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February 26, 2010 Issue

The Most Powerful Name In Corporate News and Information

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January 8,

Energy, Basic Materials & Technology

Oil & Gas

MegaWest Energy Corp. (MGWSF-OTC: BB)

MegaWest’s strategy is to exploit these large underexploited reservoirs and we are talking about lots of oil here. There are potentially many billions of barrels of original oil in place; we are talking about billions with a ‘B’ that can be recovered. These are the kinds of resources that MegaWest is looking for. These reservoirs are also shallow, as an example, in the Missouri area, the depth of most of the wells are about 250 feet and MegaWest drills them with a water well rig. Therefore, it is a wonderful, inexpensive way to find large quantities of oil at a very low cost. - Kelly Kerr

December 11,

Technology, Exploration, Oil & Gas, Communications & Mining

Communication Automation

CoroWare, Inc. (COWI-OTC: BB)

CoroWare went through a very difficult time in 2008 and 2009, but especially towards the very beginning of 2009 we got many of the fundamentals right. The summer of 2009 was remarkably difficult, but not just for CoroWare – for the entire economy. It has not been easy by any measure, but we came through it and kept our operating expenses in balance. Therefore, our customers and our investors can see that CoroWare is emerging from this remarkably difficult recession and that we plan to stick around and focus on growing the business. - Lloyd Spencer


Abitex Resources Inc. (ABE-TSXV)

I worked five years in the Otish Mountains back in the early1980’s, so I’ve seen the entire Otish Mountains and all of the uranium showings, but this is by far the most significant outcrop in the Otish Mountains. There is no doubt about it. The quality is there of mineralization and everything else, so we are quite excited about it. The market response to that is that we have had a lot of offers to the company financially as we go along with these projects. So we are very excited about it and that is the reason why the focus is on that, because the uranium market will most likely recover in the course of the next couple of years. So we are going to take advantage of that. - Yves Rougerie

November 13,

Financial, Healthcare, Services, Gold Mining, Basic Materials, Green & Technology

Regional - Pacific Banks

American  Business Bank (AMBZ-OTC: BB)

If you have a bank that is trading a little bit above tangible book while most bank stocks are under, and you have a bank that is growing like crazy and showing record earnings and bringing in class companies and hiring the best talent in town, then I would want to count on them for the next three to five years. It sounds like a heck of a bet. - Donald P. Johnson


October 9,

Healthcare & Entertainment

Medical Devices

ReBuilder Medical Technologies, Inc. (RBRM-OTCPK)
The ReBuilder was approved about three months for Medicare coverage, and about one month ago we as a company were approved as a Medicare provider… About 60% of the people with diabetes will one day develop problems in their feet. When they have numb feet they can get infections and because of the high level of glucose in their bloodstream they tend to heal much more slowly. They can develop ulcers, which ultimately require amputation of their toes and/or feet. So what the ReBuilder does is wake up those nerves. They can now take care of a small cut quickly, so the cut doesn’t have to progress from an infection to gangrene resulting in amputation. Also, when the patient can feel their feet, they move much more reliably, and they are not likely to fall and break their hip. - David B. Phllips


October 2,

Industrial Goods, Utilities, Enabling Technologies, Communications & Financial

Oil and Gas
Oil and Gas Producers

Western Plains Petroleum Ltd. (WPP-TSXV)

“Western Plains Petroleum stands out due to the fact that our primary focus is the shut-in production, which nobody else really focuses on totally. We do have expertise in that area, but we also have gained foothold and expertise on the acquiring minerals and drilling side as well. At this time, we feel we can develop these properties and get the barrels that we want cheaper than drilling and that is primarily our focus.” - David Forrest


September 11, 2009
Clean Technology

Clean Technology
Turbine Truck Engines

Turbine Truck Engines, Inc. (TTEG - OTC: BB)
“Companies like PACCAR and Volvo are looking for new engine technologies to replace the piston engine.  After talking with them recently, they told me specifically that there is no technology out there like our engine.  They told us that if we could get our engine developed, we would have the technology of the future.” - Michael Rouse

July 31, 2009
Financial, Telecommunications & Mining

Business Development

United EcoEnergy Corp. (UEEC-OTC: BB)

“We think that as a BDC we offer a unique opportunity for investors to not just have a potential upside by investing in a company for that company, but the ability to benefit from the portfolio companies that we invest in. We can either spin them out, distribute shares to our shareholders, or we can do a transaction where there is a sale. In addition to that, instead of waiting, which is typically the case for the one, two, three or four years for the young company to mature, we actually are able to bring our investors in where they receive shares of the public entity that owns these portfolio companies. So they have much higher liquidity and I think greater safety and in this market place that is a big issue safety, it has been a huge driver for investors.” - Kelly T. Hickel

Commercial Banking

1st Enterprise Bank (Los Angeles, CA) (FENB-OTC: BB)

“Our philosophy is very disciplined and focused. We stay in our niche, which is providing banking services to small to mid-sized businesses, professional firms and various organizations throughout southern California. It is based upon full relationship banking, not on a transaction-only basis. We take our time in getting to know these businesses, both financially, personally, and managerially. We do a very thorough financial analysis and evaluation of management prior to making a banking proposal or prior to pursuing their business. As such we tend to bank well-established, financially sound companies that can weather economic cycles like the one we are currently experiencing.” - John C. Black

July 17, 2009
Mining, Financial, Business Services, Healthcare & Exploration


KAT Exploration Inc. (KATX-OTCPK)

“Our Handcamp Gold Property is very exciting and of great interest for us to move it forward. It is right in the mining district where there are operating gold mines. So it would be an easy property for us to either farm out or to probably sell outright if we do our own work and bring it to feasibility study to determine what the reserve is.” - Ken Stead

