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With Two Gold Properties, One Based In Abitibi And The Other In Temiscamingue, Both Near Val-d’Or And Being Past Producing Gold Mines With Shafts, Exploration Aurtois Inc. Is Well Positioned To Take Them Into Production

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Resources - Gold
About: Exploration Aurtois Inc. (EXA-TSXV)

1237 3rd Avenue
Val-d’Or, Quebec J9P 6C3
Phone: 819-874-2115


Exploration Aurtois Inc. operates as a mineral exploration company and owns two mining properties located in Abitibi and Temiscamingue. The company was formerly known as Ressources Aurtois Inc. and changed its name to Exploration Aurtois Inc. in July 2010 after a Qualifying transaction with a capital pool company named Communications DVR Inc. The company is based in Val-d'Or, Canada.

Mario Bisson
Chief Executive Officer

Since May 2008, Mario Bisson serves as President of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Ressources Aurtois Inc. and has been Director and President of Exploration Aurtois Inc. since July 2010.

Interview conducted by: Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor
CEOCFOinterviews.com, Published – December 10, 2010


CEOCFO: Mr. Bisson, what is the main focus of Exploration Aurtois today?

Mr. Bisson: The main focus of the company is to finish the Phase I and II of both company’ gold properties to eventually go into production.


CEOCFO: Would you tell us about your properties and what attracted you?

Mr. Bisson: Exploration Aurtois owns two gold properties, one based in Abitibi, near Val-d’Or in Tavernier Township named Stella and the other property is based in Temiscamingue and it is called Belleterre Extreme Est Township, near Ville-Marie. Both of those two properties already have at least one shaft, because in the past there was a gold mine there.


CEOCFO: Do you own the properties 100% or do you have any partnerships there?

Mr. Bisson: Yes, the company owns the properties 100%.


CEOCFO: What is happening on the ground today?

Mr. Bisson: Phase I in the property Belleterre Extreme Est is finished, and they are waiting for the laboratory results. The company already has the results for one hole that was drilled and the results were published in the press release dated November 22nd. Actually, the company awaits the results of another 20 holes. For the property Stella, the company is already engaged in work to complete the Phase I of the property, which will begin in January.


CEOCFO: Aurtois has a very rigorous quality control program; would you tell us about that?

Mr. Bisson: The person who is in charge of the quality is the Dr. of geology Mr. Ghislain Tourigny. He is a PhD in geology, and is highly qualified.


CEOCFO: What is the financial picture like today for the company?

Mr. Bisson: The financial picture is good. The company has enough money to finish the first step for exploration of our Belleterre Extreme property. However, the company does not have all the money to finish the first step of the second property, which is Stella. We have money, but not enough. So the company is embarking on a new IPO to complete all of the exploration work.


CEOCFO: In closing, why should investors pay attention to Exploration Aurtois and why do you stand out from the crowd?

Mr. Bisson: The company is a new junior exploration company that doesn’t have a lot of stockholders; just a few. The good quality of gold is a very important fact; which is in the press release dated November 22nd, so it is important. The company already has a lot of projects for future expansion and the ultimate goal is to have a producing mine projection on our property. Finally, I would like to thank all of the shareholders of Val-d’Or because they believed in the company since the beginning. I would also like to thank the law firm Cain Lamarre Casgrain Wells, which is based in Val-d’Or, for the work that they did and their support for Exploration Aurtois.


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It was a tough eighteen months in 2009 into 2010, but we are looking for good things now. We are excited especially about going back into our zinc project and getting to work again. We are also drilling our gold project and expect results later this year. - Thomas J. Findley

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