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Egypt military administration is the future model for the middle east.

The west should learn from Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, a strong military administration is the only safe and productive solution for all the Middle East with the exception to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, as their nationalists are very well looked after. Egypt’s military administration has succeeded at overseeing and running the country’s infrastructure, all food and farming production, the water system, and all major industrial enterprises. This is a success story that most of the Middle East should look to as a model and they should be supported by the West. Egypt, under the new Egyptian pharaoh, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, will become the strongest economy in the Middle East in less than five years. Below are the republished pieces I have written previously about this great president.

Op-ed September 2020


Egypt’s military president, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, has proven that a military takeover can be successful at improving peoples’ lives. Western style democracy has failed in the Middle East. Egypt’s president saved Egypt from becoming a Libyan style militia. It may be time to introduce some democratic principles to advance military governments throughout the Middle East. As a proud Egyptian, who left in 1970, I support my president and the way he is working to better the lives of the average Egyptian..

·  Op-ed September 2020

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.


Of course, as an Egyptian, even after having left the country more than fifty years ago, I am eager to follow their progress. There is no benefit for me to take sides, as I have no business interests tied to Egypt. My comments are fact based without bias.

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi is doing a great job developing new infra-structure projects and trying to make Egypt self-sufficient by increasing their manufacturing capabilities. In the meantime, he is maintaining a strong army that is ready to defend his country and his Arab neighbours if needed.


I am extremely pleased to see that President Trump supports him. Today’s world needs strong committed leaders, not ideological socialist Marxists that forcibly control their self-serving regimes.

Egypt is now one the safest countries in the world for tourism. They are becoming the economic envy of the world.


·  Op-ed October 2020

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi of Egypt

As a proud Egyptian, the reason I am supporting Egypt’s president is very simple, if Egypt falls the Middle East will become another Libya. By Europe and the United States supporting President Al-Sisi they are fighting terrorism in all its violent forms. President El-Sisi cares for the Egyptian people and wants to make them prosperous. 


As I have said before, I have no personal interests. I left Egypt more than 50 years ago, but I just want to see the Egyptian people live in peace and prosperity and my president seems to truly care for our people. It is vital that the Egyptian President assure that Egypt is safe internally. Securing safety will bring tourism back to the country. It’s a tough job that requires a tough man like Abdel Fattah-El Sisi.

El Sisi City 

As a visionary, I would like to request that the Egyptian President build a new city for the very poor Egyptian citizens. Egypt has excellent military builders. They can design a prefabricated city for the millions of poor Egyptians with technical colleges to teach trades and professions to lift them out of poverty. Teach them how to be plumbers, carpenters, welders, electricians, metal workers etc. Learning a trade will give people hope and provide a way for them to become self-sufficient and feel good about themselves.


·  Op-ed November 2020

The Egyptian President is on the right track; a vibrant productive industrial machine


Europe and America must recognize that stability in Egypt is the key to power in the Middle East, and supporting this great Egyptian president means supporting future peace and prosperity in the region. The country finally has a president that cares deeply for the nation and is elevating the standard of living for poor and middle-class Egyptians. I have no conflicts of interest or business dealings in Egypt. I am just a proud Egyptian that is enjoying watching the speedy progress that is taking place under a caring leader. I only wish President Al-Sisi would have come to power after King Farouk. If he had, today Egypt would be the envy of the world.

·  Op-ed Jan 2021

Egypt President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi

As a proud Egyptian I have been carefully following the incredible infrastructure program currently taking place in Egypt. I believe their president’s vision of creating an industrial and manufacturing base in Egypt will prove to be a success. The Middle East could create a new political model of democratic military governments. They must start by having zero tolerance for all forms of corruption and ensure that officers in charge earn an appropriate salary comparable to civilian wages. They must also ban all forms of violent punishments by police officers. 


The same model of efficiency they are using for their infrastructure projects should also be applied to other areas of society such as the legal and court system. Artificial intelligence can be used to streamline legal processes and submissions. Civil cases should take no longer than one year to adjudicate and criminal cases no longer than two.


It is important they focus their efforts on elevating the poorer class and help them increase their standard of living. Building cities with infrastructure and affordable housing will allow those with trades to ascend the economic ranks. 


We finally have a caring Egyptian President. As a result, many Egyptian expatriates are returning to spend a large part of their retirement years in their native land. Also, many Europeans who love Egypt are doing the same and living in the Red Sea region.  