10, 2009
Healthcare, Financial, Basic Materials, Energy & Industrial Goods

Medical Devices

MedaSorb Technologies Corporation (MSBT.OB)

“Severe sepsis, often called ‘overwhelming infection’, afflicts more than 1 million people in the US annually, 18 million people worldwide, and kills 1 in every 3 patients despite the best medical care. More people die of severe sepsis in the US than die from either heart attacks, strokes or any single form of cancer. Severe sepsis is caused by two processes. The first is the infection that can often be treated with antibiotics. The second, and often more devastating, is the body’s abnormal immune response to the infection and the production of massive amounts of cytokines called cytokine storm. Cytokine storm is widely accepted by the medical and research communities as the underlying cause of organ failure and a major contributor of death in severe sepsis. There are currently no FDA approved treatments to specifically reduce cytokine storm.  CytoSorb™, as an efficient cytokine filter, could fill this gap and potentially represents a truly novel “game-changing” advance in the treatment of sepsis.” - Dr. Phillip Chan MD, PhD

Regional - Northeast Banks

Harleysville Savings Financial Corporation (HARL-NASDAQ)

“This economic crisis has rejuvenated community banking. In the past, it was all about glitzier and exciting forms of banking, but Harleysville Savings is a bank with a disciplined banking model and has ‘stayed the course” by maintaining prudent underwriting standards and banking practices.” - Ronald B. Geib

Basic Materials
Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing

InterOil Corporation (IOC-AMEX)

“We brought a West Texas ‘can-do’ attitude, with perseverance and cost competitiveness to an international scene, where previous operators have been complacent. So we are drilling wells at ⅓ to ¼ of cost of competitors. We apply different technologies and utilize existing facilities, and we are getting close to 20-times the volume. We have about a 40 to 60 fold economic advantage on finding and developing costs that will provide us economic leverage in today’s market that others don’t have. When regional competitors are having to shelve projects, our projects are still very robust and that gives us the lift.” - Phil E. Mulacek

3, 2009
Basic Materials, Technology, Healthcare, Consumer Goods, Industrial Products, Mining & Conglomerates

Basic Materials

Cereplast, Inc. (CERP-OTC: BB)

“Cereplast has been successful in two activities: The first activity is clearly design and development of resin and we have been very good at designing and developing resin. Over the past seven years, basically what we have done is created a very strong portfolio of patents. We have about 48 patents that we have developed in-house or in conjunction with universities that we are working with. The second activity consists of taking those resins and creating applications for those resins, making sure they are going to run on traditional equipment, with no investments from the plastic fabricators. We signed a lot of very large companies like Georgia Pacific to the Danone.” - Frederic Scheer

8, 2009

Regional – Pacific Banks

Bank of Marin Bancorp (BMRC-NASDAQ)

“All of the growth for this bank since we started 19 years ago has been organic. We have 12 branch offices; 9 in Marin County, 3 in Sonoma County (Petaluma) and one loan production office, not a full branch, in San Francisco. We have not made any acquisitions in our history. We maintain a culture of serving our communities and giving back to the communities that we serve. Our loan growth was very strong in 2008, and we had 22% loan growth. Credit quality remains good. Fourth quarter wasn’t as good as historical numbers, but we were still very profitable and made $2.5 million in the fourth quarter and for the year over $12 million.” - Russell A. Colombo

March 20, 2009


Nevada Sunrise Gold Corporation (NEV-TSXV)

I believe that these four properties provide an enviable portfolio of gold projects controlling more than 12,000 acres of mining claims and private land in some of the most productive mining districts of Nevada. - William B. Henderson

March 6, 2009

Savings & Loans

Naugatuck Valley Financial Corp. (NVSL-NASDAQ)

“For the next few years it will be capital, capital, capital, and asset quality, asset quality, asset quality. We are facing a couple of challenging years for us and our industry and our customers. At the same time, we are confident in our ability to make our way through the recession and come out stronger. As I said earlier, we are projecting a return to banking the way it was in the 1960’s and 1970’s, where community banks will play a larger role than they have in the past and I believe we have the talent and the know-how to build shareholder value as we move forward.” - John C. Roman

January 30, 2009
Resources, Oil & Gas, Mining, Basic Materials, Financial,  Technology & Business Services

Gold Producer

Sierra Minerals Inc. (SIM-TSX)

“What we possess in the current economic environment as a junior mining company is unique. We are in production; we have positive earnings and positive cash flow. That means that we don’t need to go to the market to raise capital, but we can fund our initiatives and continuing operations out of operating cash flow. With our mine specifically, our focus has been Mexico. We believe that we are well positioned to expand within Mexico as we do have a highly trained and efficient group of individuals on the ground.” - Michael H. Farrant

January 16, 2009
Financial, Services, Mining, Healthcare, Communications & Energy

Regional – Pacific Banks

Temecula Valley Bancorp Inc. (TMCV-NASDAQ)

“We are going to focus on our activities within our respective communities and get back to our roots as a community bank, providing financial products and services to local business owners and offering the high levels of service they deserve.” - Frank Basirico Jr.

May 20, 2004

Consumer, Consumer Non-Cyclical, Healthcare, Financial & Technology


TC Orthodontic Lab (Privately held)

“The Truax Correctors are removable functional/orthopedic appliances. The TC II appliance will correct large overjets, overbites and TMD. The TC III appliances will correct large underbites (Class III malocclusion). Surgery is seldom necessary.” - Lloyd H. Truax, DDS, MSD



United EcoEnergy Corp.

KAT Exploration Inc.

Sofame Technologies Inc.

Seamless Corporation

Houston Lake Mining Inc.

Accuray Incorporated

First State Bancorporation

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First State Bancorporation

American Pacific Corp.

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