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Attune RTD a premier provider of Energy Conservation Equipment, is proud to announce it has signed a "Letter of Intent" with DCC Companies, Inc. to negotiate terms and conditions for the installation services of the BrioWave 175pô Smart Energy Management Control System.

DCC Companies, Inc. is a General, Electrical and Plumbing Contractor company with over six (6) years of experience serving the multi-family residential housing industry throughout the Southwest with over $72,000,000.00 in revenues

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About Attune RTD (AURT-OTC: BB)

3700 B Tachevah Drive, Suite 117
Palm Springs, CA 92262-7404

Phone: 760-323-0233

Attune RTD is an environmentally friendly, green thinking; value oriented socially responsible company that provides innovative solutions for consumers that eliminate inefficiencies, resulting in reduced energy consumption that we hope will translate to a reduction in demand for domestic and foreign energy requirements, while generating a profit.

Shawn Davis
Chief Executive Officer

A licensed electrical contractor in the state of California and business graduate of Azusa Pacific University, Shawn Davis brings a multi-disciplinary mindset to his leadership of Attune | RTD. For well over a decade Shawn has pursued an ever-expanding career leading the engineering and design of lighting, electrical, pool and motor controls for both commercial and residential applications. Developing solutions for a broad array of clients has brought Shawn his present standing as chairman of one of the nation's leading innovators in maximizing the efficiency of existing mechanical systems.

Thomas Scott Bianco
CFO & Controller

A seasoned, results-driven management professional with over 20 yearsí experience, Thomas offers considerable expertise in managing business operations in highly competitive markets. With an MBA from Colorado State University, Thomas speaks the language of excellence to team members at every level of the organization. A tested, proven leader in business, trade and civic groups, Thomas is an effective communicator, visionary planner and strategic thinker, and consistently delivers where it matters mostóat the bottom line.

Interview conducted by: Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor
CEOCFOinterviews.com, Published Ė October 1, 2010


CEOCFO: Mr. Davis, what is the vision and focus of the company?

Mr. Davis: Attune RTD is driven to make existing technologies work together, and if there is not an existing technology available, we will develop the technology. The vision of this current technology, the BrioWave 175 is for a scalable interoperable platform that is intended to be an essential part of the smart grid infrastructure to bring increased functionality and support for new customer focused applications now and into the future in one device. BrioWave 175pô technology is designed to enhance the smart grid infrastructure from generation to distribution through a network of smart grid connected devices on residential homes that consume energy, deliver real time utility specific actionable information and consumer savings while seamlessly integrating into legacy grid systems to offer substantial immediate savings for consumers and utility providers alike.

Mr. Bianco: Our flagship product, the BrioWave 175p offers built in two way wireless communications, increased demand side management and demand response for utilities, an ability to track and manage energy consumption through its proprietary technology linked to a powerful Graphical User Interface (GUI) and systems redundancy through its ZigBee and stand alone WI-FI modules that allows consumers to save as much as 39% and in many cases even more than that. The companies vision is to develop new technologies that make existing technologies function in a more efficient and effective manner.


CEOCFO: What actually happens with this product; what does it do?

Mr. Davis: The product takes into consideration the big picture from the electrical generation side to the utility side and on down the line to the consumer where the energy ends up. It is also built scaleable. So there are going to be some other things that we do with some other patents that tie into the first flagship product. Our devise looks at pressures in the pool filtration system, the ambient air temperature, or the water temperatures, and it is gathering this information to more intelligently determine what it actually needs for run-time. It is not a static timer.


Mr. Bianco: This is a scalable inter-operable platform that was intended to be an essential part of a Smart Grid infrastructure. So we are in a position with this technology to provide tens of millions of dollars of savings to the utility side and 39% or more worth of savings on the consumer side. Additionally, the technology increases functionality and support for new customer focused applications now and in the future in just one device.


CEOCFO: Where does the device get installed?

Mr. Bianco: The device is installed typically outdoors next to the pool equipment. It sits outside on the side of the house and it basically functions as a router that is always on, receiving and passing information upstream and downstream through the Smart Meter, or over the network. This technology has logic built in that allows it to interact with the residential HVAC unit to perform certain functions. With its Graphical User Interface, the technology has the ability to interact with the consumer to track savings, receive important alerts and other value added functionality.