One request I would make of the President is that he take on the issue of women’s rights and be a catalyst for change in the region. Times have changed. It does not make sense that in 2021 women are still not considered equal to men in some places. I appeal to the President of Egypt that he work to bring about this necessary change.

Men should no longer be permitted to have multiple wives, nor should they be allowed to enter into provisional marriage contracts (nikah) which is for the sole purpose of male sexual gratification. Women should be afforded the same rights as men in all aspects of life and society, including in cases of divorce. 


Middle eastern societies have kept women in social misery for thousands of years. Their silence on the subject continues to hurt women and keeps them enslaved today. No woman can ever be happy if she must compete with her husband’s other wives. Women deserve better. The same goes for the children of those plural marriages whose siblings belong to other mothers. We should remember that over 50% of the Muslim population are women, many of which live in fear of mistreatment, being divorced by their husbands, separation from their children and being left out on the street because of archaic laws that lopsidedly favor men. 


As one husband of four wives once angrily responded to me during a conversation about women having equal treatment as men; he told me I was “totally wrong about women.” He said, “When I buy a horse I do not negotiate with the horse.” This kind of antiquated thinking is harmful and should not be accepted in this day and age.


I fully support my President in this tough endeavor to transform Egypt into a prosperous and safe society. Thanks to President Al-Sisi, investing in Egypt will give you much higher returns than anywhere else in the world. God bless this great President, and I pray for his good health


·  Op-ed March 2021

Egypt golden Pharaoh's parade

Thank you President Abdel Fattah Al-SISI, you are our today Pharoah.

As a proud Egyptian, the celebration of our Pharoah’s ancestors was so spectacular. It was an unforgettable experience for the world to watch, reminisce and imagine how great this civilization was. 


Finally, the grand Egyptian museum is set to open. Everyone should watch this incredible parade and once the coronavirus is over, make sure you visit the dreamy, unique, and realistic revival of the Pharoah's civilization. Our great Egyptian President has already started on a massive infra-structure rebuilding of Egypt that will revive its economy and as I said before Egypt will be the envy of the world sooner than we all expect.

The Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam; is it the Ethiopians against the Pharaohs?
Is history repeating itself yet again? Does Ethiopia really believe for a second that President Al-Sisi, today’s modern day Egyptian Pharaoh will allow them to block Egypt’s water supplies? To avoid a looming conflict in the region, the United States, African Union, and the useless United Nations should force a legally binding agreement to be adhered to by the Ethiopians. Ethiopia needs to remember that Sudan used to be a part of Egypt. In October 1954, the President of Egypt Gamal Abel Nasser, signed a treaty with Sudan and the British, granting Sudan their independence on January 1,1956. Ethiopia should carefully read and review that treaty. Our Egyptian President, the pharaoh Al Sisi will never allow them to withhold the water lifeline of Egypt. The Sudanese and Egyptian people are still brothers and sisters, they will never allow Ethiopia to hold them ransom over their legal right to the water. The Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam is built on Egyptian historical territories.

The divide between Democrats and Republican is too wide for reconciliation; secession is next


The idea of secession is slowly but surely gaining momentum. Currently, several conservative counties in eastern Oregon and northern California feel they are being grossly misrepresented by their state governments and elected officials. People in these counties feel their lives will be better off if they were part of the strong Republican state of Idaho, paying less in taxes and having a state legislature that is more closely aligned with their core values. As a result, these counties have voted to secede from their deep blue states and are hoping to realign their state’s borders allowing them to become part of Idaho.


Democrat run cities in blue states like Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Detroit, Minneapolis and Baltimore, are nearly bankrupt and have proven they cannot manage their own economies. Why would Republican states want to continue needing to support them. Eventually enough will be enough and the calls for secession and separation will grow louder.  


Another big difference between Republican and Democrat run governments is the way they treat law enforcement officers. I, like many other hard-working, law-abiding citizens, fully support law enforcement. Calls to defund the police in blue states have been increasing over the past year. Only idiotic, irresponsible, out of control people would ever call for defunding the police. Police officers have a thankless job. They answer the call to protect and serve their communities regardless of race, creed, or color. They earn our support every day that they show up to work. Interestingly, it's not the Republican states calling to defund law enforcement, only the ones run by Democrats. I am not taking one side over the other. I am simply pointing out the facts and empirical data.

