulk of our facilities are in Windsor, Ontario where we operate 30,000 square ft. of combined engineering/office lab space and warehousing as well.


CEOCFO: Is it enough for now?

Mr. Garant: For now, yes. We set it up for growth and we have about two or three years of room to grow before we have to add on additional room at our locations.


CEOCFO:  What surprised you along the way to being a top growth leader?

Mr. Garant: The amount of clients that actually went out and bought their own machine, compared to using us as a service base. What I mean by that is when you look at the maximum throughput of a particular piece of equipment, before you buy something you are going to want to make sure that you are going to utilize it on a regular basis. I thought many more clients would use us as a service base until they ramped up for enough volume to buy equipment for their own place, where a lot of clients as opposed to ramping up they just dabbled in the technology and then went out and invested in million-dollar pieces of equipment and set up an infrastructure for an in-house facility. I did not see that amount of spend coming that quickly without actually first ramping up in the technology.


CEOCFO: Why use Jesse Garant Metrology Center?

Mr. Garant: We are a one-stop shop for Industrial CT scanning inspection services. There are many small labs out there that have one piece of equipment, whereas right now we have multiple CT systems that are different sizes, energies and configurations. We set up the internal processes, the systems, the facilities to handle parts of different sizes as well as handling volumes for products as well. In addition, 50% of what we do is a metrology basis inspection, which is a whole different add-on to the company that we offer with our CT systems.



ďAs clients grow within the technology and become aware of the benefits, they are able to flourish and benefit on the multiple factor scale for both time savings and cost.Ē- Jesse Garant


Jesse Garant Metrology Center



Jesse Garant


Jesse Garant Metrology Center

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