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June 2, 2014 Issue

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Technologically Advanced Facilities for the Biopharmaceutical Industry

About IPS-Integrated Project Services


IPS is one of the largest Global Biopharmaceutical Industry–focused professional service company providing Strategic and Technical Consulting, Design, Engineering, Construction Management and Compliance Services. The vision of the company is to be the Knowledge Leaders of Choice by delivering Technology-based Business Solutions to help our Clients Succeed.


IPS was founded in 1989 to provide a value driven solutions to the biopharmaceutical Clients. IPS also pioneered ‘Integrated” EPCMV project Delivery in the Pharmaceutical Industry. The company currently features a large number of industry recognized Subject Matter Experts in the Biotechnology, Sterile, Oral Dosage, Animal Health and API sectors within the Biopharmaceutical Industry.


IPS has six offices in the USA in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, California, North Carolina, Boston and Indiana. Our international offices are in Brazil, India, China and UK. We have a global strength of 750 staff focused in the Biopharmaceutical Industry. Our projects have won several awards including four (4) Facility of the Year awards from International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers.

Dave Goswami

Mr. Goswami has more than twenty-four years leadership experience in facility design and engineering for biopharmaceutical, hi-tech, high performance facilities. He joined IPS in 1996 as the Vice President of the Design-Engineering Division and then became the COO of the company. He took over the Chief Executive (CEO) position in 2008. Since 2009 IPS has seen more than 300% growth. The growth of IPS spans through the difficult economic times in the United States. During this span, IPS changed their business focus to a knowledge-based company and entered into emerging countries. Dave is a registered engineer and involved with many industry-specific associations. Mr. Goswami has been published in several industry and trade publications and has presented as a subject matter expert for a number of national organizations and associations.

“CEOs must have an intuition as well as a quick analytical mind. I believe my engineering background gave me the training to think and analyze fast and come to the right decisions very quickly. The technical knowledge and understanding of the industry also helps me develop our long-term strategy better.” - Dave Goswami

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Interview conducted by: Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – June 2, 2014


CEOCFO: Mr. Goswami, what is the concept at IPS?

Mr. Goswami: IPS is an Engineering, Strategic Consulting, Construction Management and Compliance Service provider in the Biopharmaceutical Industry. The concept of the company is to design, construct and validate superior and technologically advanced facilities where pharmaceutical drugs could be manufactured safely and cost effectively.


CEOCFO: Would you give us an example of one of the more usual projects you do and maybe something that is a little more involved or outside the box?

Mr. Goswami: I think I can give you a good example that shows how and why IPS gets engaged and what we do. A very large semi-government agency in Brazil wanted to build a vaccine production as well as vaccine filling campus in Rio. They were trying to find a company who is considered the best in class in terms of understanding their program, knowledgeable about the latest technologies, understands global regulations and will help them develop the campus and ultimately construct a facility which will provide certain vaccines to the majority of people in Brazil as well as to other “third-world” countries. They did a global search, talked to reputable clients and specific vendors. They felt that IPS is the best company in the world to execute this project. They engaged us without going to bids. That was two years ago. Since then, we have completed the Concept of the buildings, master planned the overall campus with future growth and then developed basic design documents of this huge US$ 1.5 billion campus. We just started the final detail design of the buildings so they can be constructed. The project needed the state of the art knowledge of vaccine production, knowledge of Advanced Aseptic Technology, knowledge of local ANVISA regulatory body as well as other global regulations and of course all the local state and national codes etc.


CEOCFO: Are there many companies that specialize in this area?

Mr. Goswami: There are a few companies who provide services in the Biopharmaceutical sector, but we are unique in the sense that we are just focused on the biopharmaceuticals only. There are a few large publicly traded companies who operate in the biopharmaceutical industry along with many other industries. We, on the other hand, only operate in the Biopharmaceutical Sector. As a consequence, we can be considered as the true specialists in that industry.


CEOCFO: Was that the concept from the beginning or did that develop over time?

Mr. Goswami: Yes. It was form the beginning because this company was started by two gentlemen who came out of the Pharmaceutical Company. We have had several discussions on diversification; but, in our opinion, the advantage we get for being so specialized outweighs the risk of being less diversified.


CEOCFO: I know that you have offices and work worldwide. Are there particular geographic areas of focus for you?

Mr. Goswami: Yes, we have offices in a few emerging countries and our work is spread over many different countries. We work in most of the regions including Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin Americas. The primary reason for us to become a global service provider is to be able to serve our multinational clients in various countries where they are doing business and executing projects. Most of the large biopharma clients have a large consumer base in the Emerging Countries. Because of our relationship and our knowledge and expertise, these clients ask us to be their support structure in those countries. We have opened offices mostly in those emerging countries where our client base has taken us.


