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Alpha Green Innovation Developing the New Generation of Carbon Capture Technology

Solomon Alema Asfhsa

General Mgr./Owner

Alpha Green Innovation and Consultancy


Solomon Alema Asfhsa

Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor

CEOCFO Magazine

Published – October 23, 2022

CEOCFO: Mr. Asfhsa, what is the idea behind Alpha Green Innovation and Consultancy?

Mr. Asfhsa: As we all know, billions of metric tons of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere annually, causing significant damage to Mother Nature. The global concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, the primary driver of recent climate change, has above 400 ppm/parts per million/ for the first time in recorded history.

The increase in CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere has warmed the planet, causing Arctic icebergs to meltdown resulting in rising sea levels, elevating storm surges, increasing coastal erosion, irregular rainfall, desertification, and more – all in all, exposing the human population to serious health impediments. In order to contribute a solution to this tremendous global problem, it was essential to fill the gap, and it was crucial to develop new cost-effective hybrid carbon capture technology. Basically, I'm curious about the environment and green energy technologies. I invested years in R&D to contribute something to the environment, and finally, I developed a novel technology.

CEOCFO: What have you figured out about Co2 capturing and green energy that others do not recognize yet?

Mr. Asfhsa: The carbon capture technologies, which extract and absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, or flue gas, are crucial to the ecosystem to escape the worst effects of climate change. On the other hand, a move to renewable and green energy technologies is critical in decreasing our net carbon dioxide emissions.

After spending years in R&D, we successfully developed the new "CO2 capturing and electrical energy generating" technology. The new technology comes with new ideas and solutions to unlock the carbon emission problems. The newly- proposed technology effectively collects CO2 from industrial processes, extracting harmful emissions directly from the air, and generates electric power at zero carbon emission and offers promising opportunities to combat climate change.

Our new technology is developed and invented to serve as a "Carbon capture and power plant at zero carbon emissions."

CEOCFO: Where are you in the development process?

Mr. Asfhsa: I developed the prototype here in Ontario, CANADA. I worked day and night on the technology’s R&D for more than four years with a great commitment to developing this technology.

Finally, I took the technology to the next level.

Currently, our technology is IP protected in Canada, the United States and other countries.

CEOCFO: Where do you do your work from?

Mr. Asfhsa: We used community tech incubators and university labs here in Ontario, CANADA, to test and build the prototype.

Usually, I assemble and build the parts and subparts at home. Currently, we completed the most basic testing and proving part of the technology.

Moreover, we have developed a small, fully working prototype. Presently, we are planning to move forward and build a large-scale system.

CEOCFO: What is the long-term vision for your company and your technology?

Mr. Asfhsa: Our long-term vision is; “Become a leading company in “CO2 capturing and Electric Power Generation” Technologies, and deliver cost-effective technology solutions to industrial carbon emitters to enable capturing CO2 at a low cost. Then simultaneously deliver low-cost green electric power to society at zero carbon emission.”

CEOCFO: Are you seeking funding, partnerships, investments, as you move forward?

Mr. Asfhsa: As we all know, carbon-capturing technology by itself is not bought and used by individuals. The carbon capture technologies are helpful for the betterment of the environment and humanity. The governments of many countries planned to reach a zero-carbon emission vision by 2050 by accelerating CCUS and Cleantech technologies.

In our case, in order to move forward and bring this solution to our society, we need collaboration, funds, and encouragement from the government, NGOs, and third-party contributors.

We have brought the technology to its current level with great effort and commitment.

Currently, my team and I are working to develop a large-scale “Carbon dioxide capturing and Electrical Energy generating system” technology. We're committed to bringing this green technology to the world and contributing to achieving the net-zero-emissions vision.

Furthermore, we have technically proven and economically viable technology. We are interested to collaborating and working with cleantech industries. Also, I would like to take this opportunity to express that we are interested in working with potential investors.

CEOCFO: How are you currently reaching out to let people know what you have developed?