What will happen if the Republicans lose the Senate and house in 2022? Could that ensure a push for large scale secession?


Do not take the 80 million voters who supported President Donald Trump for granted.  Most of them genuinely believe the election was stolen. Whether they are right or wrong about that does not matter. What does matter is the divide between the Democrat and Republican parties has become so deep there does not seem to be any way to reconcile their differences. The two sides are rarely ever able to work together on meaningful legislation anymore. Bipartisanship is dead in Washington D.C. and a secession time bomb may very well explode following the 2022 midterm elections. President Trump’s MAGA following is large enough to create a movement of that magnitude. Social media and companies and the mainstream media are completely responsible for much of this mess as they have neglected any semblance of objectivity, choosing instead to force their own progressive agenda on the public. They will end up paying a heavy price as the secession movement in America begins to gain steam.


Will America split into two countries in my lifetime?


I sincerely hope that scenario will never happen. I love America and want to always see it as one united country, but I am afraid that with each passing day we are moving closer and closer to seeing a secession movement take place.


Many of the blue Democrat states are riddled with crime, high taxes, and unsustainable spending that is pushing them towards bankruptcy. Republican citizens living in those states are becoming increasingly fed up with their current trajectory. Many are on the verge of throwing their arms up in disgust and yelling, “to hell with socialism!” America is not in a strong place nationally or internationally right now. Even the American legal system has become largely politicized. I don’t make this prediction lightly, but I can see a set of circumstances unfold that could lead to an inevitable secession and separation. Geographically a physical separation is possible, and we could be moving in that direction faster than we realize.

Break Up of the European Union


In February 2020, I predicted that the coronavirus would speed up the inevitable breakdown of the European Union. The upcoming French election will likely deal a big loss to France’s weak incumbent, President Macron who I predict will lose to the conservative party’s Marie Le Pen, who will hold the balance of power. Germany is no longer the financial powerhouse it once was. Once France is out of the EU, the union will begin to crumble. Their present immigration policies will prove to be the final nail in the European Union’s coffin.


Cryptocurrencies are another form of money laundering

I have been criticized for past remarks disparaging cryptocurrencies. Some said I was financially incompetent. I stand by my predictions that the cryptos will fall to nothing. They have no value and I believe countries will eventually ban their trading.

The crypto scam is over. Now the federal reserve is considering a digital dollar. If that happens other legitimate countries will likely follow.


The cryptocurrency scam is over. Now the federal reserve is considering a digital dollar


I have written in previous op-eds that cryptocurrency will be worse zero. Now the federal reserve is about to announce a digital dollar. Will they be followed by other legitimate countries? Canada is about to follow suit; next the European banks will have to do the same.


Bitcoin has no actual value. What are you buying? Are you paying for computer codes exchanged between people? Has the world gone crazy? The average Joe has been conned into buying cryptocurrency. Soon, we will see countries like Iran and Venezuela pay the price. Already they are causing many electrical blackouts mining cryptocurrency.


Lobbyists and governments have been misleading the public with their Green stupidity


How much carbon footprint is actually being used in the manufacturing process for these new green technologies before the products get to the public?


Tesla cars are a great example. By the time all of the components of a Tesla automobile are produced, the process has already consumed the equivalent carbon footprint of a hundred thousand kilometers traveled by a car with a combustion engine. The same principle applies to solar energy. The environmental harm well-meaning consumers are trying to prevent by going solar is happening on the front end during the manufacturing process of the solar panels and storage batteries. The same goes for wind power and the carbon footprint spent on the production of wind turbines. The manufacturing process is just as environmentally harmful, or perhaps even more so than would be using traditional forms or energy. And that is without factoring in the disposal process when the materials reach the end of their lives and need to be deposited into landfills. I support doing all we can to take care of the environment, but we have to be smart about it. I am not drinking the Kool-Aid because politicians are telling me to. We should focus on technologies that improve our current systems and truly lower carbon emissions and forget about these phony, politically correct, so-called green technologies that are costing enormous amounts of money and not making our lives or the environment any better.


Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi


I do not hide the fact that I fully support Egypt’s great President. America and Europe should support him and help strengthen him and Egypt. A strong Egypt helps maintain a peaceful Middle East, especially during these difficult times of conflict between Palestine and Israel.


