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June 20, 2016 Issue

The Most Powerful Name In Corporate News and Information


Integrated Marketing Agency takes the mystery out of Advertising – AdScience® Data Management Platform more effectively mines new customers



Charlie Calise - President



Taylor Calise - Managing Director

Calise Partners, LLC


Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – June 20, 2016


CEOCFO: Charlie, according to your site, you have advertising down to a science. Would you tell us about Calise Partners?


Charlie: The trend over the last two decades is for clients to fractionalize their budgets among specialized agencies, one for media buying, creative, online, etc. The problem is that the agencies are not integrated with one another to coordinate marketing efforts in the same way the customer interacts with their brand.


For example, if you are running television, do you think it would be helpful to consider the broadcast schedule as part of your SEM bid strategy? Most likely, agencies are not coordinating efforts, and the client doesn’t have the staff to manage the level of detail necessary to integrate a non-integrated marketing program.


Our approach is to completely integrate the service offering from creative and public relations to online and offline media. AdScience® allows us measure the interrelationships between media and optimize a client’s marketing investment for new customer conversions.


CEOCFO: How is that different from good analytics?


Charlie: For years, the practice of advertising was largely guesswork and the application of good instincts. We wanted to know what was working for our clients and what wasn’t. So we pioneered the modern practice of Advertising ScienceTM and created the AdScience Data Management Platform that profiles current customer data and advertising activity to more efficiently mine for new customers.


The AdScience Platform is a nimble program and the data we import is agnostic. This means the data does not have to be in a particular format or from a particular vendor in order for it to be usable. Prior to this, we had to force fit data – that could be decades old - into a format that another analytics platform could read. This could take weeks or months for us to convert. AdScience makes it much simpler to import raw data and be able to produce the analytics we need to make the impactful strategic recommendations for our clients. We are not aware of another system like this one.


CEOCFO: How does the platform work?


Taylor: The best example I can give you is when we would go to a client meeting prior to AdScience, clients would ask us if television was affecting its SEM performance? Or they’d ask if mail was responsible for increasing web traffic? We researched and found that none of the existing platforms could measure the interrelationships between traditional and online media. Instead, we found platforms that focused on newer media - such as Facebook or Google - and combined those with web analytics and insights.


With AdScience, we examine customer behavior along with all aspects of the media mix (traditional and new media) to visualize how one media affects the other to more efficiently mine for new customers. AdScience has become a conversation game changer with our clients.


CEOCFO: What are some of the things that you might look at overall that others might not recognize as important?


Charlie: What is different about our platform is it allows us to measure and quantify the interrelationships between both offline media and online. The online service providers are able to communicate what kind of web traffic and conversion that you have online, but does not take into consideration the customer’s relationship with the company and his interaction with the media offline. We measure that interrelationship and track customer attribution all the way through the process. Without these insights, clients risk losing a prospect to a competitor during the customer journey.


CEOCFO: Are you surprised that people are missing that connection?


Charlie: No, I am not surprised. If you consider how clients have traditionally built their relationships with their agencies, they have put them into buckets. They have a creative agency, a media agency, a PR agency, a PPC agency, a design firm, and so forth. These partners end up working in silos where the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.


Most importantly, the customer does not interact with the brand the way clients have separated their agencies. For example, the customer may get a direct mail piece, but search online for more information, and if SEM bid strategies are not adjusted to expect increased searches, clients could very well lose the prospect to a competitor. Our integrated approach and AdScience Platform optimizes offline and online activity to improve customer conversions.


CEOCFO: Would you walk us through a typical engagement?


Charlie: We are looking for clients that value a lead. When we initially meet with a client, we spend time learning their story and understanding the pain points they have in their own business. Usually a client will come to us interested in a specific service -- for example, a branding initiative, a direct mail program, a PR launch, media buying or SEM engagement, etc. It does not matter to us which door they use to initially enter our agency because our recommendations will be integrated regardless if the client decides to engage our agency in all services or not. With AdScience, we have a quick on-boarding program that allows us to gather most of the data we need in less than 48 hours. We import the data into our AdScience Data Management Platform and develop recommendations based on current customer and advertising activity data. In pretty short order, we are prepared to make strategic recommendations to the client.


CEOCFO: What was the hardest part of the technology to put together?


Taylor: With all of the legacy media types, television stations still operate on antiquated technology. That has definitely been a challenge as we have developed a module within AdScience. Some of the direct mail and printing technologies are not as easy to work with as the online technologies.


Charlie: I think one of the biggest technology challenges that we have is this platform is built on today’s technology. However, the data we are integrating is often old legacy CRM technology data from clients. Some of the data is 20+ years old. We make cleaning up customer data look easy, but it is probably the hardest part of our process.


CEOCFO: What do you do after you get the information?


Taylor: AdScience makes it easy to visualize the data. As a result, we are quickly in a position to put the data to work and make business-building recommendations to our client in pretty short order. 


Charlie: The visualization of this data is amazing in this platform. The ease in which we are able to analyze volumes of data is quite incredible. The reports that we generate are simple to understand and put our agency in a position to make recommendations very quickly.


CEOCFO: What are some of the other services that you might provide?


Taylor: As discussed, we are a truly integrated shop. In addition to advertising, offline and online media services, we offer SEM/SEO, PR, social lead generation and mobile app development. 


CEOCFO: Do you see a point where you might license your technology?


Taylor: Right now, we see this technology as a proprietary differentiator for our agency and do not have any plans to license.


CEOCFO: How are you getting your story to potential clients?


Taylor: Real world case studies are the most motivating closer. We show potential clients specific results from our marketing campaigns. They are usually very excited about what they are seeing. We also are treating our agency as a client and promoting case studies, white papers, blogs and press releases through our PR division.


CEOCFO: Why choose Calise Partners now?


Taylor: We are the only agency that has Advertising Down To A ScienceTM. We have pioneered the modern practice of Advertising Science and are breaking new ground with the AdScience Data Management Platform. Our ability to take current customer data and advertising activity to more effectively mine for new customers is unprecedented. 


“AdScience® has become a conversation game changer with our clients.” - Taylor Calise


Calise Partners, LLC



Charlie Calise – President

Taylor Calise - Managing Director


Calise Partners, LLC


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