Mr. Asfhsa: At present, our technological achievement is published in major 25+ national and international news. Besides, in order to broadly promote our technology and reaching out people, currently we are working with different organizations. on it.

CEOCFO: Would you tell us about your Tree Shaped Co2 Capturing Technology?

Mr. Asfhsa: Well, fundamentally our technology has four different invention versions. Each version has different invention prototypes and costs. The technology is easily implemented in a wide range. This helps to create different choices for industrial sectors.

The “Tree Shaped Co2 Capturing Technology” is one version of the technology. The physical structure and ergonomics of the "carbon dioxide capturing and electric power generating system" technology is "Tree- fashioned." The "Tree-shaped CO2 Capturing Tree" technology directly pulls air from the atmosphere through designed leaves and captures harmful emissions present in the air. This one-of-a-kind tech can be designed in different sizes and easily installed/planted in different parks, building fronts, or any designated place. The “Tree Shaped Co2 Capturing Technology” captures Co2 from the air like a natural tree but at 1000 times higher efficiency.

CEOCFO: Is the world ready for your solution? Is this the time when people are going to pay attention?

Mr. Asfhsa: Problem-solving technologies are in great demand to solve the world's problems. Our technology comes with new ideas and four new solutions.

In terms of reducing Co2 capturing prices and adding power-generating new services, we believe our technology solves the critical problems and fills the gap in Carbon capture, utilization, and storage /CCUS/ industry. As we all know, the CCUS technologies uses high electric power consumption from the grid to capture CO2.

For that reason, the carbon capturing cost in most CCUS technologies is expensive and not economically feasible in terms of economy. It’s simple physics to understand the economic feasibility. 

What is the energy consumption to capture one ton of CO2? What is the the average cost to capture one ton of CO2? How much CO2 is emitted to generate 1KWH of electric power from coal? 

To understand the basic things, I suggest you to visit EPA CO2 emissions data conversions and I recommend you to do the simple math using the EPA data. This is not quantum mechanics Schrödinger's cat paradox theory or Einstein’s space-time theory. This is a simple physics calculation that everyone can do at home.

The mathematical result indicates in terms of economic feasibility and benefits. However, CCUS technologies are beneficial to our environment and environmentally friendly, and feasible due to the environmental benefit perspective, and needs to scaling this industry.

When I come back to our new solutions, our technology is economically and environmentally feasible.  In our case, we don’t use power from the grid. Our technology is designed and invented to fully powered by renewable energy and green hydrogen. Imagine the power consumption from the grid and estimate the cost for it. Our new solution solves this problem.

As I mentioned above, the technology is developed to Capture CO2 and simultaneously generate electric power from the system at zero carbon emissions. The generated electric power from the system can be used to power factories, homes, and businesses.

Additionally, the generated electrical energy is used to capture CO2. Our carbon capture technology is designed to be fully powered by renewable energy and green hydrogen. For that matter, the capturing cost per ton of carbon dioxide will be expected to drop by 70% to 95%. You can imagine it what does mean this!

Moreover, the technology comes with three new additional solutions. Therefore, our technology has expected to solve various problems in Carbon capture technologies. we don't want to see our technologies in terms of business competition; instead, we see our solutions in terms of our contribution to the environment and humanity, and this is our core value of why we invested years in R&D.

To answer the second question you asked me; I firmly believe this is the right time to develop, scale and commercialize the CCUS and green energy technologies. In our case, this is the right time to introduce our technologies. Currently, people from different parts of the world are giving great credit to our work. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you.

In summary, the new "Carbon dioxide capturing and Electrical Energy generating" technology Captures Co2 and simultaneously generates electric power at zero carbon emission, and the solution is expected to contribute something to achieving the net-zero emissions vision by the year 2050.

To take climate action and support our humble solutions with us, or for investment opportunities, or for any further information, visit our “Alpha green innovation” website.

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“The new technology serves as Carbon capture and power plant at zero carbon emissions" …..kill two birds with one stone…”
Solomon Alema Asfhsa