CEOCFO: How will you be marketing this, and to whom?

Mr. Bianco: We have one strategy that addresses those retail utility providers in de-regulated markets and another strategy that addresses consumers in regulated markets. We have great marketing, key relationships with large organizations, some of which have a direct investment in the company. In de-regulated markets the technology will be marketed by the utility in collaboration with Attune. We are currently engaged in negotiations with a major retail electricity provider, and because the device makes good economic sense, they are planning to buy it directly from us, and give it to their customer. In regulated markets, we intend to drive sales through a direct marketing approach and have a tactical plan that we feel creates the awareness and type of positioning that will result in long term sales in line with our strategic plan. We are currently working with major utility providers right now and continue to fine tune and make adjustments to this message as necessary.

Mr. Davis: We are not at liberty right now to talk about some of the contracts that we have in place. We currently have a pilot program established with a major utility.


CEOCFO: Are there similar products on the market today?

Mr. Davis: To the best of our knowledge, there is no other competing product that communicates or networks the two largest energy consuming devices in the household, the pool pump and the HVAC unit. We offer a unit that looks at what is happening with both of them and making decisions on what it might do to alleviate demand. The confidence that we have with that is obviously the contract we have in place, the pilot program, and our discussions with some of these utilities; as no one has approached them with this concept. There have been other ways to try and alleviate demand on energy such as florescent light bulbs and now LEDís. With pool pumps you have variable speed motors that are costly and there is always a flip side to every coin. What you gain in energy savings you might lose in pool cleaning value and appearance by ramping down the motor. What we have is very unique to our knowledge and to the knowledge of the utility that we are working with, and there is nobody out there approaching the problem in the same manner that we are.

Mr. Bianco: BrioWave technology is a low cost right now solution to a very complex problem, so our technology helps on the distribution and the generation side. We found there is a tremendous need in the market place and we are discovering this through our relationships with these major utility providers that we are working with, and are unaware of any competing products that network these two residential loads.


CEOCFO: What is your revenue model?

Mr. Bianco: We are looking at a market that consists of over 86 million households that have central air, and over ten million households that have a permanent type of pool. We are talking markets in excess of potentially $50 to $100 million a year. Attune is currently generating some revenue through an agreement with a major utility provider, but we feel that by 3rd quarter of 2011 Attune should be well positioned to drive revenue organically in California and then to neighboring states such as Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and so on up east. The European market looks much like the US market though set up a little bit differently. There is a tremendous opportunity in the market for this first product that we are preparing to launch, the focus is to establish ourselves at home and then grow into the European, Asian and Canadian markets.


CEOCFO: Would it be purchased by the consumer or the utility?

Mr. Bianco: You have deregulated and regulated markets, so the marketing strategy is a little bit different in each market.

Mr. Davis: Tommy is talking about the utility market, and obviously, there is a big gain for the utilities. So we are speaking with utilities and we are also talking about marketing and selling to whoever sells pool products.

Mr. Bianco: We currently have two marketing plans in place that we have developed in collaboration with our marketing partner USFI Marketing Communications, so we are well prepared for launch.


CEOCFO: What is the financial picture for Attune RTD today?

Mr. Bianco: Right now we are in the process of ramping up operations. We have a beta test that is ongoing and we are consuming cash, but we are raising and satisfying those needs through private placements currently. We have no commercial debt, some affiliate and non affiliate debt on the balance sheet, but very little to speak of. Attune RTD is producing some revenue right now as we have said through a pilot program, but we are projecting substantial revenue in sales to begin sometime in the 3rd Quarter of 2011. We have the ability to gain a greater share of pocket through a portal on the GUI that allows for third party content, and the Graphical User Interface requires an annual license. We have what we feel is a great capital structure.  Attune RTD is authorized for 59,000,000 shares of common stock with approximately 25,000,000 million shares issued and outstanding at the current time and approximately 70% of those shares are officer owned.

CEOCFO: How have you protected your product and what is the barrier for entry?

Mr. Davis: We have a patent on product one and about three other patents pending for some different variations of the product. Greenburg Traurig is our patent attorneys. They are a big organization, so everything we are doing with the company we are making sure that we are legally protected to the best of our ability.


