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May 22, 2017 Issue



A Revolutionary Urine Test for Gender Planning before Pregnancy & Gender Detection after Pregnancy



Dr. Kuldeep Verma


Urobiologics LLC


Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – May 22, 2017


CEOCFO: Dr. Verma, what is the vision and concept behind Urobiologics LLC?

Dr. Verma: I developed a notion in 1982 that just like there are two kinds of sperms in man, there should be something two kinds of in women too, because nature does not play one-sided game. In 2006 we saw for the first time that women have two kinds of menstrual cycles. The difference is in the mutual ratios of sex hormones. In one cycle the content of testosterone and progesterone is slightly more (we call it boy phase) than those of estrogens and in next cycle this pattern reverses (girl phase). So, whereas one cycle favors the conception of boy and the immediate next one favors a girl. To our surprise, 92% of couples who conceived in boy cycle, got boys and vice versa. Therefore, it is possible to have a baby of desired gender naturally just by conceiving in appropriate cycle. Now we have a patented urine test to help couples get the desired baby with great confidence. We even ask a couple to name the baby even starting our procedure Hence, our slogan: “To get a boy, conceive in boy phase and to get a girl, do in girl phase”


Man provides the sperm, but there’s no report in medical literature as to what happens to sperms after they are deposited in terms of natural gender selection. We are the first ones to say that the uterus provides an environment to ‘sort and select’ the sperms. Based on 92% success rate, it is logical to say that gender selection is done by women. We are working to show this phenomenon through a live video.


CEOCFO: Does the medical community recognize what you have figured out or are they not there yet?

Dr. Verma: They are simply laughing at the concept right now because it hard to believe. Medical community will believe only when it is published in scientific literature. That will take time but it will happen. We have three patents now which show that nobody has published anything like this before us and should be considered as publications.   


We at Urobiologics LLC are proud to add a new chapter in female reproductive biology. We’ve proven beyond doubt that the menstrual cycles are gender specific and this specificity alternates. If one cycle is boy specific, the immediate next cycle would be girl specific and vice versa. Out of 1450 preconception cases studied so far (each offering urine samples from two consecutive cycles), we haven't found a single case having two consecutive boy or girl cycles. There is minute difference in the in-vivo testosterone / estrogen ratio in the uterus, which causes difference in redox environment. Sperms have distinct chemosensory capabilities to scan their environment and allow spatial orientation. It is fair to assume that a higher T/E ratio will offer greater activation force to Y chromosome carrying sperms and vice versa. Therefore, one cycle is good for conceiving a boy and the next for a girl. This hypothesis gets support from our own findings that 92 out of 100 couples trying to conceive, say a boy, are already getting boys if all of them conceive in a boy cycle as guided by our proprietary PreGender Preconception test and vice versa. This makes us believe that whereas sperms ‘determine’ the gender of baby, the hormonal environment in uterus may be helping in gender selection by sorting and selecting X or Y chromosome bearing sperms due to compatible signaling mechanisms in them. 


Additionally, we discovered that just like women stop menstruating after conception, they stop alternating as well. This is another parallel medical discovery. As of date, none of this is reported anywhere in scientific literature.


We have developed and patented urine tests that enable couples to plan for a baby of specific gender with 92% success rate and also post-pregnancy validation with 95% accuracy. Currently we are using these methods to evaluate pre- & post-conception samples. 


That is a discovery that should be appreciated all over the world because it is an existing natural phenomenon in women and they don’t know. Instead of guessing, now you can target the conception to get a baby of specific gender. So, instead of getting multiple children of the same gender, just to get one baby of opposite gender, one can stop after 2 when they have one boy and one girl. Smaller balanced families make happy communities with lesser spousal abuse and domestic violence.


CEOCFO: What is the actual test that you are doing?

Dr. Verma: The science behind the tests has been described in two US patents (#8,759,109 & #9,057,720) and a third one (European) has been granted. The idea is that instead of actually measuring hormones, we look at their oxidation/reduction properties. Numerous companies tried to measure hormones and tried to relate to gender of the baby, but they could not develop a test because values are overlapping. We process a urine sample to remove most of interfering redox compounds and if we see that the overall reaction is oxidizing we say it is a boy, if it is reducing it is a girl. The secret behind PreGender test is that a baby conceived in an oxidizing environment in the uterus is a boy and vice versa.


A company is selling just a pH strip as gender prediction test, which is hardly 65% true. The pH value has no relation with gender because it changes with what you ate the previous night. Similarly, some pregnancy website misguide women to douche with an alkaline solution to raise the chances for conceiving a boy, or with an acidic solution to conceive a girl. Women are advised not to fall for these.


CEOCFO: Is it the same for all women?

Dr. Verma: Yes! All women have alternating boy-girl-boy-girl specific cycles naturally and this phenomenon is genetically controlled. Hormones in their natural concentrations are extremely powerful. The notion that adjusting hormone levels may help a couple to get a desired baby is wrong. If it’s that easy we would have done that. Women are advised not to rush to doctors to manipulate their hormone balance to conceive a baby of specific gender because that will not work rather will have dangerous side effects.


