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June 10, 2019 Issue



Delivering 4 essential brain nutrients through the Skin, Alzyn LLC is bringing to market their revolutionary Nutritional Supplement that Protects the Health of Aging Brain Cells



Christos Efessiou

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Alzyn LLC


Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor

CEOCFO Magazine


CEOCFO: Mr. Efessiou, what is the concept behind Alzyn? 

Mr. Efessiou: Alzyn represents a unique alternative to nutritional supplements, and it is specially formulated to maintain the health of aging brain cells. As age advances we all lose either brain cell mass and/or we have inflammation within the cells of the brain. Those two factors have been proven to be among the major contributors to memory loss. Alzyn’s function is to take four common, generally regarded safe nutritional supplements, transform them via a patented process into a liquid form and apply them on the skin.


CEOCFO: Why is that a better approach, other than not wanting to swallow pills?

Mr. Efessiou: There are two major reasons. Firstly, as we age our gut becomes less efficient. There is less acid secreted into the stomach, meaning that all stomach contents requiring acid to dissolve fully, do so only partially or minimally, thus suboptimal quantities of nutrients enter the bloodstream.


Secondly, vitamin B12 (a major component of Alzyn) is not absorbed when ingested. Under the best of circumstances, people will take B12 sublingually (under the tongue) and allow it to dissolve through the tissues in the mouth. That too has certain limitations. The most effective way to administer B12 is by intramuscular injection. In severe cases, such as diabetics with pernicious (vitamin deficiency) anemia, the shot is the only way to go. Applying B12 and other nutrients on the skin for health maintenance becomes the only effective, non-invasive way to deliver them to the blood stream.


CEOCFO: Why does it work through the skin?

Mr. Efessiou: The skin has several layers some of which allow penetration and/or absorption, while others do not. If you were to take the four major components of Alzyn [vitamin B12, melatonin, EGCG (the active ingredient in green tea) and resveratrol] and rub them onto the skin, none of it will be absorbed. Alzyn achieves this with the use of a licensed patented process which allows large molecules to enter the blood stream through the skin. Noteworthy is the fact that Alzyn was discovered by a molecular biologist at Florida State University College of Medicine who published on this subject extensively.


CEOCFO: Are many people taking supplements as a preventative measure for brain health?  Where does it stand in the public and medical consciousness?

Mr. Efessiou: As people age they tend to require more supplements because of multiple reason, including the fact that the gut becomes less efficient or tolerant of the nutrients we typically consume in our food, and this is a key reason why most people over fifty tend to take some kind of nutritional supplement.

Research shows that the number-one health concern of men and women over fifty is memory loss. Our singular focus is memory loss associated with aging. The four major components of Alzyn have been shown to maintain the brain cell mass and reduce inflammation in the aging brain cell. Let me be clear however, that this nutritional supplement is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease; we are simply helping people maintain what they already have. Do people want to take this preventatively? It is a obviously a personal choice but, I am over 50, I am determined to prevent age relate memory loss, and I have been using Alzyn ever since I joined the company.


CEOCFO: Where are you today in the development process?

Mr. Efessiou: We are fully developed. We should be in the market by September 2019. We licensed the product from Florida State University College of Medicine, further developed it with the patented delivery system, and conducted scientific trials to make sure that the product works as desired. It has taken three years to get to this point and we are now working on the finishing touches before we go to market.


CEOCFO: You recently became Chairman and CEO at Alzyn. How are you going to get from now to September; what are the plans that you can share about product launch?

Mr. Efessiou: Yes, I recently became Chairman and CEO, but I have been involved with Alzyn for over a year, initially as an advisor and then as the Chief Marketing Officer, in partnership with Newport LLC, which is advising the company. I say this to underscore the fact that I am not jumping in now trying to figure out what’s what. What remains to be done is truly finishing web-based touches, and quality control and pressure testing of all market-facing processes so that we are confident that people can go to the website, place their order and have the product shipped to them within 24 hours.


CEOCFO: How will you garner attention?

Mr. Efessiou: Clearly, there is no shortage of competition throughout the marketplace and especially in this particular arena. We are going to garner attention in a number of different ways. The most common way would be by being truthful and upfront of what this product does. What nutritionals do is help you maintain health. They do not help you fix something that has already gone wrong. They help you maintain what you already have.


You are unlikely to see us on television; you are unlikely to see us in a drugstore. I am not looking for the consumer who is going to go to a retail store, go down the vitamin and supplement aisle and look for something that works for memory. I am going to a consumer audience that cares about their aging wellness, especially as it applies to maintaining memory throughout the aging process. Because we are looking for the consumer who is self-aware and educated about their own nutritional needs, we feel that our education, information and promotion through digital marketing and social media will be the right fit for this audience.


Furthermore, my professional experience is in this area and I welcome the opportunity not to hard-sell because people appreciate you being upfront, direct and accurate. Educating consumers so they know what this product they are putting onto their skin is going to do, or not do, for them is key. I believe that educating the public is a much better way to go than selling the public.


CEOCFO: Are you seeking funding, partnerships or investments as you move forward?

Mr. Efessiou: Of course, all of it. We are seeking partnerships, we are already in talks to a number of different domestic and international entities, and we are also seeking funding. We are a private fund backed company but obviously as we get closer to market the demands for capital always become larger, not just for us but for any product in any industry. Capital investment is always welcome. As much as capital is welcome, partnerships and licensing opportunities are equally important to us.


CEOCFO: Why does Alzyn standout among so many new products and ideas?

Mr. Efessiou: It is science-based, scientifically tested, and it is the only product of its kind. Alzyn is the research product of Florida State University College of Medicine and developed with a patented formulation which allows us to deliver it through the skin. It is a topical product that works by applying one spray onto the forearm and rubbing it twice before it disappears into the skin. We are going to a target audience of people who are fifty and older, who care about their health and are concerned about age-related memory loss. This gives them two major benefits. Firstly, they get the right nutrients through the skin into the bloodstream and secondly, it does so without having to swallow pills.  Not only they are inconvenient, but most importantly pills lose efficacy when ingested into the aging gut.



“Research shows that the number-one health concern of men and women over fifty is memory loss. Our singular focus is memory loss associated with aging. The four major components of Alzyn have been shown to maintain the brain cell mass and reduce inflammation in the aging brain cell.”
- Christos Efessiou


Alzyn LLC



Chris Efessiou

Office Phone: 727.933.0007

Direct Line: 202.957.5412


Alzyn LLC

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