The coronavirus will speed up inflation

True National Debt Exceeds $123 Trillion, or Nearly $800,000 per Taxpayer: Report


An American national debt of more than $123 trillion, almost $800,000 per taxpayer cannot be sustained for long, and ongoing stimulus packages are making matters worse. Something has to give because inflation will go up and up. Banks will soon be forced to increase interest rates or face financial collapse. The current housing market is creating a bubble that will soon burst, pushing commercial real estate down with it even further than it already is. We all know that when America catches a cold, Europe and the rest of the world gets the flu. China is waiting in the wings.

As always, my future articles will present well researched opinions based solely on the facts. I will not take any side; I will just present the raw facts.

Artificial intelligence will run our court system within 20 years

IBM’s supercomputer Watson was developed to run our day to day lives. Already in limited use in the judicial system, Watson will eventually completely take over the court system without political, emotional, or personal bias. It will deal strictly with the law and the facts, nothing more. IBM’s Watson is the future in the 21 Century.


I hope the Supreme Court will take up the Alice 101 matter and stand up for patent owners once again as they have done in the past


Lastly, artificial intelligence and machine learning are software enabled innovations and are considered abstract under Alice 101. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are rapidly expanding and within the next two decades will be dominating most aspects of our lives, including playing a major role in the courtroom. IBM Watson is already making its way into the courtroom and one day this kind of technology will be commonplace in ALL court proceedings Parties in a case will simply enter factual information to be examined and interpreted by software programs which would make recommendations based on the data. Adding the human element, a judge and jury will review the computer recommendations and render a final judgement. Decisions will be factually based and delivered in a speedy and efficient manner. Imagine a patent infringement case, a divorce case, or a commercial litigation case being decided in just one year by the future “Watson Judge!” Whether we like it or not, artificial intelligence/software technology is the future of everything. 


As I write these predictions of the expansion of artificial intelligence results of a new study are being announced regarding the use of artificial intelligence in diagnosing breast cancer with better results and accuracy than human radiologists Early detection and treatment before the cancer spreads to other areas is critical to increase the patient’s survival rate. Additionally, cancer treatment algorithms are already being used in leading cancer facilities to depict best practices for care delivery and determining the approach for evaluating, diagnosing, and providing treatment recommendations and ongoing surveillance for various malignancies We can all see a future where companies continue to invent technology to solve life’s problems. Unfortunately, anti-patent decisions made by many courts would consider these types of technologies abstract and unpatentable. They are taking us backwards and have made owning a patent no longer an asset for a small inventor or entity but rather it is a liability.

Coronavirus has created a massive redistribution of wealth in the west


The super wealthy are getting wealthier, the middle class is being phased out, the poor are becoming needier and poorer.

Socialist and liberal school and university teachers are brain washing and indoctrinating our children and youth into their beliefs. a Hollywood, the culture race, black lives matter, Antifa, the woke crowd are being promoted and controlled by social media. But who controls governments and social media, the super wealthy? The naïve socialists on the left are being used by the super-rich as a tool to achieve their objective and have control. These particular billionaires have a completely different agenda. It is not about money but power, and their money affords them the opportunity to consolidate power. Unless we all wake up, social media giants and these particular billionaires will end up getting the world into serious trouble.

All these socialist groups are themselves racist, now we see them promoting all these idealist theories against white people.

Remember we all immigrated to the west, which was predominately white and got great opportunities. I, for a start am extremely grateful to the western white people for giving me such an opportunity. The majority of white people today are as racist as you and me.

These socialist moron groups, by promoting equality, are racist. Just treat people equal and focus on creating wealth for your family.

It is not about socialism, communism, liberalism, it is about yielding power behind the puppet politicians, wake up.

Look at Italy, use to be a great industrial leader, now since the left liberal socialists took over, it is almost bankrupt.

My advice to the north of Italy, separate, secede from the lazy and corrupt south for the sake of your own children future, the same separation will take place with other European countries sooner than you think.

The west needs a strong man like Putin

I am a supporter of President Putin for one reason, he provides stability to an otherwise unstable region of the world. Russia has more than 120 ethnic groups, many with their own national territories, speaking some 100 languages all living under Russian authority. The west is making a mistake by romancing Russian dissident Alexei Navalny who naively believes in his mission to save Russia. Only strong Russia will save Russia. The Soviet Union’s biggest mistake was having a weak man like Michael Gorbachev destroy its power base by applying such great words like glasnost (openness and transparency) and perestroika (restructuring of soviet and economic system) which resulted in the disintegration of the Soviet Union.


