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February 19, 2018 Issue



Better living through synergy



Dr. Mark Holterman



The Mariam Life


Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – February 19, 2018


CEOCFO:  What is The Mariam Life? 

Dr. Mark Holterman:   Our mission is to raise the standard of living for the citizens of the world.  Mariam is the muslim name for Mary the mother of Jesus, a Jewish woman who is revered around the world as a symbol of wisdom, maternal love and devoted service.   The well being of our children is a common goal of parents throughout the world.  We should work together for a better Life for all of God’s children.


CEOCFO:  What led you to this venture? A series of small steps? An epiphany one morning?

Dr. Mark Holterman:  My original concept was to synergize the skill sets of scientists, physicians and business people to find and develop the next great things in biotechnology to advance clinical medicine.  I was then introduced to non-medical technologies that supported two other pillars of a better life: Habitat (food, clothing, shelter) and financial Means.


CEOCFO:  How do you make “an impact and a profit” at Mariam Life?

Dr. Mark Holterman:  Impact is made with helping a great new technology get to the market.  We help the innovator by supplying additional bandwidth.  We locate financing and provide business support.  Hopefully, this added value will help flatten the development curve and bring the solutions to help our fellow citizens sooner.  We convert our support into equity in the maturing company.  We exit when optimal.  We hope and believe that the return on our investment will benefit all and keep us in business.

Investing Capital to address the problems of the world is laudable. Solving a problem and returning a profit is laudable and sustainable. For Mariam Life to be successful it must be sustainable.  


CEOCFO:  What drew you to pediatric medicine and surgery? 

Dr. Mark Holterman:  There was a Providential series of doors opening and course corrections along the way.  I grew up in a large family on a Wisconsin farm and so I was accustomed to hard work and was comfortable working with children and families.

             l decided early on to try for a career in medicine and I thought that I wanted to be a pediatrician.  In medical school, I decided that I would rather be a surgeon.   During my residency I realized that I preferred children’s surgery especially since they are the innocent victims of their disease or malformation.  I love the challenge and reward of fixing a child for a lifetime.


CEOCFO:  How have your experiences over a long career affected your world view?  What stands out?

Dr. Mark Holterman:   Through my clinical practice and through our medical missionary work we have learned that even in the most challenging living conditions, parents of the world love their children and are willing to give all for their health, education and well being.

Humanity will progress if the wise and loving families of the world band together to make a better life for their children.


CEOCFO:  How is Mariam Life structured?

Dr. Mark Holterman:  We start as talent scouts and end as talent agents.   In between, we provide mentorship, coaching and business support.

Mariam Life can only sustain itself if we support viable ventures (GazetteDay).  The science side and the business side come together to properly evaluate new opportunities.

If we decide to go forward we add the company to our investment portfolio.

Impact investors join the Limited Liability Limited Partnership by placing their funds into the umbrella entity managing the portfolio. In addition, investors can then direct most of their investment into one or more of the companies contained within the portfolio.


CEOCFO:  What has changed from concept to reality?

Dr. Mark Holterman:  I was originally interested in supporting the great ideas of my colleagues. Once the word got out that I was willing to help entrepreneurs with their startups, people started to contact me.  I quickly learned that many innovators are not experienced in the way of business. Looking into the challenges of advancing biotechnology it became apparent that, even after achieving proof of concept, many good ideas are “dying on the vine”.  These companies have exhausted their seed funds, find themselves too risky for venture capital, too early for Big Pharma, or in need of funds for a proper clinical trial.  To help these businesses we have increased our business team to include successful experienced financiers, attorneys and former CEOs and COOs.  Recently we have increased the scope of our investment interests to include technology that could advance the way we live, learn and accumulate wealth.


CEOCFO:  What does the next year look like as Impact Innovators at Mariam grows globally? 

Dr. Mark Holterman:  Many pieces of the puzzle are coming together in various regions of the world.  We continue to make in-roads with partnerships in the Middle East, SE Asia and the US.  We continue to develop ways to further mitigate investor risk through a variety of unique vehicles for steady asset growth.


CEOCFO:  What are you surprised we cannot do medically today and what are you surprised we have conquered?

Dr. Mark Holterman:

     Some remaining challenges:

                        We are missing some basic understanding of the pathophysiology in cardiovascular disease.  We should be able to do a better job of preventing the scourge of atherosclerosis (

                        Premature births are a major cause of morbidity and mortality. We should be able to do a better job of preventing premature births.

      Some surprising successes:

                        Despite the amazing complexity of the human brain, the advances that have been made with psychiatric medications have allowed so many to lead productive lives.

                        Treating sickle cell disease with bone marrow transplantation is a cure for an awful disease.


                        Advances in anti-rejection medications have made organ transplantation almost routine.


CEOCFO:  What is next for you?

Dr. Mark Holterman: Mariam’s portfolio is full of opportunities and short on capital.  We have completed our business team and infrastructure and are approaching additional Investors who want to do well while doing good.


“Our mission is to raise the standard of living for the citizens of the world.”
- Dr. Mark Holterman


The Mariam Life



Dr. Mark J. Holterman


Dr. Mark Holterman - The Mariam Life
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