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August 12, 2013 Issue

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Providing Working Capital to Small Businesses in the U.S. with Ease and Speed, RetailCapital has Grown to Become One of the Most Prominent Firms in the Merchant Cash Advance Industry through Unparalleled Customer Service and Experience

Ryan Rosett

About RetailCapital:

RetailCapital is an alternative financing firm that provides working capital solutions to small businesses that are unable to attain traditional bank loans. Founded in Michigan in 2010, RetailCapital has quickly grown to be one of the most prominent firms in the merchant cash advance industry through unparalleled customer service and value to its clients. Leveraging an innovative technology platform, RetailCapital considers a business’s health as whole when qualifying companies, and has provided short-term financing to thousands of small businesses around the U.S. RetailCapital also has partnership programs for independent sales organizations, organizations that serve small businesses, and franchises. For more information, please visit, and follow RetailCapital on Twitter @retailcap


At RetailCapital, we strive to meet the demands and needs of businesses Nationwide. With over 50 years of experience in the capital markets and retail industry, we work diligently in our underwriting process, with the ultimate goal to achieve the maximum funding of your capital needs.


Specialty Finance


1921 Northwood

Troy, MI 48084





Interview conducted by: Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – August 12, 2013

Mr. Rosett, would you tell us the focus at RetailCapital?

Mr. Rosett: The focus at RetailCapital is to provide working capital to small businesses throughout the United States with ease and speed. We typically look at mid to small businesses that are in need of acute capital and we can provide working capital within three to five business days.


CEOCFO: How do you know when a company appropriate for your program?

Mr. Rosett: We are direct capital source. We have a joint venture partnership with an FDIC bank. We advance money based on future receivables. We look at their bank statements, credit card processing statements, credit reports, online presence to establish a scoring model that we have internal and determine whether or not they are eligible for capital. We tailor our offers to individual needs of the merchant so that it is financially viable and the business is solvent and they can utilize our funds to grow and prosper.


CEOCFO: Are there particular industries where you are more focused or any types of companies or industries that you would not work with?

Mr. Rosett: We typically are funding retail type establishments. We fund across the board spectrum of small businesses whether they are located in an office, warehouse, or a retail establishment. Examples of our merchant base include but are not limited to restaurants, bars, nightclubs and after-market auto, dry cleaners and your typical main street American retailers.


CEOCFO: How do these businesses find you?

Mr. Rosett: We have a network of business brokers and Independent Sales Organizations that bring us individual advance requests that they work with the merchants directly or through the internet. We have an online application that is simple to complete, as well there are a number of organizations and associations that we are also members of and trade shows.


CEOCFO: Why is RetailCapital attractive to your clients?

Mr. Rosett: Speed and lack of documentation. We are funding in three to five days of receiving the application and the documentations that we are request.  We are far less onerous than a traditional bank from a document and timing standpoint. Just from a pure speed, high approval, and low documentation - that is why most merchants work with us. We provide ourselves transparency in working with the merchants directly and providing customer service. We are focused on the experience being a positive for the merchants and in the event that they have needs for future capital, they will think of us. We want to be a chosen company for merchants to come to as a reliable source for capital needs.


CEOCFO: Do many of your clients work with RetailCapital on a long-term basis?

Mr. Rosett: We have an unbelievable retention department. From a renewal standpoint 70% of our merchants that take capital from us will return for additional capital. So it an interesting experience that they are having by working with RetailCapital and the ease of getting the money from us is worthy of them coming back and requesting more capital.


CEOCFO: You have a one-page application. How are you able keep it so simple?

Mr. Rosett: We have many technology resources that we draw upon at our office to make credit decision. While the merchant’s information on the one page application is helpful, the majority of information we are able to find and pull is the resources that we utilize in our office.


CEOCFO: Your website shows RetailCapital has a 90% approval rate. How can you approve so much?

Mr. Rosett: We try to tailor an offer for each one of our applications that are submitted. It is not a guarantee that the offer will be accepted. Again, the affordability is something that we really look to and making sure what we are providing an offer to the merchant that is affordable and that the merchants are able to support and repay us back - which is our end goal.


CEOCFO: Would you give us an example of how you might tailor something in a given situation?

Mr. Rosett: We will study their bank statements and take a look at what their average daily balances are to determine how much they can afford to pay because we are taking a daily remittance from their gross deposits. We want to establish that there is an affordability level so that the merchant can sustain and continue operating without us being a strain on their business. The last thing we want to do is be a nuisance to the business because we want to help the business grow and provide them with working capital without limiting them from a stressed bank account where we become too onerous on the repayment program.


CEOCFO: How long has RetailCapital been providing funding?

Mr. Rosett: We started the business December 2010 and we have grown 700% year over year - it has been a pretty interesting growth story for RetailCapital and our team.


CEOCFO: What is ahead?

Mr. Rosett: We have some various products that we are currently working on that would be new and revolutionary in the small business lending space. It is early to disclose them but we are working diligently to offer more products to the small business community to ensure that working capital flows easily and they have access to capital equal to larger businesses.


CEOCFO: Why should the business and investment community pay attention to RetailCapital; why are you an exceptional business?

Mr. Rosett: We are special because of the growth and the demand for our product. The daily remittance payment and the small business loan space has become a spotlight in the specially financed community. We find that there is an opportunity to expand on our current platform with the amount of interest in the $100,000 and under borrower for small businesses. It is underserved and in my opinion will be underserved for a long time with traditional bank lending, so the alternative lending space I believe will continue to flourish and grow and as new products are offered by companies like RetailCapital.


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“We started the business December 2010 and we have grown 700% year over year - it has been a pretty interesting growth story for RetailCapital and our team.”- Ryan Rosett


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