Mr. Bianco: We feel some barriers to entry are the high costs involved in having to develop it.  So from one perspective, a barrier to entry is that it is cost prohibitive, the technology is patented so it is protected and another barrier to entry is that your key relationships take time to develop within the utility industry. Attune RTD spent about two years developing the one relationship we have, and so far at least another year with the other utility we have been working with. Another barrier to entry is that it requires certain strict tests that the technology must undergo. We have FCC testing, functional testing, beta testing, upstream and downstream communications over the network etc. CSA/UL testing. So it is very cost and time prohibitive for some as well as having what we feel will be first to market advantage. You are looking at a process that would typically take a well capitalized company at least a year or a year and a half before they would be in a position to offer an alternative solution in my opinion, and maybe they enter the market with something that resembles more of a follow me approach.

Mr. Davis: Our product crosses two of the major appliance barriers, pool pumps and HVAC units, and there has been nobody to our knowledge that has done this. It is the uniqueness of our product.

Mr. Bianco: And to do that with a robust solution at low-cost that handles all those activities is very difficult to do.


CEOCFO: Have you reached out to the investment community, or do you plan on doing so?

Mr. Bianco: We are reaching out now to the investment community. We have started to ramp up operations, so we are in the process of doing that. We have had a tremendous amount of interest from some commercial investors and from the investment community just from the press releases that the company has issued.

CEOCFO: Why should potential investors pick Attune RTD out of the crowd?

Mr. Bianco: This is a company that over the past three years has taken a very complex problem and produced a very logical solution that is low-cost and addresses an immediate problem in the utility industry for power generation. This is not a one product company, and we have other solutions in the pipeline to follow up with. So we provide a solution that helps on the generation side and on the demand side. Investors would be interested because we have very little equity that is out there, we have approximately 25,000,000 shares that are issued and outstanding, of which about 70% is officer owned, that shows confidence. The company has no commercial debt, some affiliate and non affiliate debt and the company is well positioned with key relationships, it is in the process now of ramping up operations and the breadth and depth of the market is quite attractive. We have strategic partnerships with manufacturers and we are in the process of identifying channel partners as we speak. The BrioWave technology is also a scalable platform and has a long lifecycle. Attune has the potential to drive revenue through unit sales and then through the annual license of the Graphical User Interface that helps consumers save and track savings and provides even more added value functionality. So we see a tremendous amount of growth over the next decade in this sector, a tremendous amount of money coming from the government sector to capitalize these startup companies that are able to produce solutions that address demand issues that help utilities and upgrade a power structure that desperately needs it. Typically the long run average growth rate in a normal growing economy is about 1.5% to 2%, but what we have seen over the past several years, is that growth rate explode to as high as 6%. This is a problem that will never go away, as there is always going to be growth, homebuilding, and power generation that needs to keep pace with this over time. Therefore, the US right now is in a position to take what I will call an antiquated grid system that is basically outdated and make it more efficient, and Attune RTD has a product and place in that future for a long time to come!

Mr. Davis: The market that we are in is a good market to be in; the utilities and the energy market. This is because a decision has been made at this point to pursue other ways instead of investing in a tremendous amount of new electrical energy plants and systems.


CEOCFO: Final thoughts, what should people remember most when they read the Attune RTD story?

Mr. Bianco: Shawn pioneered this technology about 4 years ago, so it is a colorful and successful story. It has come a long way over the past three and a half years. The greatest take-away is that Attune RTD is developing solutions for consumers, and we are always listening to what our customers or potential customers are saying, not developing products or solutions for a market that we see from the inside and then manufacture something to try and sell or make fit. Attune is a company of innovative thinkers. As far as an investment goes, we think we are in a very profitable and growing market, so it is very attractive. Over the past three and a half or four years, we have come a long way. We have a successful and exciting story and people are now starting to take notice and listen to that story, so we are starting to get traction in the market place.


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The vision of this current technology, the BrioWave 175 is for a scalable interoperable platform that is intended to be an essential part of the smart grid infrastructure to bring increased functionality and support for new customer focused applications now and into the future in one device. BrioWave 175pô technology is designed to enhance the smart grid infrastructure from generation to distribution through a network of smart grid connected devices on residential homes that consume energy, deliver real time utility specific actionable information and consumer savings while seamlessly integrating into legacy grid systems to offer substantial immediate savings for consumers and utility providers alike. - Shawn Davis

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