We do not want to a repeat of what happened under a man I consider having been one of the worst American presidents in history, George Walker Bush, the 43rd U.S. president (2001-2009). The invasion of Iraq by Bush 43 was a lethal mistake when you consider the unnecessary loss of life, the financial cost and where Iraq is today.


The West needs to accept that our form of Democracy will never be accepted in these countries, and we must stop trying to force it on them. They will only ever respect a strong leader. Have we not learned anything from the mess we caused in Iraq, Libya, and Syria? Saddam Hussein and Muhammar Ghaddafi did a much better job controlling their countries and had a better standard of living for their people than what we have seen so far in the aftermath of their removal from power. Looking at these two countries today we see massive immigration into Europe because of the vacuum recreated with their ousters. America and Europe should support President Putin in every way possible. Russia needs a strong leader like Putin, who is patriotic and cares for his people. Bringing Russia into NATO would be the smartest move.

A new world is being forced upon us; totalitarian regimes are controlling social media; What kind of society is the west becoming?


A.    Transgenderism is being forced on our children

I am the father of two young girls ages 9 and 11, residing in Vancouver, Canada. Just the other day my girls came home informing me of an upcoming celebration at their school of transgender day. The teachers instructed their students to attend school that day dressed as a member of the opposite sex. Girls were told to wear pants and boys were told to wear skirts. One female teacher told the students that she will wear a moustache. Has our society gone mad? 


Personally, I have no problem with anyone’s sexual preference or gender identity. I am a big believer in individual rights and each person has the right to choose their own sexuality and or sexual identity. I am also a father and if one day one of my daughters were to come home and tell me she wants to live her life as a man I would be as disappointed as any other father would be, but I would never waiver in my love and support for her personal decision.


As a Christian, I was taught that a man and a woman get married and have children. The new transgender fashion is being overly promoted by teachers and fully supported and encouraged by weak politicians. No one has the courage to speak out. I am speaking out; this is wrong, and you cannot encourage our children to become transgender.


As a Canadian, I am so outraged to see the way our weak government is giving more rights to minority groups and marginalizing the majority, forcing us to follow their way of life. Maybe it is time that I look for alternatives for the sake of my two girls, Today’s society lacks old fashion integrity.


Many throughout today’s society including educators take it upon themselves to indoctrinate our children and force their own set of values and ideals on these young and impressionable minds. Often, teachers and others in academia are very liberal and have strong socialist leanings. They push things like transgenderism on the minds of small children that are far too young to understand what it means. They still want to play with dolls and toy cars while society insists on saddling them with such heavy topics beyond their level of understanding. Transgenderism is viewed by many as being sheik and trendy and welcomed like a new 21st century fashion.


They do the same with politics. It's not a teacher’s job to take a political side, but so often they do and usually it’s on the liberal, left leaning side of the political aisle, completely alienating those with conservative viewpoints. Educators need to teach civics and government and not which side of an issue students should take or whom they should vote for.


B.    Controlling social media and pushing propaganda

Recently, I went to see a printer/graphic designer who I have used and done business with many times over the years. On this visit I was hoping to hire him to put together a book with the coronavirus articles I have written over the past year. He quickly shot me down and flat out refused to take the job because my articles are critical of the coronavirus vaccines. Even though I told him I am a proponent of vaccines, and I explained that my criticisms were limited to these current coronavirus vaccinations that lack historical safety data he still refused to take the job. Despite business currently being down more than 60% at the company he works for, he refused to budge. I did not complain to the business owner like many would have. I do like the man, and I feel sorry for him. a, he is simply doing the same thing being done by Twitter, Facebook, and Google. They ban content they do not like or agree with. If the person or content does not conform to their agenda, they cancel it.


C.    Governments have become drug dealers.

As a Canadian this topic is near and dear to my heart. In an effort to solidify support of young voters, the inexperienced and irresponsible Canadian Prime Minister legalized marijuana without any safety guidelines such as THC concentration. As a result we now have marijuana growers competing to produce crops containing the highest THC concentrations in order to give our generation a better high and create addition to their products. After Canada blazed the trail, ignorant leaders from other western countries have followed suit and legalized marijuana without regulating THC concentration levels.


