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CEOCFO Magazine covers American Bank of Missouri, MediPines, NanoDX, Oliphenol LLC

CEOCFO interviews CEOs from Texas Medical Technology, AIMdyn, Inc., Skyscend

Paradise, Nevada / May 27, 2021 / CEOCFO Magazine, an independent business and investor publication that highlights important technologies and companies, today announced an interview with Paradise, Nevada based cybersecurity company, Tego Cyber Inc. (OTCQB:TGCB). CEO, Shannon Wilkinson discussing using Threat Intelligence to simplify Cybersecurity, told CEOCFO’s Senior Editor Lynn Fosse, “In a world where we have so many disparate cybersecurity tools and services and solutions, I think it is vitally important that the tools work together and we try to simplify cybersecurity.”

Describing the vision, Ms. Wilkinson told Lynn, “Tego Cyber is a threat intelligence company which is a cybersecurity company. What we are doing is taking in all the data that is found there out there on the internet, out in the dark web, like bad IP addresses. We bring all that information into our platform and compile and analyze it and then we add additional context to it, so not just the basic information of the IP addresses. Then we are adding the information about certain IP addresses being associated with certain threat actors and their locations, and the type of activities they are known to do.”


The Brooks Group, President Gary Fly discusses how the Pandemic and a Decision to Beat It Led to Better Results for Our Clients. Mr. Fly, told CEOCFO, “The two things required to have a successful business built on live training are the ability to travel and the ability to gather. Starting in March of last year, none of that was possible. From a practical point of view, the key ingredients for our business success had been made illegal and we had to figure out a work around.”

In discussing the what they were able to construct, Mr. Fly continued, “We have a six-step methodology in our sales training process. It is an acronym – IMPACT - and the first three steps of that are “Investigate, Meet, and Probe.” Ultimately, it is all really about discovery; what does a client need, how do you build rapport, how do you ask good questions; those sorts of things. On March 16th we told our sales team to stop selling and to start asking questions; “What is going on? What are people really concerned about? What is happening?” Because we teach questioning and rapport building, we really leaned on that to solve the riddle of what do sales organizations and sales leaders need right now.”


Evanesce Packaging Solutions, Founder/Chief Executive Officer, Douglas Horne discusses with CEOCFO Magazine’s Lynn Fosse, revolutionizing sustainable packaging solutions. Mr. Horne said, “I think it is a time for action rather than a time for discussions, and one of the things that I really like about our product, is that it actually, truly makes a real difference. We are not talking about not-tangible concepts, we are talking about a very tangible concept that makes a real impact on waste in the world and how we leave things for future generations.”


CEOCFO spoke with EcoPoint, Inc. CEO, Michael Clancy about bringing the power of geospatial technology to the oil & gas, agriculture and large-scale mining industries. Mr. Clancy, told Lynn, “There is a realization that organizations who do not have a sound data structure and a strategic data plan are falling behind with the requirements of operating in today’s complex regulatory environment. Customers are seeking the capabilities that location technologies provide them and EcoPoint is focused on helping them adopt these new location-based solutions.”


CEOCFO Magazine interviews Work Shield CEO and Founder Jared Pope on a CEO’s solution to workplace harassment and discrimination: ensuring every voice Is actually heard. Mr. Pope tells Lynn, “Work Shield is the first and only solution that protects employers, employees and workplace culture. We do that by removing the fear of reporting any form of harassment or discrimination by empowering employees with a voice to be heard, while at the same time managing the investigation process and ensuring there is a clear path to solution for all of our clients.”


Reliatrace, Inc., President/CEO Mark Ester discusses how Reliatrace is heating up the marketplace. Mr. Ester, told CEOCFO’, “When it comes to potential applications for heater circuits, the sky is the limit.”

Mr. Fly continued, “We are a designer and manufacturer of printed circuitry. Our history has been mainly with membrane switches and sensors. Recently we have taken on a new capability to screen print Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) ink, which means we can build heaters that do not require a controller or a thermostat. The temperature control is provided by the ink and the pattern of the ink deposit. We build to a targeted temperature which will not be exceeded.”


Oasis Systems LLC, Chairman & CEO, Thomas J. Colatosti discusses with CEOCFO Magazine’s Lynn Fosse, building a business and a culture based on serving those who serve us. Colatosti said, “We work on mission critical things; we are intense about having our customers succeed. It is not only that we love what we do, we believe in what we do.”


CEOCFO spoke with Genprex, Inc. (NASDAQ: GNPX) CEO, Rodney Varner discusses how their “Immunogene Therapy” Drug candidate in development, REQORSA, modulates apoptosis. Mr. Varner, told Lynn, “Studies have shown that our drug, REQORSA, modulates apoptosis. Other studies have shown that it also stimulates or modulates the immune system to replace the immune function of patients whose natural immune system is deficient because of the absence of TUSC2, the tumor suppressor gene REQORSA delivers. This is why we refer to it as an “immunogene therapy” because it really has multiple mechanisms of action, a large part of which is stimulating the immune system.”


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“In a world where we have so many disparate cybersecurity tools and services and solutions, I think it is vitally important that the tools work together and we try to simplify cybersecurity.” Shannon Wilkinson