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CEOCFO: Mr. Kugler, would you tell us about Direct Mail 2.0?

Mr. Kugler: This is a game changing platform that takes the traditional direct mail model and amplifies the effectiveness of that singular channel by synchronizing it with a parallel online follow-up marketing campaign. It also includes accurate mail delivery projections and confirmations, as well as call tracking and recording for the marketer to seamlessly track their results. So for only a few additional cents per mailer your target audience will have an online campaign that will deliver potentially thousands of additional impressions to the same audience targeted in the direct mail campaign, thereby reinforcing that intended message. When the prospective audience calls in those calls are recorded and tracked as well. All of the information is then provided to the client in a cloud-based dashboard to prove the effectiveness and reach of the campaign on a daily basis through an intuitive set of simple to understand key performance indicators.



CEOCFO: Dr. Puri, according to your site OncoTAb is improving the quality of cancer care. Would you tell us how so?

Dr. Puri: The quality of cancer care can be increased tremendously with early diagnosis and treatments that have minimal side effects. Our technology, a monoclonal antibody, is very cancer specific and we are developing it for both cancer diagnosis and therapies. Scientists have been striving for many years and perhaps decades to have a tumor-specific antibody. Our chief science officer actually happened to create one that so far, looks extremely promising. On the diagnostic side we actually have already launched a product, a simple blood test, the Agkura™ Personal Score, that is an adjunct to mammography. The problem we are trying to solve is for women with dense breast tissue; the tumors are missed by mammography 50% of the time. Our idea is that with this test, which is measuring a protein that is present in 95% of tumors and then is released into circulation, we can aid earlier diagnosis in women with dense breast tissue. We have used the knowledge of how tumors interact with our immune system to come up with a strategy to detect cancer early.



CEOCFO: Mr. Skoultchi, what is the focus at Whitman today?

Mr. Skoultchi: We are an environmental and engineering firm, also extending into renewable energy and waste management.



CEOCFO: Dr. Favit-VanPelt, would you tell us the concept behind Thera Neuropharma?

Dr. Favit-VanPelt:When a patient is diagnosed with an incurable neurodegenerative disease the clock starts ticking. It’s a fight of hope against time and every minute counts…”. This quote comes from a lecture I gave last year to a group of young physicians approaching the field of neurodegenerative diseases. It captures the very essence of our company. We founded Thera with the firm commitment of bringing to these patients therapeutic interventions that are as impactful and decisive as possible. Our vision is to treat these pathologies with an integrated technology platform that can leverage the brain’s ability to compensate and restore function as well as remove the main cause of the disease. Since the hallmark of neurodegenerative diseases is the complexity and multi-factorial component of their pathogenesis, this therapeutic approach has the potential to act synergistically and offer a viable option for patients across all clinical presentations.



CEOCFO: Mr. Sharar, what is the idea behind GPS Dome?

Mr. Sharar: GPS Dome basically is a disruptive revolutionary cyber product. It is meant to protect all kinds of GPS receivers or GPS based systems against disruption. Disruptions of GPS can be in the form of GPS-jamming which basically is to jam the signal that you are receiving (which causes the GPS receiver to stop receiving anything) or even more complicated and more dangerous, GPS-spoofing which is actually tricking the GPS receiver into thinking that it is at a different position at a different time. In a nutshell, our competitive advantage is our amazing SWaP (Size Weight and Power consumption). We introduced into the market something that has never been seen before and at an affordable price – less than one-tenth of the price of any GPS anti-jammer in the market.



CEOCFO: Ms. Reddix, would you tell us about ARDX?

Ms. Reddix: ARDX is a healthcare management and IT consulting firm. We primarily focus on three areas, the triple aims for healthcare; population health, patient-centered healthcare and outcomes, and payment reform (three P’s).



CEOCFO: Mr. Vrient, what is the idea behind Agdia, Inc®?

Mr. Vrient: It is a diagnostic company to improve the quality of agricultural products worldwide.



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