CBD, a component extracted from marijuana and hemp plants has now become the newest money-making craze; however, the same issues apply. CBD converts to THC and there are no strict guidelines regulating the amount of THC that needs to be present in CBD before it is a drug. As a result, manufacturers have no compliance standards to adhere to during the manufacturing process. Many years ago, I was introduced to the concept of CBD and naively made a significant investment in a marijuana growing farm as I was told they had the best techniques for extracting CBD, which was something I was very interested in learning about. I am a proponent of medical grade marijuana and CBD for people that truly need it for legitimate health reasons. It can be made available by prescription and contain only a minimal amount of THC, avoiding harmful effects and potential addiction. Of course, I lost my entire investment in this scam, but I did learn quite a bit about this new government supported drug dealing business. Despite the dangers, politicians continue to back this industry to gain the support of young voters and collect greater tax revenue.


D.    Opioid crisis in British Columbia, Canada results in 170 monthly deaths

The liberal and socialist leaning provincial government in British Columbia has failed

its citizens miserably in dealing with the growing opioid crisis. In a tough environment you need to make tough decisions, not put your head in the sand and hope for the best like what is taking place in Canada.


First, you need to stop China from exporting dangerous opioids and expose them. The Chinese are killing our children. The Canadian government should act and ban Chinese products from entering the country.


Second, they must recognize the harsh facts that these addicts have failed our society and need to be dealt in a practical manner, not with idiotic emotional solutions that harms them and all of us.


Third, stop passing out free needles. The only thing they are achieving is in creating more addicts. They are enabling them to continue towards eventual overdose and death.


Fourth, utilize the military to help take control of the situation. Let them erect

accommodations outside the city boundaries that can act as health camps where addicts can receive all the appropriate health and psychological support, they need to overcome their dependency. After recovery, teach them a useful trade or provide technical training so they can earn a living and become self-sufficient. If any refuse to comply they at least die in these camps with dignity.


E.    Netflix and other production companies are changing our history


As a writer myself, I am currently collaborating on my operetta with a writer and producer who is also a close friend. During the process I was informed that we needed to work in a writer’s room with other ethnic writers if we are to introduce content regarding slavery into our work. When I asked why, I was told that Netflix as well as other production companies will require black screenwriters to be involved in my screenplay to convey how they believe black people felt during the time of slavery.


With all due respect, how the hell will any person, black, white, or otherwise be able to accurately convey the point of view of another writer? After all, writers simply express their own point of view on the subject they are writing about. And about slavery, it has been abolished in the United States for more than150 years and no one alive today has any firsthand knowledge on what it was like to be a slave. It's always just the writer’s perspective. Being black in 2021 does not automatically make someone an expert on the black experience in 1850, any more than being Egyptian makes me an expert on life in the time of the Pharaohs.

One of the newest Netflix TV series, Bridgerton has cast black actors as dukes and duchesses. To do so is historically inaccurate and incorrectly portrays history. People of all colors should be concerned with any effort to change our history. I am sure the black community would be greatly offended if Netflix decided to cast white or Asian actors as slaves during the 1800’s. History is factual and must never be rewritten. We need to take the good and the bad from our past and try our best to understand it and learn from it, not change it.


F.    Fallout from the coronavirus is spurring on talks of secession/separation

As a visionary, barring a drastic change in direction, I believe the new totalitarianism regimes that are taking over the west through social media will end up pushing states within countries towards secession. I can envision Texas and Florida leading the charge following the next U.S. midterm elections with other states joining soon after. In Canada, Calgary could be next. Milan and other northern Italian states could soon push for their independence. I am completely against governments taking control, but this may be a necessary evil.


Social media companies are now purposefully influencing elections according to their own agendas and many are blindly following them like sheep. In the west, social media has become more powerful and more influential than governments. Maybe the only practical solution is to regulate them and develop strict guidelines to ensure they are not exerting unfair influence or infringing on peoples’ rights. If we allow them to continue to expand their control, they could lead us into a third world war. I am a free market capitalist, and do not believe in nationalization. However, social media companies have become more powerful than government and at this stage it may be too late to rein them in with regulations. Perhaps nationalization is a necessary evil in this instance.