CEOCFO: How do you address some of the challenges of running a company that is doing construction in so many areas with many regulatory considerations? What is the key to being an effective CEO for a company with such a breadth and depth?

Mr. Goswami: Executing projects in different parts of the world does provide enormous amount of challenges. Construction methods, construction materials, local codes and regulations including environmental considerations are all different in different locations. Permitting requirement are very different from location to location. In the case of biopharmaceutical facilities, one additional and significant challenge is that these facilities must meet the local regulatory bodies like FDA. The Biopharmaceutical facilities are inspected by these regulatory bodies and they must approve them before the facility can be functional. For IPS to effectively execute projects in all these parts of the world, our staff must be intimately familiar with all these local requirements. If we do not have any local office in that region, we often partner with local companies who are knowledgeable about the local codes, permitting requirements etc.


CEOCFO: Where does sustainability and being green fit into your designs and vision?

Mr. Goswami: It is something that is very important to most of the big pharmaceuticals, but not so with the smaller or medium sized biopharmaceutical companies. The larger companies have a sustainability program which must be followed thru during our involvements on projects. It is to be noted though that the sustainability in the field of biopharmaceuticals is much harder to adopt as there are many regulatory requirements that sometimes go against the sustainability principles. Our program in the sustainability area is also somewhat different. We not only consider the regular green building design such as lighting, HVAC design etc. within the regulatory boundaries, we also venture into actual processes and employ sustainability principles into those complex processes. That makes us different from other “Energy Engineers”. As a result, our energy saving/sustainability group has been asked by a number of giant multi-national pharmaceutical companies to provide our services to plants all over the world. .


CEOCFO: How do you reach prospective clients or do people know and come to you?

Mr. Goswami: At this point in time, we are pretty well established and recognized. If you had asked me ten years ago, the name and the brand recognition was not as much. Because of our focus in the industry, what we have achieved, and the positive story of our continuous growth, we are well recognized by most of the key customers in the United States. Interestingly though, what we have found is that we are not as well-recognized in Europe with clients like Roche, Novartis, GSK. These companies are headquartered in Europe and our relationship with them is limited. Even then we sometimes get projects based on our reputation and not because of relationship. We also attend, speak and lead conferences and industry forums. That is another way to reach our prospective clients. We do not have any true Sales People. Our sales is through reputations and through our relationships developed with our clients.


CEOCFO: How do you spend your time as CEO? What do you do all day?

Mr. Goswami: Like the CEO’s in other companies of our size, my primary role is to provide the right strategy and the leadership so IPS grows in a sustainable fashion. However, CEO’s differ in their styles and direct involvements in attaining the intended results. IPS has a unique and fresh message which is that we have the best group of Subject Matter Experts in the Industry who can help our clients globally. We are also strategically located in different parts of the world to support our Clients’ needs. Also, it is a highly successful company with tremendous growth in the last 5 years. A considerable amount of my time is spent in meeting existing and new clients to given them this message. The other part of the job is to give direction to our Leadership Team and making sure we are all informed about our current strategy and we are all aligned and moving forward in a single direction. I also spend a lot of time meeting our staff and making sure I am visible to them whenever I am in town.


CEOCFO: Over and above understanding what you are doing because of your engineering background, how does that background help you as a business leader and CEO? What are some of the skills or traits or knowledge that you learned from engineering that works for you business-wise?

Mr. Goswami: A Chief Executive must make right strategic decisions at all times. He or she is also called upon to make many other non-strategic decisions. It is not just making a decision, it is also making the right decision. Consistent, Right decisions can only be made by analyzing each option in a rapid fashion. So, better CEOs must have an intuition as well as a quick analytical mind. I believe my engineering background gave me the training to think and analyze fast and come to the right decisions very quickly. The technical knowledge and understanding of the industry also helps me develop our long-term strategy better. Also, we are in a highly specialized technical field of Biopharmaceuticals. Having the technical background and the knowledge of the industry definitely helps me in formulating our strategies. As the CEO of a large technical company, I meet many of our existing as well as prospective clients. Here also, my technical background helps me interact, talk in their business language and create confidence in us.


CEOCFO: Put it all together for our readers. Why does IPS standout?

Mr. Goswami: One thing that I would like to mention to your readers is that for a company to be successful and grow, it must stand out from the competitions. It must have differentiators and it is very important to keep messaging those differentiators to the client base. For IPS, the differentiating factors are that we focus in one industry only and that is the Biopharmaceutical Industry. We are a global service provider with offices in strategic countries and regions. We have the best technologists and subject matter experts in the industry. We are a flexible, value-driven, client service focused company where we provide “Business Solutions” to our clients. We truly do. Along with those features, the fact that we have been growing in a tough market condition makes us a real success story.


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