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CEOCFO: Ms. Daley, what is the idea behind Acorio?

Ms. Daley: Acorio is a service management cloud consultancy. We are a professional services firm and we help implement and consult around a very fast growing cloud software called ServiceNow.


CEOCFO: Mr. Bellini, would you tell us about AFS Technologies?

Mr. Bellini: We are a software company and we build what we term as Purpose-built Applications; another term used for our class of software is the Last Mile. With many of the enterprise systems your configurability would be limited, thus forcing you to customize in order to gain the last mile advantage. This of course would be painful from a cost and support perspective as the strategy is to keep the enterprise system as standard out-of-the-box. From an application perspective we are what is called a bolt-on where we bolt-on to the enterprise system providing that Last Mile as standard software. This then helps to drive competitive advantage for our customers from trade promotions to retail execution and all the way upstream through warehousing and manufacturing. For example, all the shelf specials you see when you walk through the stores, from the planning through the execution and all the way back through the delivery, storage, and manufacturing of the shelf items is done through our software.



CEOCFO: Ms. Paul, would you tell us the vision at Principal Marketing?

Ms. Paul: We supply services for our clients that is in the form of road shows or tradeshows. We do a lot of different types of product launches with them. It is usually because our clients do not know how to go about that and they do not how to drive in revenue and repeat business into their own businesses. They may have a great product and a great idea and they need help with their marketing. We take care of that for them. Our vision is growth, but also a lot of people development as well. We focus heavily on that within the team making people much stronger as far as their business mentality, their skill sets and their ability to do a lot of training and develop people themselves, so leadership. The vision is always on the client side but also heavily on the staff side as well, again, very much focusing on people development.



CEOCFO: Mr. Lowy, what is the idea behind PharmaJet?

Mr. Lowy: PharmaJet’s mission is worldwide acceptance of PharmaJet Needle-Free devices as a standard of care in the vaccine delivery market. We offer a portfolio of needle-free delivery devices that can be used across a host of liquid pharmaceuticals, including those that are currently on the market such as vaccines, as well as others that are under development.



CEOCFO: Mr. Carter, what is AddressTwo®?

Mr. Carter: Simply put, AddressTwo is a CRM software that is married to its own email marketing software. The purpose of our software is to serve small businesses and micro enterprises. For example, our CRM can give contact managers or task managers a reminder to follow up or to do an email newsletter. Those are all CRM functions. We do them in a very simple fashion for small teams.



CEOCFO: Mr. Ball, would you tell us about Friendly Hills Bank?

Mr. Ball: Friendly Hills Bank is a true community bank. We often hear the phrase “Community Bank” applied to a variety of different institutions. To us that means having local ownership and being focused primarily on our local community. I started this bank a little over ten years ago because we had seen a lot of independent banks in the area go away through consolidation. If you were a local business, you either were banking with a much larger institution - often not by your own choice - or you were banking with an institution outside the area. We saw an opportunity to provide a quality alternative for the local market and that is why we opened the bank. We take significant pride in the strength and quality of our balance sheet as well as our service reputation in the community.



CEOCFO: Mr. Agrawal, would you tell us the concept behind Teevr Data?

Mr. Agrawal: Teevr Data is an industrial IoT focused company. As you know, many industries are getting digitized, with a great number of sensors being deployed in the field. These sensors are generating a great deal of data, but getting the value out of this data is very costly and not effective at this point. Teevr Data provides unique way to transfer this sensor data 40x faster and in a cost-effective manner using machine learning techniques to enable customers get value from their sensor data



CEOCFO: Mr. Chambers, according to your site, Element5 Digital is crafting a better web to help brands thrive in a digital world. How are you doing that?

Mr. Chambers: We help companies establish what their goals are online in a digital world and work towards meeting those goals through a variety of different digital marketing techniques. That may include helping them build a better website, search engine optimization, social media or pay-per-click in the right channels. We help our clients put the right emphasis in the right areas to meet their goals.



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