Social media has made our young generation as dumb as rocks

Climate hysteria is a pipe dream that could bankrupt us


Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg has been hailed as a hero by many on social media despite some idiotic ideas regarding climate change. Her proposed solutions are simplistic and idealistic and would move us backwards as a society, not forward. What we should do is to apply high tech engineering principles to reduce pollution and no longer entertain ridiculous notions of eliminating fossil fuels, like oil, gas and coal.


Many of our younger generation are living comfortably in the western world and are spending far too much time smoking legalized marijuana and begging for more stimulus checks and government handouts. They listen to rap music; trash talk the freedoms that they so foolishly take for granted and do as little as possible just to get by. Many of them suffer from a disease called laziness. Sadly, they are the product of the public school system and today’s colleges and universities which are in desperate need of reform.


Some politicians are trying to exploit this youthful ignorance by lowering the voting age to 16, when they should be talking about increasing the minimum voting age from 18 years to 26 years old. A person’s brain is not fully developed until at least the age of 25. Hopefully by the time they reach their mid-twenties they will have had sufficient true-life experiences and achieved a level of responsibility that will increase their understanding of the real world and perhaps they will have embraced some more old-fashioned principles. Unfortunately, many politicians think the romance of climate change is a vote getter among naïve youth. They use fear mongering tactics by scaring them into thinking the planet is on a path towards irreversible destruction in the next decade unless radical measures are taken now.


In this time of coronavirus, the last thing we need is to bankrupt ourselves spending trillions of dollars chasing unfounded climate change solutions. We need to address more important immediate issues like fixing the healthcare system and creating well-paying jobs so people can work and become more self-reliant and less dependent on the government. Can someone explain to those in the west that insist on taking draconian measures to combat climate change that we cannot erect a wall that will stop the inevitable pollution coming out of China, India and the far east from spreading through our atmosphere. The biggest ocean and environmental polluters on the planet are not the countries that are pushing for radical climate change measures in the west, but they are the eastern countries that as of now display no intent or desire to curb their destructive behavior towards the environment. Our spending billions to impose restrictions on ourselves will not stop them from continuing to dump endless trash into the oceans. Ultimately, we would be flushing billions down the toilet in a futile exercise. Even spending trillions on climate change is a hollow dream so long as those countries continue to abuse the system and the planet as they are so doing.


Together with our attempts to handle the coronavirus by investing billions into worthless vaccines, we are on the brink of bankrupting western nations by throwing billions and billions of dollars at idealistic, non-starter environmental nonsense. Many well-intentioned consumers buy Tesla automobiles because they think they are helping the environment, when you consider the massive carbon footprint it takes to manufacture a Tesla there is not much if any difference between a Tesla and regular automobile with a combustion engine. If you like Tesla's and want to save money on gas then buy one, but don’t be naïve to think you are making a difference to the environment.

Egypt golden Pharoh's parade

Thank you President Abdel Fattah Al-SISI, you are our today Pharoah.

As a proud Egyptian, the celebration of our Pharoah’s ancestors was so spectacular. It was an unforgettable experience for the world to watch, reminisce and imagine how great was this civilization.

Finally, the grand Egyptian museum is set to open.

Everyone should watch this incredible parade and once the coronavirus is over, make sure you visit the dreamy, unique, and realistic revival of the Pharoah's civilization.

Our great Egyptian President has already started on a massive infra-structure rebuilding of Egypt that will revive its economy and as I said before Egypt will be the envy of the world sooner than we all expect.

The Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam; is it the Ethiopians against the Pharaohs?


Is history repeating itself yet again? Does Ethiopia really believe for a second that President Al-Sisi, today’s modern day Egyptian Pharaoh will allow them to block Egypt’s water supplies? To avoid a looming conflict in the region, the United States, African Union, and the useless United Nations should force a legally binding agreement to be adhered to by the Ethiopians. Ethiopia needs to remember that Sudan used to be a part of Egypt. In October 1954, the President of Egypt Gamal Abel Nasser, signed a treaty with Sudan and the British, granting Sudan their independence on January 1,1956. Ethiopia should carefully read and review that treaty. Our Egyptian President, the pharaoh Al Sisi will never allow them to withhold the water lifeline of Egypt. The Sudanese and Egyptian people are still brothers and sisters, they will never allow Ethiopia to hold them ransom over their legal right to the water. The Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam is built on Egyptian historical territories.

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