CEOCFO: What is the business plan? How will you get woman to participate and send you their urine?

Dr. Verma: Currently women collect urine samples at home and ship them through couriers of their choice at their own cost. It is perfectly legal to ship urine samples across international borders under ‘Exempt human Specification’ as shown at our website. We get them from countries as far as Australia, UK and Canada. We test them and report by email and later continue guiding them as to when to try and when to avoid without any additional cost. The intention is to help and establish ourselves in this field.


We want to offer a big discount to the readers of this article. Couples can order total package (two PreGender tests + one FirstGender test) for only $410.00, in place of $570.00. To get this discount, customers may order the PreGender test for $410.00 and should write the code ‘CEOCFO Magazine’ and proposed name of the baby on the top right corner of the ‘consent form’ (shown in item 6 under ‘How to collect…’ at our website). They can start the process anytime they want within one year from date of ordering. This offer ends 12/31/2017.


We plan to start an online validation study soon at much discounted price. If someone wants to voluntarily participate they can write an email to us. We are preparing a list and will contact all of those registered by email. We will need woman’s name, email address, gender they are planning for. No other information is needed. We can be contacted at or through website.


CEOCFO: Do the monthly cycles play a role?

Dr. Verma: Yes, cycles have big role to play. The following two tables are presented as an example to show how this program works:





CEOCFO: Are you able to test for the gender early on in the pregnancy if a woman has already conceived? You have a Post Conception Gender test?

Dr. Verma: Yes we offer the earliest gender test in the world, starting as early as day 1. It is named FirstGender Test. If one gets a positive pregnancy test today, one can find the gender today. Women can collect urine samples for three nights in one small bottle and ship to us. There is a pregnancy test kit on the market that detects pregnancy 6 days before the expected menstrual date, and we can find the gender around the same time. Therefore, there is the possibility of combining these two tests together and a trend is coming where women will be able to say, ‘We are pregnant with a boy/girl’.


CEOCFO: What is the strategy for the rollout?

Dr. Verma: We have enough data to make a test strip that will help in both the gender planning and gender determination. We are looking for an investment of $3 million to develop this strip. It’s an amazing investment opportunity. The market is ready and women are aware of this product coming from us. Concept is patented and has been well tested. If the investors come today, we will start the strip development immediately, so within about 6 months the product would be in the market.


CEOCFO: What has been the interest from the investment community?

Dr. Verma: We have taken all the risks of R&D and patenting and have invested about $800,000 of our own money. We want our investors to take some risk so show their capabilities. The investors we came across so far have ‘shopkeeper’ mentality which is not going to work here. This kind of project needs visionary investors with some biological background. If any investor wants to start a validation study first, we are ready for that too.


CEOCFO: What is your response to people who say it is not ethical to pick the gender of a baby?

Dr. Verma: There are always pros and cons to everything. Couples in current economic conditions cannot afford large families. The practice of just keep trying to get one baby of desired gender leads to multiple babies of same gender. Soon the blame-game starts and leads to domestic violence. In absence of any scientific method, this continued, but no more. Numerous pregnancy websites cash on the desperation of couples by giving them false hopes by selling gender diets, chemical douches, books and charts with claims of success rate as high as 99%. Anyone promising a couple to get them a baby of desired gender without testing anything from them is running a scam and is far more unethical. Ours is the only system in the world which can balance their families naturally. Pregnancies are happening anyway, why not guide them properly to avoid unnecessary pregnancies. What is unethical about it? We think that smaller balanced families will make happy communities with lesser spousal abuse or domestic violence.


The person who criticizes our program has no gender issues in their family. They just criticize without realizing the pain of larger families having multiple babies of same gender.


CEOCFO: How do you deal with some of the frustration knowing that you have something that is so powerful and yet it is so difficult to bring it to the market and have other people believe in what you are doing?

Dr. Verma: Inventing is like a curse. When you are working on a project secretly for this long and when you discover such a big phenomenon, nobody believes in it. It is not difficult to bring it to the market if a supportive investor is with us. Ours business is 100% based on referrals by our happy customers and that is sufficient for us to handle. PreGender test is so powerful that these days we request all potential customers to name the baby in advance.


CEOCFO: Put it all together for our readers. Why pay attention to Urobiologics LLC today?

Dr. Verma: Right now, we are the only genuine company offering real gender planning program, without prescribing any medicines, gender diets, douches, moon theories etc. We actually test two mid-cycle urine samples before pregnancy and thereafter keep guiding the couple as to in which cycle to try and when to avoid by sending appropriate conception plans, till one conceives, without any extra cost. Our conception plan is very powerful with new information. That is why most of our customers conceive within six months and get their desired baby. If fertility is not an issue or one has multiple kids of same gender, then our PreGender Preconception plan is the best choice for potential customers. There are reasons why we ask a couple to name the baby first and then order our service. One of our slogans is, “You ensure conception, we ensure gender”


“You ensure conception, we ensure gender”- Dr. Kuldeep Verma


Urobiologics LLC



Kuldeep Verma, Ph.D.

313 574 7500






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