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December 4, 2017 Issue



Q&A with Jahanara (Jan) Miotto, President Metrendalytics LLC bringing Data for Real-Time Use by Pharmaceutical Companies and CROs in a Single Informatics Platform enabling True Clinical Data Insights



Jahanara (Jan) Miotto



Metrendalytics LLC


Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – December 4, 2017


CEOCFO: Ms. Miotto, would you tell us about Metrendalytics?

Ms. Miotto: The idea behind Metrendalytics is we see a growing body of data that being collected in the course of normal business operations. One of the biggest challenges facing life sciences leaders today is quickly achieving performance improvements based on the volumes of generated data that are currently siloed away in various systems. We’re solving this expensive and time-consuming problem for sponsors and CROs with solutions that bring together data for real-time use in a single platform enabling true clinical data insights without involving programmers, large procurement cycles or slow integration processes. In short, we help companies unleash the power of their data for business insights and business intelligence, and that is our foundation.


CEOCFO: What do you understand about how to do that that perhaps others do not?

Ms. Miotto: We have been in the space for eight years and particularly for operational data there are challenges in bringing that data together because it does not conform to standards. Therefore, it is difficult to be able to use type of data across many projects and many different types of indications, so we bring that hands-on experience of how to standardize data that can be used in predictive modeling and business analytics.


CEOCFO: What are your solutions? What are people purchasing and how are they using the solutions?

Ms. Miotto: We are focused on more cost-effective solutions for the industry. Today we see an increasingly complex data landscape with respect to data aggregation, analysis and collaboration across studies and systems, which has a tremendous impact on a company’s ability to meet deadlines and on-time submissions. In addition, the decision processes are based on outdated data, take too long, and study teams can no longer keep up. Traditionally pharma companies have focused on big warehouses, employees and a great deal of money, but there is a great deal of modern technology available that is able to quickly integrate data from various sources and change as the business changes. For example, if there is new data that becomes available, and there may be different uses for that data so you need a fluid environment that can quickly integrate this new information and report on it. We provide highly customized and flexible solutions, enabling real time data access which helps to actively manage operational performance, mitigate risk, and shape smarter business decisions. We focus on rapid development, low cost platforms that are easy to bring online, typically it is a matter of weeks compared to a matter of months or years of traditional approaches. These platforms are also very easy to maintain, so an end-user can do most maintenance on the system. With our solutions teams can now focus on what matters and act faster.


CEOCFO: Is each solution customized for a specific client?

Ms. Miotto: We offer three use cases. There is the use-case where the client has a need for their business, but there is no commercial offer available. In that case, our clients are looking to have a customized solution and we find that there is a clear technology gap for managing the business and operational aspects of trial execution. Customization is key because a company’s value lies in the products and/or services it provides. The processes that support your business are of extreme importance. They help ensure sustainable growth, repeatable success, and consistent project delivery. It is what differentiates them from their competitors, so it is hard to develop a commercial product based on how they manage their resources, or how they track their budget and so forth. That is one case, to develop customized solutions for clients. The other is when the client has an existing platform or data source and want to pull that data from that source and then add additional functionalities that are not available from that initial system. We expand the functionality of existing product lines, by extracting data from that system, adding workflows, and other types of tracking in addition to what that commercial product that they have deployed can do. The third area is providing centralized informatics platform which brings together key business critical data for real time use. The end product is a one-stop-shop of information coming from many different sources, which teams will benefit from increased productivity, access to universal data, speed to results, and better optimization of resources, that is what we can do as well.


CEOCFO: Pharmaceuticals is a big industry. Do you work with all aspects of pharma?

Ms. Miotto: We work with all aspects of the pharmaceutical companies. How we differentiate ourselves is that we are all former executives and operational managers that have left the pharma industry to help build more productive and more value to our industry as being the end-user, as knowing how the data relates to one another and having extensive domain knowledge in the area. If you think of a software provider that really knows your business and how that data connects with each other, and also doing the development, so your solution is very powerful because most of the time to develop custom software, you are working with an IT type of person or coder or systems developer and it is difficult to talk about how the solutions should be structured. Having us that know the business well makes the whole process very easy.


CEOCFO: Are potential clients surprised Metrendalytcs can provide an easy and affordable solution?

Ms. Miotto: We are a young organization and but our expertise is very plentiful. Each of us has over 25 years of industry experience. We have been in clinical operations, clinical development and data management, so there is a wealth of knowledge within our group. Companies are skeptical because we are a young company. However, with our clients we tell them we understand that. Our platform is very modular base, so that can start off with something very small, focusing on critical pain points that they are dealing with now and then that platform is continually improved upon or added. You can add modules to extend functionality. That is how we start to offer a new customer or existing customer. For example, with our first customer we started small in the laboratory space and then we branched out to all the laboratories in their division. It is a full-service CRO and we extended it to the clinical area as well.


CEOCFO: What might a company be able to see, or put together easily with your system that they were not able to coordinate before?

Ms. Miotto: What we find is that there are a great many systems out there and you could get overwhelmed, and most of the systems out there really focus on the data acquisition. These are systems that generate data and capture data. However, what we are looking to do is manage the business aspects, so yes the data that is being acquired, but not how can we leverage that data and mix it with other data that is important and use that data that is just generated every day for real-time business analytics. With the right data, reports and analytics at their fingertips, data managers can resolve questions faster and make decisions with better outcomes, without relying on programmers to run queries or join together data sources. That is a different space and not many people are doing it. It is a challenge and takes a lot of hands-on knowledge of how to do it and we have done it many times.


CEOCFO: Do people in the industry know to look for Metrendalytics?  How do you reach out?

Ms. Miotto: Because of our extensive industry background clients come to us and we have been working through our network. Because of my tenure in the industry, I know what the pain points are and I can go to them and clearly articulate the problem we are solving or they can come to us. We have not done any outreach or marketing thus far, but I am realistic about developing a good long-term plan, so this year we focused on industry recognition and outreach.


CEOCFO: What has changed in your approach over time?         

Ms. Miotto: Once a client is engaged we guide them into how we can connect further in their organization or with other data. I think that the end user can see that naturally, that data connectivity, so that is not an issue. In terms of our business growth, we will continue to build on our core strengths as programmers and consultants and to work closely with customers using the latest technologies to drive business improvements. We are focusing on looking at collaborative partnerships for strategic growth and look for the right complementary software vendors to incorporate Metrendalytics platform designs into their existing software solutions as way for them to add value to their software and for the customers who use it.   


CEOCFO: Are you strictly in the US and do you see an international component at some point?

Ms. Miotto: Overall our clients are global entities so we might start off in the US. We are global and we have worked in Europe and Asia as well.


CEOCFO: How do you address security issues?

Ms. Miotto: That is a question that comes out frequently. Our product is in the cloud and historically pharma is very conservative, very risk averse and the cloud was sort of an unknown and that is going back five years ago, and still many of these naysayers still exist. However, the industry as a whole recognizes the value of moving to the cloud for the business need and the value. In terms of security the cloud is much more secure than traditional systems. That said, we still have to have rigor around the access to the data, such as the way we developed the application in terms of how we control who has access to the system and can modify data.


CEOCFO: Why choose Metrendalytics?

Ms. Miotto: I think it is because we are industry people and they often say the best businesses come from your own bad experiences, so we know exactly the functional areas our industry, how we can alleviate existing inefficiencies and we can do it very cost effectively and very streamlined. Having that in-depth knowledge of the business is a big differentiating factor. We at Metrendalytics focus on providing valuable business solutions in the core areas of our domain expertise in clinical and laboratory operations. By doing so, we are able quickly understand complex requirements and translate them into simple cost- effective solutions. Additionally, we bring best practices and ability to minimize the burden on company resources typically needed to drive custom solution development.


“Backed by decades of experience in pharmaceutical research, Metrendalytics is working to fill a critical market need for customized tools that easily work with existing systems and enable sponsors to be more effective and strategic with their data. Designed specifically for clinical researchers, the tool enables data managers, monitors and clinical operations executives to identify broad operational and clinical trends across trials and also easily drill down and report on a wide range of factors, including risk issues, regulatory requirements and opportunities for critical time and cost savings.”- Jahanara (Jan) Miotto


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